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Wooden Planes

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for British, Canadian, & European Wooden Planes

American Wooden Planes

Phoenix Company, Hitchcockville

WP1509114 Phoenix Company, Hitchcockville A nice as found moving fillester plane that has only seen light usage. The odd thing about this plane is that it was made without a depth stop. There are two holes in the right side where somebody had screwed on a depth stop, but it was made without one. There are some light checks in the ends, A nice working plane. G+ $59

P. Chapin, Maker, Balto.

WP150959 P. Chapin, Maker, Balto. A classic large rabbet, marked 2" and measuring about 1 7/8". The right side has had a slight amount of wood planed off the side, a long time ago. It is very attractive plane for a user or collector. Nice as found condition. G+ $48

H. Russell, Cabot, VT

WP150970 H. Russell, Cabot, VT A particularly nice, and lightly used, 22" wooden jointer by a scarce Vermont maker. This plane has the C mark which gets 3 stars. It has a 2 1/4" uncut (no cap iron) iron by Butcher, which is almost certainly original to the plane. There are two heavy black ink stains on the left side and a few scratches in the sole, but overall this is a really great plane. G+ $129

Yankee Plow Yankee Plow Yankee Plow Yankee Plow

WP150919 Yankee Plow A classic New England Yankee plow. As found and with a great look just as it is. One of the arm bases is cracked, but since the arms are riveted on, this is held together. The blade is an early English plow iron, that looks like it has been with the plane a long time ago, but I woudl have expected a longer blacksmith made iron in the plane. The skate was made from an early hand marked square, and the graduations are still clear, as seen in the picture. I find that to be really neat. A good example of a classic form at a budget price. Good $79

Kendall, Baltimore

WP150860 Kendall, Baltimore A very nice as found example of a right handled side rabbet plane. The side of the plane shows no obvious signs of use. The Butcher iron is signed. From a good collection of Baltimore tools. G+ Sold

H. Chapin, Union Factory

WP15087 H. Chapin, Union Factory This is a 7 7/8" long coffin smoothing plane with the scarce special order French polished finish. The finish is worn where the owner's hands held it, so the wood is lighter where the finish remains. I love it when a tool has that honest wear pattern. This plane has seen little use, especially for a smoothing plane. The original owner's name intrigued me, because it is not a common name: "C. Bischoff" The plane has an about full orginal Butcher iron.and a crisp sole. One of the best coffin smoothing planes that I have had, both in condition and quality. For the connoisseur. G++ Sold

E. W. Carpenter, Lancaster

WP150811 E. W. Carpenter, Lancaster A left hand side rebate plane in nice as found condition by a legendary American maker. A great user or collector's piece. G+ Sold


WP150818 Shiverick A nice as found 7/8" dado plane. Nice overall patina, including the brass. G+ Sold

Sandusky Tool Co., Ohio

WP150823 Sandusky Tool Co., Ohio A particularly nice 1/4" dado, with a lovely rich patina. As found, but doesn't need any cleaning. Of course if you want ot use it, you must wax the working surfaces of any wooden plane before you use it or the friction of use will cause excessive wear on the plane. G++ Sold

John Bell, Philad John Bell, Philad

WP150829 John Bell, Philad This is a handled adjustable panel raiser with a maximum capacity of 2 3/8". It has the full original Butcher 3" wide iron. The wedge is missing and somebody has fashioned a wedge out of pine that is not a great fit, and not the right wood for a wedge. I am sure that you can do better. There is also a well executed repair to one of the cheeks that is probably period and doesn't bother me. The fence has two pieces missing, but should still work fine. In short, this plane is a steal for a user, and would be priced at more than double were the wedge original. Good Sold

A. Fish, Lowell

WP150840 A. Fish, Lowell A lovely solid boxwood plow plane with 5 irons by Baldwin Tool Co. and original to the plane. The irons are a nicely graduated set, 1/8", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", and 7/16". If there is another size that you need, let me know and I will try and find one that fits, for an additional $15 to cover my time in trying hundreds of loose irons. One of the nuts on this plane has had flats planed onto it, presuably to make it easier to grip. Otherwise I can't fault the plane, with a lovely rich patina that is so distinctive of boxwood. It is rare to find a fine plow like this that is untouched, but this plane is. Nobody has ever tried to clean it. Just wax it with a soft cloth and do no more. G++ $265

P. Chapin, Maker, Balto P. Chapin, Maker, Balto

WP150728 P. Chapin, Maker, Balto A massive panel raiser with the trademark Baltimore wedge, that is found on some Baltimore bench planes. This plane has a working width of up to 2 3/4" and the blade is 3 1/4" wide. It is a full original Butcher iron. THe plane is a bit dirty, but shows very little wear and should clean up to better than G+ $299

J. Hannan, Middletown J. Hannan, Middletown J. Hannan, Middletown

WP150618 J. Hannan, Middletown This is a solid boxwood plow plane by a rare Connecticut maker. Tom Elliott gives this mark 4 stars in his book. The plane has a lovely patina and pleasing features. The arms and nuts have a distinctive style. The wedge is not the right wedge for this plane and should be replaced, something that John Porritt could easily do. A collector has cleaned this plane with fine steel wool, so the surface has that unatural satin smooth surface. G+ $229

Henry G. White, Philada, Corner Callohill & Fourth St Henry G. White, Philada, Corner Callohill & Fourth St Henry G. White, Philada, Corner Callohill & Fourth St

WP150468 Henry G. White, Philada, Corner Callohill & Fourth St An nice as found screw arm plow plane, with the coveted tool sign mark and a full original set of 8 Butcher irons. The top of of the irons are all hammered on, some more than others, but all of them show damage from being adjusted by an idiot with a ferrous hammer. The one in the plane is the least damaged, and as you can see in the photo, one of the middle sizes is really quite badly abused. The nuts are not moving freely. They will turn, but they are much too tight. There are tricks for dealing with this, and I will advise anyone who buys it on these. I have dealt with this many times as a collector. Alternatively, I am sure that John Porritt could fix it for you if necessary. Finding a Philiadelphia plow plane in original condition with the original irons is a find worth expending some effort on. G+ $295

Craftsman Made Craftsman Made

WP15043 Craftsman Made A scarce 30" early jointer. It has classic 18th Century features, with heavy chamfers, an ofset tote, a wonderfully chamfered wedge in the Pennsylvania style, and a diamond strike. The uncut iron is by James Cam, but is not a round top iron. The diamond strike has been shaved flush with the top and a later round strike added closer to the end of the plane where it will be more effective. The tote has an eclectic form and is the only feature of the plane which makes me think craftsman made instead of professionally made. The tote has ergonomic swell in the grip and decorative chamfering. The tote is cracked at the base and in the front, but it is riveted on and is stable as is. The front of the plane is marked "E.F." with an early style stamp. This plane could be maker made, but the tote makes me doubt that, It is in untouched condition with great old surface and is not heavily worn. There are 4 old screw holes in the left side, the purpose of which is now lost to history. A rare survivor. G+ $195

H.L. Kendall, Washington, DC

WP150412 H.L. Kendall, Washington, DC A very scarce American meeting rail plane (for making double hung windows) with a rare Washington DC mark. Superb as found condition. This plane has the same owner's mark as WP150350 by J.T. Brown. For the connoisseur. G++ $395

John Veit, Phila, Corner Market St. and Green St.

WP150363 John Veit, Phila, Corner Market St. and Green St. A crisp and barely used 3/4" going and coming match plane. This plate is as found and needs a light cleaning. There is light surface rust on the skate that should clean easily, along with two small patches that are a bit heavier and will leave light pitting behind. Otherwise it is a solid G++ $119

Lyon & Smith Lyon & Smith Lyon & Smith

WP150372 Lyon & Smith A wonderful as found panel raiser. Lyon & Smith are said to have made planes in Cincinnati from 1849 - 1853 and in my experience this is quite a scarce mark. I have not had one before. The maximum width of cut is 2 7/8". The blade is a nice full blade by Butcher. The patina is a nice even untouched patina. There are a very very small chips on the upper edge of the spur and a chip out of the front edge of the fence. Otherwise it would rate higher than G+ Sold

J.M. Taber, New Bedford J.M. Taber, New Bedford J.M. Taber, New Bedford

WP141267 J.M. Taber, New Bedford An as found slide arm Americian plow plane that uses thumscrews to lock the arms. It has a prowed skate and a nicely patinated brass plate on the skate. I have associated this plane with a matched set of 7 unmarked plow irons that are a good fit and are in very nice original condition. A soft rag and wax will clean this plane nicely. Right now I rate this plane G+ $249

Sawheag Works, Wallingford, Ct

WP140836 Sawheag Works, Wallingford, Ct A dirty as found pair of side rabbet planes. The form of these planes isa bit unsual, the working part tapers less than is typical, making them thinner at the top than usual. I can envision where this would be very useful in some circumstances. They are only lightly used and will make a great collector's or discening user's pair. I think that they are a bit special. G+ Sold

W. A. Emone

WP150940 W. A. Emone A handled 1" match plane for doing the tongue side. It is marked 1, but would do up to a bit over 1 1/4". The mark certainly looks like a maker's mark to me but it is not a listed maker. The plane is definitely maker made. The handle spur is broken off and the handle is loose in the plane. Overally a nice as found plane that will look much better after you wax it, or in this case perhaps even apply a drop or two of linseed oil. The surface looks very dry. Free with the purchase of 2 other wooden planes to the first person who requests it. G+ $0

D. Colton, 179 Market St. 489 S. 2nd St. Philada

WP14042 D. Colton, 179 Market St. 489 S. 2nd St. Philada A massive panel raiser with a 4" wide Butcher iron. Dark as found condition, it should clean up nicely. The mark is not super clear, but it is unusual in having both addresses for Colton shown on the same plane. One was probably added later when they moved and the plane was still in stock, but that is pure speculation on my part. I don't think that this plane has seen much use. G+ $269

Craftsman Made Craftsman Made Craftsman Made

WP131234 Craftsman Made A very scarce early birch, New England jointer. Early bench planes, American or otherwise are very scarce. This one is craftsman made but has great style, with beaded molding on the upper edges, a round topped wedged, and a great tote. The blade is marked "Frederick Stones". Stones was an early iron maker, but I have not seen his full name marked on an iron before. It also has a crown motif. The plane is 22" long with a 2 1/2" wide iron. Great as found condition. A rare survivor in very collectable condition. G+ $165

W. Steele, Wheeling W. Steele, Wheeling W. Steele, Wheeling

WP13117 W. Steele, Wheeling A rare American screw arm sash fillester by a Virginia maker, and yes, Wheeling was in Virginia when this plane was made. Steele planes are scarce and American sash fillesters are scarce. A sash fillester by Steele is unique in my experience. It has a boxwood faced fence, but I don't see how the boxwood is held on. It is not done like one would expect with a sliding dovetail. The depth stop is friction fit and is still tight. The plane doesn't look to have seen much user. I would have rated it higher but for small nicks on the arms and one nut. One arm is split at the base, as is common, but it is tight. For the advanced wooden plane collector. G+ $345

Unmarked Unmarked Unmarked

WP130941 Unmarked A classic 18th Century Yankee plow. The fence is more nicely molded than most, but otherwise it is a model of the form. Sadly, both thrumbscrews are missing and it has the wrong wedge and iron. That is there is great, and could easily be restored to complete by making these parts. Crisp untouched condtion. Ten inches long. G+ $89

J. Hobbs J. Hobbs

WP1306113 J. Hobbs A 1 1/2" skewed rabbet plane made from a dense tropical wood. It is similar to boxwood but I don't think that it is boxwood, Maybe Satinwood? The wedge is rosewood. The maker is listed in the AWP book as a few examples spotted but nothing known about the maker. Quite an unusual plane for the maker and the woods. G+ $129

P. Chapin, Maker, Balto P. Chapin, Maker, Balto

WP130363 P. Chapin, Maker, Balto A rare 1 1/2" wide rosewood rabbet plane. Signed American or British planes, other than plow planes , are rarely found made from exotic woods. Baltimore makers did do this more than others, but they are still rare by any measure. This plane is very smooth to the touch and was probably "cleaned" with extra-fine steel wool. There is a bit of tear out in the wood on the left side, but I believe that this is original to its manufacture. A rare and highly desirable tool. G+ $249

J. Colton, 379 Market St. Phila

WP121123 J. Colton, 379 Market St. Phila A rare screw arm Philadelphia sash fillester in decent as found condition. The wedge is a bit beat up but otherwise the wear doen't bother me. I can count on one hand how many of these I have s seen in 25 years, and they usually worn to death, or othewwise wanting. This one is a very honest example that I could live with, not perfect, but decent and unmolested. Good $295

Antique Wooden Plane

WP101149 M. Robbins (? faint) An extraordinarily rare curved joiner's rabbet plane. This plane appears to be a Pennsylvania made plane of around 1800. The body is 1 9/16" wide and the plane is just under 9 inches. The wedge is period, but it is made of chestnut and I would not want to have to say if it was original or not. The iron is not a perfect fit and I don't think it is right, but it is close enough that it could be. The mark is faint and I am not sure of my translation, but it certainly looks like maker's mark to me, and looks like the same mark maker as Heiss and a few others from that area. From one of this country's truly premier collections. G++ $259

for top of American Wooden Planes

British, Canadian, European & Other Wooden Planes

Griffiths, Norwich

WP150993 Griffiths, Norwich This is a matched pair of adjustable match planes. They can be safely used for stock from about 1 1/8" to 5/8". They are waxed by a collector and came from a good collection. The collector was of course not a user, and the grooving iron is the wrong iron. It could be made to work, with some adjusting of the iron. It is slightly too side, just a matter of thousanths. it is also too thick, more like a sixteenth of so. Anyway, if you want to mess about with it, the planes would have been $85, so they are less than half price. G++ $39

E. Preston & Sons

WP150948 E. Preston & Sons This is an unusual plane that looks like a conventional rabett, but it is inset on both sides so that the cutting width is only 1/4". The blade is not skewed. I don't know what this was for. It is in nice untouched condition. G++ $55

John Hazey

WP150974 John Hazey John Hazey was working in London around the time of the American Revolution. This is a left handed side rebate. The wedge is from a later plane, but it has been fitted to this plane and appears to have been done by a user back during the original period of use, not by an indifferent British dealer in modern times. 9 1/4" long. As found, it will clean nicely and would make a good user or collector's piece, as this is a scarce and desirable early London maker. G+ Sold

I. Brown

WP150983 I. Brown A right hand side rebate that is cearly 18th Century. The mark is not recorded as a maker and I am not sure if I.Brown as a maker or an owner who must marked it where a maker would normall do so. A good as found plane for a collector or uer. Good $39

Griffiths, Norwich

WP15097 Griffiths, Norwich A typical English jack plane. As found and needing a good cleaning,but it has not seen a lot of use and will make a great user. The 2 1/4" wide blade is a parallel iron, not tapered, which is unusual on this type of plane. The blade and cap iron are worth the asking price on their own. G+ Sold

Craftsman Made

WP150918 Craftsman Made A very clean as found box chamfer plane. Porobably made by the owner, but to a very high standard. A nice usable chamfer plane to use or collect, for much less than a maker signed example. Fine $95

T. Quarm T. Quarm T. Quarm

WP150931 T. Quarm This is the connoisseur's coachmaker's plow. It is boxwood, with a cast brass base that features an ogee that sourrounds the base. The fence slides on the brass and is locked on the brass. The wedge is original, and is also boxwood. The wedge shows minor damage on the right edge of the finial and below, as well as a chip out of the finial from the right side on top. The color of the boxwood is great. the depth stop has a lovely knurled thumbscrew. The fence was intended to have a wooden face, and this is missing, but the screw that held it on is still present. The blade is also not original. It looks OK, but would not work because the taper is off. It could be made to work with some effort spent regrinding it, but this is a collector's piece, not a user plane. The fine details on this plane make it my favorite coachmaker's plow, and that includes the fancy ebony and brass Falconer type ones, of which half at least are modern fakes. G+ $845

John Moseley & Son, 54-55 Borad St. Bloomsbury, London

WP150943 John Moseley & Son, 54-55 Borad St. Bloomsbury, London A matching pair of scarce adjustable tongue and groove planes. This type of match planes can be adjusted to the thickness of your stock, making them more flexible that conventional fixed match planes, but also more time consuming to set up. This pair would work stock from about 1/2" to 7/8". Nice as found condition. G++ Sold

Wilcox, Manchester

WP150855 Wilcox, Manchester A particularly nice 1 3/16" wide, compassed, squirrel tail rabbet. It has a beautiful, rich, patina, and was properly waxed by a collector. G++ $59

G. Musgrave, Lincoln G. Musgrave, Lincoln

WP150867 G. Musgrave, Lincoln This is an classic English sash fillester with a full boxwood sole. That was a top-of-the-line feature. The blade has been polished overall and the brass is bright. Otherwise it would rate higher. It has the original boxwood arm wedges, in nice condition, and will make a great user. I don't think that it has seen much use to date. G+ Sold

W. Greenslade, Bristol W. Greenslade, Bristol

WP150825 W. Greenslade, Bristol A nice as found badger plane that has seen only light use and is in much nicer condition that I usually see these work horse planes. There are some scratches in the sole, but nothing that impacts its use. The blade edge is rough and should be ground before you hone it. Just as it came from an old tool chest. G+ Sold

Japanese Plane

WP150832 Japanese Plane Japanese planes are a whole field unto themselves, and one of which I am ignorant. This plane is unmarked, but it is great condition, seems to have some age on it, and has a hand forged iron. I thought that I couldn't go wrong, and bought it. It came from an estate sale. It is 10" long and the blade is 2 1/2" wide. It is Oak. The sole has light tool marks on it, the reason for which I also don't know. Hopefully this plane is a bargain for somebody. Fine $85

Illegbile Illegbile Illegbile

WP150645 Illegbile This is an interesting 18th Century plane. It looks like a typical English panel raiser of the period, but it never had a built in fence. There are some tack holes in the sole were fences have been applied, but clearly it was made without a fence. The blade is nicely marked, John Green. The makers marks is really blurred but it might be Benton, Leeds. The surface and color on this plane are marvelous and I really like it. G++ $195

Stothert, Bath

WP150627 Stothert, Bath This is a rare group of 4 matching coachmaker's rabbets. These are all compassed rabbets, of varying radius, with the shallowest radius plane also having rounded sides. I suspect that this was a period modification. One of the planes has a wedge that is clearly from a similar Stothert plane, but is not quite the right fit to this plane. It is my preumption that there were once more planes in this group and that the wedge got swapped with one of the other planes in the set, and that plane is not gone. Finding a relatively early set of coachmaker's planes like this is about unheard of. These have all been nicely waxed by a collector. They are 6" long. G+ $179

Williams, Longacre, London

WP150560 Williams, Longacre, London A compass smoothing plane on the smallish size, measuring 6 1/4" long with a 1 5/8" wide blade. The blade is tight because of shrinkage and needs to have a few thousands removed from the sides. The blade is by Fenton & Marsden, one of the best makers. The plane has a nice rich patina and is a nice honest example. G+ Sold

D. Malloch, Perth

WP150572 D. Malloch, Perth A meeting rail plane, used for making sash windows. Appears to have been very lightly cleaned by a collector, probably with a rag and wax as we recommend. A good user or collector's example. G+ $65


WP150554 Unmarked A tiny little boxwood smoother with an iron sole. There is a screw in the side of this plane where the body checked. Otherwise I really like it. The wedge is beech, to make it more effective since boxwood on boxwood doesn't hold well. Measures 2 7/8" long and the blade is 7/8" wide. I don't know if this plane is British or American. I put it under British only because miniature British planes are more common, but I got this plane in the US out of a collection that I bought. As found condition and an honest, if not pristine, plane. Good Sold


WP15057 Mutter A 1/2" halving plane, measuring about 9 13/16" long. Ths is an uncommon form by an 18th Century London maker. The plane has been nicely cleaned by a collector. It was found in the US and because it has no owner's marks on it, I will venture to guess that it was probably imported here when it was new. G+ $65

Varvill & Sons, Ebor Works, York

WP150449 Varvill & Sons, Ebor Works, York A typical boxwood nosed compass plane, This is a nice plane, with good color, but an English dealer has polished the brass and used a heavy furniture wax on the body. I would have rated it a notch higher before it was cleaned. The James Howarth iron is about full original length. G+ Sold

Mathieson & Son, Glasgow & Edingborough

MP150366 Mathieson & Son, Glasgow & Edingborough This plane has a very specific funtion, the purpose of which I don't know. It cuts a 1/2" wide groove, 1/2" from the edge of a board, and about 1/8" deep. What for I don't know. The plane is in nice as found condtion. The maker's mark is partially overstruck by an owner. G++ $49

Currie, Glasgow

WP150242 Currie, Glasgow A good as found toothing plane with a nice tall Ibbottson iron. G+ $69

Parkes, London

WP150244 Parkes, London A nice as found going and coming T&G (match) plane. British planes in this form are scarce, and 5/8" is a scarce size in any form. A very nice honest example with attractive patina. The tonge side has had its throat slightly opened, which does ot surprise me becaue I have had issues with clogging myself when using match planes. This would have been done by the original owner and only makes it more usable. G+ $99

Scrolled Miniature Thumb Plane Scrolled Miniature Thumb Plane Scrolled Miniature Thumb Plane Scrolled Miniature Thumb Plane

MI140976 Scrolled Miniature Thumb Plane This is a wonderfully made little thumb plane with a hollow profile. The blade is 1/2" wide and the plane is 2" wide. This plane was found about 20 years ago in a drawer of a piece of 18th century furniture in an old house in Pennsylvania by a furniture dealer who sold it to our consignor, a reknown furniture conservator. It is exquisitely well made, and it has age on it, but I am really not sure how old it is. It could be 1800 and it could be 1920. Based on the style, one would think that it is closer to 1800, but the patina would say that it is newer. Then, a lot of tools look newer simply because of how well perserved they are, and I think that is the case with this one. It is so superb in its form and construction that I can't help but think that it is of the period. Either way, it is a marvelous piece for the connoisseur. G++ Dramatically reduced to: $295

D. Malloch & Son, Perth

WP150129 D. Malloch & Son, Perth An as found moving fillester with an original French polished finish. The rear piece of boxing has warped and is coming down. The lazy man's way to deal with this would be to plane it flush. That would work, but it would be better to remove it and reinsert it. It might have to be cut to get it to seat flat, since the warp is rather more pronounced than what can typically be forced straight. Since boxing was often originally spliced, putting a cut in the box is not an issue. The knicker wedge and knicker are missing. Cheaper fillesters did not even have a knicker, so this is no big deal. A great quality fillester that it is worth working on. G+ $65


WP14111 Unmarked This plane appears to be a dovetail plane, but the angle is more acute that is typcial for dovetail planes. I don't know what else it would be fore. It is certainly not modified. It is an 18th Century, professionally made, English plane. I have seen quite a few other early planes with this owner's mark, I.Pack, which makes me think that a good tool chest must have been desecrated in the last 10 years, thus dispersing all of I. Pack's tools. Nice untouched condtion, as it came from the chest. It is 5/8" wide. G+ $75

Buck, 242 Tottenham Ct Rd

WP140223 Buck, 242 Tottenham Ct Rd A small wooden compass plane with a 1 5/8" wide iron and 6 3/8" long. Waxed by a collector. G+ $39

Unmarked Unmarked

WP14018 Unmarked A 7/16" size fishing rod plane G+ $75

Craftsman Made

WP130863 Craftsman Made A nicely proportioned squirrel tail miniature compassed rabbet plane. The sole is 13/16" wide and 2 3/4" long. Nice color and surface. This plane has been spuriously marked A. Mathieson & Son, Glasgow, by an unscrupulous dealer, however no knowledgeable person would mistake this plane for being a Mathieson product. I have seen so many of these Mathieson fakes in the last 15 or so years that I wonder how many unsophisticated collectors have been fooled by them. This is why one should deal with a reputable dealer. G+ $55

W. Sanderson, Stockport W. Sanderson, Stockport

WP130687 W. Sanderson, Stockport An as found bronze plane, with a boxwood wedge, that I believe was made fo the hat making trade. but I am not sure. The blade is about 3/8" wide but it only cuts on half of the blade. Lovely color and really a great piece. It is also marked 258, which could be a serial number or perhaps a model number. G+ $195

E. Preston & Sons

WP1305124 E. Preston & Sons A really superb Preston patent chamfer plane. This plane is as found with great surface. The brass nose piece still has most of its original lacquer and is unmolsested. The plane also retains most of its original polish finish. It needs to be cleaned with a rag and wax but it will clean to at least G++ $165

C. Nurse, & Co 182 & 184 Waltworth Rd. London

WP130452 C. Nurse, & Co 182 & 184 Waltworth Rd. London A matched pair of boxwood coachmaker's minitature rebate planes in boxwood. They are 4 1/4" long and 3/4" wide. one has curved sides and a flat sole and the other has flat sides and a compassed sole. Matching owner's marks. Lovely boxwood patina. Connoisseur grade. Fine $165

E. Preston & Sons

WP130365 E. Preston & Sons This is the much scarcer Preston style of chamfer plane which uitilizes the cap iron, which is 3/8" thick, not act as a throat and a depth stop. These planes are cabable of better work than the common style, but the trade-off is that they are much more finicky to set up. Just under 5 1/2" long. Lovley untouched condition. G++ $145

Bewley, Leeds

WP120677 Bewley, Leeds A very scarce cock bead fillester. Cuts just over 1/8" wide. The main blade is a replacment that has been ground to fit. It looks like it will be usable. It has nice color and has been properly waxed by a collector. G+ Sold

Heathcott, Sheffield Heathcott, Sheffield

WP120371 Heathcott, Sheffield A wooden mitre plane with the boxwood throught wear compensator. The sides show normal wear from being used on a shute board. The iron is 2 1/2" wide and the plane is 12" long. If you look closely on the sole you can see the marks that indicate that somebody ran it across a power jointer. It is patined in so that must have been a while ago. This is a very nice plane. G+ $345

Antique Wooden Plane Antique Wooden Plane Antique Wooden Plane

WP110215 Unmarked A lovely fruitwood smoothing plane that I would guess is either south German, Swiss, or Austrian. Very nicely decorated, and with a very pleasing patina. I am not sure of the age, but it could be 18th Century. The iron is marked "FRHA" with a mark that certainly looks like it could be 18th Century. There is some old worming, primarily towards the front. Measures 11 3/8" long. I have had this plane for 20 years, and before that it was in the great Harold Prucha collection. Highly recommended. Good $399

Early Carved Plane Early Carved Plane

100420 Early Carved Plane An beautiful carved European smoothing plane, presumably 18th or possibly early 19th Century. These types of craftsperson made planes are notoriously hard to date, and while I don't think that it would be later, I could believe that it was earlier. This plane has a North Wind figure blowing up at the user as he planes. The plane has a horn in the front, that is carved with a scroll. The plane is hornbeam, the horn is beech, and there is an applied sole that was probably added to compensate for wear, and is maple. This plane has a wonderful patina, and has always been well cared for, but well used. The blade is all but worn out. The wedge is clearly period, but I have no way to tell for sure if is original or not. I would guess that this plane is either German, Swiss, or Austrian, but again this is just an educated guess. Formerly in the Dermot and Cynthia Roche collection, as sold by David Stanley some years ago, this is a museum quality tool. Measures 10 inches overall. G+ $1395

Antique Wooden Plane Antique Wooden Plane

WP100559 Craftsman Made This is something very special. It is a solid boxwood smoother that has been carefully fashioned to duplicate the lines of a classic mid-19th Century London Pattern infill smoothing plane. Clearly the orginal owner was envious of his friends with their infill planes, and he thought that he would one up them with this. The workmanship is remarkable, the boxwood gorgeous, and the creativity of it charming. I really like this one. It's special. G+ $495

Antique Wooden Plane Antique Wooden Plane

WP91118 Benton, Leeds An 18th Century panel raiser by a scarce Leeds maker. This is the style with the extra bevel to allow the panel to enter the groove at a more shallow angle. It has an original uncut round top iron by P. Law with the crown. The iron is down around the top of the wedge. The width is 1 1/8 to where the secondary bevel begins. So the panels it would be best for would be 1 3/8" to about 1 5/8". Nicely waxed and from a very good British collection. G+ $345

Antique Wooden Plane Antique Wooden Plane

WP80428 Unmarked This is a rare matched pair of Scottish door check planes. They have been in my collection for more than 15 years. They are uncleaned and could use a careful waxing. The right side plane is in perfect condition, little used with a full iron. The left side plane is more worn, and the iron is down below the top of the wedge, and the side is split from shrinkage on the blade. It is still perfectly useable and in fact I did use it once years ago. I don't recall ever seeing another pair of these rare planes. They are 4 3/8" long. G+ $265

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