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Molding Planes

Before the days of store bought moldings and Stanley combination planes, every cabinetmaker and joiner had a chest full of molding planes. For the most part these planes are almost identical, however, there are subtle but important differences. More on the differences between cabinetmaker's and joiner's molding planes. Joiner's planes are much more common to find, because far more people were employed building houses than were employed building furniture by hand. Both types of planes can still be used on today's projects. By our estimation, you haven't lived, until you have struck a molding with an original molding plane that once sung in the shop of a 19th Century master. 18th Century molding planes are quite scarce and should be left to collectors. We hope that the collection presented here will offer something for everyone.

A word on sharpening and using molding planes.

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American Molding Planes

Woodbridge, Boston Woodbridge, Boston Woodbridge, Boston

MP170448 Woodbridge, Boston I have seen a few of these over the years but I don't know what it was for. It has an adjustable fence. Woodbridge is a scarce maker and this version of the mark is unrecorded. The plane is in wonderful as found condition. Connoisseur grade. Fine $98

Ohio Tool Co

MP170451 Ohio Tool Co A pair of hollows that started life together. They are crisp but dirty. The are marked on the back #1 and #2, but they are more like 8 and 10 size. They are marked 72 on the front. G+ Sold

J. T. Brown

MP170418 J. T. Brown A nice as found 3/16" bead. It is fully boxed. The wedge does have the common lengthwise split that needs to be glued tight. This is caused by being careless when removing the wedge and is quite common. A very useful plane. G++ Sold

E. & J. Evans, Rochester

MP170421 E. & J. Evans, Rochester A scarce 1/2" reverse ogee, a desirable but difficult to use cabinetmaker's profile. The wedge sits somewhat low on this plane but the patina line shows that it has been that way a long time and was likely made that way. Nice as found condition needing only a very light cleaning. G+ $59

Unmarked Unmarked Unmarked

MP170425 Unmarked A most unusual reed with follow plane that cuts two reeds at a time, each 5/8" wide. The reeds have a large flat between them and I believe that this plane was intended to cut large architectural pillasters. Surprisingly it is not marked, perhaps because there is a knot in the stock near the rear. There is also some water damage to the front. near the bottom. The plane is such an unusual form that I excuse all of that. Good $159

C. Tobey C. Tobey

MP17045 C. Tobey A 1" astragal with reverse ogee, my very favorite 18th Century molding. This plane has the A1 mark, which gets three stars for rarity, in case anyone still cares. It is in as found condition and would rate fine, except a rat has chewed up the sole. The plane is still usable but the little vermin really did it no favors. This plane has classic 18th Century features and without the rate damage I could see it bringing $500 at auction. The left side has a knot in the wood that is attractive. good $85

T. Napier T. Napier

MP170410 T. Napier This is a rare and wonderful plane 18th Century Philadelphia plane. It cuts a 3/8" flute. The plane is 8" long and if you look at it from the side, you will say that the front was cut off. Of course it was not, the plane is signed on the front. It was made this way because when you use a plane to cut stop flutes, at the end you need to finish them with a gouge. By making the front short you can get closer to the end of the flute. The plane has wonderful untouched surface and color. There are tack holes in the left side from an applied fence and minor roughness on the wedge finial. These two things held it back from rating fine. A gem. G++ $195

Sandusky Tool Co

MP170362 Sandusky Tool Co A crisp and superb 5/8" bolection molding that is marked 5/8 and also bears the catalog number 110. A great profile and in amazing condition. There are two minor stains on the left side but this plane is connoisseur grade all the way. Fine Sold


MP170367 Unmarked A crisp and little used 1" reverse ogee. This is a difficult profile to use but it is an appropriate profile to use on things like a cornice molding for furniture. As found with an old dry surface. G++ Sold

R. A. Parirsh

MP170375 R. A. Parrish A 5/8" wide bead with taurus. Thie boxing is lignum. These narrow and highly complex molders are so hard to find. This profile is tricky to use without an applied fence being added by the user, but this plane has never had an applied fence, telling me that it was owned by somebody who really knew how to handle molding planes. A real gem. G++ $79

C. S. Rowell, Troy C. S. Rowell, Troy

MP170383 C. S. Rowell, Troy A 1" Grecian with fillet. As found and a bit dark but a good crisp plane. There is one minor scratch in the sole that held the condition down. G+ $49

G. White G. White

MP170387 G. White An early G. White handled molder with a round topped iron by R. Lee and lignum boxing.. The profile is a 1 1/2" wide bead with Grecian. The horn is partially missing from the tote. Otherwise this plane is in very nice as found condition. G+ Sold

C. A. Benton, Boston

MP170344 C. A. Benton, Boston A 1 3/8" wide bead with quirked ogeen. Nice untouched condition. There is an eigth inch diameter hole through the front that was probably put there to attach it to a display board. I don't know. It has no other apogies and is a good profile by a scarce maker. G+ $75

W. Raymond

MP170340 W. Raymond A 3/4" cove with bead in as found condition. Classic heavy chamfers characteristic of its 18th Century origins. G+ Sold

N. Spaulding, Ithica

MP17039 N. Spaulding, Ithica A crisp and attractive 7/8" reverse ogee. It looks like there was a fence extension glued on that has now been removed and there are some chisel marks where the glue was scraped off. Otherwise really great surface. G++ $79


MP170326 Unmarked A delicate 5/8" wide bolection. It is unsprung, which is unusual for a 19th Century plane, but it looks professionally made to me. The blade is marked but I haven't been able to read it. I don't recognize the mark off hand. Nicely cleaned by a collector. Highly recommended for the profile. G+ Sold

T: Goldsmith T: Goldsmith

MP170261 T: Goldsmith An early Goldsmith plane with interupted lignum boxing. It cuts a deep 3/4" Grecian. The plane came from an old collection and it has something on it, furniture wax or something, giving it a somewhat glossy surface. A nice early Philadelphia plane. G+ $79

David Bensen, Albany David Bensen, Albany

MP170228 David Bensen, Albany A one off molding that I have never seen before. It looks like a 5/8" cove, but on closer examination one sees that on the fence side, the profile is radiused rather than forming a 90 degree corner. This subtle difference sets it apart from a typical cove. At first glance, the plane certainly looks to be 100% original, but on closer inspection there are tell tale signs that give away that it was modified from a different profile. The mouth is still quite tight, which is the usual giveaway, but this profile is not radically different from how it started life. The plane has boxing right at the corner of the profile on the far side. This is a common clue that a profile is reworked. It is marked for 3/8". Another clue. And finally, there are spring lines that conform to the old 3/8" profile. Even so, this is a super plane in wonderful untouched condition. There is a tiny chip in the boxing at the rear, for which it gets the minus, but otherwise the plane is without any issues. Fine- $49

W. H. Pond

MP170210 W. H. Pond A 1 1/4" quirked ogeen in lovely condition from a quality New England collection. It has been properly waxed by the collector. Fine- $85

T. Tileston, Boston

MP170222 T. Tileston, Boston A 1" wide astragal with Grecian. There is a chip out of the boxing at the very rear but overall this is a crisp plane in as found condition and I really like it. It has great surface and color. G+ $78

Jo. Fuller, Providence

MP170165 Jo. Fuller, Providence A very attractive Fuller halving plane with all the features that collectors want to see on these. It is 10" long, birch, relieved wedge, and flutes cut on the sides. It has a rich patina and has been properly cleaned by a responsible collector. This is a great example of a scarce form. G++ $269

W. Grinel W. Grinel

MP170175 W. Grinel A handled complex molder cutting a 1 inch cove with fillets on both sides. A hard to find and desirable profile by a very scarce Philadelphia maker who worked only for a short time in the early 19th Century. The plane has a round topped iron by James Cam. It is as found from an old Pennsylvania collection. Highly recommended. G+ $345

Unmarked Unmarked

MP170158 Unmarked A 3/4" bolection molding with interupted boxing made from bone. The plane looks professionally made, with classic 18th Century features, but I can't place it. This plane came from a working craftsman and it is sharp and ready to use. G+ $95

Kennedy & White, N. York

MP161238 Kennedy & White, N. York A clean as found 1" astragal with quirked ogee. This plane has a very light patina, indicating that it was not soaked in linseed oil when it was new. The blade is marked by Butcher. A very nice that looks like it was just lifted out of an old tool chest. G+ $79

J. Gibson, Albany

MP161256 J. Gibson, Albany A crisp and superb 1" astragal with cove and Grecian. That is a lot going on in just an inch. This plane is as found and in wonderful condition. I didn't rate it fine because the color of the patina is not as perfect as I would like. It would be hard to imagine finding a better example with this profile. A gem. Fine- $189

W. Raymond

MP161210 W. Raymond A 1 1/2" wide astragal with quirke ogee. This plane was collected in the 1970s by a local collector. I acquired the plane from him about 25 years ago when he was selling his collection and it has been in my collection ever since. It is sharp and I have used it on a furniture project. It has classic 18th Century features and lignum boxing, one of Raymond's signature features. This is really an outstanding plane and rates as strong G++ $229

Ohio Tool Co, Columbus

MP161169 Ohio Tool Co, Columbus A very desirable 1/2" square ovolo in clean as found condition. There is a small spot of water damage on the bottom front of the plane that has caused checking that runs about 1/4" deep. Nothing to worry about for a user. G+ $59

Griffin, Ravenna Griffin, Ravenna Griffin, Ravenna

MP161121 Griffin, Ravenna A crisp 1 7/8" Grecian ogee with bevel by a very scarce Ohio maker. This plane would be much more expensive but the bottom part of the blade has some serious rust The plane plane will be fine to use but it will require a significatn amount of work on the blade before it is usable. The rust has also stained the sole, as rust does to wood. Otherwise the plane would rated much higher. G+ $49


MP161142 Skinned A nice deep 7/8" quirked ogee with an extended fence that will make a great user. Nice clean condition and still pretty sharp. Some fool has planed the owner's mark off of the front, but this is a great user profile. G+ $65

Kennedy & White, N. York Kennedy & White, N. York

MP1610101 Kennedy & White, N. York A highly complex molding plane that cuts a 1 1/8 inch astragal with cove and Grecian. This is a classic American profile and one of my favorites. The plane is as found with an old dry surface. G+ $179

D. Colton, Phila. Corner of Callowhill & Fourth STs.

MP161084 D. Colton, Phila. Corner of Callowhill & Fourth STs. A 7/16" square ovolo. The size is marked on the back as 3/8 1/16. Presumably they didn't have or couldn't find the 7/16" stamp. The plane was finsished at one time and about half of the finish remains on the plane. It is a crips as found plane. G++ $89

Cummings and Gale, Warrented

MP161046 Cummings and Gale, Warrented I make a ton of careless spelling mistakes and other typos in these listings, but "Warrented" really is mispelled on this plane. It cuts an astragal with quirked ogee of about 15/16" wide. The blade has been power stropped to make the bevel bright. It is sharp. This is a classic profile and a scarce maker, so the user or collector should love this one. It has been carefully cleaned by a collector and rates a strong G+ $95

J.E. Child

MP161031 J.E. Child A 3/8" thumbnail profile. This is the profile used on drawer edges, but for high-class furniture you would want a 1/4" size. This could be used for a more rustic style. Cleaned by a collector, it is a nice crisp plane. The wedge interestingly is birch while the plane body is beech. G++ $89

W. H. Pond, New Haven

MP160922 W. H. Pond, New Haven A 1 1/4" wide quirked shallow ogee. Nice as found condition. G+ $55

B. Sheneman No. 297 Market St. Phila B. Sheneman No. 297 Market St. Phila B. Sheneman No. 297 Market St. Phila B. Sheneman No. 297 Market St. Phila

MP16086 B. Sheneman No. 297 Market St. Phila This plane cuts a magnificent 1 1/2" bead with reverse ogee, one of my favorite profiles. It is handled, which is not common for this maker, or Philadelphia made molding planes in general. When I got it, the blade was missing, but the plane is so wonderful that I bought it anyway. I found a James Howarth iron that is a good fit, thickness and width wise, but has a different profile on it. If you have a bench grinder and a hand grinder, and a degree of skill with them, you could grind this blade to profile in a hour or two at the most. This plane is well worth the effort. Or you could pay John Porritt to do it for you. The plane is branded W. Dellet, not a common name, so I searched on it. A William Dellet apears as a carpenter in the 1858 Philpadephia directory. This is of course a joiner's plane, but I don't think that they worried about this distinction in the old directories. G+ $149

S.C. Cook, Brunswick, NJ

MP160663 S.C. Cook, Brunswick, NJ A scarce 3/16" fully boxed bead. This plane is in lovely as found condition, crisp and little used with a great surface. However, it is slightly warped and the boxing is lifting a bit just behind the blade. If you want it to use it will require some fiddling. G+ $29

J.Colton, 247 South 2nd St. Phila

MP160573 J.Colton, 247 South 2nd St. Phila This plane cuts an unusual 7/8" wide profile. It looks at a glance like an astragal on the fence side but it is really more of a small quirked ogee, followed by a wider ogee. It is quite unusual and was probably a customer order plane. Nicely cleaned by a collector. G++ $89

Isaac Field Isaac Field

MP160543 Isaac Field A rare sash coping plane that cuts a bolection style cope. This is the first example that I have ever seen of a coping plane cutting this complex profile. It is for a delicate cabinet size sash. The profile is about 7/16". The plane is as found with a fantastic surface and would rate fine, but for small chips to the delicate lower edge of the profile. Highly recommended. G+ $179

E. Safford E. Safford

MP160455 E. Safford A scarce twin-ironed highly complex American molding plane. It cuts a 1 3/8" astragal with bolection. Wonderful patina and surface. There is one small scrape on the upper edge of the left side that gave it the minus. This plane has been in my personal collection for 20 years or me. It woudl be hard to find another this nice. Fine- Sold

E. Gere E. Gere

MP160412 E. Gere A 3/4" wide bolection, one of my favorite profiles. Lovely untouched condition. There is a small chip from the left rear edge or it would rate higher. Some fool seems to have hit the back of the plane with a metal hammer. Sighting down the profile, there is some slight wiggle. I think that it will work fine as it is, but you can never tell until you try it. It might require some very minor fiddling. That shouldn't be a surpise with any molding plane that hasn't been used in years, although I try hard to spot any potentional issues. G++ $79

N. Schauer

MP160379 N. Schauer A 3/4" ogee by a scarce early Pennsylvania maker. As found, except that a collector has rubbed chalk on the mark to make it more visible. Gun collectors sometimes do this as well. I suspect that this is where the texting expression, WTF, originated. The plane has nice heavy 18tth Century style chamfers and is from around 1800. G+ $95

Craftsman Made

MP160361 Craftsman Made A crisp 1/2" square ovolo in birch with 18th Century features. The quality of the work looks like a professional planemaker but for two things, the mouth is not as tight as it should be, and the mouth is further forward in the plane than is typical. It has a great untouched surface and great stop chamfers. It is a bit dirty but still call it G++ $65

J. T. Jones, Philada J. T. Jones, Philada

MP160337 J. T. Jones, Philada This is a very scarce American cock bead plane by a scarce Philadelphia maker. It is fully boxed in lignum. It would appear that somebody has planed down the right side of the plane, for what purpose I don't know. Normally a cock bead plane should bottom out on both sides. The piece of cock beading is in a fixture that is essentially a groove of a known depth, so when the plane bottoms out on the fixture, you have a piece of cock beading of the correct width. This plane will still work like that, but it will only touch the ficutre on the left side. I would be inclined to glue on a strip of wood to replace the wood that was removed. This plane would otherwise rate Fine. G+ $99

Randall & Cook, Albany

MP160298 Randall & Cook, Albany A 1" astragal with bolection molding, one of my favorites. The plane is in wonderful as found condition. A duplicate profile from my personal collection. The iron is marked Wm Ash & Co. The minus reflects that if you look closely there are very light surface marks on the plane and a few nibbles on the right rear edge. This is a superb plane that would be hard to better Fine- $265

C. W. Holden, Norwich

MP160270 C. W. Holden, Norwich A rare compassed, left-handed, 13/16" bead, measuring only 5" long. The plane body is in wonderful untouched condition and rates a solid fine. On close inspection, it is my opinion that the wedge is from another plane. It looks good in this plane, but there is a bit of lateral play. When I look at modern molding planes, they typically have this same lateral play, but period molding planes never do. The old makers would have seen it is cutting corners and doing sloppy work to not fit the wedge properly, although functionally it probably doesn't matter. I downgraded the rating on this plane to reflect my opinion about the wedge, but it is still a rare and wonderful plane. G+ $129

Owasco Tool Co, New York, USA

MP160191 Owasco Tool Co, New York, USA A 7/8" reverse ogee, and so marked. The surface is dry and dull from storage in a barn or similar. It shows little sign of ever being used and will make a great user. G+ $59

D. Copeland

MP160150 D. Copeland This plane has a very unusual profile, a very deep cove. I have seen similar very ceep Grecians, so this is presumably the converse. It does seem to me that the depth stop has been planed off. The patina matches, so it would have been done when the plane was near new, but the wood is rougher there than the finish that hte maker would have left, and the spring line shows where the depth stop shoud have been. I don't think that the profile itself is modified and this is still a very ususual plane. It does appear to have been "cleaned" with steel wool. G+ $55

J. Killam

MP160129 J. Killam An astragal with Grecian, marked 6/8, but measuring more like 13/16". Lignum boxing. It may have been wiped down with something like turpentine years ago. It came from an old collection and the old timers did things like that. The surface is just slightly dull is why I wonder. This is a great plane. Once you wax it the surface will be great. G+ $99

SL Ward

MP150999 SL Ward This maker is listed as nothing known about him, but only a few examples known. This plane cuts a delicate 1/2" wide bead with Grecian. There are three holes where an extended fence was applied, which is common for this type of profile, which is difficult to use without a fence extension. It is marked 3/8. The plane is birch with a relieved wedge, and 9 1/2" long. Presumably late 18th Century New England. The book is more specific and speculates that it is South East New England. This plane is in super clean condition, but I think that it was rubbed with 4 0 steel wool at one time. It has been in my collection for years, and before that with another old time collector. The old timers almost always used steel wool on their planes. A rare maker and a very desirable profile for the serious collector. Fine- $345

W. Vance W. Vance

MP150953 W. Vance A small astragal, marked 3/8" but measuring closer to 7/16". It has a York pitch iron, which is quite unusual on an American molding plane. It is as found. The sole shows some wear and the blade has surface rust that needs cleaning. This plane should clean nicely and make a great user or collector's piece. Good $55

Barry & Way, N. York

MP150851 Barry & Way, N. York A 1 3/4" wide Grecian ogee with bevel. As found and needing a light cleaning. The boxing is slightly warped and should be removed, cleaned, and glued back in ( a common thing for old molding planes to need). There is one small hole in the left side where an eye was screwed into the plane to hang it up in a display. It is a small hole and you can fill it with a lacquer stick if it bothers you. G+ $65


MP150862 Illegible A nice crisp 9/16" (marked 4/8 for 1/2") quirked ogee. I can't read the mark, but it is a maker made plane, not a factory plane. The boxing is lifting slightly just behind the blade and needs to be glued back down if you want to use it. Lovely untouched condition. G++ $65


MP150854 Unmarked A lovely lignum boxed astragal with Grecian. It is marked 7/8" but the cut is closer to 1". Clearly an early 19th Century New England plane but not maker marked. Nice as found condition. G+ $75

Sandusky & Auburn

MP150725 Sandusky & Auburn This group of three molding planes bear the same owner's mark, and are in as fine a condition as wooden planes are ever found. They appear to have just been lifted from a tool chest. The group comrises, a #128 Ogee by Auburn, 1 1/2" wide. A #54 3/2 casing (fenced ovolo) by Sandusy, marked 7/8" but measuring more like 15/16". A #82 1/2 fenced reverse ogee by Sandusky, also marked 7/8" but measuring more like 15/16" All three of these planes are a close to having a time machine as you will ever come. Fine+ $299

D. Amsden, Lebanon

MP150445 D. Amsden, Lebanon This plane cuts a 5/8" astragal with cove. It bears the second Amsden mark. Both Amsden marks are very scarce, if not rare, in my experience. This plane is in wonderful original condition except that the blade has been stropped, clearly by a recent owner who thought that he might use it, but it shows no sign of any use in the last 100 years. A very hard to find New Hampshire maker and a very desirable profile, all in connoisseur condition G++ $345

Extra Quality

MP150459 Extra Quality I have not seen this mark before, but the planes looks like it might be an older Ohio Tool Col made plane. It is marked #61, but I did not have time to look that number up in an Ohio catalog. The plane cuts a very shallow 1" Grecian ogee with bevel. The patina is a little bit uneven. The plane has been wiped off by a collector but it looks like that is all that he did. I don't think that it was even waxed. G+ $59

Jno. M. Barkley Jno. M. Barkley

MP15031 Jno. M. Barkley A 7/16" (marked 3/8") fully boxed astragal. The boxing extends down to cover the fence as well. The wedge is set at a York pitch, which is uncommon on American planes. Barkley was an early and scarce Baltimore maker who's work is far more scarce than the book would imply. The iron is marked Newbould. The plane has a nice original surface and patina. The wedge finial shows moderate battering. The back of the plane has been struck with a hammer, which has put a flat spot on the upper corner of the rear, right on the radius. This has also a sliver of wood to raise up, going in about 1/2". This can be glued and clamped back down. Only an idiot could have done this to such a nice plane, but this is why the condition is graded so low. It really is a great plane. Good $79

A Cummings

MP150252 A Cummings A double iron shipwright's hollow in the style of Tolman. There were not numbered, but it is about a #18 size, 1 1/4" wide. There is a slight crack on the left side being caused by the plane body shrinking and the iron not. a bit of metal needs to be ground off of the side of the blade. A bit of blotchiness to the patina on the left rear, where there was a sticker and somebody struggled to get it off. Otherwise a nice as found example. G+ $59


MP15015 Unmarked An as found 3/4" reverse ogee. This is a profile that is hard to use because the side of profile is the fence. A user has carefull added a fence extension to make it a bit easier to use. It is professionally made in New England and is marked 3/4" on the rear. Should clean to better than G+ $69

J. & J. Gibson, Albany

MP141010 J. & J. Gibson, Albany A scarce 1 3/8" astragal by a scarce Albany maker. John and Joseph Gibson only worked from 1837 - 1838 in partnership, before going on to become profilific makers on their own. In my experience this is a very scarce mark. The plane is in nice as found condition, needing a light cleaning. There is one small tack hole in the left side of the plane. G+ $55

B. Sheneman, No. 733 Market St. Warranted

MP140822 B. Sheneman, No. 733 Market St. Warranted A scarce handled nosing plane by a good Philadelphia molder. Cuts up to 1 3/8" wide stock. Nicely cleaned and waxed by a collector. There are some scattered old worm holes, but nothing serious. The original store price code is still visible on the wedge. From an important collection of Philadelphia planes. 14" long. G+ $95

Unmarked Unmarked Unmarked Unmarked Unmarked

MP140429 Unmarked This is a very early New England cornice plane, in the earliest style that one sees for American planes. This plane could easily pass for a Francis Nicholson plane. It is of that period and style, but for a small fraction of the cost of a signed example. The profile is a 2 3/4" ogee/reverse ogee, a furniture size molding that was very likely a cabinetmaker's plane long before the American Revolution. It has the classic round topped wedge, with a round topped iron that is not marked and was probably sourced locally. The tote is offset all the way to the right, and is short and stubby in the classic early 18th Century style. There is a chip out of the right rear edge of the spur, but it is overall quite good. The base of the tote is cracked flush with the body of the plane and is held down with nail in the rear of the tote. This is a period repair. This plane is untouched and in a very nice condition for its age. One of the best early planes that I have had. I like it much better than a Nicholson that I sold for $5000 over 20 years ago. G+ $895

J.F. and G.M. Lindsey

MP140399 J.F. and G.M. Lindsey A 1/2" and a 7/8" pair of fenced casing planes. This is a matched set and both of them have a light blond color, having been varnished when they were new. The larger of the two has a crack in the wedge, where it was hit too hard removing it. These needs to be glued, but otherwise they rate G++ Sold

M. Long

MP140185 M. Long A handled 1" square ovolo in crisp as found condition. As is typical for the region, the body is beech and the tote is applewood. There is a dark line in the grain of the tote that at first I thought was a glue joint, but it is not. It is just that part of the figure of the wood. This plane is in the condition that I like, like it just came out of a chest. For the connoisseur. G++ $189

Isaac Willey

MP131225 Isaac Willey A scarce 7/16" reverse ogee in nice as found condition. The Isaac Willey mark is listed as a rare maker in AWP, but my own opinion is that it may be an owner's mark that just happens to look like a maker's mark. However, none of the planes found, including this one, have had another maker's mark on them, so this may well be a maker. The plane cuts a hard profile to find, and often seen used on furniture, although it is also a tricky plane to use, by its very nature. Not a good choice for a beginner with molding planes, because reverse ogees without fillets do not have a very pronounced fence and require more experience to use. G+ $89

W. Raymond W. Raymond

MP131113 W. Raymond A 3/8" bead with follow in wonderful as found condition. Lignum boxing that comes to a point, i.e. not intended to be painted. A particluarly nice 18th Century American molder for what is really not a lot of money. G++ $195

C. Harwood

MP130819 C. Harwood A 1/2" astragal with cove by a scarce 18th Century New England maker. Has the A1 mark and the C wedge shape. As found and a bit dry looking with some roughness to the front and rear edges of the sole. There is a small piece intentionally cut out of the right side chamfering, as if somebody was testing a chisel. This is very minor but must be mentioned. A great profile and a scarce early American maker. Good $159

I. Nicholson, in, Cumberland I. Nicholson, in, Cumberland

MP130699 I. Nicholson, in, Cumberland A 3/4" unsprung ogee made by the son of Francis Nicholson, John Nicholson, in Cumberland Rhode Island. John Nicholson retired in 1763, so this plane clearly pre-dates this country. The escapement has been modified to resemble a rabbet plane, probaly in an effort to alleviate a clogging problem. There are some checks in the front, two of which go through the mark. The planeis birch, as are all Nicholson planes that I am aware of, and the length is just over 9 3/4". A rare opportunity to own a complex molder from one of American's earliest makers. Good $795

J. Kellogg, Amherst, MS

MP17047 J. Kellogg, Amherst, MS A 7/16" center bead. it is marked 5/16" but that was a mistake. It has a hang hole in the rear and the mouth has been slightly opened to alleviate clogging. The wedge is from another plane and doesn't fit perfectly, although a slight adjustment of the taper will make it work properly. Nice as found condition and a good user. Free to the first person who spends $100 on molding planes and asks for it. G+ 0

Z. J. McMaster, Auburn, NY

MP130563 Z. J. McMaster, Auburn, NY An unusually large astragal, 1 1/8" wide. Nice as found condition, with some old tack holes in the fence where an extension was tacked on. Very nice color. G+ $59

C. Fuller, Waltham St. Boston

MP130517 C. Fuller, Waltham St. Boston This plane cuts a 1" wide bead with quirked ogee, a profile that is sometimes seen on British planes, but is far more unusual on American molders. Because the side of the bead is also the fence for the whole plane, it is a bit tricky to use. This plane has had a small fillet cut into the edge of the profile to act as a fence and make it easier to use. If you are a purirst, this could easilty be reversed by adding a very small strip of wood to fill the fillet, but as a user it may be better used as it is. It has an owner's mark that I have seen before on Boston planes. W Leavitt. If anyone knows who this was, let me know. I would have rated this plane higher but for the minor modification to the fence. G+ $119

Ohio Tool Co

MP1304113 Ohio Tool Co A 1 1/2" reverse ogeen plane, a tricky one to use because it has no fence and uses the edge of the molding as a fence. This plane has been rubbed down smooth with steel wool, so it is glass smooth. I took of a condition grade for that. Still a great user but not collectible with this surface. Good $65

Reed, Utica Reed, Utica

MP13056 Reed, Utica A crisp and highly complex astragal with cove and taurus, 1 1/8" wide. This plane is untouched with a lovely light colored original surface. There is slight deformation on the lower edges of the finial and a thin sliver of wood missing from the front edge of the profile. This is a connoisseur grade plane. G++ $295

D. Colton, No 327 Market St. Phila

MP13041 D. Colton, No 327 Market St. Phila A 1 1/2" wide quirked ogee. This plane has a rare variation of the D. Colton mark, where Sheneman's name has been struck out with the warranted stamp. This is only the second time that I have seen this, and both in the same week. Not a suprise, I bought them together, but from a collector, they didn't start life together or I would be keeping them together. This plane looks great but it has been French polished overall. Colton did sell planes with a French polish finish, but these are rare and this is a later finish, albeit nicely done. Still a beautiful plane, but the condition rating reflects the added finish on it. G+ $95

D. Colton

MP1303104 D. Colton This twin-ironed Grecian ogee with bevel has a most unusual mark. It originally had the D. Colton and B. Sheneman, 297 Market St. However, the plane was not sold until the parternship disolved, and B. Sheneman's name has been overstruck with the Warranted stamp, and the address has been ovestruck to 327 Market St. I have never seen anything like this done before. It must have been a rancorous split. The profile is 1 1/4" wide and the plane is in wonderful condition, have been properly waxed by a collector. From a high-end Pennsylvania collection. Fine- $179

J&L Denison, Saybrook

MP130315 J&L Denison, Saybrook A shallow 1" quirked ogee in as found conditon. Needs a light cleaning but should clean to at least G+ $59

N. Spaulding, McLean

MP120172 N. Spaulding, McLean A very unusual 1 1/2" molding that is a fillet, a quarter round, and a quite pronounced ogee. Not a standard profile. The plane is crisp and superb. The patina is damaged on the front of the plane, not the toe, but the sides near the front. It looks like somebody started to clean it and then stopped. The surface feels fine and with a bit of linseed oil this could be blended back in. It probably had something spilled on it that was cleaned off with a solvent. The plane would otherwise rate Fine G++ $139

Antique Molding Plane Antique Molding Plane Antique Molding Plane

MP111210 A Cummings, Boston A rare curved hand rail molding plane. This plane is as rare as hen's teeth. The blade is by Ash, with a matching profiled cap iron by Ash. That is also a rare feature. Wonderful condition. One of 3 curved American molding planes that I bought with a collection. I have seen fewer than 8 of these in 25 years. The blade is 1 1/2" wide. The fence is plated, which may or may not be original. There is a small check on the right side at the wedge cheek, as noted in the photo. A magnificent piece. G++ $469

Antique Molding Plane Antique Molding Plane

MP110368 B. Sheneman, 297 Market St. Phila. A rare handled American wash board plane. Wash board planes are rare, but a handled example is unique in my experience. This plane has nice patina and is as found. It cuts two valleys at once while a third projection acts as a fence riding in a previously cut valley. 14" long. You won't see another one. A rare survivor from an earlier time when washboards were part of daily life. G++ $285

Antique Molding Plane

MP110241 W. Raymond A unique set of 4 molding planes, that I can only speculate on the function of. There are two curved and one straight plane, that all cut the same profile, which I think is a form of a fenced cock bead. The curved planes are fenced left and fence right, so that you could work in either direction on a curved piece. These three planes were clearly intended as a set. The fourth plane cuts a 1/2" astragal. This one has some chips from the rear where it was struck to set it. These planes have great as found patina. Here is the kicker, all four have replaced wedges, and one plane has a replaced blade. I have owned these about 20 years and I made the wedges back then. They are accurately made and colored, but no effort was made to age the wedges to they won't fool anyone. Bob Baker would have made these wedges look original, but I am no Bob Baker so I just try to make things look correct in form. The replaced blade fits properly and has been ground to profile, but you can see that it is freshly ground compared to the other 3. These planes are so rare that I can overlook there shortcomings. They are true 18th Century American planes, and probably cabinetmaker's planes at that. G+ $295

Antique Molding Plane

MP1101799 M. Copeland, Warranted An as found 1" bolection plane. The depth stop has been reduced a bit, so that it will cut deeper than intended, unless you build it back up with a piece of veneer. There is a hang hole in the rear, and a chip in the boxing at the rear. A nice quality user plane, and very cheap for this profile. Good $85

Antique Molding Plane

MP101157 S. C. Dunham, T.J. M'Master, Auburn A delicate little astragal with Grecian, made between 1821 and 1825 in the NY state prison at Auburn. A rare maker, a scarce profile, and a nice plane. Lightly cleaned by a previous collector. G++ $99

Antique Molding Plane Antique Molding Plane Antique Molding Plane Antique Molding Plane Antique Molding Plane

MP10081 A. B. Seidenstricker & co, 90 W. Balto. St. Balto. This is a rare (unique in my experience), compassed American stick and rebate sash plane. It has an adjustable nose as on a British style compass plane. Baltimore makers aslo made British style compass planes, but I have never seen a compassed sash plane before, adjustable or otherwise. This plane is in very clean original, as found, condition. Both blades are wrong. They fit the slots but need to be ground to fit this plane. With a plane this rare, this doesn't bother me too much. Living near Baltimore, and knowing Baltimore collectors, I have seen a lot of Baltimore planes, but I have never seen another of these. Quite a find. G++ $1495

Antique Molding Plane

MP100269 F. Dallicker An unsual 7/8" cove with fillet by a scarce Pennsylvania provincial maker. This plane is from an important PA plane collection. Dallicker planes are usually all beat up, so this one, with a great profile and in great condition, is a find. G++ $165

Antique Molding Plane

MP100143 J. R. Gale This plane cuts a 1 7/8" profile that is quite rare. A fillet, a cove, and then a deep ogee. The boxing is keyed so that it can't warp. Gale was a Providence Rhode Island maker who only worked for a short time, and in my experience his planes are quite scarce. I can see why since doing the boxing this way would have been much more time consuming than the usual way of doing it. There are three lines carved into one side, probably as some means of identifying the plane. The wedge is a properly made replacement that most people would not notice is replaced. It may be a Bob Baker job but I am not sure. There is a tiny chip on the edge of the iron where it seems to have recently been dropped out of the plane. This can be easily removed with a Dremel tool. G+ $229

G. W. Denison & Co. Winthrop, Conn.

MP170119 G. W. Denison & Co. Winthrop, Conn. A scarce 1/8" size double bead. This beads allowed you to work in either direction, thus getting through difficult grain. The right hand side will work fine, but the left hand side is has the wrong blade and will need another blade to be made usable. The surface has been cleaned with steel wool. Free to the first person who spends more than $150 on molding planes and asks for this one. G+ $0

Antique Molding Plane

MP90124 S&H. Hills, Amhert, Mass This is a really nice as found steep Grecian that is 1" wide and about 3/4" high, which is quite steep. Wonderful patina. There is one old chip in the front of the sole where the plane must have struck a bench dog. This is an especially nice plane from an especially good collection. G+ $119

Antique Molding Plane

MP80616 A. Smith, Rehoboth This is a classic New England crown molder cutting the ever popular ogee with fillet and reverse ogee. It is birch with a fantastic look. It is uncleaned with very nice surface. There are two bits of bad news. The tote is a proper replacement that is very well done. Not Bob Baker quality, but a really good second place. The other issue is that some utter nincompoop has used the front of the plane to set a saw. What were they thinking? Still, this is great 18th Century New England crown molder at a fraction of the price of what it would be without any complaints. G+ $1499

Antique Molding Plane

MP80252 Unmarked This superb plane cuts a 7/8" wide astragal with bolection. It is a shallower version of this very complex profile than one normally sees. The plane is as found and is crisp and wonderful. I have had this plane in my personal collection for nearly 20 years and I just think it is a great piece. G++ $219

Antique Molding Plane

MP60626 D. M. Shepard, Albany This is one of my favorite profiles, an astragal with cove and taurus. The plane is marked 5/8", but uncharacteristically, this is measuring the depth of cut. The width of cut is 7/8". The plane is crisp and as found, except that there is a very small area of water damage on the lower front edge. There is also a little over 3 inches of boxing missing from the rear. Without these two issues, I would rate this a $300 plane, with them I still think that it is a steal. G+ Sold

Antique Molding Plane

MP50223 J. Gibson, Albany This is a rare plane that looks like a sash plane but in fact cuts an ogee on each side. Probably used for doors. It is clean and crisp, and never touched. The right blade was missing when we found it and we have put a blade in that fits properly but needs to be ground to shape. We will leave that for the new owner. A very unusual form. G+ $95

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British Molding Planes

Griffiths, Norwich Griffiths, Norwich

MP170449 Griffiths, Norwich This is a group of 3 unrelated hollows and rounds. A #10 round, a #14 round, and a #13 hollow. All in nice as found condition. G+ $38

B. Frogatt

MP170447 B. Frogatt Two unrelated planes that I am selling together. A #12 Round and a hollow that isn't numbered but looks to be a 16 or so. The hollow is slightly warped but should be fine to use. The round is worth the price alone. G+ $29

Madox Madox Madox Madox

MP170437 Madox A partial set of 17 cabinetmaker's hollows & rounds. This is the very set that is pictures in the 3rd edition of British Planemakers. They are all in wonderful untouched condtion. They are 10" long planes and have the irons set very steeply, much steeper than a typical cabinet pitch. The sizes are rounds: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 11,& 12. Hollows: 2, 3, 5, 8, 11, 12, 13, & 14. These planes date to around 1760 and while not complete, are still a truly amazing set. Provenance: Formerly in the Mark & Jane Rees collection. Fine Sold


MP170454 Various An assembled group of 3 18th Century Hollows & Rounds. A #1 round by Madox with a very steep pitch in lovely condition but with an overstruck mark. A pristine #5 round by I. Sym. A lovely #4 hollow by John Green. Priced to sell fast. Fine Sold


MP170456 Various A group of 4 late 18th/early 19th Century hollows and rounds. A #4 hollow by Stothert of Bath. A #13 found by Gabriel. A #14 round by Mutter. A The last is a #13 round by Bewley the elder that is much larger than the Gabriel 13 and thus not a duplicate. G+ to G++ $45

Masrshall, Glasgow

MP170423 Masrshall, Glasgow A very useful 5/8" ogee. This tool looks like it may have been cleaned by a collector with steel wool some time ago. A great user and not expensive. G+ Sold

Darbey Darbey

MP17041 Darbey A 10" long mid-18th Century molding plane with the earliest version of the Darbey mark, that began use in 1750. Nice untouched condition with perhaps 10 or so scattered old insect holes. Cuts a 3/4" square ovolo. Finding planes that pre-date this country and are totally unmolested by modern collectors is exciting to me. G+ $165


MP170368 Bywater A 7/8" astragal that from an old collection. It rates a strong G+ $49

B. Frogatt

MP170381 B. Frogatt A wonderful 9 3/4" long 18th Century 3/8" square ovolo. The owner's mark was clearly made by the same mark maker as the Frogatt mark and is also a lovely mark, using the early style where an s looks like an f. A great early cabinetmaker's plane in great as found condition. G++ Sold

D. Kimberley & Sons

MP170361 D. Kimberley & Sons An ogee molding plane that is marked 5/8" but measures more like 11/16". It is from an old collection and looks like it was cleamed by an old timer a long time ago. A great user that rates a strong G+ Sold

Griffiths, Norwich

MP170342 Griffiths, Norwich An original 1/2 pair of 5/8" sash ovolos. These matching pairs are really becoming hard to find. This is the last of a collection of them that I have been dispersing. I have lots of loose sash planes that I will sell very cheaply, but the matching pairs are elusive. G++ $79

Three Beads

MP17032 Three Beads A group of three beads, comprising a 5/8" by C. Nurse in good condition, a 7/8" by Mosely in Fine-, and a 1" by Hields in Fine- condition. A good working group that is priced to sell. Good & Fine- $45

Moseley & Son, London

MP170311 Moseley & Son, London A fully boxed 5/16" square ovolo that is still sharp and should make a great user. It is unusual to find a fully boxed example of this profile. The maker's mark is faint. The wedge finial has some deformation on the lower half which held the condition rating down. A great plane. G+ Sold


MP170320 Cooper A 3/4" wide by 1/2" wide bolection molding with a quirk that comes to a point, meaning that it was not meant to cut molding that would be painted. The mark is unrecorded but is very similar to the recorded mark of George Cooper, a rare maker working in Newcastle in the late 18th and early 19th Century. The wedge has the common lengthwise split. This is a particularly nice plane in clean untouched condition. G++ Sold

Miniature Round

MP170265 Miniature Round A 5/16" wide round plane that is only 3 1/2" long. Nice as found condition. The body is beech but the wedge is boxwood. A little gem. G++ $59


MP170271 Unmarked A 7/16" wide compassed round plane that measures 3 3/4" long. In nice clean as found condition. G+ $59

Griffiths, Norwich

MP170221 Griffiths, Norwich A 1/2" square ovolo that started life as a 5/8" sash plane. It appears to have been professionally modified and will be as good as any but at a bargain price. G+ $45

W. Marples & Sons

MP170186 W. Marples & Sons An astragal, marked 5/8" but measuring slightly over. Very crisp untouched condition. The edges of the wedge finial appear to be slightly beveled, probably by the owner to prevent them from getting the usual damage. I gave it a negative for that. Fine- $55

Thos. Bradburn & Son / Higgs

MP170155 Thos. Bradburn & Son / Higgs Two beads that have no association with each other. First is a 3/8" bead, and the better of the two planes. It is by Thos. Bradburn & Son, which is actually quite a scarce maker. The second is a 1/4" fully-boxed, slip-sided bead by Higgs. It is of course an older plane and shows more wear. It is also warped and will not work without some fiddling. Consider it free as the price is only for the first bead. Good Sold

Moseley & Co

MP170124 Moseley & Co A lovely left-hand side snipe plane that has been properly cleaned by a collector. A user or collector grade plane. G+ $59


MP16111 Cauldwall George Caldwall working in Birmingham in the early 19th Century. This is the best pair if side rounds that I have ever handled. The condition, color, and surface are all about as good as they come. The have a cove on the side of the sole to allow them good clearance. The blade itself is 5/8" wide. For the connoisseur. Fine $395


MP161079 Fisher Thomas Fisher is listed in Goodman's book as a 19th Century London planemaker working from 1831 to 1834. I have never seen an example of his work before. This is a pair of snipe bills with an early 19th Century appearance consistent with Goodman's dating. They are out of an old collection and I think that at some point the collector wiped them off with a solvent of some kind, perhaps mineral spirits. It is subtle but you can always tell when this has been done. I would wax them and it will get rid of that. Snipe bills have gotten really hard to find and this is a very nice pair. G++ $269

I. Cox

MP161090 I. Cox A scarce 1/2" bolection by the famous 18th Century Birmingham maker, John Cox. This plane was found in upstate New York years ago and was clearly in this country since new. Cox catered to the American market. The owner's mark also is clearly an early American stamp. The plane is as nice as they come in 18th Century planes and the profile is as desirable as they get. Fine $99

Higgs Higgs Higgs

MP161059 Higgs A matched graduated pair of quirked slip-sided ogees, 7/8" and 1" with no fillets. These are the type of ogees that came with a removable fillet against the fence for quickly changing the width by 1/4". The fillets are missing from both, which is good, in that it is easier to put on a new fillet than to get an old one off wihout breaking the screws. The slip sided feature is uncommon on planes other than beads. It of course is used to get in closer when creaing compound moldings. These planes have fantastic untouched surface, as if they were just lifted from a tool chest. I would rate them both fine except that the wider plane has some chipping on the boxing. A great pair. G++ $119

Griffiths, Norwich

MP161033 Griffiths, Norwich A 9/16" astragal that now measures 11/16", because someone seems to have planed some wood off of the fence. A 1/8" fillet should be put back onto the fence. The plane is as found and needs a light cleaning. G+ $39

A Mathieson & Son, Glasgow & Edinborough

MP16093 A Mathieson & Son, Glasgow & Edinborough A 5/8" cove plane. The entire plane has been polished with that heavy wax that British collectors favor. G+ Sold

Varvill & Son, York

MP160912 Varvill & Son, York A group of 8 hollows are rounds that are all from the same original set of 18. Superb untouched condition, as if they were just lifted from a time capsure. They include 2R, 4R, 10R, 12R, 14R. 16R, 18R & 18H. Two of the planes have a few scattered woodworm holes, but nothing serious. Less than $25 each. Fine Sold

D. Malloch, Perth D. Malloch, Perth

MP160819 D. Malloch, Perth A superb twin ironed 1 1/4" bead with cove. The bead blade is missing, but this blade should be easy to replace as any 1/2" bead blade should work. This plane woulld be worth $100 more with the missing blade. A real gem. Fine $95

G. Davis

MP160665 G. Davis A 5/8" center bead that ash been waxed and is in very clean condition. G++ $45

B. Bown

MP160670 B. Bown A particularly impressive 18th Century ogee. It is 9 3/4" long with heavy chamfers and with great gouge cut stop chamfers. It cuts a 1 1/4" quirked ogee. It has a removable fillet, but I strongly discourage ever trying to remove these. You will most likely end up breaking screws. It would cut a 1 1/2" quirked ogee without the fillet installed. Highly recommended. G+ $79

B. Bown B. Bown B. Bown

MP160672 B. Bown An absolutely superb set of even hollows & rounds. The number 10 hollow is missing, so there are 17 planes here. All of them are in lovely condition, having only been carefully waxed by a responsible collector. This is the best half set of 18th Century hollows & rounds that I have seen in years. The look like they were just lifted out of a tool chest. Fantastic heavy chamfers and deep gouge cut stop chamfers. They have a classic 18th Century appearance. They are just under 9 3/4" long. This is a cabinetmaker's set, which means that the #2 size is very small. The joiner's sets, which are much more common, although I usually avoid them, start out with a much larger #2 and are not very useful for creating small moldings. Highly recommended. G++ - Fine $995

John Moseley, 54-55 Broad St. Bloomsbury, London

MP160630 John Moseley, 54-55 Broad St. Bloomsbury, London A 1/2* square ovolo with a deep fence like a sash plane, although I don't think that this plane was intended to be a sash plane. Nice as found condition, it rates a strong G+ $59


MP160633 Unmarked A quirked ogee that is 1" wide now but would be 7/8" if the removable fillet was in place. The front has been planed off, removing the maker's mark. There is a patch on the left side that is inexplicably sanded on. A good honest user plane. G+ $45

Hields, Nottingham Hields, Nottingham

MP160614 Hields, Nottingham A crisp and little used side round that is fresh from a workshop and quite dirty, but should clean to at least G++ $85

J. Lavender

MP160621 J. Lavender This plane cuts a 1/2" square ovolo and has been used some much that the blade is nearly worn out. The mouth is also more open from all that use. Yet the plane is still in pretty nice condiiton and was clearly cared for. The maker is unrecorded. I estimate it to be early 19th century. Good $36

J. B. Bridge, Liverpool

MP160554 J. B. Bridge, Liverpool A single right handed side snipe in very nice condition. It has been nicely cleaned by a collector. The boxing is chipped in the rear, which is the usual flaw. A very nice honest example of a scarce plane. G+ $69

R. Mason

MP160476 R. Mason This is the first plane by this maker that I have seen. Robert Mason worked in Birmingham in the mid-ninteenth century. Unfortunately, the owner has struck his mark right over the maker's mark. The plane cuts a 1 3/4" bead with quirked ogee, a sweeping and elegant profile. As found from an old tool box. G+ $95

Moseley & Sons, London

MP160485 Moseley & Sons, London A 1 1/4" astragal with ogee. As found and needing a light cleaning. There is some insect damage to the wedge, but none to the body. The body has shrunk a bit relative to the wedge, which is not uncommon. You will have to pay around with this one a bit to get it working, so it is priced cheap. G+ $49

Gleave, Oldham St. Manchester

MP160435 Gleave, Oldham St. Manchester A very unusual profile, that is best seen than described. There is a fillet that has been blocked with a piece tacked on. I would pull this off. The profile is 3/4", assuming that you have removed the strip that is tacked on. The boxing is warped in the rear and you will need to glue it back down before you can use the plane. Planes with unusual profiles like this are far more scarce than people seem to realize. G+ $69


MP160257 Unmarked An unmarked but clearly Preston miniature boxwood hollow. The actual profile is 7/16" wide and the plane is 3 1/2" long. G++ $65

J * Graham J * Graham J * Graham

MP160279 J * Graham A magnificent 1 3/4" wide super complex plane. It looks early 19th Century. This mark is not recorded but I think that it could be a maker. I bought this plane many years ago from the late Jim Wareham, one of the great early dealers, who collected unusual marks. The iron is marked by John Green with the fleur de lis device. (This is John Green the edge tool maker, not the York planemaker.) The plane has been nicely waxed. Highly recommended. G++ $259


MP16024 Unmarked A miniature boxwood side round. This is a professionally made plane, of the type made by Preston, but is not marked. There is an ink stain on the left side, but this is a very nice plane in lovely original condition. A scarce and desirable form as well. For the connoisseur. G++ $95

Fairclough, Liverpool

MP151216 Fairclough, Liverpool An impressive twin-iron 1 3/8" bead with ogee. Fantastic patina and original surface. I would have gone higher on the grading but there is some roughness on the lower edges of the wedge finials. A connoisseur plane. G++ $129

MacGuire & Jago., Glasgow

MP151219 MacGuire & Jago., Glasgow A 3/4" wide square ovolo with extra little fillet, which makes it a scarce profile. The maker is also scarce, and the first that I have had with this mark. It is from the latter part of the 19th Century. It is as found from an old workshop and a bit dirty. The top of the wedge has some minor deformation on the right side, but it should clean to G++ $79

I. Cox

MP151135 I. Cox An ogee, marked 3/4" but closer to 13/16". As found with an old dry surface. With some light cleaning you will have a great user or collector's piece. Good $59

Unmarked Unmarked

MP151089 Unmarked A matched pair of miniature compassed hollows and Rounds in what I believe to be satinwood. They are 3/8" wide and 3 1/2" long overall. The soles are gently compassed. The quality is certainly of the best professional standards, but I suspect that W.W. Miller, the owner who marked them probably also made them. They are in lovey as found condition, as if they were just lifted from a drawer in a cabinetmaker's chest. For the connoisseur. G++ $175

Atkin & Sons

MP15106 Atkin & Sons A 1 5/8" bead with quirked ogee, a profile that I have always found to be quite elegant. Great even medium patina. Crisp original condition, having only been gently waxed. HIghly complex molding planes of this quality don't show up very often anymore. G++ $159


MP151016 Melville A cock bead plane cutting up to a 3/16" thick cock bead. This plane would make sense for cock beading from about 5/32" to 3/16". It is fully boxed and is 7 3/4" long. The owner's mark is in the form of a lovely monogram. The wedge finial has been sheared off and reglued, which kept it from gong up a notch in condition. G++ $99

W. Greenslade, Bristol

MP151021 W. Greenslade, Bristol A very unusual #4 round that is only 7 inches long. The only one of its kind that I have seen. I have seen much smaller hollows and rounds, but not one in this intermediary size. G++ $59

Moseley & Hawksworth

MP150988 Moseley & Hawksworth A quirked ogee that was made with a removable fillet. It cuts a 1" wide molding without the fillet and 3/4" with it. The fillet is missing, but it is much easier to make a new one than to get an old one off without breaking the screws. Nicely waxed by a collector. G+ $59

W. Parkes

MP150571 W. Parkes A 1" wide astragal with Grecian. Nicely waxed by a collector and with a nice overall patina. G++ $69

Griffiths, Norwich

MP150422 Griffiths, Norwich A quite unuusal ogee that is only 5/8" wide but deeper than it is wide. The depth stop is higher than the molding, meaning that the molding will set below the level of the surface that it adorns. The depth stop is rounded over, which looks original, but probably isn't. I don't see why it would have been made this way, or modified this way. Either way it is a miystery to me. It is a beautiful plane and in as good a condition as molding planes come. Fine $95

Jno Cockbain, Carlisle

MP150353 Jno Cockbain, Carlisle A 1 1/4" wide bead with quirked ogee plane in lovely as found condition. From a good collection. The boxing is keyed in, which is unusual for a typical quirked molding plane. This of course keeps the molding from warping and coming down to interfere with the profile, but making it this way took great skill and extra time. Puts this plane a cut above the pack. The white stuff on the front is residue from some collector's stickers that I removed. It should clean right off. G++ $75


MP15039 Unmarked A European style fruitwood plane that cuts a bead with a bevel. The bead is a 1/4" and the bevel about 5/16", for a 9/16" total. The blade pitch is so high that it is more of a scraper. Just under 8" long. As found and needing some cleaning. The blade is stuck in the body because of shrinkage and how dry it is here now. The blade is marked, as shown in the inset, but I don't recognize this mark. Clearly for working hard woods, this is presumably some kind of cabinetmaker's plane, but I am not sure of where this molding would be used. G+ $59

S. Holbeck

MP150217 S. Holbeck A 7/8" square ovolo by a very scarce early London maker. I found this plane in the US, and unlike English planes of the period, it has no owner's marks. This leads one to believe that it has been here since it was first sold. It has a dry untouched surface. It does have three 1/8" holes drilled in it, one in the front, the rear, and the left side. These were used to mount it in a display at one time. They would be easy to plug and make invisible. The plane is just over 9 1/2" long. Close to but not quite 9 5/8". The mark is clear, but yet I can't see the S. at all. The K is also faint, but I really can't see that it ever had the S in the mark. A nice example of a plane with a mark that Goodman's book calls rare. $89

Unmarked Unmarked

MP150119 Unmarked A matched pair of compassed miniature hollows and rounds. I believe them to be made from satinwood. They have a lovely color and patina, as well as a great untouched surface. The planes are 1/2" wide, and so marked, and 4 3/4" long. They appear to be professionally made in every respect. For the connoisseur. Fine- $199

G. Eastwood, York

MP140851 G. Eastwood, York A large as found molder that cuts a 1" square ovolo with cove, the cove being smaller than the ovolo. There is a strip of rosewood screwed to the fence now to reduce the but, but 1" is the size if this was removed to return it to the original configuration. G+ $65


MP140819 Stokoe A 1" bead with Grecian, The bottom of hte wedge has been reshaped, for what reason I don't know, and blade is poorly sharpened, apparently recently. This plane will be a good user but will require some fiddling. The condition is a bit scruffy, not the usual TBT condition, but its half the price of one in our kind of condiition. Good $39

D. Malloch, Perth

MP140518 D. Malloch, Perth A crisp as found twin-iron molder. The left wedge has some slight deformation at the top. The left wedge, upon close inspection, appears to be from another plane. The profile is a shallow ovolo with cove, just 1/2" across. For reasons that are lost to time, somebody has planed off the fence. This will have to be put back, which is no big deal. This is a wonderful cabinetmaker's profile and well worth spending half an hour making a new fence. The condition grading reflects its defficiencies. G+ $89

D. Malloch, Perth

MP140545 D. Malloch, Perth This is an unsual twin-ironed complex molder that cuts a 1" profile that defies description. It has a small cove, a larger bead, that then terminated in another cove rather than a quirk. The picture should help! The right wedge is from another plane, but is a pretty close fit. Otherwise nice as found condition. G+ $119

 Trenam, Leeds

MP140313 Trenam, Leeds A scarce 1 3/8" wide bead with bolection. The astragal with bolection is a more common variation on this. This plane has a dark patina with a nice surface. The blade has a frosty look on the edge where some idiot hit it with a wire wheel. The blade will be fine, but it just takes more effort to sharpen it after this has been done. It is in nice condition and not rusty, so I can't fathom why the idiot did this. I gave up long ago trying to put myself in the mind of an idiot. Its a great plane anyway. G+ $75

C. Nurse & Co.

MP140332 C. Nurse & Co. A scarce miniature #6 compassed round. Signed miniatures are scarce and this one is particularly appealing. There is some tear-out on the right side which may be the result of having the side shaved in its original period of use or it may be sloppiness from the factory. Otherwise it is superb. G++ $75

Mutter Mutter

MP14016 Mutter An extraordinarily complex, unsprung 18th Century molding plane. The cut is 1 1/16: wide. The plane has shunk so that the profile is slightly wider than the plane. Collector's like to call these picture frame moldings but I think that it is more likely that they were used to surround panels on valuable panels or similar applications. This style of plane is scarce and so the product of its use is also very scarce. This one has a crisp sole with a well ground blade. The plane has been cleaned overall with steel wool. For the advanced collector. G+ $295


MP140119 Bywater A 1 1/4" wide reverse ogee with astragal. Nice crisp as found condtion with a medium dark patina. G+ $145


MP131056 Unmarked A 3/4" quirked ogee in as found condition. Somebody has chiseled out a diamond to inlay something, but the inlay is now gone. Probably some kind of fancy owner's mark. The wedge has the common lengthwise split from being pushed back as it was knocked out. A good use. G+ $49

Mutter Mutter

MP130925 Mutter A scarce 18th Century London made side snipe. Side snipes are of course much more scarce than snipe bills, although they are commonly confused for the more common form. This plane is in lovely untouched condition, with lovely patina, accept on the working surface, which has been planed smooth in the not too distant past. G+ $85

I Sym

MP130955 I Sym A 3/4" bead with taurus bead, a much more scarce profile than the often seen astragal with Grecian. There are some minor chips in the boxing but it will make a good user at a cheap price. Good $55

Barnes, Worcester

MP130814 Barnes, Worcester A nice as found 1" bead with cove. This is a pretty scarce profile. The plane has a nice patina and is just as it came off the shelf from an old workshop, from which we purchased it. G+ $79

G. Davis

MP130656 G. Davis A 7/8" astragal with quirked ogee. A bit dirty but should clean to G++ $69

Unmarked Unmarked

MP13067 Unmarked This is a lot of two planes that I bought together. The first is what I believe to be a mother plane for a Grecian with fillet. The plane has no chamfering, and it was made from a piece of stock with a defect in the wood. A maker would clearly rather use the stock on his own plane than waste it. There is also even a very small defect in the wood on the piece that was used for the wedge. The plane is in very nice as found condition. I would have rated it fine but for some slight tool box rash on tthe sides. The second plane is an unfinished body. I have no way of knowing if they are related, but I bought them together. I often see planes that are clearly not mother planes being sold as such. True mother planes are very scarce. G++ $49

Mutter Mutter

MP1305102 Mutter This is the best early set of hollows and rounds that I have ever had. It is 31 of an original set of 36 cabinetmaker's hollows and rounds, all in lovely original condition. The missing planes are, 5H, 12H, 15R, 17H, 18R. These 31 planes have been together since the birth of this nation, and remained in remarkably nice condition throughout that period. I don't see many late 19th Century planes that are this nice, let alone 18th Century. For the connoisseur. G++ - Fine+ $2995

Arthington, Manchester

MP130245 Arthington, Manchester Cuts a 1 1/2" wide profile that I am not sure how to name, but one could call it an enlongated Taurus. As found with a dark and dirty surface. G+ $55

Edward Preston & Sons

MP121160 Edward Preston & Sons A matched graduated pair of complex molders, cutting a profile that I am not familiar with. It looks like a bit ovolo with the fillet at both ends rounded off. The planes are 1 1/4" and 2" wide. From an important London collection and lightly cleaned. Fine- $199

G. Davis

MP120661 G. Davis A shallow 3/4" wide Grecian ogee with bevel. The fence on this plane is quite shallow and if you intend to use the plane you might want to glue on an extension to the fence. Of course it can be used as it was made but it will require more skill. G+ $59

Bewley, Leeds

MP120464 Bewley, Leeds A removable fillet quirked ogee. The fillet is missing now, but with it the profile would be 1/2" wide and without it 5/8". These fillets are about impossible to remove because the screws always break off, so from a user's perspective this is better. It is easy to make a new fillet and screw it on. G+ $59

King & Co. Hull

MP120431 King & Co. Hull An impressive 1 1/2" wide bead with quirked ogee. Nice as found condition. This plane has one odd feature that I have never seen before. One piece of boxing, not both, has been cut with a V shape on top, which mates with a V shape in the body of the plane. I can't imagine why they would go to this extra trouble. I highly recommend this plane, which is wortth of a fine collection. G++ $145

Bailey, Sunderland

MP120239 Bailey, Sunderland A 1" twin-ironed complex molder. Twin-ironed planes are far more rare than people seem to realize. This plane has dings in the upper left and lower right corners from being dropped. Otherwise just nornal wear. It has been appropriately cleaned by a collector. G+ $89

S. Lunt, Liverpool S. Lunt, Liverpool

MP120219 S. Lunt, Liverpool A scarce compassed sash plane, cutting a 3/4" ovolo. Feels very smooth like it may have been "cleaned" once with a super fine steel wool. Obviously not an appropriate thing to do, but the plane is otherwise superb. Another gem from my own collection. Fine- $195

Hields, Nottingham

MP120143 Hields, Nottingham A 2" wide bead, bolection, and bevel. This profile is unique in my experience. The plane is in great as found condition, but sadly, a notorious American collector, stamped his name and inventory number on the back. Other than that, the plane is connoisseur quality. G+ $159

Antique Molding Plane

MP110821 Varvill & Son, York This huge molder cuts a Grecian ogee with bevel just over 2 inches wide. It has a nice dark patina and is from a good collection. If you wish to use it, the iron has one small rust spot, just at the outside curve of the ogee, which will need to be ground out. Not a big deal. The harder thing would be getting the strength to push this plane. I couldn't. G++ 69

Antique Molding Plane

MP110748 Nelson, 122 Edgeware Rd A rare custom complex profile molder with a York pitch iron. This highly complex, 1 1/2" wide profile is unique in my experience. The plane is in very clean as found condition. Highly recommended. G++ $229

Antique Molding Plane

MP101179 Loveage A nice, untouched, 10 3/8" long square ovolo molding plane. Great patina and great lines. The profile is 7/8" wide. The iron is marked Hildik with a very early mark that do no recall seeing before. The only flaw bears mentioning is that the mark is partially overstruck, but still clearly legible. G+ $245

Antique Molding Plane

MP100553 Higgs An exceptionally clean as found stair rail plane with a great round top iron by Pearson. From a good London collection. Fine- $119

Antique Tool

MP9062 Moseley and Hawksworth This is a 5/8" quirked ogee in decent as found condition. It needs a light cleaning. There is a piece of veneer chipping off of the fence, which was glued on to slighty reduce the profle width. I would carefully remove it. A good user. Good $55

Antique Tool

MP90344 Jno. Cockbain, Carlisle This is a twin-ironed complex molder that cuts a 1 1/4" wide cove with ogee. The cove blade does not come up about the back of the wedge but it seems to be the original blade. The plane is as found with a nice crisp surface. There are too old holes in the bottom of the fence where an extension would have been screwed on. This is a great plane with a great and rare profile. G+ $159

Antique Tool

MP90277 Arthington, Manchester This plane cuts a 1 1/2" wide bead with quirked ogee. It is in dark as found condtion. Still razor sharp after all these years. G+ $89

Antique Tool Antique Tool

MP90253 Craftsman Made This is a tiny compassed rebate plane, measuring only 2 inches long and 5/8" wide. It is as found and was clearly for final delicate fitting work. Most of the very small planes like this that I see are either clearly fakes, or so overcleaned that I can't tell for sure if they are fakes or not. This one is absolutely guaranteed to be genuine. G+ $89

Antique Tool

MP90149 J. Miller, 37 Clayton St. This is a massive twin-ironed complex molder that cuts a 2 inch wide cove with bead and ovolo. Wonderful original color. This plane came from an important collection and has been carefully waxed. A superb plane. G+ $185

Antique Tool

MP80825 McPherson This is a twin-ironed complex molder that cuts a 1 3/8" wide side bead with ogee. Nice patina. Twin-ironed planes that have both original blades and both original irons have, for some reason, gotten quite scarce. This plane has no apologies and it is by a scarce mid-19th Century maker. G+ $169

Antique Tool

MP80723 Fairclough, Liverpool This is a twin-ironed plane that cuts a very complex, but not too wide, profile. I love these narrow profiles that are all twists and turns. This profile is 1" wide and has a bead, followed by a Grecian ogee with bevel. The only complaint that I have is that both wedges have been damaged on the lower corner of the finial from a user who banged them out carelessly. Nicely waxed and ready for a collector or connoisseur user. G+ $165

Antique Tool

MP61176 Hathersich This is a scarce English handled stick are rebate sash plane. It cuts a lambs tongue sash and the rebate, quite strangely, is on a slope. The profile is just over 2" wide. Clearly for some type of grand architectural sash. Wonderful untouched patina. The irons have very light pitting but would be fine to use if you so desired. The tote is quite upright and a bit unusual.

Update: A customer has sent these comments, "You commented on the sloping rebate cutter. I am a joiner in central Vermont and have restored many sash in the past 30 plus years and I have seen this detail in early 19th C sashes. My guess is the sloping rebate made it easier to set and glaze irregular shaped glass. The widows I have found this detail on are really well made and it is a lot more work to cope the sash bars, an extra step in an already tedious process!"

G+ $145

Antique Tool

MP51230 Willmore This is a scarce curved sash plane that cuts a complex cove & ovolo sash in 3/4" size. The plane is as found with wonderful original surface. Willmore is a very scarce maker who worked in Birmingham from 1818 to 1828. York pitch. The only possible complaint is that the bottom of the fence in the front and rear has been chiseled down a bit to better match the curvature of the sole. This plane is from my collection and that never bothered me as it was done a long time ago and the patina matches. G++ $195

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