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Infill & Other British Metal Planes

British Metal Planes, commonly referred to as infill planes, represent the pinnacle of refinement in cabinetmaking planes. These planes came into vogue during a time when industrialization allowed products of remarkable precision to be made for a wide market, but at the same time fine hand work was still being done. Infill planes proliferated in the second half of the nineteenth century. While production lingered on until the early 1950s in a few isolated cases, The Great War really sounded the death knell for this type of tool. Today, these tools are avidly sought by both users and collectors. Their elegant lines and unequaled performance stimulating interest in both groups. When perusing the planes in this section, it must be remembered that the very nature of these planes meant that production would be relatively small. Today, the supply of good examples is very limited. We do sell quite a few Norris and Spiers planes, but it must be borne in mind that these planes are far too scarce to maintain a constant stock of good planes at a reasonable price. Planes by lesser known makers, while often of similar quality, are typically much easier to acquire, simply due to their lessor fame.

In our New Tools Section you will find a complete selection of parallel irons for infill planes custom made for us by Ron Hock.

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Mathieson, Glasgow Mathieson, Glasgow Mathieson, Glasgow

BM140831 Mathieson, Glasgow A 13 1/2" panel plane that would have been made for Mathieson by Norris. The metal work is in nice condition and this will be a great user. The woodwork looks OK, but on close inspection you will see that the top 1/4" of the front bun is replaced, typically to remove severe hammering. There is also a patch in the toe, where damage is very unusual, and I can not explain this. The rear looks OK, although the front and rear have been refinished to match. The iron is a replacement, but a proper one by Ward and Payne and is a great fit, giving the plane a tight mouth, as it should have. This is the chance to buy what is essentially a Norris #1 panel plane, and a great user, for a very modest price. G+ $595

Buck, 242 Tottenham Ct. Rd

BM140835 Buck, 242 Tottenham Ct. Rd A 15 1/2" Norris #1 panel plane, that was made for the retailer Buck, and bears the Buck mark. The sides and sole have been carefully cleaned but have scattered light pitting. Nothing that will matter as a user. The blade is a proper period replacement by Ward & Payne, presumably put in during the planes original working life. It is a perfect fit, preserving the plane's tight mouth. About 40% remains on this blade. The lever cap is uncleaned and retains some original lacquer as well as being patinated. The front bun has been sheared off and glued back, which is not that uncommon these Norris panel planes, as this was a weak point. The woodwork is nice and this period repair doesn't bother me. The wood does have an overcloat of some more recent finish. A nicer user plane at a an easy to live with price point for what is a genuine Norris plane. G+ $750

Unmarked Unmarked

BM140810 Unmarked A gunmetal chariot plane with a rosewood wedge. I am confidence that this plane was made by Miller, but Miller for some reason only signed a fraction of this work. He always used Marples irons and this one retains the original iron, which shows wear but is still above the back of the wedge. It has been lightly polished and at some point but a nice patina is slowly returning. Th e sole is 1 7/8" by 3 3/4". A great user or collector's piece. G+ $495

Buck, 242 Tottenham Ct Rd Buck, 242 Tottenham Ct Rd

BM140814 Buck, 242 Tottenham Ct Rd An unhandled coffin smoothing plane, really a Norris #4 made for Buck to retail. This is the larger size with a 2 1/4" wide blade. The blade is a tapered iron that doesn't belong with this plane and gives it wider mouth gap than it should have. One of our custom made Hock irons should be fitted. The lever cap has been hand polished, which for a user is no bid deal. The wood is also good for a user. The rear fill looks untouched except perhaps for being waxed. The front fill has had a chunk knocked off and glued back on, then refinished with a darker finish to obscure the repair. The body has been "cleaned" with a wire brush, leaving that orange peel surface. This process tends to round the forward edge of the mouth, which causes this type of plane to perform no better than a Bailey style plane. I recommend in this case to lap the sole to restore the crisp mouth which allows an infill plane to be used with a very tight mouth, thus minimizing tear out. If you do all of this, you will get a fantastic user plane, made by Norris, for about half the price that it would bring without any issues. G+ Sold

Norris, London Norris, London Norris, London

BM140659 Norris, London This is a very scarce top-of-the-line Norris #17 gunmetal smoothing plane with a closed handle. The later 17s, which are not common, had closed handles. This is one of the first of these and still retains the fancy hold down screw, and has a lighter, more elegantly formed handle than the later ones. It does have the closed front casting of the later style. I would guess that this plane was made between 1910 and 1920, but there was very little production during the war years, so it is more likely from 1910 - 1914. Wonderful original patina and a good numbered iron. The iron is not marked Norris, which is another hint that it is probably pre-Great War. The only fault that I can find with this plane is that an idiot hit the area around the maker's mark on the blade with a wire wheel. This is a piece for the serious Norris collector. G++ Sold

Craftsman Made Craftsman Made Craftsman Made

BM140662 Craftsman Made This is a quite elegant infill badger plane. I was outbid on this plane in an English auction over 20 years ago. The tool world is a small world and the same tools come back if you wait long eough. The gunmetal lever cap had been polished at that tiem bit it has toned down nicely and is starting to develop a patina again. The front bun is angled to match the blade skew and is shaped with a bolection molding. The effect is stunning and I find this plane to be really appealing. The wood has no damage but is covered with relatively heavy tool box rash from years of being in the bottom of a tool box. The sides were cleaned, probably when the lever cap was polished, and are also toning down nicely now. The sole is 11 3/4" by 2 1/2". Bader style infill planes are almost always craftsman made, and are scarce. The form of this one is the most appealing example that I have seen. G+ Sold

Norris, London Norris, London

BM140640 Norris, London This is a little used Norris A2 from the mid to late 1920s. It has the 1922 patent adjuster, but still has a numbered iron. The numbering of irons was discontinued some time in the late 1920s. The iron is 2 1/4" wide and nearly its full original length. The rosewood has no damage but has some moderate tool box rash. The steel sides and sole were cleaned at one time and have a light patina with spots of very light pitting. Some of the finish was carelessly rubbed off of the wood on the sides when the body was cleaned. The mouth is very tight and crisp, as it should be. As a user, this plane could not be improved upon, and for a collector, it is a nice example although not a superb example. The lever cap retains about 70% of the original lacquer. A2s this nice have become quite hard to find. G+ Sold

Norris, London Norris, London

BM140551 Norris, London This is a Norris number 7 shoulder plane in 1 1/4" size with a near full original Norris marked iron, numbered to the plane. This plane has been modified to accept with fence and depth stop from a Stanley 78 plane, creating a Norris moving fillester. The surface of the sides have swirling marks where an idiot used a power tool to "clean" it. It had been coated with lacquer, traces of which remain. Had the fool left the lacquer, I would have asked more. The mouth has been opened a bit to make it work as a fillester and there is some minor pitting in spots on the sole. This will still make a good user and could be quite handy if you want to use the provisions for the fence and depth stop. The blade alone is worth what I am asking since any residue of collector's value has been purged from this one. At this price though it is a gift. G+ Sold

Unmarked Unmarked Unmarked

BM14059 Unmarked This is a crisp gunmetal shoulder plane, almost certainly made by Holland, but not marked. The infill is ebony and has his trademark peaked front fill. The plane is not polished and has a nice even patina and a good tight mouth. The 1 1/4" wide blade has about 70% remaining. The blade tang has some heavy rust, which will not impact use. There is also some rust on the working area of the blade. It looks to me like this will not be an issue, but it will have to be addressed. This caused me to lower the grading a notch and make it cheap. A good user or a collector's grade plane. G+ $269

T (Thackeray)

BM140339 T (Thackeray) This is a noticably heavy 3/4" cast-iron rebate plane. It is just under 9 inches long and the infill is ebony. It is marked only with a capital T, which is how Thackeray marked his shoulder and rebate planes. It is in lovely as found condition, with about 60% of what I believe to be the original iron remaining. I would have gone a grade higher but for some minor dings in the wood along the top. This plane has a tight mouth and will be a fantastic user at a modest price compated to a comparable example by one of the top-tier makers. G++ $229

Holland, Maker, London Holland, Maker, London Holland, Maker, London

BM140378 Holland, Maker, London This is an important early Holland smoothing plane from an important London collection. This plane is in the mid-19th Century London pattern style, and has an earlier style bridge than is typical for Holland. The wedge is battered but looks original, and has the snecked sides that Slater was known for. I have long thought that Holland originated this style. The blade and cap iron are much earlier from the plane, but look like they have been with it for a long time. They are round topped and by James Cam. The rear rosewood infill is in nice condition but the front fill was changed, in the original period of use, to a horn shape reminiscent of a Continental plane. The rear casting is cracked from being hit with a hammer to adjust the plane. Despite its flaws, this is a good usable plane and the earliest Holland plane that I can recall seeing. For the Holland scholar. Good $395

Edward Preston & Sons

BM140325 Edward Preston & Sons A very clean Preston bullnose with about 70% of the original iron remaining. There are a few small spots on the sides that kept it from rating fine. G++ $179

J. Buck, London

BM140329 J. Buck, London A 1 1/16" wide iron bullnose plane that was probably made by Holland. It retains about 30% of the original Ward iron. The of the rosewood wedge has a chip knocked out of it, a flaw often seen on Holland planes. The plane has been lightly cleaned overall with something like steel wool. Not an appropriate thing to do, but in this case the plane is OK and a bit of handling will erase any evidence of this encounter. A nice little plane but not quite good enough for a discnerning collector. Hence the low price. G+ $185

Norris, London Norris, London

BM140165 Norris, London A 1 1/2" wide dovetailed steel #22 shoulder plane. The 22 available as a cast plane or for a higher price as a dovetailed plane. This example has a near full original numbered and Norris marked iron. It is a later example, probably from between the wars, and is marked 22 on the front. The wood is untouched but the sides and sole are very clean and may have been lapped. The rear is untouched and shows the patina that the rest of the plane should have had. A great user and modestly priced. G+ $499

Melhuish, London (Spiers) Melhuish, London (Spiers)

BM13121 Melhuish, London (Spiers) A very scarce Spiers made gunemtal shoulder plane. This is marked for the London retailer, Melhuish, but is a Spiers 1 1/2" wide gunmetal shoulder plane. Spiers gunmetal shoulder planes are very scarce by any measure. The dovetailed variety typically sell for much more, but the cast type, like this one, are in my experience even more scarce. This plane has better than 90% remaining of the original Ibbottson iron. The mark on the iron is interesting, in that I have never noticed this mark before. It reads, "Thos Ibbotson & Co., Makers Sheffield". The wood is highly figured rosewood. There is one check in the top of the fill, which is the result of using a piece with so much figure. The mouth is very tight, as you would want. The plane has been polished overall. Not buffed, but polished such that it will need to be handled a lot to rebuild the patina. An exciting find for the advanced collector. G++ $1595

E Preston

BM131054 E Preston A nice as found Preston nickel plated, non-adjustable bullnose plane, with about 30% of its original numbered iron remaining. Retains about 95% of the original nickel and has a nice tight mouth as well. This is a relatively scarce model. G++ Sold

A. Mathieson, Glasgow A. Mathieson, Glasgow

BM12033 A. Mathieson, Glasgow A scarce 1" rebate plane with about 80% original iron and in nice untouched condition. I compared this plane to a a Norris marked example in my own collection and the wedge profile is an exact match. This is the early style Norris wedge profile and I would think that this plane is probably pre-1900. The mouth appears to have been slightly opened. The original owner probably didn't even consider the wants of future collectors, and just wanted a plane that didn't clog when he took heavier cuts. Needless to day our price reflects this modification. G++ Our consignor has request a price reduction to Sold

Badger, London

BM13081 Badger, London A scarce gunmetal bullnose plane by Badger. Badger planes were usually only marked on the iron, so when the iron is used up, the mark is gone. This plane still has the original Badger marked W&P iron with about 5/16" remaining. It is a 1 1/16" wide plane. The rosewood wedge is still in nice condition and still seats properly so that the side profile of the plane is maintained. Badger was veyr particular to have a certain look from the side. His planes are very sculptural. I have even had one smoother that was filled with highly figured birch. The srike button on this plane is of a proper type, but has recently been added. It is as new, and below it, the plane shows evidence of repeated strikes. The gunmetal retains a light patina, but has been lightly polished. the sides have some tool box rasp. The sole is good and it still has a nice tight mouth. Overall this is quite respectible example of a quite scarce plane. Good $345

Norris, London Norris, London

BM130623 Norris, London This is a scarce and highly sought after Norris A7 in 1" width. It has a full original numbered iron, and most of the original finish on the rosewood. There is some light and medium light pitting on the right side. The sole and left side are without issue. This is really a nice example and will make a great user or collector's piece. I have seen similar examples bring twice as much money, but not in this economy. G+ $2995

Spiers, Ayr Spiers, Ayr

BM1305105 Spiers, Ayr A scarce Spiers 9/16" rebate with about 80% of the original Ward & Payne iron remaining. One of the best that I have seen, especially in this size. The mouth is as tight as a good Norris. Fine $595


BM130458 Unmarked A relatively early dovetailed wrought iron rebate plane. This is the unusual style where the wedge is cut into one piece of infill, rather than being as wide as the infill. That must have been much harder to do, and is quite unusual. I have seen a few Robert Towell planes with this feature, but I don't know for sure who made this plane. I presume that it is London made and first half of the 19th Century. The Ward iron retains about 35-40%. The wedge is a little battered on the lower edge of the finial. It has a nice tight mouth and would be a great user that was probably once making fine London quality furniture. 9" long and just over 3/4" wide. G+ $265

Edward Preston

BM1303111 Edward Preston A very clean 1 1/8" wide Preton patent adjustable bullnose retaining about all of the original bright nickel and 60% of the original blade. Connoisseur Grade. Fine $189

Spiers, Ayr

BM13031 Spiers, Ayr A dovetailed Spiers 1 1/8" wide shoulder plane with about 20% of the original numbered iron remaining. The iron is unmarked and the plane has the block letters mark. As found with some small dots of white paint splattering. Clean and rust free, this is a nice honest plane that is conservatively rated G+ $395

Unmarked Unmarked

BM121139 Unmarked This is a gunmetal, steel soled, smoothing plane, that I believe may be an early Norris. It has the early style Norris hold down screw and the lever cap is consistent with a Norris style. I don't have an early Norris smoother of this model at hand to compare the side profile. The plane originally was an unhandled smoother with ebony infill. Sombody has added an aluminum handle. The work was superbly well done, but is clearly not what a collector wants to see. The front bun is somewhat flat on top and may have been flattened at some point, or it may have been made this way. The sides retain about 50% original lacquer, although they are covered with light tool box rash. The sole has been cleaned and retains light pitting. As a user, this plane will be superb. It has a good tight mouth and a great feel. However, the modification has had a dramatic impact on the asking price. G+ $695

Robert Towell, London

BM121225 Robert Towell, London A dovetailed iron rebate plane, 7/8" sole, 9" long. Most of the Robert Towell rebates that I see are just worn to death, a testament to their importance to their owner's. This one has been very well cared for and is not heavily worn. It has about 25% remaining of what appears to be the original iron. It is certainly the proper type of iron, but since Towell did not mark irons with fitting numbers, I have no way of proving that it is original. It is not marked. If Towell used a marked iron, in my experience it is always I&H Sorby. Anything else raises red flags. The sides of this plane still clearly show the grain of the wrought iron use to fabricate it. This is lost on planes that have been rusty and then cleaned. In short, it is an uncommon example in an uncommon size. G++ Sold

Norris, London Norris, London Norris, London

BM120914 Norris, London A gunmetal with steel sole bullnose plane with a rosewood wedge and about half of the original snecked iron, numbered to the plane but not marked. The sole is clean with a tight mouth, as it was made. The body has been lightly cleaned by a collector, but not all buffed up by any means. The wood is untouched with nice surface and nice grain. The gunmetal surface has some very light tool box rash. A nice honest example that is not too good to use, but good enough to fit in a quality collection. It is the 1 1/8" wide model. G+ $895

Infill Plane Infill Plane

BM1112224 Benj. Slater, London A very rare Benjamin Slater shoulder plane. Henry Slater of course went on to become one of the most successful planemakers of all time, but his father's planes are very rare. You can see the form of a Henry Slater shoulder plane in this one, but it is not the same. The wedge has the whale tail shape associated with Miller. The plane has had a hard live. The mouth is chipped up, and screw has been run up through the sole to reinforce a hairline crack on one side. There are also some hairlines in the rear where it has been struck to adjust it. Still, it is a usable plane, and clearly the owner was trying to keep it going. An important documentary piece. G- $289

Infill Plane

BM1112225 Edward Preston An as found Preston patent 1 1/8" bullnose with about half the original iron remaining and about 60% of the original nickel. A used but well cared for example that will serve you well. G+ $179

Infill Plane Infill Plane Infill Plane

BM111236 Spiers, Ayr A very scarce Spiers 3/4" combination bullnose and rebate plane in honest original condition. Both mouths are super tight, as tight as I have seen on any Spiers. The iron is full and numbered to the plane, as is the wedge. The wedge fits in both slots and I am not sure if these always came with two irons or not. Most of them that have two irons and wedges are faked up, but I have seen at least one that I think was right. The body has a pleasing light patina with some very light pitting, mainly on the left side. This plane is out of my collection and is one of the nicest, and totally honest, examples that I have seen of this very hard to find plane. G+ $689

Infill Plane Infill Plane

BM110918 Norris, London A 1 1/4" #7 Norris shoulder plane with about 90% of the original numbered iron remaining. Nice untouched condition with a nice tight Norris mouth. A very strong G+ $595

Infill Plane

BM110851 Unmarked An iron bullnose plane 1 1/8" wide. I would say that this is a Norris casting. The body absulotely looks to be Norris, but it is user finished. I see this from time to time and I think that somehow Norris castings were entering the market. The wedge is of an unrefined style typical of a craftsman maker. The iron is by Ward and is about 60 or 70%. Nice untouched patina. G++ $145

Infill Plane Infill Plane

BM110732 Spiers, Ayr A 1 1/4" Spiers shoulder plane with 90% of a Spiers marked snecked iron, but not the original iron for this plane The plane is numbered 6 and this iron is 11. The iron is marked "Stewart Spiers, Cast Steel, Ayr, Scotland." The plane is marked 23 on the front. Nobody is quite sure what these numbers that are found on later Spiers planes mean. They do not seem to be model numbers. It has been speculated that they could have signifiied which bench hand made the plane. Also marked "Dovetailed" on the front. The side of the wedge is marked with the Stewart Spiers mark. I have never seen that mark on a wedge before. Overall this is a very clean example with some intriguing features. G++ $395

Infill Plane

BM110283 Mathieson An iron bullnose plane marked by Mathieson, but clearly made for them, as many of their planes were, but Norris of London. The back is even marked with the distinctive "Patent Metal" mark of Norris. The plane retains 80% of its original numbered iron. It is 1 1/8" wide. Mathieson marked bullnose planes are quite scarce, but yet if this plane were marked by Norris it would actually sell for even more. It has been light cleaned by a misguided dealer, but the plane is rust free and no real harm was done, the patina was just a bit rubbed. It will blend back in within a few years. Really quite a nice example. G+ $595

Infill Plane

BM11013 T. Gardner, Maker, Bristol A rare 1 1/4" skew mouth shoulder plane that was clearly made by H. Slater, but retailed by T. Gardner, a wooden plane maker. Retains about 30% of the original iron. Cleaned overall so that the metal has no patina. The wedge is an old replacement that was made oversized to make the plane easier to hold. It really fits the hand well and would be a great user like this. The first skew mouthed Slater made plane that I have ever seen. Good $459

Infill Plane

BM101213 Unmarked A classic "London Pattern" smoothing plane for about 1850-1870. I have seen a number of planes with this same casting, but I am not sure if it is craftsman finished or professionally done. The quality of the work certainly could be professional. I have seen one example that was by Badger, but I don't feel confident to attribute all of them to him. The blade on this plane looks to me to be a proper period replacment. The cap iron is W&P and I think that it is original to the plane. Nice clean original condition. G++ $495

Infill Plane

BM100838 Unmarked This is an unusual rhino horn gunmetal shoulder plane. It certainly looks professionally made, but I have not one seen before. The fill is rosewood and has its original finish. There is some slight chipping from the very tip of the horn. Very lightly polished. The blade is marked Marples and is about 70%. The steel sole has some very light rust that will clean right off. From an imporant Glasgow collection. A very special plane for the connoisseur. G+ $659

Infill Plane

BM100611 Buck, Tottenham Ct Rd., Patent Metal A Norris made 1" wide iron bullnose marked by Buck. Has a nearly full replacement iron. The wedge is a bit battered, but this will be a great user. It has a nice tight original Norris mouth. A steal for a user wanting to own a genuine Norris. Good $199

Infill Plane

BM100548 Unmarked A small gunmetal chariot plane. The sole measures 3 1/4" by 1 1/4". Nicely patinated. From a good collection, and totally untampered with. G+ $279

Infill Plane Infill Plane Infill Plane

BM100555 Spiers, Ayr This is a rare original model Spiers panel plane in very genuine condition. The handle spur is shortened, but a long time ago and it is well blended in. There is a patch on the front but where a stike button has been removed. That is the only evidence of any recent activity. Frankly, I would put a strike button back. The dovetailed body has no pitting and is very nice. The blade is an old replacement that fits fine. The unpolished lever cap is engraved with the original owner's name with some of the nicest engraving that I have ever seen on a tool. A rare and important plane for the advanced collector. Good $1595

Infill Plane

BM100451 Unmarked Gunmetal Chariot A darling little London chariot plane, 3 3/8" long by 1 3/8" wide. This plane is not signed but I have seen a similar example that was signed by Badger. The wedge is wonderfully patinated boxwood. It has been hand polished some time ago, and now has a light patina. There are a series of dings in the sole where an idiot seems to have used it to tap on something. Other than that, it is all just honest wear. From a good London collection. Good $345

Infill Plane Infill Plane

BM100260 Norris, London A 1 1/4" wide number 20 shoulder plane in nice, lightly cleaned, condition. The iron has about 70% remaining. It looks original but the plane is not a numbered example so I can't tell for sure. Marked "Unbreakable" on the back, which is how Norris marked their cast iron models. I must admit that I have not seen a broken one, but I would not count on it. A nice example for a user or collector. G+ $485

Infill Plane

BM100215 Norris, London A Norris #50 smoothing plane. Here is the chance to own a good user, pre-War adjustable Norris for a very modest price. The metal on this plane is quite nice, with bright original lacquer on the lever cap. The wood has been poorly refinished. There is a glued crack in the front part of the closed tote. Somebody, presumably a collector, has removed the original iron and replaced it with a well worn post-War iron. It is obvious that this iron has not been with the plane long because the patina on the iron does not match on the chip breaker, which is original to the plane. One of our Hock irons would be the ticket if you want to use it. A steal at this price. Good Sold

Infill Plane

BM100135 Goddard, London A bronze bullnose plane that is uncleaned with a patina that is wonderful with the nice glow of a well cared for gunmetal tool. It has a steel sole. The blade, which I am confident is original, retains about 45%. The name is marked on the side and does not jump out at you, but when you see it, it is clearly legible. It definitely does not appear to be an owner's mark. I have no information on this maker or retailer. The plane has light tool box rash but the patina is so nice that you don't really notice. A rare and interesting piece. G+ $795

Infill Plane Infill Plane

BM91174 J.Buck, London This is a cast iron shoulder plane made by John Holland but marked by the retailer, J. Buck. The blade is marked with the J.H. as was commonly used by Holland on his blades. This is a small size shoulder plane, and sits lower than most. The width is 1 3/16". The iron is in nice condition with a nice light patina. The rosewood has some light tool box rash and looks a bit dull. I think that some wax would really brighten it up. The blade has about 50% remaining. G+ $325

Infill Plane Infill Plane

BM91052 Mathieson, Glasgow This is a rare and interesting plane. It is the first pattern Spiers 13 1/2" panel plane. It is marked, only on the wood, Mathieson, Glasgow, but it is clearly a Spiers plane. I guarantee that the mark is right and is not the spurious Mathieson mark that is so commonly seen these days. The top 3/8" of the bun and the top of the tote are replaced, but properly done, in the way that museums favor today, where it is an accurate likeness, but the repair is obvious to all but auctioneers. The blade is a parallel Mathieson iron that fits well, but is totally the wrong iron for the plane. The original iron would have been a tapered iron at this time. A rare and important plane despite its condition limitations. Good $895

Infill Plane Infill Plane Infill Plane

BM91034 Norris, London A Norris number 51 adjustable smoothing plane with about 70-80% of the original Norris marked iron remaining. This plane has most of the bright lacquer left on the hold down screw and a very pleasant light patina overall. This is another very nice example from that wonderful Norris collection that we have been selling. There are two minor faults. Really one. There are several obtrusive owner's marks on the top of the front bun. Not really a fault but it is a but much. The tote has a glued crack in the front part, that is not the tote itself, but the closed part that goes in front of the hand. This is a common flaw, in just this place, but I don't know why. The original paint is about 80%. Most of the examples that I see turning up in this country are repainted. This is a really nice honest example at what I think is a moderate price. G++ $865

Infill Plane Infill Plane

BM9108 Spiers, Ayr A scarce Spiers combination rebate plane. The metal surfaces on this plane have been cleaned more than I would like, and it idoes not have a patina, but otherwise the condition is not too bad with no damage to the delicate mouths. The only real complaint is that the wedge is a bit battered. The iron is the original numbered Ward iron and is about 60% remaining. I am not convinced that these came with 2 irons and wedges. Any that I have seen that way were, upon careful inspection, seen to be faked up. A nice honest example. Good $685

Infill Plane Infill Plane

BM9068 Norris, London This is a clean and well cared for Norris #50 coffin smoother. This is the cast iron equivalent of an A5, and will perform just as well for a more modest investment. This plane has a good original iron, most of the bright original lacquer on the lever cap, and nice lightly patinated iron parts. In short, a very nice example of a pre-War adjustable Norris for the discerning user. G++ $985

Infill Plane

BM9051 R. Fairclough, 12 Byrom St. This is a 1" wide iron bullnose plane with a very distinctive London made form. Fairclough was a wooden plane maker and would not have made this plane, but I am not sure who did. The detailing on this plane, such as the chamfering, is superb, and it really speaks to me. About 40% of what I think is the original W&P iron remains. Nice as found color. Highly recommended. G+ $199

Infill Plane

BM90159 Unmarked This plane is one of those times when a tool collector becomes a sleuth. The plane is not marked, but is too well made to likely be a craftsman made plane. It is dovetailed, and the dovetailing is done as a first class maker would do it. You don't see craftman made planes that are dovetailed very often, and they are never dovetailed this well. The plane is beautifully made mitre plane, but with an unusual form. The front bun looks like a Norris front bun of the period. The period, I peg as 1893-1898 because the blade, which looks original to the plane, bears the mark of Ryan, Euston Rd. which would date to this period. The bridge looks like a London mitre plane bridge by a maker like Smith or Gabriel. Since these are earlier makers, it even occurred to me that this was an earlier plane that has been refilled later. It looks too undisturbed to give that theory credence. I just don't know but I would not be surprised to hear that this plane was a special order from a major maker like Norris. Ryan was a dealer for Norris. Whatever the story, this is a fantastic mitre plane in wonderful as found condition. G++ $1195

Infill Plane Infill Plane Infill Plane

BM71232 Unmarked This is a London made gunmetal chariot plane measuring 1.5 by 3.5 inches. This plane was probably made by Lyons of London, but it is not marked. It is untouched with a great patina overall. The ebony wedge has a chip in the lower corner of the cupid's bow, but is otherwise OK. The blade is worn pretty short, and the back of the plane is heavily dented, from years of use. I like this plane a lot. It is a nice honest chariot, and finding them unpolished is hard. Good $345

Infill Plane

BM71114 Norris, London This is a nice clean original 2 1/8" wide iron for a post-War A5 smoothing plane. There is one inch left on this iron. It is as found and needs nothing. This will greatly enhance the value of a plane missing the proper iron. G+ $145

Hock Parallel Irons for Infill Planes
We have a full selection of Hock irons custom made to our specifications in standard and A2 steel. These are all listed in the new tools section. Hock Blades

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