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Wooden Planes

Explanation of Our Condition Grading System

Frequently Asked Vintage Tool Questions

for British, Canadian, & European Wooden Planes

American Wooden Planes

D. Colton, Phila, Warranted D. Colton, Phila, Warranted

WP14084 D. Colton, Phila, Warranted A medium sized smoothing plane, with a 1 3/4" wide blade. The blade is the original Butcher iron and looks to be near full length. The mouth is still tight too. This plane has only seen moderate use, although the wedge has some roughness, more from careless use than wear. This plane has the highly desireable tool logo mark on the front, which I personally love. Great color and surface, from a high-end Pennsylvania collection. G+ $159

Hills & Windship, Springfield, MS

WP140650 Hills & Windship, Springfield, MS An as found 1/4" dado that is crisp but a bit dirty. A very nice plane that should clean to at least G++ $65

J. Pearce, New York, No 108

WP140655 J. Pearce, New York, No 108 A crisp and little used coffin smoothing plane with a tight mouth. The original iron is 2" wide and by Ohio Tool co. Untouched, with a few minor dings, but about as nice as you can hope to find a coffin smoothing plane, which was a real workhouse in every shop. G++ Sold

H. Chapin, Union Factory

WP140658 H. Chapin, Union Factory A number 238 handled beech plow with boxed fence. Retains one original Chapin marked iron in 5/16". As found with nice patina. No damage, just normal moderate wear. The skate has no rust and a light patina, much better than most. This is a nice user or collector's grade plow. Needs a light cleaning with wax and a soft rag. G+ Sold

Thos Holliday  & Co. Cin, O.

WP140665 Thos Holliday & Co. Cin, O. A moving fillester with a rare Cincinnati mark. (At least I don't recall seeing it before.). The plane is as found and has most of its original iron. You would think that it would rate higher but it just isn't that crisp. It will make a great user or collector's piece. Good Sold

G. Roseboom, CINt O G. Roseboom, CINt O

WP140628 G. Roseboom, CINt O A rare American badger plane by a scarce early Ohio maker. This plane may have been lightly cleaned by a collector, but it looks fine. The mouth was opened a bit on the rabbeted side, which does not surprise me, as these planes often clog on that side. The original owner was, afterall, a user, not a collector. A nice example of a rare American form. 16 inches long. Full original iron, marked "Baldwin Tool Co., Butcher's Steel." The reputation of the Butcher works in this country at that time is hard to grasp today. The works are an historic site today, and they really are not that big to have had such a far reaching repuration. G+ $145

A. M. Seaman, Ithaca, NY A. M. Seaman, Ithaca, NY

WP140632 A. M. Seaman, Ithaca, NY A medium sized coffin smoothing plane by a rare American maker. AWP lists this maker as 2 stars, which only shows us how arbitrary the star ratins are. I have never had a plane by this maker before. The plane is as found but lightly used, with a 1 3/4" wide Baldwin iron and measuring 6 inches overall. The mouth is quite tight, showing how little use the plane has had. There is a chip behind the blade, which won't hurt anything. The wedge has very pronounced chamfering reminiscent of an early plane. Mr. Seaman was a carpenter and seems to have made planes on the side, but did not have employees and thus had a very limited production. Needs a good cleaning but will clean nicely. I held the condition grading down though because of the chip. G+ Sold

Scioto Works

WP14069 Scioto Works This is a clean and lightly used 22" fore plane. It has the original Ohio Tool Co. iron, that looks to be full original length. There is a small sliver missing from the right lower edge where it probably hit a bench dog. Otherwise no complaints and a much nicer bench plane that most. G++ Sold

Arrowmammett Works, Middletown

WP140559 Arrowmammett Works, Middletown This is a big moving fillester, exactly the tool that you need to use in conjuction with a molding plane or hollows & rounds. Any suggestion that snipe bills were used to prepare the stock is nonesense, this is the plane that was most relied upon. This one is missing the nicker and nicker wedge, but since moldings are not cust across the grain, it is not needed to use if for preparing stock. It also has a hang hole drilled in the front. As found, this plane will need a bit of tuning but it will be a great user. G+ Sold

C. Cumings, Boston C. Cumings, Boston

WP140513 C. Cumings, Boston This is a massive and wonderful wooden jointer. It weighs approximately 12 pounds and is 30 inches long with a 2 3/4" iron. It is in crisp, as found condition and appears to have seen little use. The tote is applewood and has particularly nice color. I don't recall ever seeing such a large and heavy jointer, with the exception of an English one that was probably made for display. A very special tool. With a very light cleaning I would say that it will rate better than G++ $189

Chapin-Stephens Co.

WP140531 Chapin-Stephens Co. A very crisp and little used toothing plane. It has a full Buck Brothers iron, which will be superb. It is also marked by the retailer, Hammacher-Schlemmer. Nicely cleaned by a collector, it is ready to use. G++ Sold

D. Colton, 179 Market St. 489 S. 2nd St. Philada

WP14042 D. Colton, 179 Market St. 489 S. 2nd St. Philada A massive panel raiser with a 4" wide Butcher iron. Dark as found condition, it should clean up nicely. The mark is not super clear, but it is unusual in having both addresses for Colton shown on the same plane. One was probably added later when they moved and the plane was still in stock, but that is pure speculation on my part. I don't think that this plane has seen much use. G+ $269

John Veit, Phila, Cor. Newmarket & Green Street

WP140320 John Veit, Phila, Cor. Newmarket & Green Street This is a 22" razee fore plane made in figured applewood. It is striking by any measure. It retains would is most likely its original Butcher iron, worn but still above the wedge, The top of the wedge is rough from battering. Otherwise, this plane would rate higher but a collector has cleaned it with steel wool and it has that unatural smooth surface as a result. A rare and beautiful American plane. Good Sold

Craftsman Made Craftsman Made Craftsman Made

WP131234 Craftsman Made A very scarce early birch, New England jointer. Early bench planes, American or otherwise are very scarce. This one is craftsman made but has great style, with beaded molding on the upper edges, a round topped wedged, and a great tote. The blade is marked "Frederick Stones". Stones was an early iron maker, but I have not seen his full name marked on an iron before. It also has a crown motif. Great as found condition. A rare survivor in very collectable condition. G+ $165

J.L. Cluff, Maker J.L. Cluff, Maker

WP131228 J.L. Cluff, Maker A rare solid Lignum shipwright's coffin smoothing plane with a 1 7/8" Moulson Iron. This plane is in untouched condition and shows very little use, no abuse, and no problems. The wedge is beech, which is correct. A lignum wedge will not hold well on a rosewood plane. 8 3/4" long. The lignum has quite a bit of figure and has the the original finish. I should confess that I am not totally sure that it is lignum, as I have not seen this much figure in lignum before. A rare Maine maker. This is a connoisseur's plane and with a light cleaning will rate at least G++ Sold

W. Steele, Wheeling W. Steele, Wheeling W. Steele, Wheeling

WP13117 W. Steele, Wheeling A rare American screw arm sash fillester by a Virginia maker, and yes, Wheeling was in Virginia when this plane was made. Steele planes are scarce and American sash fillesters are scarce. A sash fillester by Steele is unique in my experience. It has a boxwood faced fence, but I don't see how the boxwood is held on. It is not done like one would expect with a sliding dovetail. The depth stop is friction fit and is still tight. The plane doesn't look to have seen much user. I would have rated it higher but for small nicks on the arms and one nut. One arm is split at the base, as is common, but it is tight. For the advanced wooden plane collector. G+ $345

Unmarked (SanduskyTool Co.) Unmarked (SanduskyTool Co.) Unmarked (SanduskyTool Co.) Unmarked (SanduskyTool Co.)

WP131071 Unmarked (SanduskyTool Co.) This is one of the holy grails of tool collecting, a center wheel plow plane. This one is in rosewood. It is not marked and would have been left unmarked for a retailer to mark it. It comes with a full set of Sandusky irons. The brass may be lightly cleaned some time ago, but if so, only lightly. The rest of the plane is definitely untouched and retains much of its original polished finish. The depth stop screw has knurling that matches the arm locking screws. Typically these planes have a plain thumbscrew, so this is something special. The wood screws are round headed, and the arms to not have brass lugs in them, both of which features make me think that the plane was made in the later period when Sandusky used round headed screws on its plows and dropped the brass lug from the arms. One of the skate screws was missing, and the threads were stripped. I found a screw that was identicial in size, except for being slightly longer. This screw looks perfect from the outside, but if you remove it you will see that it doesn't match the other screws. There is also a chip in one of the four bushings that keep the arms tight in the body. Overall, this is a wonderful example that is superior in condition to the famous example that held the record for years as the most expensive plane. Since then more of them have come onto the market and you can buy this plane for about half of the record of all those years ago. This palne should take pride of place in a good collection. G++ Sold

Unmarked Unmarked Unmarked

WP130941 Unmarked A classic 18th Century Yankee plow. The fence is more nicely molded than most, but otherwise it is a model of the form. Sadly, both thrumbscrews are missing and it has the wrong wedge and iron. That is there is great, and could easily be restored to complete by making these parts. Crisp untouched condtion. Ten inches long. G+ $89

J. Hobbs J. Hobbs

WP1306113 J. Hobbs A 1 1/2" skewed rabbet plane made from a dense tropical wood. It is similar to boxwood but I don't think that it is boxwood, Maybe Satinwood? The wedge is rosewood. The maker is listed in the AWP book as a few examples spotted but nothing known about the maker. Quite an unusual plane for the maker and the woods. G+ $129

P. Chapin, Maker, Balto P. Chapin, Maker, Balto

WP130363 P. Chapin, Maker, Balto A rare 1 1/2" wide rosewood rabbet plane. Signed American or British planes, other than plow planes , are rarely found made from exotic woods. Baltimore makers did do this more than others, but they are still rare by any measure. This plane is very smooth to the touch and was probably "cleaned" with extra-fine steel wool. There is a bit of tear out in the wood on the left side, but I believe that this is original to its manufacture. A rare and highly desirable tool. G+ $249

T. Small T. Small

WP130234 T. Small A classic American fixed width panel raiser that cuts a 1 5/8" wide field. The iron, by Butcher, is heavily skewed and the wedge has great early 19th Century chamfering. The Strike button is diamond shaped in the classic style. It is flat on top, which is unusual, and maybe it was trimmed down. This mark is an early version of the mark that appears in AWP and is probably closer to 1800-1810 period. The handle is loose and needs to be reglued. The surface has a dull look and I suspect that a collector wiped it down with mineral spirits, or something similar, a long time ago. A bit of wax will bring the surface back. There is some ink staining along the lower left side of the plane. This is a great plane. G++ $345

N. Spaulding, Ithica

WP130150 N. Spaulding, Ithaca A 2" wide jack rabbet plane with a wedged nicker. Most have a friction fit nicker. This plane is a cut above the typical late 19th Century factory made example of this form. The handle is loose and needs to be regued. There is one old sliver missing from the tote spur, on the top edge. It is as found and a bit dirty but will clean up nicely to at least G+ Sold

H. Chapin H. Chapin

WP12121 H. Chapin A miniature compassed boxwood smoothing plane, 5 inches long and with a 1 1/4" wide double iron. There is a small old chip in the upper left hand corner, but the plane has a nice even patina so that the chip does not stand out. It has a plated throat, which I would judge to be original based on the way that it was installed. This is a ver scarce plane, and to my mind very desirable. G+ $169

J. Colton, 379 Market St. Phila

WP121123 J. Colton, 379 Market St. Phila A rare screw arm Philadelphia sash fillester in decent as found condition. The wedge is a bit beat up but otherwise the wear doen't bother me. I can count on one hand how many of these I have s seen in 25 years, and they usually worn to death, or othewwise wanting. This one is a very honest example that I could live with, not perfect, but decent and unmolested. Good $295

Sandusky Tool Co Sandusky Tool Co Sandusky Tool Co

WP121026 Sandusky Tool Co This is a rare handled screw arm moving fillester. I don't recall ever seeing another one by Sandusky. It is in nice untouched condition with lovely patina on the wood and metal parts. There is some serious chipping on the threads of the rear arm near the fence support. There are also small chips on the wedge and some chipping around the countersunk screws that hold the fence on. None of these things would dissuade me from such a rare piece. A nice touch is how the fence has a shallow recess to allow the fence to go under the sole and not hit the blade. I have not seen this done before, but it seems to be factory and is a great idea. Clearly this plane was seen by Sandusky as something a bit special and worth of that extra attention. G+ $285

C. Warren, Nashua C. Warren, Nashua C. Warren, Nashua

WP12062 C. Warren, Nashua A wonderful boxwood smoothing plane. It is 7 1/2" long with a full 1 1/2" W. Greaves iron that has a lovely stamp. The boxwood has a perfect color. This plane has a rare feature that the throat is adjustable via a fitted mouthpiece held from the top by a screw. When I bought this plane I showed it to Roger Smith, and he told me that he had seen several other examples by the same maker, but that he had never found any period documentation on the feature. Clearly it was a rare original feature, although it is unlikely that a patent was involved. The plane has some chipping on the upper edge of the wedge and some chipping behind the blade on the sole. Boxwood is very tough, but it can be brittle. Highly recommended. G+ $295

Antique Wooden Plane

WP101214 A&E Baldwin A solid boxwood plow plane with fantastic color. The boxwood has perfect honey patina, and the brass trim is untouched with great color. The iron skate has light pitting, as do the iron skate screws. One of the fence screws is a later replacement. Otherwise without fault and a particularly nice plow plane. I love the form of the nuts. G+ $365
See Picture

Antique Wooden Plane

WP101149 M. Robbins (? faint) An extraordinarily rare curved joiner's rabbet plane. This plane appears to be a Pennsylvania made plane of around 1800. The body is 1 9/16" wide and the plane is just under 9 inches. The wedge is period, but it is made of chestnut and I would not want to have to say if it was original or not. The iron is not a perfect fit and I don't think it is right, but it is close enough that it could be. The mark is faint and I am not sure of my translation, but it certainly looks like maker's mark to me, and looks like the same mark maker as Heiss and a few others from that area. From one of this country's truly premier collections. G++ $485

Antique Wooden Plane

WP100326 Unmarked This is a rare curved side rabbet plane, measuring 6 inches long and probably owned by a coachmaker. From an important American collection. G+ Sold
See Picture

Antique Wooden Plane

WP90718 Unmarked This is a particularly nice craftsman made compassed miniature smoothing plane in birch. The plane is 4 3/8" wide and the blade is just under 1" wide. The blade was made by cutting an old bench plane iron in half. Waste not want not! The color and finish on this plane are superb. It has that lovely old color that well loved birch gets. Highly recommended. G++ $95

Antique Wooden Plane

WP61259 J. Colton, 247 South 2nd St., Phila. This is a very rare child's jack plane. Measures a bit over 13". Absolutely as found and needing a gentle cleaning. The only one that I have ever seen outside of ones made by the big factories. Good $69

for top of American Wooden Planes

British, Canadian, & European Wooden Planes

John Green

WP14088 John Green A very scarce 5/32" cock bead fillester, for creating the rebate on a drawer front when creating a cock beaded drawer front. Believe me, if you want to do cock beaded drawers, you need this tool. I tried it once without one and that was not a good situation. This plane is nicely waxed by a collector with a nice color. G+ Sold

Wm.  Moss

WP140548 Wm. Moss A clean as found pair of late 18th Century side rebate planes. The wedge finials are very round, giving them a classic look. The planes have only been lightly used and are worthy of a good collection or a discerning user. G++ Sold

Buck, 245 Tottenham Ct. Rd

WP140441 Buck, 245 Tottenham Ct. Rd A fixed radius compass plane in a smaller size than usual. The blade is 1 5/8" and by Ward. The sole has some dings on it as if the plane was used to hit something. It is not too bad but it makes me cringe that anyone would be so callous. A nice looking plane and certainly reasonably priced. Good $35

Malloch, Perth

WP14045 Malloch, Perth This is a group of 8 beads that were all owned by the same G. E. Greaves. There is a matching set of 7 beads by Malloch as well as one bead by John Green that clearly he acquired second hand. The Malloch planes are sizes 3/16", 5/16", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4" and 7/8". They all have some staining but are mostly pretty crisp condition, the exception being the smallest one, which shows more wear. Its wedge is a bit battered, but the plane is fully boxed and is still a great user. The John Green plane is a 3/4" taurus bead. The removable fillet is removed and gone. This is a nice set of planes, but it is not really quite up to our usual standards, so I priced it to sell. Good to G++ $195


WP140391 Varvill This is an as found 22" fore plane with a good crisp sole that is not heavily worn. The plane is dark and a bit dirty, and has some tool box rash. The front is a bit crusty and I can't read the mark, but I can clearly see the Varvill coat of arms symbol. The blade is by Coloquon & Cadman, one of the great Sheffield makers. This will make a great user at a modest price. G+ Sold


WP1403111 Unmarked A lovely untouched boxwood box style chamfer plane in a delicate cabinetmaker's size. The plane is only 5 inches long. Probably made by a cabinetmaker for his own use and a real gem. G++ Sold

W. Marples & Sons

WP140381 W. Marples & Sons This is a dirty as found jack plane, but it only shows moderate wear and will make a great user. It has nearly its full original Marples marked iron. This is not one of the late Marples wooden planes. It is hard to date these precisely but it is certainly pre-War and probably pre-Great War. Sold$69

D. Malloch & Son, Perth

WP140318 D. Malloch & Son, Perth A nice little used toothing plane that was made from tiger beech. You rarely see British planes with this kind of figure. It is really spectacular. G+ Sold

Buck, 242 Tottenham Ct Rd

WP140223 Buck, 242 Tottenham Ct Rd A small wooden compass plane with a 1 5/8" wide iron and 6 3/8" long. Waxed by a collector. G+ $39

Unmarked Unmarked

WP14018 Unmarked A 7/16" size fishing rod plane G+ $75

C. Nurse & Co. Ltd, 181 & 183 Walworth Rd, London S.E.

WP131246 C. Nurse & Co. Ltd, 181 & 183 Walworth Rd, London S.E. A particularly nice compassed coachmaker's rebate plane. 1 1/2" wide blade, and 6 1/4" long. Crisp as found condition with a nice patina. G++ $49

T. Hall, Newcastle

WP130926 T. Hall, Newcastle A 3/8" going and coming match plane. A scarce size, a scarce maker, and a scarce form for a British maker. There are some cut marks on the tongue side where a saw was used to clear clogs. This is not an uncommon phenomenon. A great user or collector's piece. G+ $98

Craftsman Made

WP130863 Craftsman Made A nicely proportioned squirrel tail miniature compassed rabbet plane. The sole is 13/16" wide and 2 3/4" long. Nice color and surface. This plane has been spuriously marked A. Mathieson & Son, Glasgow, by an unscrupulous dealer, however no knowledgeable person would mistake this plane for being a Mathieson product. I have seen so many of these Mathieson fakes in the last 15 or so years that I wonder how many unsophisticated collectors have been fooled by them. This is why one should deal with a reputable dealer. G+ $55

John Hazey

WP130820 John Hazey A massive 1 1/4" long, 1 1/2" wide compassed rebate, with great patina. Totally as found. This plane was really used and has holes on both sides from attached fences. I don't know it it started out live compassed or not, but it it modified, there is nothing to indicate that. It does have a lot on the left for a friction fit nicker, which is absent. Not a pristine plane, but a nice as found survivor. Made in London around the time of the American Revolution, or a bit earlier, yet cheaper than dinner in a fine restaurant. Good $65

W. Sanderson, Stockport W. Sanderson, Stockport

WP130687 W. Sanderson, Stockport An as found bronze plane, with a boxwood wedge, that I believe was made fo the hat making trade. but I am not sure. The blade is about 3/8" wide but it only cuts on half of the blade. Lovely color and really a great piece. It is also marked 258, which could be a serial number or perhaps a model number. G+ $195

E. Preston & Sons

WP1305124 E. Preston & Sons A really superb Preston patent chamfer plane. This plane is as found with great surface. The brass nose piece still has most of its original lacquer and is unmolsested. The plane also retains most of its original polish finish. It needs to be cleaned with a rag and wax but it will clean to at least G++ $165

C. Nurse, & Co 182 & 184 Waltworth Rd. London

WP130452 C. Nurse, & Co 182 & 184 Waltworth Rd. London A matched pair of boxwood coachmaker's minitature rebate planes in boxwood. They are 4 1/4" long and 3/4" wide. one has curved sides and a flat sole and the other has flat sides and a compassed sole. Matching owner's marks. Lovely boxwood patina. Connoisseur grade. Fine $165

E. Preston & Sons

WP130365 E. Preston & Sons This is the much scarcer Preston style of chamfer plane which uitilizes the cap iron, which is 3/8" thick, not act as a throat and a depth stop. These planes are cabable of better work than the common style, but the trade-off is that they are much more finicky to set up. Just under 5 1/2" long. Lovley untouched condition. G++ $145

Edward Preston/ Turtle, Croydon

WP130274 Edward Preston/ Turtle, Croydon A medium sized fixed compass plane by Preston, with the original Preston iron, and also marked by Turtle, a dealer in Croydon. Nice patina, having been carefully waxed by a collector. 1 3/4" blade. G+ $58

W. J. Armour, from John Moseley & Son

WP130210 W. J. Armour, from John Moseley & Son A crisp and little used coachmaker's 1 1/2" wide T-rebate. I would have rated this tool fine but the patina is a bit uneven. Still a very nice plane in untouched condition. G++ $59

Routledge, Birmingham

WP130141 Routledge, Birmingham A classic Preston's patent chamfer plane. I was just using one of these last night. Trying to do stop chamfers wihout a chamfer plane or sharve is a nightmare. This tool makes it so easy. This tool is as found and rates a solid fine, except for a cluster of unsightly dings on the wedge where it was struck to knock it out. 5 3/4" long. G+ $139

D. Malloch, Perth D. Malloch, Perth D. Malloch, Perth D. Malloch, Perth

WP121029 D. Malloch, Perth The term New Old Stock is so overused that it makes me sick, but this sash fillester plane is truly just that. I bought it about 20 years ago. It sat for since new in the tool store of Fred Murray, the owner of Murray's tool shop in Edinburgh. This is a family business that has been in business for generations. Why this plane was never sold I don't know, but Fred Murray decided that he would be the one to end that, and so I ended up owning it. The plane has the classic side, corner, and top dovetailed boxing that represents a true tour de force of wooden planemaking. How they fit 4 dovetails, with three different orientations onto one piece of boxing is beyond me. This is a once in a lifetime chance to own a NOS Scottish sash fillester that has remained pristine for many generations. I would not recommend this plane to a user. In 30 years I have not seen anything else like it and this plane should remain unused. Fine+ $995

Bewley, Leeds

WP120677 Bewley, Leeds A very scarce cock bead fillester. Cuts just over 1/8" wide. The main blade is a replacment that has been ground to fit. It looks like it will be usable. It has nice color and has been properly waxed by a collector. G+ $245

Heathcott, Sheffield Heathcott, Sheffield

WP120371 Heathcott, Sheffield A wooden mitre plane with the boxwood throught wear compensator. The sides show normal wear from being used on a shute board. The iron is 2 1/2" wide and the plane is 12" long. If you look closely on the sole you can see the marks that indicate that somebody ran it across a power jointer. It is patined in so that must have been a while ago. This is a very nice plane. G+ $369

Antique Wooden Plane Antique Wooden Plane Antique Wooden Plane

WP110215 Unmarked A lovely fruitwood smoothing plane that I would guess is either south German, Swiss, or Austrian. Very nicely decorated, and with a very pleasing patina. I am not sure of the age, but it could be 18th Century. The iron is marked "FRHA" with a mark that certainly looks like it could be 18th Century. There is some old worming, primarily towards the front. Measures 11 3/8" long. I have had this plane for 20 years, and before that it was in the great Harold Prucha collection. Highly recommended. Good $465

Early Carved Plane Early Carved Plane

100420 Early Carved Plane An beautiful carved European smoothing plane, presumably 18th or possibly early 19th Century. These types of craftsperson made planes are notoriously hard to date, and while I don't think that it would be later, I could believe that it was earlier. This plane has a North Wind figure blowing up at the user as he planes. The plane has a horn in the front, that is carved with a scroll. The plane is hornbeam, the horn is beech, and there is an applied sole that was probably added to compensate for wear, and is maple. This plane has a wonderful patina, and has always been well cared for, but well used. The blade is all but worn out. The wedge is clearly period, but I have no way to tell for sure if is original or not. I would guess that this plane is either German, Swiss, or Austrian, but again this is just an educated guess. Formerly in the Dermot and Cynthia Roche collection, as sold by David Stanley some years ago, this is a museum quality tool. Measures 10 inches overall. G+ $1795

Antique Wooden Plane Antique Wooden Plane

WP100559 Craftsman Made This is something very special. It is a solid boxwood smoother that has been carefully fashioned to duplicate the lines of a classic mid-19th Century London Pattern infill smoothing plane. Clearly the orginal owner was envious of his friends with their infill planes, and he thought that he would one up them with this. The workmanship is remarkable, the boxwood gorgeous, and the creativity of it charming. I really like this one. It's special. G+ $495

Antique Wooden Plane Antique Wooden Plane

WP91118 Benton, Leeds An 18th Century panel raiser by a scarce Leeds maker. This is the style with the extra bevel to allow the panel to enter the groove at a more shallow angle. It has an original uncut round top iron by P. Law with the crown. The iron is down around the top of the wedge. The width is 1 1/8 to where the secondary bevel begins. So the panels it would be best for would be 1 3/8" to about 1 5/8". Nicely waxed and from a very good British collection. G+ $345

Antique Wooden Plane Antique Wooden Plane

WP80428 Unmarked This is a rare matched pair of Scottish door check planes. They have been in my collection for more than 15 years. They are uncleaned and could use a careful waxing. The right side plane is in perfect condition, little used with a full iron. The left side plane is more worn, and the iron is down below the top of the wedge, and the side is split from shrinkage on the blade. It is still perfectly useable and in fact I did use it once years ago. I don't recall ever seeing another pair of these rare planes. They are 4 3/8" long. G+ $265

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