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Book:  American Woodworking Tools

MI180142 Book: American Woodworking Tools This is one of the seminal works of tool collecting and is a muste own book if you cherish fine old tools. It was published in 1978 and printed in the US. This copy is signed by the auther and is also presented "To Barbara from Mother, Christmas 1978". The book is crisp and clean like new. The dust jacket has minor tears around the edges, so together I rated them Fine- Sold

Sargent VBM No. 410 Sargent VBM No. 410

MI180148 Sargent VBM No. 410 A truly superb Sargent 4 1/2 size smoothing plane. This plane is crisp and like new in most respects. There are a few small chips in the finish on the front knob on the japanning at the front edge, but overall this plane looks like it has been stored in a vacuum since 1920. I have never seen one close to this nice in all of the years that I have been collecting and dealing. For the connoisseur. Fine- Sold

Sargent Number 79 FIllester Plane Sargent Number 79 FIllester Plane

MI180159 Sargent Number 79 Fillester Plane A Sargent equivelant to a Stanley 78 in wonderful as found condition. Really amazing condition. With the little horn in front, these are easier to hold than the Stanley version. The nicker is also better. Fine Sold

Wagner Ware, Sidney, O Wagner Ware, Sidney, O

MI180112 Wagner Ware, Sidney, O An 10" cast iron griddle in used but well cared for condition. Model 1109, with a C below that. This is a pre-war piece, but beyond that I don' tknow the age. It is just as it came from a kitchen and has not been cleaned up. Fine Sold

Sheffield Brace Sheffield Brace

MI180123 Sheffield Brace An exceptionally clean and untouched Victorian brace of the typical Sheffield style. This brace has a lever chuck rather than a button chuck. The chuck is as crisp as new with a lovely patina. The wood retains an original polished finish. There is a shrinkage check in the lignum head, but that is to be expected. This is an absolute gem of a brace for the true connoisseur. Fine- $145

Sheffield Brace

MI171230 Sheffield Brace An early 19th Century Sheffield brace. It has a lignum head that is not the common head seen on most Victorian braces. I think that one head maker must have eventually owned the market, since most lignum heads eventaully looked the same, even on the braces thought to be American, although nobody has ever definitively proven that the Philadelphia braces really were made in Philly. It also has the double scratched grooves at the top and bottom of the handle, which tends to be an earlier feature. It is not marked. The brass chuck has been polished. There is a 5/8" center bit by "Steventon" in it. I don't recognize this maker. G+ $95

GAY Ratchet Screwdriver

MI170936 GAY Ratchet Screwdriver This is ratcheting screwdriver as patented by George Gay on Dec. 17, 1878. It is the largest size that was offered with a 12" blade and measures 19 inches overall. The blade has been cleaned and the ferule has been hand polished. The ebonized handle is nice, although the manufacturer's stamp on the side is inevitably faint because of being struck onto side grain. The mechanism still functions smoothing in both directions. Overal a nice example and the only one that I have seen in this large size. G+ $49


MI17112 Carpenter's Pouch An carpenter's screw and nail pouch that would have been given out as a promotional item by Glendale Lumber Co. of Glendale, NY. Probably from the 1940s or 50s. Nice original condition. G+ $29

Keen Kutter, Blue Brand

MI161262 Keen Kutter, Blue Brand A 10" throw #104 Fray brace that was marked by E.C. Simmons under their Keen Kutter brand. I don't recall seeing a tool marked with this mark, which has the Keen Kutter logo and "blue brand" on the same stamp. It is marked "No. 104" but is not otherwise marked by Fray. The chuck has much original nickel left but the nickel is gone from the brace frame. It probably started to peel and thus was rubbed off with steel wool. A good honest example of a desirable brace. G+ $89

Natural Japanese Water Stone Natural Japanese Water Stone

MI170327 Natural Japanese Water Stone This is a new old stocked Japanese water stone in its original box. I don't know much about these so look at the photos. As best that I can tell this is a bargain. It is a consigment to us, part of a large collection of these stones. It measures 7 5/8" by 2 3/4" by 1 1/8" thick. Mint Further reduced to: $199

Sash Doweling Box Sash Doweling Box

MI171048 Sash Doweling Box A scarce craftsman made sash doweling box that is well designed and well executed. It is oak and was designed to clamp to the bench. It has a groove for the sash bar to sit in and then the arm comes down and locks it. There is a brass bushing at the end to guide the sash dowelling bit. This is a very nice example that is modestly priced compared to the really fancy rosewood and mahogany ones. G++ $199


MI171053 Craftsman A clean and little used moving fillester plane made by Sargent for Sears under their Craftsman brand name. A great user at a gentle price. G++ Sold

Norton JM3 Coarse Stone

MI171030 Norton JM3 Coarse Stone This is an Norton coarse Crystolon replacement stone for an IM-313, although it appears that somebody was using it as a stand alone stone. Only one side has been used. The used side is lightly worn and the unused side is new. It is in the original 1960s box. G+ $16

Engraved Woodworker Engraved Woodworker

MI171037 Engraved Woodworker's Clock Face An 18th Century Brass Clock Face from a tall case clock that would have been comissioned by a successful woodworker, most likely a cabinetmaker, as it is engraved with a woodworker at the bench, a plane in his hands and a small claw hammer hanging to his left. Also picture are a back saw, a square, and a hatchet. The brass has been hand polished and has a lovely mellow hue. A unique piece that really belongs in a museum. G++ $795

Strap Hammer

MI17101 Strap Hammer A nice as found hand-forged American strap hammer. The head has a nice dark patina with no rust. The handle has nice color and is in good condition, except that it look like it was shortened. It is normal length now, so I would guess that it must have started out extra-long and then the owner just wanted a normal length handle and cut off the excess. I could be wrong, but I think that it is cut-off because the bottom is so squared off. A really nice example of an early American hammer. G++ $89

Early Race Knife

MI170918 Early Race Knife A particularly nice as found example of the style of race knife used in the 18th Century. This one is not signed but certainly looks 18th Century. Most of them as well used, but this one seems to have been used very little. The metal surfaces have a pleasing patina with just very minor patches of corrosion. I have not seen one like this in as such nice condition before. G++ $95

H. M. Christensen, Brockton, Mass

MI17096 H. M. Christensen, Brockton, Mass The EAIA Directory of tool marks has this maker recorded incorrectly. Only one example of his work is reported, a cobbler's hammer, and he is listed as Christen & Son, Brockton Mass. The mark on this tool is crisp and perfectly legible, so I am sure that it should have read "H.M. Christensen, Brockton, Mass." The fact that the other tool reported was a cobbler's tool makes sense as this is some kind of leather cutting tool, but I have never seen one like it. I defer to one of you who knows leather working tools better than I do to explain it. It is in lovely as found condtion except that the brass ferule was hand polished at some point in the past, probably quite a long time ago. It came out of an old collection. G++ $75

Norton, Behr-Manning Division

MI170818 Norton, Behr-Manning Division This is a new old stock fine India replacment stone for the IM-313 multistone. I am guessing that it is 1950s. The box has some light wear and a heavy scrape through the bear, but the stone is as new. NOS $45

G Hawkins, Chas Arthur, Birmingham G Hawkins, Chas Arthur, Birmingham

MI170821 G Hawkins, Chas Arthur, Birmingham A very scarce signed basketmaker's shave in nice as found condition. The blade is still pretty sharp. I am not 100% sure that I have read the middle line of the mark correctly because it goes off the side of the plane. I am pretty sure that it is Chas Arthur, but it might have St. after Arthur. So this is either an address or a partnership. It is a great tools that a serious collector of baskets or basketmaking tools should want. G+ $159


MI170718 Tunscrew A classic American turnscrew with a flat sided applewood handle. There is one edge on the handle that at first looks like damage but it is just where the edge was sapwood on the blank that was turned. The blade has a freckled light patina. The blade tapers over its length and has decorative molding on the sides. Crisp overall condition and a real quality 19th Century tool. G++ $35


MI17061 Columbian A columbian Model 03 1/2M3 vise, weighing just over 7 1/2 pounds and with 3 1/2" wide jaws. Presumably that is where the model number came from. I am guessing that this vise is from the 1970s. It is of course a quality US made vise but it is just not as finely made as the older Columbian vises. It will still be a great user and at a price that you can't go wrong with. A bit dirty, it should clean to at least G++ $48

Carrpenter Carrpenter Carpenter

MI170458 Carpenter's Tote A classic American carpenter's tote from the early 20th Century. This is the stereotypical tote that one pictures a carpenter carrying in the first half of the 20th Century. It has seen honest use but is well cared for. It has a nice patina but some finish has been added. It would look great as a magazine rack in a lounge room. G+ $95

Devineau, 1730 Devineau, 1730

MI170380 Devineau, 1730 A rare early 18th Century dated French armorers tool from the legendary Nessi collection. This tool is called a tumbler mill. It mills both sides of the forged tumbler of a flintlock mechanism, so that you end up with a piece filed properly parallel on its faces and with an accurately formed pivot pin on each side. It's a deceptively simple tool and an absolutely essential bit of gunsmith's kit. It has light pitting overall but has a nicely patinated surface. The quality of the work is superb and it is most attractively made. There is a repair to a crack in the handle that does not detract. For the connoisseur. G+ $1295

Jeweler Jeweler

MI170334 Jeweler's Vice A high quality jeweler's vise with 1 1/4" wide jaws. It looks to be from about 1900, It is numarked except for the word "Japan" in tiny letters underneath the mount. I would never had guessed this tool to be Japanese. Between roughly 1890 and 1910 imports could be marked with just the country of origin without the words "Made in". It has 2 pivots on the side of each jaw for jewelers use. The hardned jaws faces are removable and are in perfect crisp condition. An real gem of a tool and quite rare to find such an early Japanese tool in the US. G++ $59


MI170250 Washbrough An 18th Century cast bronze English Skillet by Washbrough, who's name is cast into the handle, as was the fashion with these. I have not poured liquid into it to measure the volume but I would guess that it is about 1 quart or a bit larger. The diameter is six inches. It was probably polished a long time ago but it now has a pleasing patina. These have been collectable for about a century now. One can picture somebody in a cottage cooking the the evening meal in this skillet. These are often referred tro as posnets in the US, but that is technically incorrect and it is a skillet. I have two of these in front of my own fireplace and it makes for a great early look. G+ $295


MI170263 Union A Union #100 squirrel tailed pattern maker's plane. The japanning is pealing and only about half is left. As found and a handy little user. G+ $45


MI170266 Widget A 1" size widget (rounding tool) in nice as found condition. I would say that this one is earlier than most that I see, but it is hard to be precise. The owner's mark, which is the initials "TI" looks like a relatively early stamp. I am guessing early 19trh Century. One of the screws that holds the blade has washers under it and the other doesn't. I don't know why. I haven't disturbed them. This is a particularly nice example to my eye. G+ $99

Millers Falls Millers Falls Millers Falls

MI170212 Millers Falls A rare Millers Falls hand cranked knife sharpener. I have never seen one of these before. It is in an art deco style with two tone paint and a decal on the front that declates what it is. It has a removable base that can be screwed to a bench or to the wall. It is in nice as found condition. A rare survivor. G+ $169

Hand Forged

MI170220 Hand Forged A fancy turnscrew that was forged from a worn out file. The elegantly formed handle, with burned line decoration, is beech that has been stained to emulate fruitwood. Measures 19 1/2' overall. The ferule has been polished but otherwise I have no complaints. G+ $69


MI170180 Pike A Pike 6" by 2" stone in the original box. It is marked "Fastcut" but I believe that it is a Washita stone. It is in nice condition in a nice box. I don't see many stones that are this old and still in the box. Fine- $69

E. Preston & Sons

MI170135 E. Preston & Sons A nice example of the smallest size of Preston spoke shave. It retains about 90% of the original nickel, with most of the loss on the sole. The sole still retains about half of its original nickel, showing how little that it has been used. The blade is the full original length. These small shaves are of course compassed.. G++ $85

E. Preston & Sons

MI170136 E. Preston & Sons A medium sized Preston compassed spoke shave, which is by far the most scarce size of the coveted Preston decorative iron shaves. This is a nice clean example but most of the nickel is gone. G+ $89

William Friedrichs William Friedrichs

MI170112 William Friedrichs A superb early die box that can cut be adjusted for various size rod stock. There are 5 differeent dies, all of them marked 22 on the back, which I am presuming to me 22 threads per inch. On the front they are numbered 1 - 5, which I presume has no correlation to a particular size. This tool has superb early features and is in lovely original condition. Friederichs was a New York City tool merchant. G++ $99

C. Nurse & Co. Waltworth Rd

MI161252 C. Nurse & Co. Waltworth Rd A quality boxwood spokeshave with an original polished finish. The blade is 2 1/2" wide. The sole shows only moderate wear. It does need sharpening if you want to use it. A very nice example. G++ $49

Iron Horse Antiques and Two Reprints

MI16121 Iron Horse Antiques and Two Reprints A 1977 and a 1980 catalog of antique tools from iron house anitques. It is really interesting to see what was selling then, a lot of it stuff that I couldn't give away today. Common stuff in rough condition, but back then it was the early days of tool collecting and the people getting this catalog probably had no other access to old tools. Also included in this lot are two old reprings, one for Arromamment Works and the other for Goodnow & Wightman (18882 catalog). G++ $9

William Friedricks

MI161214 William Friedricks This is a scarce hand-cut 19th Century rasp. It is marked by the N.Y. Tool dealer and importer William Friedricks. Most of Friedricks imports were from Germany. We sell new hand-cut French rasps and ours are marked with our name, even though they are made by Logier. Perhaps one day people will wonder who made our rasps. This rasp is about 13 1/2" long with the tang and has a lovely dark patina. It is dull and is more a collector's piece, not a user. G++ $36

Craftsman Made

MI161229 Craftsman Made A highly decorative ram's horn scraper made from laminations of mahogany and maple, with a boxwood sole. The blade bears a Stanley sweetheart mark and is probably original to the tool, as 1920s is a good guess for the age of the tool. A very attractive tool. Fine $119

Hand Forged

MI1610108 Hand Forged A hand forged swept float, forged from an old file and showing that characteristic surface. This tool is in wonderful untouched condtion. From an old Virginia collection that was formed in the 1970s and 80s. Just over 12 inches overall. G++ $49

Patented Sraper

MI1610121 Patented Sraper Only marked, "Pat. June 30, '91" This is a scraper with a tilting head mechanism. Nice as found condition. I have never seen another one. The handle is dark and is probably stained hardwood. From an old Virginia collection. G++ $75

Wilcock, Manchester

MI161088 Wilcock, Manchester A 3/4" lambstongue sash shave. All boxwood and in very crisp, little used condition. I imagine that this tool was bought for one job and after that wasn't used again. The surface is a bit dull like it was cleaned off with a solvent. I would wax it. This is a connoisseur grade example. Fine- $135

Holtzapfell & Co, London Holtzapfell & Co, London Holtzapfell & Co, London

MI161091 Holtzapfell & Co, London A rare large size Holtzapffel gionostat. Holtzapffel gionostats are not rare, since every ornametal lathe was sold with one to prepare the cutters. That is not what this is. This is a special large size gionostat that was intended for use with chisels. It is the only large one that I have seen. The condition is superb and represents a tour-de-force of the very best in 19th century precision crafsmanship. It is a work of art. The brass body is covered with engine turned decoration except where the scales are. It was then lacquered, and most of the original lacquer remains. The maker's name is hand engraved onto the tool with a skill that boggles the mind. The bare steel tool holder has some light scattered surface rust, which is why I put on the negative. This is a top-shelf tool for the connoisseur. Fine- $979

A. M. Co, Athol, Mass. A. M. Co, Athol, Mass.

MI16103 A. M. Co, Athol, Mass. A nice as found Athol Number 1 quick release Vise. The side is marked with the Nov. 14, 1871 patent date, which is for the quick release mechanism. The vise has a medium-dark patina overall with no rust and no signs of abuse, just honest use. The jaws are 1 9/16" wide and the maximum thickness table top to which it can be mounted is 1 3/8". G+ $79

C. Schweper, Solingen, Germany

MI16088 C. Schweper, Solingen, Germany A small high quality pre-war pocket knife. The blade is acid etched, "Premium Quality, Hammer Forged" The small blade is about 1 1/8" and the larger blade is about 1 3/8". It was probably 1 1/2" when the knife was new, but is has been sharpened a number of times. The scales have fancy engine decoration on them and a vacant space for an owner's name. A very clean gentleman's knife. G++ $29

Engravers Pad

MI160658 Engravers Pad A leather covered pad as used by silversmith's and engravers. Used but well cared for and with a nice look about it. I can't date this tool, but it certainly has some age to it. G++ $65

Stainless Metal Products Co. West Haven, Conn

MI160662 Stainless Metal Products Co. West Haven, Conn A patented fruit coring device. Patent Number 1638798. Nice as found condition. I have not seen one before. G++ $29

Wm Marples & Sons

MI160620 Wm Marples & Sons A nice clean as found 3/8" gimlet. G+ $25

Ember Tongs

MI160584 Ember Tongs A Georgian scissor joint ember tongs that extend out to 24". These are all hand made bright cut steel. Similar style tools were mass produced later in the 19th Centuiry but these are best quality English work. Fine $159

Spring Compressor Spring Compressor

MI160513 Spring Compressor An early 19th Century English lock spring compressor for working on a gun. This tool is hand made to the highest standards of London gunmaking. There are patches of light corrosion but most of the tool has a pleasing patinated surface. This tool would most likely have come from a cased set. Nice untouched condition. G+ $125

Wax Seal Breaker

MI160524 Wax Seal Breaker This type of tool is commonly accepted by collectors as a button hole chisel, but I am not convinced that they were really made to break the wax seals that were commonly used on documents in previous times. Measures 4 7/8" long with an 11/16" wide blade. Whatever you chose to believe it was for, this is an elegant 19th Century tool. Fine- $145

Baland, Aine Baland, Aine

MI160550 Baland, Aine An unusual pair of scissors with a curved blade that slides nicely into the curved leather sheath with a metal tip. The overall length of the scissors is 6 1/8". The seem on the sheath open for the first inch or so but it doesn't really matter. I think that these are pretty old but I don't know much about scissors. I know nothing about the mark on them. Please speak up if you do. Nice original condition. G++ $49

Booth Mills & Co, Philada Booth Mills & Co, Philada Booth Mills & Co, Philada

MI160473 Booth Mills & Co, Philada A heavy duty Philadelphia spokeshave with the cupid's bow decoration. This form of shave seems to have been specific to Philadelphia. They are not common but enough of them have been found to indicate that it was a form that was regularly sold. The applewood has a lovely patina. The mark is faint but clearly legible. The applewood has a lovely patina. About 14 1/2" wide and the blade is 5" wide. Highly recommended. G+ $145


MI160480 Toaster A nice as found tin toaster from the days before electric toasters. G+ $25

Millers Falls

MI160457 Millers Falls A scarce 5" throw brace. There is an old chip out of the rosewood head, but otherwise the tool shows only honest wear. G+ $95

Blacksmith Made Blacksmith Made Blacksmith Made

MI160461 Blacksmith Made This is my favorite big turnscrew. It has a cherry handle and the blade was forged from a coarse rasp, so it has the classic dragon's scales surface. The detailing is just superb on this piece. I think that it is American, but one can never be sure on these things. The handle looks like American cherry and the owner's stamp on the handle looks more American to me. It is 24" overall. This tool has been in my personal collection. G+ $129


MI160417 Planemaker's Float A nice untouched example with an even medium patina. 10 1/2" long overall. G+ $69

Union Hardware Co.  Torrington, Conn.

MI1603106 Union Hardware Co. Torrington, Conn. This a pair of strap on ice skates in size 10 1/2. They look to me like they make be unused. There is list freckling on the bare metal surfaces, but they are mostly bright and in amazing condition. You could use them as they are, right now. G++ $35

Hatchel Hatchel Hatchel Hatchel

MI160347 Hatchel This is, without a doubt, the most ornate and attractive hatchel that I have ever seen. These tools are typically quite utilitarian, but this one is a piece of folk art. I bought it from an elderly gentleman who said that he bought it at a Sotheby's sale of the contents of a Virginia plantation, however it would be my guess that its origins are European. It is about 27" across. The wood appears to be birch but it has a rich patina that makes it hard to be certain. I would certainly think that this tool is 18th Century. Wonderful original condition. G++ $299

Sharratt & Newth, Patent, London

MI160294 Sharratt & Newth, Patent, London A nice as found diamond glass cutter. It has a Brazilian rosewood handle with lovely grain. As found, the brass has a lovely patina. The steel end is light rusted overall, but could be improved with some attention. G+ $36

Sugar Nippers

MI160255 Sugar Nippers A nicely cleaned sugar nippers with a pleasing medium patina. They measure 8 1/2" overall. Not fancy but a nice honest example. G+ $65

Handforged Turnscrew

MI160264 Handforged Turnscrew This trunscrew has a lovely hand-forged blade that looks 18th Century to me. The oak handle looks like a somewhat later replacement to me. Measures 21" overall. Nice patination and great form. G+ $79


MI160275 Silversmith's Planishing Hammer A typcial silversmith's hammer. The head is about 5 ounces. The handle looks orignal, but somebody has put a nail and a screw into the top to tighten it. This tool is probably from the first half of the 20th Century. G+ $49

Book:  Maryland Period Rooms

MI160230 Book: Maryland Period Rooms Published by the Baltimore Museum of Art, this is catalog of the period rooms at the musem. It is soft cover, 36 pages, published in 1987 and pritned in USA. The pictures beautiful and it should give you some good design ideas. Fine- $15

Rosewood gunstock scraper Rosewood gunstock scraper

MI160244 Rosewood gunstock scraper A small craftsman made gunstock scraper with a 2 1/4" wide blade. The handles are short and stubby in a rather atypical manner for this type of tool. It shows moderate wear and is in nice as found condition. G+ $55

E.C. Stearns & Co. Syracuse, NY

MI160172 E.C. Stearns & Co. Syracuse, NY A nice as found jointer gauge that is attached with cam action levers. A common but very useful tool. This one could use a light cleaning, but as it is still rates a strong G+ $69


MI160178 Tuck A scarce hand made 19th Century American saw set. According to the EAIA directory of American toolmakers, this maker started in 1852 in Brockton Mass. The set is in nice as found condition and is clearly all hand forged. It is 3 1/2" overall and the end about 3/32". I don't recall seing another signed American sawset that was made before the days of mass production. G++ $49

Sargent VBM No. 81 Double SIde Rabbet

MI160195 Sargent VBM No. 81 Double SIde Rabbet A nice as found example of Sargent's patented side rabbet plane, which works both left and right side, and has a removable nose to function as a bullnose. One of the blades is more worn than the other, but both blades should last at least another 100 years. A very handy tool that doesn't get the attention it deserves. G+ $99


MI160154 Carborundum A No. 446-F slip stone, new in the original box. The stone has the consistency of a Norton fine crystolon stone. The box is in lovely condition and the stone is unused. The original sticker on the stone is also in nice condition. A rare find for the connoisseur. Fine+ $65

Razor Stone

MI151136 Razor Stone I stuggle to date piece, but it looks early to me. The base is good mahogany, with a natural stone on one size and a piece of leather on the other. The stone is very fine like an Arkansas stone, but I believe that it is a British equivelant, like a Tam O'Shanter. It has a nice dry untouched surface. The working surface of the stone has no flaws, but from the side you can see that the stone has a fault that is only visible on one side. The stone is 1" by 5". G+ $45

W & S Butcher W & S Butcher

MI151123 W & S Butcher This is a rare original invoice from W. & S. Butcher, dated Nov. 7th, 1872. It is 2 sheets, both sides used, of tools, totally just ove 600 pounds. That was a lot of money then, about $3000 then, which is a small fortune now. The invoice was to E. Mullins of Philadelphia, There is also a page, with an original seal, from the U.S. Consul in Sheffield. What his role was I am not sure but he seemes to have been acting as a kind of agent. This is a once in a lifetime chance to own such an important piece of tool ephemera. The Butcher works in Sheffield are now a protected site. G++ $245

Handforged Turnscrew

MI151064 Handforged Turnscrew This turnscrew was forged from an old file and has the scaled surface of tools made in this way. It has about 19" overall. There is a screw in the side of the head that is holding a check in the wood tight and was probably put in when it was made. A classic example of 19th Century American resourcefulness. G+ $45

Builders & Decorators Sign Builders & Decorators Sign

MI151030 Builders & Decorators Sign This is a sign, I am presuming from between the wars, for H. Alex Evans & Son, Builders & Decoratoros. The phone is "Wimbledon 2334". I did a quick web search and this firm is still in business, on the same street, but not a different number. It might be the same place, as many streets in the London area have been renumbered since them. The sign is about 21 1/2" wide and 21" high. The paint has a bit of crackelure and the varnish over it is a bit dark. I think that it would be a mistake to clean the old varnish off because then it would look like a new sign. WIth a painting of course we would have cleaned off the old varnish. G+ $395

Camco, USA Camco, USA

MI151042 Camco, USA A good quality advertising pocket knife. Marked on one side, Abeles-Lewit Co. Inc" and on the other side "Autobody Reconditioning Supplies, tools and equipment". Probably 1950s. This is a good quality US made pocket knife, not a disposable piece of junk. It is carbon steel, not stainless. Nice untouched condition, as it came from a drawer. G+ $35

Bagshaw & Field Bagshaw & Field

MI150991 Bagshaw & Field Thisi is a gentleman's tool roll of the type associated with Holtzapfel, but this one is a Philadelphia made example. These are sometimes seen in smal wooden boxes, with a selection of bits, but I have never seen one in a roll with so many tools. The selection of tools is staggering. There are 26 tools and a rosewood handle with a nickel plated nozzle. The tools include a hand cut rasp, 2 hand cut files, a spoon bit, 3 chisels, 3 gouges, 3 gimlets, 2 countersinks, a saw, a knife, a square and a half moon reamers, an awl, 2 cold chisels, and three graduated small tools that I thnik are for leatherwork. I believe that all of these tools are original to the roll, although not all of them are marked. Those that are marked, are stampled "B&F", which is how Bagshaw &Field always marked bits. The bits are all in nice as found condition. The roll itself is deteriorating and might be best recreated. The handle has some marring at the top where it has been struck. This is a a rare find. I have never seen another set that is so comprehensive in its selection of tools. A serious collector's piece. G+ $389

Pricking Wheel

MI150964 Pricking Wheel I believe that this tool was used by fine leatherworkers, such as glove makers, for pricking the leather where it would be stitched. The gool sis as found with lovely patina. The handle is Brazilian rosewood with great color and an original finish. A superb quality tool. Fine $39

C S. Osbourne & Co. Harrison, N.J

MI150915 C S. Osbourne & Co. Harrison, N.J A set of 3 leather hole punches, sizes 4, 6, & 10, in an original C.S. Osbourne box. I got them in this box and I assume that they started life in it. The end label reads 1/2 dozen and also size 16, but the size appears to be crossed out with a pencil. The top label is attractive but has insect damage all around the periphery. Two corners are torn out. The leather hole punches have staining on them overall and the smallest one has some rust on it. All of them are still good working tools made to the highest quality. G+ $35

Magnagrip Magnetic Tool Holder

MI150941 Magnagrip Magnetic Tool Holder A 9" wide bar that mounts to a wall or workbench and holds tools through magnetic force. It is in the box and appears to have never been used. It is from the 1950s. The graphic inside even shows a 1950s car as the tool is being used in a garage. This is a high quality tool that was made in East Longmeadow, Mass. The box has no ends, but I think that it was always just a slip case and didn't have ends. Fine $49

A Mathieson & Son, Glasgow A Mathieson & Son, Glasgow

MI150858 A Mathieson & Son, Glasgow A lightly used example of a coachmaker's jigger that has been waxed by a British dealer or collector. The blade is a Mathieson marked plow plane iron. I can't say for sure if that is right or not. A nice example. G+ $45

Swedish Burl Mallet

MI15081 Swedish Burl Mallet This is a 27 ounce joiner's mallet that has a turned burl birch head and a straight birch head. This mallet shows normal moderate wear, except in one spot where an idiot hit a metal tube of some kind and put 6 round indentations into wood. The surface is dry and would really pop with some wax. A great piece of wood. G+ $95

L. Stoudt

MI150816 L. Stoudt An early hand forged ax head for a felling ax. I don't know who . Stoudt was, but it is clearly marked on both sides with what looks like a Pennsylvania style maker's mark of the 19th Century. It weights a bit over 3 pounds. There is some damage to the edge, but this head is still very usuable, although I would hate to see anyone do that, as it has a lovely overal patina now. There is some pitting, but it is mostly just patinated. This is a not a common tool to find. Early, as in pre-factory made, ax heads got used up. Good $129

Blacksmith Made Turnscrew

MI150715 Blacksmith Made Turnscrew This is a 22" overall length turnscrew with a lovely patinated fruitwood handle, with just a hint of tiger figure in it. There is a shrinkage check in the handle. The ferule was polished by an idiot but the rest of the turnscrew has a lovely untouched look and with time the brass ferule will take on a new patina. An elegant tool from a lost age of craftsmanship. G+ $85


MI150638 Chicago-Latrobe This is a new old stock packet of #59 bits. There are 12 bits in the packet. I have 10 packets. I bought these in England and the person who I bought them from and I both think that they are WW2 surplus. It seems sad to me that people risked their lives in convoys across the North Atlantic to get supplies through, to have them sit unused. I guess that is the nature of government procurement, even in desparate times. If you want more than 1 packet, just put the item into your shopping cart as many times as you want packets. If we don't have that many left we will adjust your invoice. Fine $15

W. Marples & Sons

MI15069 W. Marples & Sons I have had a few of giant turnscrews in this style by Marples over the years, but this one is absolutely the largest one. It is 29 1/2" overall. That is huge for a turnscrew. It has a lovely patina with a Fench polished handle. The handle can be pulled off of the blade, which is the result of it being drier here than in Britain. The ferule has a pleasing light patina. A gem for anyone who appreciates these. G+ $119

Decorative Food Chopper

MI150562 Decorative Food Chopper A lovely as found English food chopper. It is usually assumed that these were made by saw makers because of the style of the handle. The handle and its brass saw nuts certainly support that. There is some glue residue on the blade from tape being used to protect the edge, but it is still sharp and ready to use. It has a pleasing patina and is a very nice example of its kind. G++ $95

Buck, 242 Tottenham Ct. Rd Buck, 242 Tottenham Ct. Rd

MI150563 Buck, 242 Tottenham Ct. Rd A lovely untouched miniature router of the type associated with Buck. There were a few tools, like the Buck bow drills and these routers, that Buck seems to have had made exclusively for them. Similar to MI110214 but somewhat different dimensions. 4 1/8" wide and 1 1/4" wide by 7/8" tall. For the connoisseur. Fine $89


MI180124 Fulton A shoe-buckle lever cap block plane that was made by Sargent to for Sears. Fulton was a brand name used before the Craftsman name was adapted. This plane has been neglected and has light surface rust on much of the bare metal surfaces, but I stress that it is light and should nicely. The sole is much cleaner than the rest of the plane, having been protected by the plane sitting on it. The nickel is about 98%. I doubt that this plane saw much use and should make a great user. Free to the rist person who orders it and spends $150 on old tools. I would expect it to clean to G+ $0

P. S. Stubs

MI150541 P. S. Stubs This is a hand cut file, still usable, and about 5 5/8" overall. It is not marked England, so it is probably pre-1890. Hand-cut files of this age are few and far between, especially ones that bear the mark of Peter Stubbs, the famous Lancashire tool maker. Fine $45

Buck, Tottenham Ct. Rd Buck, Tottenham Ct. Rd Buck, Tottenham Ct. Rd Buck, Tottenham Ct. Rd

MI150558 Buck, Tottenham Ct. Rd An unusual pocket knife with polished metal sides and no scales, marked "Sheffield Made" and Buck on one blade and "Hand Forged" and Buck on the other. It measures 3 1/2" when closed. I am not sure if the sides are nickel or stainless steel. A very attractive and unusual knife. G+ $98

Perfect Handle Screwdriver

MI150488 Perfect Handle Screwdriver An as found, and a bit scruffy example of the patented handle. These were made by H. D. Smith, but oddly I don't see that marked on this one, although it is marked "Perfect Hanlde" and the patent date. Measures 9 1/4" overall with a 9/15" wide blade. Good $45

MI120921 Auction Catalogs I seemed to have auction catalogs coming out my ears. Furniture, art, miscellaneous, you name it, I seem to get a catalog for it. I hate to throw these out, but I just can't keep them all You can order up to three of them, for free, with any old tool order that you place. You can't specify which catalogs, but they are mostly relatively recent and from major auction houses. Note that they will affect your shipping quote because of the weight that they will add to your order. Many of these catalogs cost $30 or $40 before the auction and are valuable reference materials. Note that none of them are tool catalogs. Fine $0

The Adell Mfg. Co.

MI150413 The Adell Mfg. Co. An adjustable chamfer gauge for draw knives, in the original box. Ftis draw knives from 1 1/4" - 1 3/8" wide. About 97% bright nickel remains. There is a stain on the label of the box. A rare find for the connoisseur. G++ $89


MI150126 Norton An apparently unused Norton SB-4 Soft Arkansas stone in the original box with the original label still on the stone. Measures 4 X 2 X 15/16". Probably from the 40s or 50s, certainly not later. Fine $79

G. E. Blinn & Co. Sheffield G. E. Blinn & Co. Sheffield

MI150128 G. E. Blinn & Co. Sheffield A very small coachman's type pocket knife with horn scales. This knife was probaby carried for a lifetime. The horn is worn smooth like plastic, with the area around the brass pins standing a bit higher. The blades are very worn. I am not 100% sure on the maker's name, but I think that this is what it says. There is a small piece of horn missing at the end of the corkscrew. This tool was clearly loved, and well cared for, but really used. I personally really like it. Measures 3 1/2" closed. Good $129

Wilson Mf

MI150133 Wilson Mf'g Co, New London, Conn This is an early American manufactured iron brace. It was properly cleaned by a collector and has a lovely patina. The top of the head is marked 2 1/2, which I take to be the size. The spring lever chuck works well and is intended to hold the same kind of notched bits that went into Sheffield style braces of the time. It has an 8" throw. A very nice example. G+ $145

R. TImmins & Sons

MI141230 R. Timmins & Sons A pariticularly nice sugar nips with wonderful surface, and a lot of decorative work. This is a much fancier example than what we usually see, and it is maker signed. Great old and untouched condition. For the connoisseur. G++ $199

W. R. Fox, Grand Rapids Michigan

MI141143 W. R. Fox, Grand Rapids Michigan A patented cast iron mitre trimmer that is very similar to the Lion mitre trimmer, but appears to predate the Lion. It is marked, "Patented June 17th , 1870". I might have a character off on that as it is hard to read. A very nice usable tool that should work just like a Lion mitre trimmer, but is a whole lot more rare. I have never seen one before, and nor have other experts that I have shown it to. It is a high quality professional's tool. This type of tool can be dangerous and should be used with great care. Any mitre trimmer can cause serious injury if one's hands are not clear when using it. G+ $245

Sinclair Scott Co. Baltimore Sinclair Scott Co. Baltimore Sinclair Scott Co. Baltimore

MI141151 Sinclair Scott Co. Baltimore A lovely example of a scarce model, the peach peeler, the apple peeler being far more common. The cutter on this is a cup shape. I am told that it will work on apples as well. An example of Victorian enginuity at its peak. I personally love these Victorian peelers. So many of them are cracked or damaged in some way, The only thing to even say about this one is that the handle is a little loose on its axle from use. It would be very hard to improve on this one. Fine $199

Underwood, 56 Haymarket, London

MI141058 Underwood, 56 Haymarket, London A horn scaled race knife in the original leather belt holster. It is not a folding knife and measures 8 3/4" overall. It is marked V.R. with a crown, which is a Royal Warrant, meaning that this product was of a such a high quality that it had the patronage of the royal family. Even the holster is of a quality that stands out. This is a tool for the connoisseur's connoisseur. Fine $265


MI141061 Scraper A cleverly made scraper handle that holds the blade in with a wedge. Very well made but almost certainly a one off tool. The scaper blade is 3 1/4" wide. G+ $48

Race Knife Race Knife

MI141016 Race Knife An 18th Century race knife in the original paper case. This case alone is a very rare survivor. The knife is unmarked but certainly appears to be 18th Century. It is in superb as found condition, as is the case. For the connoisseur. G++ $279

Early Adze Early Adze

MI140933 Early Adze This is a magnificent early (probably 18th Century) French adze. It is pitted overall, which is why I rated it low, but it is a great looking tool worthy of a great collection. It came from a very discerning New York collection and it has been in my collection since then, but not it is time for you to enjoy it. Measures 9" across. The blade is just under 5" wide. It is marked but the pitting makes it illegible. The handle looks old but not original. I think that this is a great piece of early iron. G- $245

North Brothers Yankee No. 130A

MI140843 North Brothers Yankee No. 130A A lightly used example in its orignal box with all three original bits. The bottom of the box has been taped with clear tape. The top shows light wear but the corners are intact with no repairs. A nice example for a reasonable price. G++ $55

Draw Knife Chamfer Guides

MI140672 Draw Knife Chamfer Guides An "Improved Draw Knife Chamferer Gauge" in the original box. The box is mssing one side and some of the label is gone but the tool is superb. They were made in Chicopee Falls, Mass, a great tool making center. 1 1/2 size to fit drawknives from 1 1/4" to 1 1/2" wide. Fine $79

Arkansas Stone

MI140327 Arkansas Stone This is most interesting little stone. It is a hard translucent Arkansas stone in a fitted leather case that measures only 1 3/4" by 1" by 1/4". Hard to date but I feel certain that it is at least pre-war just judging by the case. Perfect condtion but I didn't rate it higher because the case is soiled from old oil and the stone is not bright. It is as crisp as new. G++ $48

Early Pennsylvania Side Axe Early Pennsylvania Side Axe Early Pennsylvania Side Axe

MI140216 Early Pennsylvania Side Axe This ax was found by the collector form whom we acquired it in a barn in Lancaster County about 25 years ago. I think that it is American and from that area. It has a great surface and a great form. It has decorative touch marks, and nice chamfering, with fluting in the corners. It is a side ax, being beveled on just one side. The handle is old and has been with it a long time, but is not the original handle. This is a great piece of early American iron from a good collection. If it isn't 18th Century, it is certainly early 19th. G+ $399

Mappin & Webb

140134 Mappin & Webb An ebony handled pen knife in its original Mappin & Webb embossed case. The case is made from pressed paper and is much more rare than the knife. Mappin & Webb are still in business today and are a very prestigious maker. G++ $125

Ohio Tool Co. O113

MI131089 Ohio Tool Co. O113 A scarce Ohio tool company version of the Stanley 113 compass plane. This plane was clearly made by Stanley for Ohio Tool Co. As found with some light paint overspray on the left side. It would make a good user or would fit a hole in an Ohio Tool Co collection, although I priced it as a user. G+ $169

Antique Tool

MI6099 F. Rider This is a fantastic early American ax. It is marked twice by the blacksmith, F. Rider. The workmanship is superb, with delicate chamfering. It is bevelled only on one side and I am not sure of the original purpose. It was found in Pennsylvania and I presume that it is from that area. Really a great piece of early American iron. Good $295


MI130954 Basketmaker's Shave This tool, I belive that it is properly called a basket maker's shave, is adjustable for thickness of cut, and is used to size all of the stock to a uniform thickess before weaving a basket. This one looks to have significant age to it, but I would be loathe to try and date it accuratley. The thumbscrew looks hand forged, and very nicely done at that. The brass has been hand polished a bit, but not terribly so. The rest of the tool has a nice pleasing patina. This is a pretty scarce tool and a nice example as well. G+ $149

Early Wooden Comb

MI130866 Early Wooden Comb This is a wooden comb that I bought from an antiques dealer who bought a chest of drawers in an auction in Pennsylvania and found this in a drawer. It is clearly early. I have no way to tell if it is American or not, but the story would certainly support that. The woods looks like pear, or a similar fruitwood, to me. it has a lovely, untouched dry surface. It is 7 1/2" wide. A real connoisseur's piece. Fine $195

Handforged Bowl Adze

MI130868 Handforged Bowl Adze A huge French bowl adze, the lip measuring 7 3/4" across. The other edge is smooth with a lovely dark patina. The ash handle is old and could be original. A very nice example. G+ $185

Highland Tool Co

MI13096 Highland Tool Co A coffin smoother shaped wooden router using a Hildick #8 plow iron. Nicely waxed by a collector. 7" Long, 2 1/2" wide. G+ $59

Wm Marples & Sons

MI130840 Wm Marples & Sons A beech router in probably unused condtion. It has its original purpose made blade. Judging from the blade, which is not honed, and the sole, I don't think that it was ever used. It has 85% of the original decal on top, and is stamped on the side as well. This is of course a 20th Century tool, but is still certainly older than I am. A great user, but not as elegant as the 19th Century routers that we often have. Fine $59


MI130599 Appliqués & Onlays This is a lot 27 pieces that are Appliqués & Onlays that would be glued onto a workpiece, and them finished over. The designs in include Chinoiserie styles and traditonal English styles like the Prince of Wales feathers. They are made from some kind of pressed saw dust material. A customer has brought to my attention that these are still made and sold by Decorator Supply in Chicago. To replace this lot new would cost over $1000. G++ $79

Sash Templates

MI130446 Sash Templates A matching pair of sash templates for 5/8" lambstongue sash. The owner's mark is "Lunatic", clearly the property of the joiner's shop at a lunatic asylum. They are as found and pretty dirty, but should clean to at least G++ $39

Primitive Swediish Burl Brace Primitive Swediish Burl Brace

MI130417 Primitive Swediish Burl Brace A classic Scandinavian burl birch brace. It has some modest carving, and the owner has carved his name on the chuck, although part of the name is missing with a hole that was drilled to put a screw through where it has been cracked. This could certainly be improved upon. It has shellaced as well. I can't date this accurately, but I think that it must be early to mid 19th Century. The throw is quite small, 5". It is about 11 1/2" high. There are no pods with it. Like many fine Scandinavian braces, it is formed to curve towards the direction of rotation, a feature that has alwasy appealed to me about these braces. A potentially important piece that deserves some love, and a gift at this price. Good $145

Wire Gauge Tool

MI130353 Wire Gauge Tool This looks like a pocket knife with brass scales, but it opens with two "blades", each of which are marked "Wire" and with numbered slots to measure the gauge of a wire. The scales are wonderfully engraved, jeweler quality, "J. Kenerstone, Sherborne." I would not be suprised to learn that this tool was 18th Century, but I don't feel qualified to really say, as I have never seen another like it. There is one divider broken out between the 14 and 15 gauge slots. It measures 2 5/8" long when folded up. I think that this is something really special. G+ $285

Speednut Wrench Corp

MI130321 Speednut Wrench Corp An 8" patented Speednut wrench. Not the version that I usually see. G+ $65

J. W. Stutter  3 Shoreditch

MI130129 J. W. Stutter 3 Shoreditch A very scarce farrier's knife. I have not seen a similar one before. It is marked "London Made" and is indeed exceptionally well made. It is in lovely as found condition with a wonderful patina. Measures 5 7/8" across at the longest. Some research on the Internet reveals that the address was 133 or 173 Shoreditch (contradictory information, typical of the Internet) and that he was active in the late 19th Century. Ground to a very thin, sharp edge. Fine $195


MI121242 Lady's Leg Awl A classic piece of workman's folk art, a marking awl with a ladies stocking leg for the clip. The style of the stocking looks to be Victorian or Edwardian. Very well executed by somebody with a real eye for the proportions of a woman's leg. Slightly overcleaned, but nothing that won't improve with age and handling. A real gem. G+ $129

Dutch Spykbor

MI121164 Dutch Spykbor A crisp as found Norther European, probably Dutch, wooden brace. The small spoon bit is bent. I have not tried to straighten it for fear of breaking it off. The brace has lovely untouched surface. G++ $79

Nut Cracker

MI12102 Nut Cracker A superb quality hand made nut cracker from about 1800, plus or minus about 30 years. Nut cracker's of this form are not rare, but this is the connoisseur's example. It has a fine polished and blued surface. The handle turning is finely deliniated and elegantly formed. The pricks that hold the nut are in a symmetric pattern and surrounded by a wrigglework outline. In other words, this was a top-of-the-line example made for somebody of quality, to use the phrase of the day. There is one small spot on one handle that had a rust spot, and somebody rubbed it with an abrasive, thus damaging the finish. Had they scraped it like a gunsmith would have done, the blueing would not have been damaged, but alas when fools get hold of fine things, **** happens. A real gem of English metalwork. Fine- $119

Nut Cracker

MI12103 Nut Cracker This is a hand-made English nutcracker of the type that was made for many years, and thus is hard to date. My guess is that they are from the first half of the 19th Century, but in England hand worked persisted longer than people tend to imagine. This is a an as found example, with light surface oxidation. One side is slightly bent, but not enough to bother me. It could of course be bent back, but they are very genuine and I would leave them alone. I can imagine somebody sitting by the fire in their cottage using these after a long day working in the field. Good $36

Unmarked  (Preston)

MI12096 Unmarked (Preston) A 3/4" cast iron ovolo sash shave. This tool would have been made by Preston, but unmarked so that it could be sold into the trade. It has full original blades but the finish is worn from being in a tool chest. It has about 50-60% japanning remaining. A great user at a moderate price. G+ $75

Yankee Plain Breast Drill Yankee Plain Breast Drill

MI12089 Yankee Plain Breast Drill A Yankee No. 1455 Breast Drill in the original box. The box has some staining but is not torn. The drill needs a light cleaning but should clean to better than G+ $85

Stearns Patent Tenoning Tool

MI120712 Stearns Patent Tenoning Tool A scarce Stearns 1872 patent adjustable tenoning tool. Graduated from 3/8" to 1". Nice as found condition. G+ $95

H. Gerstner H. Gerstner

MI120591 H. Gerstner A rare large Gerstner box in mahogany rather than the usual oak. In later years Gersnter started making boxes in various woods, but old Gerstner boxes in anything but oak are rare. This one is the large box, 26" wide and 16" high. It shows the normal wear of a box that was used but cared for. I would guess that it is pre-War, but I am not sure. I don't have the key for it. There is one spot on the lid where a solvent was spilled and took off the finish. That is patinated in now. Otherwise the finish shows only normal wear. It could stand a light cleaning with a rag and wax. It is a wonderful box and a great way to display a rule collection. G++ $495

Peck, Stowe, & Wilcox

MI180150 Peck, Stowe, & Wilcox A good quality 10" brace in filthy condition. It is working, but it needs a thorough cleaning. The wood is genuine rosewood. This is a brace that when cleaned up will last hundreds of years. The ratchet mechanism is incredibly simple and effective. Free to the first person who orders it and spends at least $100 on old tools. Good $0

 Sugar Nippers

MI120530 Sugar Nippers A really lovely untouched sugar nippers or a smaller size, measuring 7 3/4" overall. The hinge has eleganly exectured decorative file work. They have an overal even patina. The little piece on the side of the handle, the exact use of which has never been clear to me, is bent forward. So many of these that I see are bent this way, that I wonder if it was intentional, or if perhaps there was something in how they were used that bent this piece. Anyway, it doesn't affect the appeal of these nippers, which are connoisseur quality. G++ $149

Kellett Kellett

MI120414 Kellett's Patent Plane Iron This is the only example that I have seen of this 1884 Patent bench plane iron. There are two cap irons, one on top of the other. I have a print out of the patent but I was too lazy to read it to see what old Kellett had in mind. Whatever it was, I don't think that it made him a wealthy man. This is a rare survivor from the Age of Invention. Good $59

Norton Abrasives

MI120146 Norton Abrasives A 4" by 1" Crystolon stone in the original box. Used but very nice and with some real age on it. Fine $29

Antique Tool Antique Tool

MI1112231 Early Sharpening Stone A very fine natural stone mounted in an oak holder. This was probably intended for honing razors. Primitive looking tools like this are hard to date, but I would think that this is probably 18th Century. It has rich patina and lots of honest wear to the stone, but no damage. The stone measures approx. 7 inches. A rare survivor. G+ $259

Antique Tool Antique Tool

MI1112206 Brady, Lanc'st PA A classic Pennsylvania morticing ax, as used to build many a timber framed house and barn. The blade is rust free with a lovely patina. The handle is a nice old handle, but it is loose in the head and is probably not off of this ax, although it might be. The only flaw I see is that the second line of the stamp, Lanc'st PA, bounced and double struck into the third line, "Cast Steel". As nice an example as you are likely to ever see. Fine- $145

Antique Tool

MI111137 John J. Harley, Liverpool A boxwood molding shave that cuts a 7/8" bead with a sharply pointed quirk. It has an adjustable fence. Lightly polished. G+ $125

Antique Tool

MI111044 Slitting Tool I am not sure about the original use of this tool. I am pretty sure that it is American. It slits at a fixed width, perhaps for cutting stringing. I feel like there must be more too it than that. A very nicely made tool. The one piece of brass trim on it was probably hand polished, as it seems too bright. The tool is otherwise untouched. G++ $69

Antique Tool

MI110838 Unusual Clamp/Fixture This is an exceptionally made clamp or fixture of some kind. It is made in birch. I have owned it for around 20 years. I bought it assuming that it had to do with planemaking, but 20 years later I have no more insight into it than the say I bought it, so I will let you have fun trying to figure it out. The turning on the heads of the wooden screws is very elegan. It is in lovely as found condiition. Fine $185

Antique Tool Antique Tool

MI110460 G. Buck, Maker, 242 Tottenham Court Rd George Buck was a famous London tool merchant, not a maker, but these bow drills seem to be unique to him, and he probably did have these custom made for his shop. Some of them, like this one, are finely engraved about the brass ring near the top, with information in our title. This one is untouched, and would rate fine, but for shrinkage checks. There is a check in the spool and another in the removable cap. This is a common problem, the obvious result of putting wood onto a metal core. In the US, where the climate can be drier, this problem is greatly exacerbated over what it is in Great Britain. G++ $245

Antique Tool

MI11019 Basketmaker's Cleave This tool is used to split the willow for making baskets. This one is horn with a walnut head. It is slightly unusual, in that it splits willow wands into 4 sections, rather than the more common ones that split into 3. I have never seen as nice an example of one of these very rare tools. G++ $165

Antique Tool

MI101250 Catalog: G. Sommers & Co. Wholesalers of General Merch. This is a 640 page wholesale catalog from September 1918, of all the stuff that small town merchants would order for their general merchandise shops. It has everthing from clothes to tools to lighting. Everyting that you can think of is in this catalog. The company was in St. Paul, Minn. The condition is remarkable for a catalogue of age. All of of the goods are priced with the wholesale price for 1918. Truly a time capsule. Many of the things in this catalog are probably gone for good from the face of the earth, but live on only on these pages. Highly recommended. Fine- $135

Antique Tool

MI101153 Needle Case A lovely little bone needle case in the shape of an umbrella. Possibly a sailor made love token for a sweetheart back home. Certainly hand made and with great patina and form. 3 1/2" overall. Really a nice piece. G+ $109

Antique Tool Antique Tool

MI10112 Sash Dowelling Box A superb mahogany sash dowelling box with a clever cam locking design. Untouched original surface that looks like it was just lifted from a tool chest. These boxes were used to join sash bars using dowels, a technique that was generally supersceded in the 19th Century. I would guess that this is a 19th Century tool, but I am only basing that on the appearnce of the screws, which I have not removed, and would not, as they look totally undisturbed. A fine example of a rare tool. Fine $445

Antique Tool

MI101010 Scandiniavian Brace An elegant craftsman made brace in birch. The pod is held in by a tapered pin. The pod does not have a bit in it, but it takes the Scandinavian style bits with the flat tang. I believe that the wood is birch. The throw is about 6 1/2 inches. Nice as found condition. G+ $165

Antique Tool Antique Tool Antique Tool

MI100858 Craftsman Made An extraordinary spalted (a customer thinks that this is Karelian birch) wood brace. The head is highly figured, and the body is both figured and spalted. The pad is plain applewood with a gimlet bit in it. The form of the brace is great as well. It curves slightly in the direction of rotation, a feature that I have seen a few times before and have alwasy found to be very attractive. I am not sure of the age but I would guess it to be first half of the 19th Century. The throw is only about 6 inches. There is one chip in the head where it rubs on the body . That is the only flaw. Wonderful as found condition. Found in Sweden and almost certainly Swedish. Really an exceptional piece. G+ $295

Antique Tool Antique Tool

MI10087 Victorian Prize Medal, 1866 A 1 7/8" diameter medal awarded to Mr. D. Law for "General Merit Displayed in a Series of Water-Color Drawings." Hand engraved on he edge with this information, and engraved on the face with the name of the winner. From the "Hampshire & Isle of Wight Exhibition of Industry and Arts 1866." The front shows a castle entrance in a high relief that is very attractive. Lovely bronze color. Fine $149

Antique Tool

MI100549 Chairmaker's Brace This is a very untouched brace from an old collection, with an old collector's number on it that will wipe right off with acetone. The original spoon bit is still sharp and usable. A nice virgin example. G++ $149
See Picture

Antique Tool Antique Tool Antique Tool

MI100523 Wade, Wingfield, & Rowbotham, Sheffield An ebony handled quill cutter in its original case. I have used this quill cutter to make quill pens with my daughter, which worled quite well. The case is a bit taty and the ends are missing, but the cutter itself is very nice. G++ $245

Antique Tool

MI10024 Sam'l Hall's Son, New York, USA A 10 inch Hall's patent wrench. This wrench is in very nice, well cared for condition. The nickel is worn and only about 60% remains, but the tool was never abused, or cleaned, and is a very nice example of this rare and desirable patent wrench. G+ $139
See Picture

Antique Tool

MI100160 Craftsman Made This is a scarce sash dowelling box. It is also a very plain example of one of these scarce tools. It is from the 1960s workshop clearance that we bought. A few worm holes, but basically in nice as found conditon. Dates to the 19th Century. One screw has been replaced with a modern (20th C) screw and another screw is missing. A chance to own a genuine sash dowelling box for a song. G+ $95

Antique Tool

MI90438 Coachmaker's Router This is a nicely made coachmaker's double sided router. This example was probably made by the craftsman rather than a commercial maker, which makes it less valuable but no less functional. This one has been properly cleaned with wax (there may be some on the wedges which will need to be removed to use it) and is nice enough for a good collection or it will make a nice user. The blades are 1/4" wide and are not heavily worn. G+ $139

Antique Tool Antique Tool

MI9041 Ember Tongs This is a superb example of early English metalwork. These are bright cut steel ember tongs in extraordinarily clean original condition. Similar examples to these are to be seen in the early pattern books such as the one that was reprinted by EAIA a few years ago. I have rarely seen examples of the real thing. These are of the highest quality work, and in hard to believe condition with just a very light patina. These were all hand forged and hand filed. Examples similar to these appeared in the pattern books for years but based on the quality of workmanship on these it is not hard to argue that they are likely 18th or early 19th Century. To my mind a very special object. Fine- $179

Antique Tool Antique Tool

MI80157 Goosewing Ax This is one of the nicest European goosewing axes that I have seen, probably Austrian, but could be Swiss or German as well. The surface on this ax is untouched with as good a patina as you ever find on axes. It is double marked with a touchmark, but I am not aware of a reference with which to identify these. The blade is also nicely decorated. It shows use but not abuse, with wear to the center of the blade. The handle looks old, but I question if it is original to the ax only because at both ends it shows evidence of having been recently trimmed. This is subtle and it certainly looks original until you study it. If you want just one great example of this classic form, I recommend this one. G+ $545

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MI71242 Pair of Mortising Bits This is a matched pair of two bits, each 2 1/2" in diameter. I am not sure what they were for. Presumably a boring machine or a mortising machine of some kind. The fact that there were two of them in the same size makes me think that they were in a mortising machine. They might just be for a common barn beam boring machine. Both are in good useable condition. Good $65

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MI703107 MAC Tools Catalog #56, 1956 This is an original 1956 MAC catalog. The cover is a bit dirty but the inside is clean and with the exception of a few pages, crease free. For a mechanics catalog that is 50+ years old, this is a very nice copy. Good $15

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