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Frequently Asked Vintage Tool Questions

W. Marples & Sons

CH171112 W. Marples & Sons A 3/8" morticing chisel in nice as found condition. The handle is period to the chisel but not factory. I think that it might be pear wood. It is attractive and well made, but not a wood that Marples would have used. It has a leather disk over the bolster. G+ $39

J.B. Addis & Sons, Sheffield J.B. Addis & Sons, Sheffield J.B. Addis & Sons, Sheffield J.B. Addis & Sons, Sheffield

CH171118 J.B. Addis & Sons, Sheffield This is a set of 21 carving tools in an original baize roll. The handles all match (but for one that is slightly different) and are French polished. I am not sure of the wood, perhaps teak or some kind of mahogany. Some of the tools have an owner's mark and some don't, and there are couple of different owner's marks, so technically this is not a matched set. These chisels have been in this roll a long time and are as good as a matched set. The collector that these came to us from has had them for many years. If you want a working set, this would be a great choice because it has a lot of small straight gouges, which are what most carvers really need. The set includes: 1/4" #4, 3/16" #6, 1/4" #5, 3/16" #5, 5/16" #2 1/2, 3/8" #3, 1/4" #6, 1/16" #10, 1/4" #7, 3/16" #10, 5/16" #6, 1/4" #6, 3/8", #6, 1/4" #9, 3/16" #9, 5/16" #6, 1/8" #9, & 4 #21s, 1/32", 1/16", 1/8", & 3/16". All of thse chisels are $40 each chisels if sold individually, but as a set they are less than $30 each. G++ - Fine Sold

Blacksmith Made

CH171074 Blacksmith Made An attractive hand forged 7/8" American timber framer's corner chisel with an original handle. The handle is not all beat up like they usually are. The tool has an attractive patina. It probably once build bank barns in Pennsylvania. I found it in Lancaster county. G+ $59

Clearcut Clearcut Clearcut

CH171066 Clearcut A matching original set of 12 carpenter's socket paring chisels in what is probably the original wooden box, although it has no labels on it now. Clearcut was a tradename used by the Worthingon Hardware Company. These woudl have been made by one on of the best American chisel makers like Swan or Witherby (they are clearly not in the style of Buck Brothers). The handles are also all matching and original, with leather caps, although the leather cap is missing from the 2" chisel. The sizes are 1/8", 1/3", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8", 1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2", 1 3/4", & 2". Most of them are very clean and fine. A few have some staining on them and grade lower. G+ - FIne Sold


CH171035 Newbould An 18th Century traditional morticing chisel that is a fat 9/16". Morticing chisels this wide are scarce, especially one this early. The blade is in lovely condition. The handle looks like it is old but that at some point somebody with small hands reduced it in diameter. It also has something, maybe leather, glued to the end. The blade looks to be like it has the original factory grind and measures 8 1/4" without the handle. I am not loving the handle but the blade is great. G++ $65

S. J. Addis

CH171021 S. J. Addis Two Addis carving tools that are as found and need cleaning. A #22 skew spoon chisel, 3/8", that will clean nicely. A 3/8" #2 skew chisel that has some light pitting but will be fine to use. Both have boxwood handles are priced to sell. Good $35

Henry Taylor

CH170938 Henry Taylor A 5/8" #7 straight gouge with an in-cannel grind. Whoever last ground the tool did a sloppy job but as a user it doesn't really matter. I would clean up the grind just so it didn't exacerbate my OCD. The handle is a lovely London Pattern boxwood one with nice color. The chisel has a large acorn stamped on the shank. This is the Henry Taylor logo but you don't see it this large and pronounced that often. The ferule is polished and the rest of the tool has a nice surface. G+ $35

I & H Sorby

CH17094 I & H Sorby A boxwood handled 3/16" sash (light duty) mortice chisel. It could also be called a heavy firming chisel. I am not really sure which it was intended to be but it certainly can be used for either. The blade is ground at a bevel angle appropriate for use as a morticing chisel. It is slightly overcleaned by a misguided English dealer but should be fine to use and it is cheap enough. G+ $29

Early Framing Chisel Early Framing Chisel

CH17077 Early Framing Chisel This is an 18th Century English heavy socket framing chisel, missing the handle. The width is a bit over 1 7/8". It is signed but I can't make out the mark very clearly. It might be Green. It is pitted overall. This chisel weights 2 1/2 pounds, and is about 13 1/2" overall, with no handle. This is a rare chisel, albeit not in great condition. Most of them were used up and I just don't see them. Good $49

Jas Swan Co. USA

CH170382 Jas Swan Co. USA A 3/4" medium sweep out-cannel gouge. There is some slight deformation to the top of the handle. Nice as found condition. G++ $36

J. Frost

CH161233 J. Frost An attractive boxwood handled bench gouge, 5/8" wide and with about a #5 sweep. Nice untouched condition. G+ $29

Wm Brady & Son, Mount Joy, PA

CH160542 Wm Brady & Son, Mount Joy, PA A 3/8" socket firmig chisel. The handle is a modern replacment but quite attractive. The mark is very feint and it is only because I know the mark that I can read it. A nice clean chisel by a scarce American maker. G+ $29

Robert Sorby, Kangaroo Brand

CH160194 Robert Sorby, Kangaroo Brand This is a matching group of 2 gouges and a paring chisel, that are all also marked by the retailer G.T.L. (Gauranteed Tools Ltd.) The gouges are out-cannel, 5/16" and 3/8", and the paring chisel is a fat 1/4". Clearly once part of a larger set but still a very nice little group of tools. They are as found with a nice light patina on the bare metal and nice handles. The GLT decals vary from very good on one to largely gone on one. GTL was in business in the 20s and folded during the Great Depression. G++ $79

James Swan

CH150643 James Swan An original finger jointed wooden box that, according to the label, once held a half dozen 1/2" Socket Firmer Chisels No. 1010. A nice box for a Swan collector. G+ $38

C.E. Jennings

CH150464 C.E. Jennings A 3/4" wide out-cannel socket gouge in nice as found condition. Measures 13" overall. G++ $35


CH15032 Mottram A massive 5/8" morticing chisel in as found condition except for the bevel and the upper edge of the end, which have been recently ground. No damage was done except for removing the patina. The handle looks original but has some splits on the right side that might be hard to glue back down because the deformation to the end that caused them is keeping the wood from going back down all of the way. An early chisel by an imporant maker, in a scarce size. G+ $85

James Cam

CH150311 James Cam A nice clean 7/16" morticing chisel. There is a bit chip out of the top of the ash handle, but otherwise it is a nice G+ $55

T. Shaw

CH150323 T. Shaw A 7/8" turning skew. The handle is an old but later replacement made from some kind of exotic wood. 18th Century turning chisels are quite scarce and this is a nice example. G+ $75

Handforged Corner Chisel

CH140619 Handforged Corner Chisel This is a classic blacksmith made corner chisel. It is not a refined and sophisticated tool, just a very nice example of an American country blacksmith. G+ $49

Antique Chisel

CH1112210 W. Marples & Sons A lovely as found wheelwright's bruzz. Fifteen inches overall and 1/2" on an edge. Fine- $65

Antique Chisel

CH111246 Button Hole Chisel A really nice all metal button hole chisel that certainly looks 18th Century to me. Great untouched surface and still very sharp. One of the nicest examples that I have see of this scarce type of chisel. (Since I originally listed this chisel, it has come to my attention that these chisels, called button hole chisels by collectors, actually had nothing to do with button holes. I feel certain that they were for breaking wax seals on letters.) 11/16" wide. G++ $199

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