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Frequently Asked Vintage Tool Questions

Buck & Ryan, London

CH151011 Buck & Ryan, London This is a roll of 10 stone carver's chisels, must of them appearing to be unused . They all hand forged, and are all marked for the London tool shop of Buck & Ryan. There are 3 gouges, two straight chisels, one point, and 4 stone chisels. I don't know much about stone tools, but these seem to be smaller tools for finer work. They are 1bout 10 inches long. Just a bit under $20 each seems really cheap to me for hand forged tools in this condition. Fine $199

W. Turtle, Croydon

CH151013 W. Turtle, Croydon A 3/8" heavy firming chisel with a boxwood handle. It is made by Marples for the tool dealer Turtle, and has the Marples shamrock logo. It has the original bevel grind, but has been honed and used. Measures 13 1/2". As found from an old tool box. G+ $45

J. B. Addis & Sons

CH151019 J. B. Addis & Sons An 1/8" spoon gouge with about a #9 sweep. The handle is stunning. I think that it is lignum, half sap wood and half heart wood. It is French polished. It has on the opposing side from the maker's mark the mark listing the prize medals. The ferule has been lightly polished, but otherwise this gouge is connoisseur grade. Fine $45

I. & H. Sorby

CH151023 I. & H. Sorby An 5/8" beveled paring chisel, nice and thin, perfect for dovetailing. The London pattern boxwood handle has a lovely patina . Nicely cleaned by a collector. G+ Sold

Back Bent Fishtail Gouge

CH150994 Back Bent Fishtail Gouge A 5/16" back bent gouge with a wonderful rosewood handle, probably a #4 sweep. This is the style where there is no bolster, so if is marked, the name is up inside the handle. It is probably Addis, it is of that quality. Lovely as found condition. G+ Sold


CH1509108 Illegible A 3/8" cranked in-cannel gouge. The maker's mark was distorted when the tool was cranked, so I can't read it now, but it doesn' seem to be one of the common makers. It has a rosewood handle and the blade has a lovely surface to it. A really useful tool for doing gunstock barrel inletting. Connoisseur grade. Fine- $49

I & H Sorby

CH1509104 I & H Sorby A 1 1/2" heavy firming chisel, what they call a Registered chisel today. It appears to have the original grind and has only been honed. The handle is lovely with an original polished finish. Really a wonderul untouched example. G++ $55

Isaac Greaves

CH1509111 Isaac Greaves A 5/8" paring chisel with a specially made fancy handle. The overall length is 14 1/2". The blade is in lovely condition and the handle is really cool. I think that it is maple and walnut. G++ $69

I Sorby

CH150962 I Sorby A 1/4" boxwood handled morticing chisel. It is nice as found condition, except for the ferule, which has been polished bright by an English dealer who could control himself. G+ Sold

Thomas Ibbottson

CH150971 Thomas Ibbottson A good 3/8" morticing chisel. The handle is a bit short and has a few splits in it, that seem stable and don't worry me. The blade has been lightly cleaned but it is essentially as it came out of an old tool chest. Good $35


CH150973 Illegible A London Pattern handled long beveled paring chisel in 1/2" 13 1/2" long overall. It is marked but the maker's mark was mostly ground off when it was finished. The handle has nice color but it has that thicker varnish that was used in the40s and 50s. This tool has a steel ferule as well, another hint that it is from this period. The steel from this period is usually superb. A great user chisel. G+ Sold

I. Sorby

CH150980 I. Sorby A particularly nice 5/8" paring chisel with an octagonal boxwood handle with a fine French polished finish. Measures 10 1/2" overall. An idiot has polished the brass ferule bright, but it is otherwise in superb untouched condition. Highly recommended. G++ $48

J. B. Addis & Sons, Sheffield

CH150984 J. B. Addis & Sons, Sheffield This is a set of 8 Addis carving tools that I bought together and probably started out together. They set includes: #11 veiner in 1/16", a #21 spoon chisel in 3/16", a #21 spoon chisel in 7/16" (missing its ferule), a #24 skew spoon chisel in 1/16", a #5 straight gouge in 1/8", a #3 fishtail gouge in 1/2", a #3 skewed fishtail gouge, and a #39 V parting tool in 1/4". All are in nice as found condition needing only a light cleaning. This set includes some rare Addis tools for less than $30 each. G+ $235

Moulson Brothers

CH150986 Moulson Brothers A particularly nice 3/8" gouge with an elegant craftsman made handle. The metal has a lovely surface. Juat a great example of a 19th Century edge tool. 10 3/4" overall. G+ Sold

Hearnshaw Bros, Sheffield

CH15092 Hearnshaw Bros, Sheffield A matched pair of pattern maker's gouges in the super shallow 2 1/2" sweep. They are 1 1/4" and 1 5/8". Both with polished boxwood handles and of superb quality. Lovely as found condition, just how I like to find tools. Real gems. G++ Sold

J. B. Addiss, Sheffield

CH150916 J. B. Addis, Sheffield A set of 8 Addis carving tools with similar handles that I acquired together. They have probably been together since new, but there is no way to know for sure. The set comprises: 3/8" straight gouge of very shallow sweep, not marked but possibly a 2 1/2 if not a 3. A 1/4" straight gouge not marked but probably a 4. An 1/8" straight gouge not marked but probably a 9. A 3/8" #2 skew. A 1/16" spoon chisel. A 3/8" spoon gouge marked #29. A 7/16" reverse spoon gouge marked #35. And finally a 3/8" fishtail gouge of very shallow sweep, not marked but possibly a 2 1/2 if not a 3. Most of them are in clean as found condition. A couple of them have been polished up a bit by the English dealer I bought them from. This is $30 each for Addis chisels. The condition ranges from Fine to G+ $239

Ward, W&P

CH150922 Ward, W&P This is a heavy duty 5/8" chisel, but it is more like the new Sorby Registered chisels for timber framing than a morticing chisels. It doesn't taper back like a morticing chisel. It is about 13" overall. Not a common form for a British chisel. It has a lovely old handle and a nicely cleaned blade. G+ Sold

I Sorby

CH150925 I Sorby A 5/16" traditional morticing chisel by Sorby. Looks to be about full original length and in nice orginal condition. G+ Sold

C. Hunt

CH150930 C. Hunt This is a hand-forged American corner chisel by a maker that I am not familiar with, and of whom I have found no reference. The tool is in nice condition, with a good original handle, but the hoop is missing and somebody has taped a new replacment on that neither fits well nor looks right. It is an eye sore that should be discarded. The tool itself is very well made and probably early 19th Century. The size is 1". It is as found. In my opinion, this is a special piece. G+ $75

Holtzapfel & Co.

CH150939 Holtzapfel & Co. This is a very scarce inside turning tool for hollow vessels. The blade is in nice as found condition. The handle, which looks original, has a dull patina like it was cleaned off with thinner. A few drops of linseed oil would improve it greatly. A very hard to find tool by an important maker of turning tools. G+ $75

Timber Framer

CH150863 Timber Framer's Chisel This is a typical heavy American timber framer's socket chisel, 1 3/8" wide. I can't see that it is marked but it is probably Pennsylvanial made. It has a nice dark patina overall and an original handle that is better than most. The hoop has been driven down into the handle a bit but it is much better than most. Measures 15 1/2" overall. G+ $45

Set of 5 Working Chisels

CH150887 Set of 5 Working Chisels This a good working set of 5 similar paring chisels that I put together. They are all quality Sheffield made chisels. The sizes are 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 5/8" & 3/4". The 3/4" has a chip out of the top of the handle but these are all first quality chisels that will make a great set of dovetailing chisels, better than any new chisels, excepting Blue Spruce of course, for only $25 each. G+ $125


CH15086 Crossman A 3/4" corner chisel by a good late 19th Century American maker. This chisel has a nicely ground bevel that just needs to be honed if you want to use it. The handle appears to be original and has lovely patina. The hoop has caused some splitting to the wood around the top edge where it drove down into the wood. This is not uncommon. There is some light scattered pitting overall, but nothing that in any way impairs this tools functionality. It is a great working example. G+ Sold

Buck Brothers

CH150815 Buck Brothers A magnificent set of 13 out-cannel socket gouges, ranging from 1/8" to 2". All with the original matching applewood handles. These gouges do not all have the same logo, but I believe that this is an original set, not a composed set. Most of them have the early style rectangular logo with the serrated border. This logo was probably too large to use on the smaller sizes. This is the best set of Buck Brothers gouges that I have seen. Not only is it a complete set of 12, but the condition is amazing. They have been in a collection, and were cleaned, but not unsympathetically. They have perfect handles and bright clean blades. There is some scattered staining on some of them, but nothing to worry about. This is a connoisseur's set. Fine $695

Buck Brothers

CH15074 Buck Brothers A wide, 1 3/4" beveled socket chisel in very clean untouched condition with a very clean original handle. This is a beauty. Fine Sold

Ashley Iles Ltd, Sheffield, Eng.

CH150729 Ashley Iles Ltd, Sheffield, Eng. A 1 1/4" wide long paring chisel that was actually made by Ashley Iles, back when it was only him making the chisels in a one room shop in Sheffield. (His biography, "Memoirs of a Sheffield Toolmaker" are a must read if you are interested in these things.) This is a beautifully made chisel with a polished boxwood handle. It measures 15" overall. G++ Sold


CH150732 Unmarked This is a typical 19th Century Dutch morticing chisel in 3/8". The blade looks to be about full original length to me and it is nice, clean condition, as properly cleaned by a collector. The boxwood handle has a shrinkage check, which is typical on Dutch morticing chisels. G+ $38

James Swan

CH150643 James Swan An original finger jointed wooden box that, according to the label, once held a half dozen 1/2" Socket Firmer Chisels No. 1010. A nice box for a Swan collector. G+ $38

James Swan

CH150648 James Swan This is a pair of out-cannel medium-sweep gouges that got out of the same old tool box. They are both mostly bright, but with some scattered staining. The 1" gouge has a superb original handle. The 3/8" gouge had no handle and I put a handle with it that is similar, but not exactly right. The taper at the end needs to be adjusted a bit as well so that it fits the socket better. My thinking if that thhe 1" chisel is worth the price that I am asking for both, so think of the smaller one as being free. They should clean up to at least G++ $45

I Sorby, Punch Brand

CH150652 I Sorby, Punch Brand A superb 1/4' long beveled paring chisel with a polished boxwood handle. There is some chipping of the lacquer on the ferule. This is about as good as they get. For the connoisseur. Fine $85

S. J. Addis, London

CH150611 S. J. Addis, London This is a matching set of 8 S. J. Addis carving chisels. These were found in the US, and based on the handles, which are a distinct American style, I can assume that they were sold here unhandled as new (as many were) and handled in the US. The set includes #16 swept gouge 9/16", #4 (not numbered) straight gouge 1/2", #4 (not numbered) straight gouge 1/4", #39 V parting tool 1/4", #40 (misnumbered as a 39) swept V parting tool 1/8", #27 spoon gouge 5/16", #20 swept gouge 1/8" and finally a #6 (not numbered) straight gouge 1/2", I believe that these chisels are all 19th Century. They are all marked London and were made when S. J. Addis himself was making carving chisels in London. Later Addis chisels are certinaly good but these are the best of the best in carving tools, for less than $40 each. 4 of them are missing the ferules and one handle has a rather heavy shrinkage check. The ferules really don't matter on carving chisels. G+ Sold

J. T. & M. A Pratt

CH150616 J. T. & M. A Pratt I have never seen this mark before but the EAIA Directory of American Toolmakers lists a T. & M.A. Pratt working in Milo Maine in 1862. I suspect that this is the same maker despite the missing J. from the listing. The tool is a beautiful as found 3/4" medium to tight sweep out-cannel gouge. I am thinking that this must be a rare survivor. G+ $55

Rosewood Handles

CH150626 Rosewood Handles This is a set of 8 NOS fancy rosewood handles. I think that they are American, but I can't prove that. I have seen a few other similar ones, but I suspect that all of these came on the market at the same time, but I don't know from where. I think that they are late 19th Century. The quality is superb. The ferules are only 1/2 and these would only be suitable for small carving chisels or something similar. They are as found and need to be cleaned with wax. These are the nicest manufactured handles that I have seen. Fine $199

T.H. Witherby

CH150561 T.H. Witherby A 1" size timber framer's heavy corner chisel. The edge needs a light touch up to be ready to use. The patina on the handle has been damaged by over cleaning but a few drops of linseed oil would help it a lot. It does look like the original handle. The blade is in nice condition. A great user at a modest price. G+ Sold

Wm Marples & Sons

CH150565 Wm Marples & Sons A 9/16" long beveled paring chisel. The overall lenth is 13 3/4". Nice untouched condition. G++ Sold

I. Sorby

CH150533 I. Sorby A very clean half inch out-cannel gouge with a medium sweep. As found except that the brass ferule is polished. G++ $29

Ward, W&P

CH150539 Ward, W&P A 1 1/4" wide firming chisel, measuring 12" overall. Run of the mill condition, as lifted from an old tool box. The boxwood handle would probably look much better if it was waxed, but now it looks kind of dull. A great user. G+ $35

A. Brookshaw

CH150553 A. Brookshaw A 1/2" swan neck mortice chisel with a nice original boxwood handle. The entire chisel, excluding the handle of course, has been gone over by an idiot with a wire wheel. It is bright and slightly frosty. Still a good user, but certainly no tool for the connoisseur. Good Sold

Robert Sorby

CH15052 Robert Sorby A good 3/4" firming chisel with the Kangaroo Brand label on the polished boxwood handle. The label is worn but still legible. The tool is very clean and will make a great user. I am guessing that this is from the 1920s - 1930s, but I imagine that it could be as late as the 50s. A quality old school Sheffield chisel. Measures 11 1/4" overall. G++ $35

Moseley & Son, 17 & 18 New St. Covent Garden

CH150513 Moseley & Son, 17 & 18 New St. Covent Garden A little used 1/2" traditional mortice chisel that appears to have the original factory grind, although the edge is a bit rough and needs a good honing. The handle appears to be original and is also very nice. G++ Sold

Samuel Hearnshaw

CH150516 Samuel Hearnshaw A lovely 5/8" paring chisel with a London pattern boxwood handle. It is also marked with a logo depicting a crew team rowing. The ferule was polished but otherwise nice condition. G++ Sold

C.E. Jennings

CH150464 C.E. Jennings A 3/4" wide out-cannel socket gouge in nice as found condition. Measures 13" overall. G++ $35

C. Nurse & Co. Invicta Works

CH150485 C. Nurse & Co. Invicta Works A matching pair of out-cannel gouges, both marked with the same owner's mark. Only one of the two gouges have are marked Nurse, the other has no mark, but is clearly from the same maker. Nurse was a retailer, so we don't know who actually made them. Nurse only sold the best. They are 3/8" and 1/2". The ferules are polished but they are otherwise in lovely untouched condition with polished boxwood handles. G++ $50

F. Woodcock

CH150496 F. Woodcock A clean 3/4" in-cannel medium-sweep gouge. Untouched with a polished boxwood handle and the remains of a Marples decal on the handle. The handle looks original, despite the chisel being by Woodcock. Needs only a light cleaning and griding of the bevel. G++ Sold

Wm Marples & Sons

CH150432 Wm Marples & Sons A particularly nice 1/4" long beveled paring chisel, measuring 13 1/4" overall. The handle is proportioned to match the chisel, a lovely slender handle that seems to be fruitwood, perhaps pear. The tool is as found but is clean and needs nothing. Highly recommended. G++ Sold

Five Carving Chisels

CH150442 Five Carving Chisels These 5 tools are all from the same carver, 4 of them bear the owner's mark of one "E.H. Smith." and the 5th has no owner's mark but is clearly belonging ot the group. They are: J.B. Addis #39 parting tool in 1/4" width. (this tool would sell alone for $50) A J.B. Addis #28 spoon gouge, 3/8". A 9/16" Marples number 4 fishtail gouge. A Marples 3/8" fishtail chisel, and a 1/4" spoon chisel that is not marked but clearly aslo by Marples. All are in nice as found condition, although there are some minor spots of surface corrosion that needs to be cleaned off. A nice group of high-quality tools for less than $30 each. G+ $149

William Marples & Sons

CH150452 William Marples & Sons A one inch beveled paring chisel. This is a socket chisel, which is not common for English chisels. It has a lovely original ash handle. The overall length is about 13 1/2". G++ Sold

Ward, W&P

CH150458 Ward, W&P A crisp and little used 3/16" traditional morticing chisel. I think that the blade still has the original factory bevel grind. The blade has some very light surface oxidation but it can be used just as it is, or you can try and clean it a bit. As it is, I rate it G+ Sold

W. Marples & Sons

CH150425 W. Marples & Sons A nice and clean, as found, 1/8" beveled paring chisel. This is a hard size to find in a beveled chisel. Measures just under 9" overall including the very clean original ash handle. The end of the handle, where it meets the turning, has a defect in the turning, which was clearly a defect from when it was made. It makes me wonder if the handle was hand turned. It doesn't hurt a thing, but of course it had to be mentioned. The mark is tiny and not really legible. Fine Sold

W. Butcher

CH150331 W. Butcher A very scarce set of 4 turning tools by the legendary edge tool maker, Butcher. From his small factory in Sheffield, William Butcher once dominated the U.S. market for edge tools. This set was found in New England. There are two skews, 1/2" and 1", and two gouges, 1/2" and 3/4". The way that the gouges are ground is representative of how antique turning gouges that I see are always ground, with the ears ground way back, or what is called "fingernail" today. They are much easier to use this way. There is some light powder surface rust, that should easily clean off, and is not near the cutting edges. One tool is missing its handle. If you have a treadle lathe and want a genuine set of antique turning tools to use with it, this is the chance. I don't know why, but I rarely see 19th Century turning tool sets of any size. G+ Sold

S.J. Addis

CH150291 S.J. Addis A nice clean #11 carving gouge in 1/8". A very useful tool but not easy to find. Perhaps that's why. This one is as found, but still quite clean. The handle, which I would say is the original boxwood handle, is not perfectly aligned with the tool (between 1 and 2 degrees off). I have found with our Ashley Iles customers that people obsess about this. I don't think that the old timers cared that much. You sight down the tool, not the handle, when you are using it. These tight radius gouges are one of the tools that really show off how good the grinding is on the best old carving tools. The other one that springs to mind is V parting tools. G++ Sold

Ward, W&P

CH1502101 Ward, W&P A matching pair of as found morticing chisels that need a light cleaning with wax and synthetic steel wool. They both have light pitting overall, but with minor attention they will make great users. The 3/8" chisel has never been honed and clearly is unused. The 9/16 has been honed, but still has the original factory grind. These are best quality traditional morticing chisels. G+ Sold


CH15032 Mottram A massive 5/8" morticing chisel in as found condition except for the bevel and the upper edge of the end, which have been recently ground. No damage was done except for removing the patina. The handle looks original but has some splits on the right side that might be hard to glue back down because the deformation to the end that caused them is keeping the wood from going back down all of the way. An early chisel by an imporant maker, in a scarce size. G+ $85

James Cam

CH150311 James Cam A nice clean 7/16" morticing chisel. There is a bit chip out of the top of the ash handle, but otherwise it is a nice G+ $55

T. Shaw

CH150323 T. Shaw A 7/8" turning skew. The handle is an old but later replacement made from some kind of exotic wood. 18th Century turning chisels are quite scarce and this is a nice example. G+ $75

Hale Bros

CH150289 Hale Bros A 1/2" wide, out-cannel, medium sweep gouge. Pristine original condition. Fine $35

Set of Firming Chisels

CH150219 Set of Firming Chisels This is a matching set of 3 firming chisels, 1/2", 3/4", and 1 1/2". These were bought by the British government, and are marked with a contract number. Two of them have the contract number struck over the maker's mark. Those two are dated 1962, and the third is dated 1963. They are an original set, or at least what is left of it. The lengths 9 1/2", 9 3/4", and 12 1/2" respectively. The finish on the handles is deteriorated and makes them look scruffy. They are actually a pretty nice set and priced really cheap for what must be amont the last of the hand-made Sheffield chisels. G+ Sold

Hearnshaw Bros

CH150232 Hearnshaw Bros A superb quality chisel that looks about unused. It measures just shy of 3/16" (remember these were hand ground). I would call this a firming chisel. The narrow sizes like this were made thicker to compensate for being so narrow. They were oten used for cutting the mortices in sash bars. This one looks like it was stored in a clean chest and never touched. Connoisseur grade. Fine+ $45

Wm Marples & Sons

CH150235 Wm Marples & Sons A long socket morticing chisel measuring about 7/32", or a fat 3/16", depending on how you like to call it. About 12 1/2" overall. The steel hoop is loose because of how dry it is here now. That is normal. This is an unusual form for Marples. A very nice chisel. G++ $45

Ward, W&P

CH141263 Ward, W&P A lovely swan necked morticing chisel with a more pronounced sweeping curve than most. Measures a fat 3/8". It has been nicely waxed by a collector and has a pleasing medium patina. The stubby socket handle is commonly seen with this form and looks original. G+ Sold

Hunber & Brigham, Clyde, O.

CH141227 Hunber & Brigham, Clyde, O. A timber framer's 7/8" corner chisel in nice as found condition with an Ohio blacksmith's mark that I have never seen before and is not in the EAIA Directory of American Toolmakers. This chisel has light surface rust over much of the other surface, although not near the cutting edge, which is still sharp and will ground. I hope that a collector of early Ohio hand forged tools will buy this as it just seems to rare to use. It has a nice original handle. I would clean it off with wax and a synthetic steel wool pad, and it should rate better than G+ $89

Ohio Tool Co

CH140858 Ohio Tool Co This is the first set of Ohio Tool Co. chisels that I have had, comprised of 9 long Carpenter's beveled firming chisels. The sizes are 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 1", 1 1/4", & 1 1/2". The blades look like they were cleaned off with fine steel wool at some point and the handles have been lacquered. Not all of the handles have leather bolsters. From a distance, the handles look matching, but they probably are not. The chisels are certainly all from an original matched set. The lengths range from 13 1/4" to 15 1/2". This would be a great set for a user or a collector. G+ $389

Handforged Corner Chisel

CH140619 Handforged Corner Chisel This is a classic blacksmith made corner chisel. It is not a refined and sophisticated tool, just a very nice example of an American country blacksmith. G+ $59


CH140544 Hewes This is a rare early 19th Century (possibly late 18th) hand-forged Pennsylvania 7/8'" corner chisel. It is in lovely original condition, having been properly waxed by a collector. The maker's mark is struck in two spots and the base of the socket is faceted in a decorative way. It is a bit short, but not worn out. The handle looks to be original and is nice. If you just need a corner chisel to use, please don't buy this one. This is a rare early American piece that belongs in a good collection. It came to us from an important Pennsylvania collection, where it resided for many years. G++ $159


CH140372 Oversruck This is an unusal shallow gouge that is the size of a slick. There seems to be a mark overstriking the maker's mark. I think that maybe it started life as a slick, and the blacksmith who modified it, struck his mark over the original mark. I think that both marks could still be read, but I don't have time to mess about with it The handle has a great patina, as does the blade, which is 3" wide and in-cannel. It really doesn't look modified, but I can't think of another good explanation. A nice early American tool either way. Measures just over 20 inches overall. G+ $89

Wm Brady & Son, Mt Joy, PA

CH120512 Wm Brady & Son, Mt Joy, PA An eight inch socket morticing chisel, this is a rare form for Brady, who was more known for axes and big slicks. Nicely cleaned by a collector. There is some light surface pitting, but nothing serious. The handle is marked Buck Brothers, so obviously it is not the original handle. A nice example of a rare American blacksmith made chisel. G+ Sold

Buck Brothers

CH120436 Buck Brothers This is a remarkable set of 8 Buck Brother's chisel and gouges, all from one owner, and all is amazing untouched condition. They would all be bright except for old dried grease on the surface. There are four long paring chisels, 5/8", 1 1/4", 1 3/4" and 2. These measure 13 1/4 to 15 1/2". The gouges are of similar length, out-cannel, and measure 7/8", 1 1/4", 1 5/8", and 1 7/8". All but one has the early rectangular border mark, one gouge has the later stag head mark, but it is definitely from the same set. The socket handles are all original applewood handles. They are not marked Buck Brothers, which is consistent with there age, these chisels pre-date. that. One handle is missing and one handle has a split, which can be pulled up tight and glued. Besides this split, the handles and the blades are all Fine $465

Drummond Bros

CH120245 Drummond Bros A set of 12 special turning tools. The measure about 11 inches overall. All of the ash handles match. I believe that these are for ivory or other hard materials, not for wood. The bevels are very steep and they function as scrapers rather than cutters. They have some old dried grease on them and could use a bit of cleaning, but they are very crrisp and will clean up to at least G++ $199

Antique Chisel

CH1112210 W. Marples & Sons A lovely as found wheelwright's bruzz. Fifteen inches overall and 1/2" on an edge. Fine- $75

Antique Chisel

CH111246 Button Hole Chisel A really nice all metal button hole chisel that certainly looks 18th Century to me. Great untouched surface and still very sharp. One of the nicest examples that I have see of this scarce type of chisel. (Since I originally listed this chisel, it has come to my attention that these chisels, called button hole chisels by collectors, actually had nothing to do with button holes. I feel certain that they were for breaking wax seals on letters.) 11/16" wide. G++ $259

Antique Chisel

CH110734 Ibbottson & Co A 3/8" spoon gouge from a genuine 19th Century English carver's kit. Well worn, but still very sharp and ready to use. This tool is probably mid-19th Century, which is early for a carving chisel. G+ $36

Woodcock, Sheffield

CH150147 Woodcock, Sheffield A 1/4" traditional morticing chisel that is little used with a nice original handle. Rust on a chisel may not matter, depending on where it is. A chisel may be an ugly old thing with lots of rust and if the criticial spots near the end are OK then it will be fine. This chisel has a bit of medium pitting, just where you don't want it. On the left side right at the end where it matters. It is restorable, but it is not TBT grade. Free to the first person who orders it along with two other items from this page that are not free. Good Sold

Antique Chisel Antique Chisel

CH110294 John Brown's Patent, Sheffield I have had this chisel for over 10 years trying to find out something about it, and I have utterly failed. I have never seen another similar example, nor have any of the other experienced dealers and collectors whom I have shared it with. It is a 7/8" firming chisel with a most unusual bolster design. Measures 16 inches overall with a London pattern boxwood handle. G+ $369

Antique Chisel

CH100158 Buck Brothers This is a very unusual tool, the purpose of which I don't know. I have never seen another like it. It has a socket type handle, but the the socket is keyed so that the handle can be used to twist. The blade is 3/8" wide. It has been speculated that it is a screw driver, but I don't buy that. The handle, which looks original, has leather washers at the top. Measures 12 inches overall. The metal appears to have been lightly wire brushed. A nice tool, whatever it is for. G+ Sold

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