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Buying antique tools by mail can be fraught with risk, because of all of the hidden problems that tools might have. Even in person, these problems are sometimes missed, and even new tools sometimes have functionality issues. However, I donít believe that there is any type of tool that is more problematic to buy remotely than a saw. If a saw is kinked, it is really not worth picking up of the ground, and 9 out of ten saws that I see have a kink or other bend that makes them none-functional. Often, I see these same saws bought by colleagues, and then offered for sale as ďstraightĒ usable saws. I donít think that they are being dishonest, I just donít think that they do enough woodworking themselves to really know. If we say that a usable, you can be assured that it is. All of our saws will have straight, usable, blades, unless we state otherwise. Most of them will need at least a light sharpening. Rarely will they need setting. It takes a lot of sharpenings before you really need to set the saw teeth.

I believe that learning to sharpen your own saws is a basic skill that all woodworkers should possess, and we offer all of the files that you might need in our new tool department, as well as a DVD by Tom Law that explains it all very well. However, if you feel that you are not ready for this, or just donít want to bother, there are few places that will do a great job of sharpening a vintage saw. Do not, and I repeat, do not, take the saw to a local saw service. They will remove the handle and put the saw in a machine. Note that saws need to be sharpened regularly, so sending the saw out every time it gets dull is really not a practical solution. Sharpening a saw is not rocket science. Anyone can do it well with just a bit of practice and some patience.

Explanation of Our Condition Grading System

Frequently Asked Vintage Tool Questions

Orignal Dealer Sign:  Disston Saws

SA15102 Orignal Dealer Sign: Disston Saws This sign was removed from a cabinet in a hardware store that once held saws for sale. Our picker tells me that the cabinet was purpose made for this hardware store. The sign is brass that has been acid etched to remove the background, whic his painted black. It is absolutely as found with a pleasing patina. It measure s 10" by 1 3/4". I am thinking that this sign is turn of the Century, i.e. somewhere around 1900. An important piece of ephemera for the Disston collector. G++ $389

Osbourn Brothers

SA15109 Osbourn Brothers A 12" carcass saw with 12 PPI, filed CC, which is unusual, as most old saws are filed with a hybrid tooth shape. It has an owner made blade guard with it,which has kept it nice and straight. It needs a light filing and a waxing before it is ready to use. It is not a particuarly attractive saw, but it will make a great user at a modest price. G+ $69

Folding Portable Saw Vice

SA150989 Folding Portable Saw Vice This is a folding saw vice that was made to keep in a carpenter's tool kit. It is made from steel rather than cast-iron, and clamps onto the edge of a bench. This one needs a good cleaning and has some light rust, however it would work fine just as it is, with no cleaning. You must have a decent saw vice to sharpen a saw, and you really need to learn to sharpen your own saws if you are serious about traditional woodworking. This is a cheap solution to that problem. G+ $29

Clark & Co.

SA1509109 Clark & Co. A mid-20 Century trade-school dovetail saw. 8" 15PPI. The teeth have a good shape, but they are very dull. Straight until the last 1/4" wihere the tip was bent opening a can. Dark overall but it will clean nicely and make a great user. G+ $39

Boxwood Pad Saw

SA1509115 Boxwood Pad Saw An unmarked boxwood pad saw with a nice rich patina. The nozzle is loose and the screws holding it on are modern replacements that clearly aren't working. There is also a check in the boxwood eminating from the blade slot in the rear. With a bit of attention this will make a great user. It has an old blade with it. Free to the first person who orders it and spends more than $100 on saws. Good. $0

Rosewood Pad Saw

SA150947 Rosewood Pad Saw A rosewood pad saw with a stunning piece of Brazillian rosewood for the handle. It is as found and has a crisp, untouched, brass nozzle and very little tool box rash on the wood. The blade is missing but we will include at no charge one of the new blades that we offer in our new tool section. There is old glue residue from tape on the handle. Once this is cleaned off it will rate G++ $59

Naylor Vickers & Co.  Sheffield

SA150957 Naylor Vickers & Co. Sheffield A scarce 16" English backsaw in as found condition with a dark blade that has just a small amount of light pitting and is mostly just dark. It will be fine to use. The blade is very straight until an inch and a half from the end, where it is bent. I think that this should be fixable, because it is not kinked, just bent as if somebody pried something with the blade. The handle has a great look. The upper spur has been slighly shortened a long time ago. With a little work this should make a great saw in a hard to find size. G+ Sold

Saw Vice

SA150967 Saw Vice A good quality cast-iron American saw vice from about 1900. Not marked. This is the style that screws onto the side or back of your workbench. Nice as found condition. G++ $39

Henry Disston

SA15099 Henry Disston A Disston D-100 26" panel saw with 10PPI. This saw does not appear to have been used since it was last sharpened and is very sharp. Itr just needs to have the blade waxed and you can use it. I is in superb condtion. This is a later example, made in the Danville, VA plant, probably in the 1950s. Fine Sold

R. Groves & Sons, Sheffield

SA150913 R. Groves & Sons, Sheffield This is a relatively early 26" panel saw with a rounded front and a fantastic handle with long spurs that remain undamaged. The spurs are so long that they show you how many early saws that look OK have actually had their spurs shortened to hide damage. This blade is embossed with the maker's name and there "crown over USE" logo. This saw is not straight and is not a usable saw. I am selling it strictly as an early saw for a collector. Do not buy it with any thought that you can ever use it. The is dark with scattered light pitting. I really like this saw. Panel saws this early are few and far between. Good $49


SA150928 Atkins A clean and shiny Atkins No. 54 26", 7 PPI panel saw. This is quite coarse for a panel saw. It is almost sharp and just needs an ever so light touch up. The handle has some tool box wear to the finish. I would rate the blade fine and the handle G+, so overall I gave it G++ $85

Saw Vice

SA150850 Saw Vice A craftsman made wooden saw vice that is intended to be clamped into a bench vice. It has a stop on the back to set the depth to which it goes into the vice. Nicely made and nice condition. It is as found and could use a light cleaning. G+ Sold

J. D. Darlington

SA150866 J. D. Darlington A 14" backsaw with 13 PPI and a 3 1/8" max. depth of cut. This is a straight, as found backsaw, that should clean up to make a good user, but as it stands it has significant oxidation issues on the right side, although it is not deep and should clean up reasonably well. The blade back still retains its original bluing where it is not oxidized. The handle is quite nice with no issues. These Brooklyn made saws are not common. The left side still has a lot of bright metal on the saw plate and I can see the etching, but I don't think that it will ever be very clear again. Should clean to about G+ $55

Patent Handle Saw

SA150877 Patent Handle Saw A 26", 4 1/2 PPI rip saw that looks like it may still have the original factory filing. It certainly shows no appreciable loss of height. It is almost sharp now and just needs a very light touch up. I should know off hand who made it, but I can't remember for sure and I don't want to say and be wrong. The handle is marked "Pat. June 8 XX" The blade is etched with a steam locomotive pulling some old passenger cars. It is a really neat etching, but sadly it is not very clear any longer. If you look closely you can see the marks where some idiot polished around the etching with an orbital sander. I think tha tthis ruined any chance of bringing it back more clearly. I can't really read the name etched under the scene but it migh be Warner. This saw is still interesting to a collector but I am pricing it strictly as a user. The blade is really only sttained, not pitted, except in one spot about the size of a coin on the left side, up towards the handle. G+ $109

Saw Wrest

SA15095 Saw Wrest A typical English saw wrest for setting saws. An idiot has touched a wire wheel to the brass ferule but otherwise it looks untouched. Free to the first person who orders it, along with any saw that isn't free on this page. Good Sold

Melhuish, Fetter Lane, Holborn E.C.

SA15082 Melhuish, Fetter Lane, Holborn E.C. A 14" Sheffield made brass-backed saw with 11 PPI. Please are often asking me if back saws are rip or CC. With old British saws, they are almost always filed in a hybrid of the two. This saw is no exception. It will need a light filing before it will be usable. The blade is not kinked, but it does have a light curve that can porbably be tensioned out. See our FAQs. The handle has no damage, but the handle and the back have been gone over by a fool with steel wool. A great user saw, but not collector's grade thanks to the encounter with steel wool. G+ $95


SA15089 Disston A very clean Disston D-95 panel saw, 26", 10PPI. This is a relatively late saw (1950s), from Disston's time in Danville, VA. It retains the original, albeit tatty, box. Nearly sharp, just needs a very light filing. A great user saw for a modest price. Fine- $85

I. Sorby, Sheffield

SA150833 I. Sorby, Sheffield A boxwood handled pad saw from the first half of the 20th Century. The whole thing has been polished by a misguided British dealer who spotted brass and couldn't control himself. Still a great user and one day it will tone down and repatinate. Good $39

E. C. Stearns & Co., Syracuse, NY

SA150835 E. C. Stearns & Co., Syracuse, NY This is a high quality cast iron folding saw vice that clamps onto the edge of a table or bench. It is much heavier and higher quality than most folding saw vices. Needs only a light cleaning and is should rate G++ $50


SA150838 Sargent This is a good quality cast iron American saw vice. Needs only a light cleaning to rate G++ $65

Saw Jointer

SA15078 Saw Jointer This is your typical cast-iron American saw jointer. It is as found with about 95% original japanning. The file shows no wear on one side, which is good, since these files are no longer available. A nice example of an important tool for sharpening your own saws. G++ Sold

The Simmonds Saw Mfg Co

SA150719 The Simmonds Saw Mfg Co A 14", 12PPI back saw with a medium patina. This saw has been cleaned by a collector. The blade is smooth the etch side has extremely light pitting. The etching is hard to read but still visible. The applewood handle is crisp and damage free, but it does have two scorch marks on the right side. This saw will make a great user but is not good enough for a collector. I consider it to be a bargain for a user. G+ $75

Henry Disston & Son

SA150664 Henry Disston & Son A very scarce 15" #7 panel saw with 10PPI. The blade is clearly etched despite having a medium dark patina and some light pitting. The medallion is an "and Sons" medallion, which is not uncommon for saws made at the transition to the Sons period. This saw is very as found with a dry old surface on the handle, whch intact although there is a small crack in the upper spur, but miraculously, nothing broke off when it happened. There are three teeth missing. The blade is not perfectly straight, but it close, and better than what some dealer's call "pin straight." An nice find for the saw collector. Good $169

D. Flather & Sons

SA150640 D. Flather & Sons A typical English beech turning saw, but by one of the better makers. The 13 1/2" blade is still relatively sharp. The saw has much of its original finish, but it also has plenty of little tool box marks and stains. The tensioning stick is a replacement made from exotic wood. This saw has been waxed alredy by a collector. A nice example at a modest price. G+ $85


SA150649 Unmarked A typical English boxwood handled pad saw that has been overcleaned by a misguided English dealer. The brass is bright and the boxwood is waxed. The wood is really OK, but the brass has no patina left. With time it will improve. It has no blade with it but we will include one of our new blades with it. A great user and at a modest price because of the overcleaning. G+ $45

Whatco, Sheffield

SA150658 Whatco, Sheffield I have never seen this mark before, but it is stamped onto the brass back and etched into the blade. The blade is straight and smooth, but with a dark patina. The brass back has never been polished. It is 12" with 12 PPI. The teeth are filed, as most old backsaws, with a hybrid cross between rip and cross-cut. The old timers new what worked. It is dull, but a light filing and it will be ready to use. I am guess that it is 1930s or 40s. G+ $99

Henry Disston & Sons Henry Disston & Sons

SA150629 Henry Disston & Sons This is a very unusual configuration for a Disston #12 panel saw, 28" with 11 TPI. The blade is very clean, with light patina and staining in spots. The nib is broken off. The handle has an old piece broken out of the right side of the upper spur, which has been smoothed out. The handle looks fine from the left side but from the right side this chip is noticable. This saw is almost sharp enough t o use, it just needs one stroke on each tooth. The blade looks to be about full original height. This s a truly a rare #12 with only minor issues. G+ Sold

Hudson Tool Co, Number 10, Carpenter

SA150574 Hudson Tool Co, Number 10, Carpenter's High Grade A lovely as found 26" 7 PPI rip saw. The handle is applewood and has no damage, a nice original finish, and a rish patina. The blade needs only a light cleaning. Sighting down the blade there is a gentle curve to the left, which normally means that it was set unevenly. It needs to be sharpened anyway, and should be reset to get this resolved. This is a high quality saw, probably made by Disston, that should clean to better than G+ $89

Henry Disston & Sons

SA150583 Henry Disston & Sons A #7 panel saw, 28" with 6 PPI. This is a nice as found saw that will clean up beautifully. It is dull and the teeth are unevely filed now, so it is not a good saw for your first sharpening job. I would let an expert sharpen this one the first time. It should clean up to better than G+ $119


SA150586 Marshalls A 12" open handled carcass saw with 12 PPI. This saw has a relatively clean blade and a lovely handle. The back looks like it was polished at some point but has started to repatinate nicely. The blade is not absolutely perfectly straight, but it has no kinks. It is quite usable as is but could probably be made perfect by retensioning the blade. A very nice saw. G+ Sold

The Imp

SA150523 The Imp An 18", 11 PPI panel saw. I am not sure who made this saw, but it is marked "Made in USA" and would have been made between the Wars. The blade is in nice clean condition with just very moderate staining. The handle has been sprayed with some kind of varnish and some of that is on the blade near the handle. It is yellowed and would have been done some time ago. The saw needs sharpening but will make a great user in a handy size. G++ Sold

E. C. Atkins and Co

SA150525 E. C. Atkins and Co An unused 3 PPI, 28", #20 plaster saw. I have never seen one of these saws before. This tool is essentially new. There are a few tiny handling marks on the hande, but it is still clean enough to pass for new in a store. It is marked, "This saw is for cutting fire-proof partitions and other rough work." Fine+ $79


SA150549 Illegible An attractive English keyhole saw. It can not quite make out the mark, but I can see the trademark with the word Encore under it. This is a remarkable straight example of this type, only being slightly bent out near the end of the blade. Much better than most and still usable if you sharpen it. It has a nice handle as well. The blade is cleaned and some very light pitting over much of the surface. G+ $45

Adelaide Saw Works, Sheffield Adelaide Saw Works, Sheffield

SA150514 Adelaide Saw Works, Sheffield This is a rare saw, an English answer to the Disston #42 combination saw, combining a rule back and a square. It is a 26", 5 1/2 PPI rip saw. The blade has a dark patina. The graduated back appears to be etched but I am not sure. The maker's mark is stamped. The blade is straight but there is small ding in the blade, about 1/4" down from the upper edge and 10" in from the end. It is no big deal. The blade is smooth and the handle has a lovely patina. The upper spur is chipped, but still retains most of its original length. A very interesting and collectable saw. G+ $199

Wm. McNiece, Excelsior

SA150463 Wm. McNiece, Excelsior A 28" rip saw with 5 1/2 PPI. The wheat-carved applewood handle shows only honest wear, no damage. The etching is faint and difficult to read, but the medallion is also marked Wm. McNiece and Excelsior. This is the first of these saws that I have had. The blade is relatively clean with light patina scattered spots of cleaning. It could probably be cleaned a bit, but I don't think that it will change much. A nice honest saw for a collector or user. G+ $169

Cincinnati Saw Co.

SA150497 Cincinnati Saw Co. A handy little panel saw that measures just over 16". It is marked 12 TPI. There are small patches on the blade where it looks like spots of oxidation were rubbed with an abrasive. The applewood handle is wheat carved and the saw is still very sharp, although the blade needs a light cleaning and waxing. This will make a great user in a really useful size for cabinetwork. G+ Sold

John H. Obold, Reading

SA150439 John H. Obold, Reading A 28", 5 1/2PPI rip saw that needs only a light filing to use. The handle is a wheat carved applewood handle, with no damage, but it looks like sombody varnished it some time and it was a sloppy job. The varnish is even over the medallion. I think that this is an Atkins saw, but I am sure that one of you will tell me exactly which make and model it is. It will make a nicer user for a reasonable price. G+ $95

W.S. Milligan, 228 Federal St. Boston, Mass

SA150417 W.S. Milligan, 228 Federal St. Boston, Mass A nice as found 26" panel saw, 7 PPI. Nice medium patina overall and a nice damage free handle. I would just need to have the blade lightly filed and waxed to be ready to use. The etching is very clear and also reads "Extra Spring Steel Patent Ground". I don't know who actually made it but this is a quality saw from the turn of the Century. The original owner was proud of it and has deeply branded his name into the handle, one "F. L. Pierce." G+ $99

Henry Disston, Philada

SA150351 Henry Disston, Philada This is an early H. Disston #7, with the mark stamped on the blade, not etched, and the eagle on the medallion. It is a 28", 5 PPI rip saw, and is so marked. The blade is straight and relatively clean, although there are some patches of light pitting on the right side. The surfaces shows evidence of having been lightly hit with a wire brush. I think that this can be removed when the saw is properly cleaned. The handle is quite nice for an early handle, with nice patina. The upper spur is chipped and smoothed out, but done during the original period of use. This is a very honest example of an early Disston that is good enough for a collector but also good enough to file and use. G+ $195

Perfection Miter Box Perfection Miter Box

SA150310 Perfection Miter Box This is a hybrid miter box, the moving parts all being cast iron or steel, but the base being wood. It has a saw with it, but the saw is later and is marked Millers Falls, having probably been made by Disston for Millers Falls. The saw needs a light cleaning and sharpening, and the box could do with a light clean to. It will make a great mitre box for somebody on a tight budget. I am not sure of the age, but I would guess 1920 or 30s. It has a label on the back, but it has some losses and is not entirely legible. It was made in Torrington, Ct. G+ $45


SA150328 Unmarked An 8 PPI, 26" panel saw. The handle is wheat carved and looks like it might be birch stained to look like apple. I am not sure. I can't see that it is marked with an etch , but the blade is dark and needs cleaning. The blade only needs a light filing and it will be ready to use. Probably made by Atkins, and certainly a quality American made saw from before 1930 or so. A great user saw for not a lot of money. G+ $69

Moore Bros, Empire State Saw Works

SA150222 Moore Bros, Empire State Saw Works A 26" panel saw with 7PPI, filed aggressively, i.e. with quite a bit of foward rake. Unused and as sharp as new. Also extraordinarily clean. The blade is bright and the etching is like new. It is marked, among other things, "Our Superior, No 4XXX, Our Latest and Best." Made from Extra London Spring Steel." The handle is beech stained to look like applewood and with wheat carving. A relatively late saw, but still a wonderful quality saw that could not be duplicated today, and in amazing condition. Fine $149

Unmarked Pad Saw

SA141232 Unmarked Pad Saw A typcial rosewood handled pad saw that has seen lots of use but is in good as found condition and will make a great user for a reasonable price. It has hard to find these that are not all buffed up by the English dealers. Good $55

Fulton Special

SA141243 Fulton Special A 20", 11PPI panel saw from Tom Law's inventory. This saw was in Tom's saws for sale and I bought it from his estate. It is freshly sharpened by Tom. It has a slight bend in the blade, but Tom must have found it to be acceptable. The blade looks like it may have been chemically cleaned. This saw would not normally be good enough for us to offer, but as one of the last of the Tom Law sharpened and refurbished saws, I am making an exception. Good $78

CE Jennings Saw

14127 C.E. Jennings An exceptionally delicate key-hole saw with both a very narrow blade and a very delicate handle. There are a couple of bends in the blade out in the last third where it is really delicate. It would be fine ot use but I have never seen one before and I can see it appealing to a collector. Lovely original condition. G++ $75

HS, 1896

SA14114 HS, 1896 This is a very heavy duty cast iron American saw vice. It mounts on the bench top with screws and was clearly more of a professional grade saw vice for somebody who would use it all the time rather than a clamp on type for more periodic use. It weighs about 12 pounds and is 15" accross. I don't know who made it. Cast into the base is HS and 1896. This is a saw vice for the person who wants to own the best and has the room to leave it mounted. Should clean to at least G++ $119

Johnson & Conaway, Philada

SA141136 Johnson & Conaway, Philada A 12" brass-backed carcass saw with an applewood handle and the double eagles mark. The handle is lovely with no damage. The handle and back have been cleaned with fine steel wool but an idiot. Sorry, but there is no kind way of saying that. The blade has a mild curve in it that might come out with retensioning. It has a pleasing medium patina. The handle still has about 30? original finish on it. This saw will look a lot better if it gets some of its patina back. A very scarce saw from the early days of American saw making. G+ $199

Buck, Totn Court Rd

SA141060 Buck, Totn Court Rd A lovely boxwood handle gentleman's saw with a 7" blade, 20PPI. The front corner of the blade has been rounded. It has been polished so that the brass is shiny and has no patina. An attractive tool that will make a great user for fine work. G+ $79

Stair Saw

SA141070 Stair Saw An elegantly formed, craftsman made stair or dado saw. The lines on this saw are simple but wonderfully proportioned. I am just not sure what wood it is made from, although I would guess ash. A very nice example of a common tool. G+ $69

Payne & Co, Sheffield

SA141023 Payne & Co, Sheffield This is a crisp and little used 12" brass-backed saw. The back has the rich patina of brass that has never been polished. The blade has a pleasing smooth patina. The 12PPI teeth are filed in a pure cross-cut configuration, which is very unusual. Most old back saws have some form of hybrid tooth filing. The blade has a gentle curve caused by needing to be retensioned, a technique that is not hard to do. The teeth are dull and need a good sharpening, but make no mistake, this is a lovely saw that will make a great user. G++ $109

P.S. Stubbs

SA14107 P.S. Stubbs A delicate small hacksaw by Stubbs, the famous Lancashire maker of jeweler's tools. The blade is 3 1/2". The blade is marked Stubbs, not the frame, but I believe the blade to be original to the saw and that they are both by Stubbs. Wonderful quality and a very scarce tool in this small and delicate size. Fine $149


SA141022 Buck An as found rosewood handled pad saw that has never been polished. The nozzle is very darkly patinated and the handle is dark enough to pass for ebony. The blade is old but unmarked. It is still a good blade, which is unusual with these. A nice example that just wants to be wiped off with some wax and a rag. G+ $65

Robt Sorby

SA140935 Robt Sorby This is a crisp and little used keyhole saw. It still has traces of an original label on the handle. The blade is 17". These tools were used hard and are rarely found in this condition. G++ $69

Spear & Jackson, Sheffield

SA140849 Spear & Jackson, Sheffield A classic English keyhole saw with a decorative and undamaged handle. The blade has a dark patina with some bends in the second half, as is is common for these. It is a nice, decorative tool that could probably till be used. G+ $39

Diamond Black Saw Co. Philadelphia, USA

SA140857 Diamond Black Saw Co. Philadelphia, USA A 26", 7PPI panel (panel means CC) saw with a mark that I have not seen before. As found, it should improve with careful cleaning. There are some hammer marks on the blade, around 6 - 7" from the end, as if somebody was trying to remove a kink. It seems very straight now. The handle is beech and is nicely wheat carved. An interesting saw for a collector or a user. G+ $79

Decorative Dado Saw

SA140424 Decorative Dado Saw A delicate and elegantly formed dado saw. The blade is 5 1/4" and it is 8 1/2" overall. Nicely patinated beech. Craftsman made tools vary widely in form. Some are strictly utilitarian, and some, like this one, are subtle statements of the maker's fine taste and skill. G++ $145

Henry Disston

SA140345 Henry Disston An early Disston 28" rip saw, pre-dating the use of etching on the blade. This saw is marked Henry Disston, stamped on the blade, with the "inch worm" mark. That part of the mark is clear, the Philadelphia part is faint. It looks like it was just struck that way. Finding a good straight and clean panel saw from this early period is not common. The configuration is also unusual, being 8 PPI rip. The saw appears to have seen very little use, and perhaps it survived because it was an odd configuration. The handle has chips in the upper and lower spur and a shrinkage check right through the medialion. It is very dry in here now, this would close up considerably in the summer. The handle is beech. I think that this a #8. This is your chance to own a mid-19th Century Disston saw that is still in usable condition. It is sharp now, but not super sharp. Certainly usable as it is. G+ $269

Sculptural Stair Saw

SA140382 Sculptural Stair Saw This is far more than a saw, it is a great example of tools as art. The craftsman who made this expressed himself artistically in a way that few of us ever can. The lines of this saw are truly sublime. Sadly, the handle has been broken off and reglued, but when a tool has this degree of elegance, that really becomes secondary. It has wonderful orginal surface and patina with a relatively clean, lightly patinated, blade. Truly a piece of folk art. The wood is beech. G+ $85

Keen Kutter Keen Kutter

SA130865 Keen Kutter A number 816 28" 5 1/2PPI rip saw. The etching has the Keen Kutter logo surrounded by furled banners. It looks like a Disston No. 16 to me, and most likely is. Nice as found condition with a nice medium patina. The etching is clear. The wheat carved applewood handle has an old chip to the lower edge of the upper spur, but this does not affect the overall profile of hte handle, which is a very nice handle. A very fine quality saw that is almost certainly a Disston 16. G+ $149

Keen Kutter No K500

SA130830 Keen Kutter No K500 A 26" 9PPI CC saw. I just love the etchings. Not only does it have the KK standard "The recollection of quality remains..." it also has "I recommend and fully warrant this saw to all mechanic as it is the best that money and human enginuity can produce" The etching side of the saw looks as it it was blued, but I think that it is just how it patinated. The handle also has a lovely dark patina, and no damage. The handle is not wheat carved, but is very sculptural. The blade has a bend at the very end, about 1/4" from the end, as if it was dropped on the end. That won't matter for use, but it should be easy to get rid of it you want. This will make a great user or a collector's grade saw. G++ $185

Henry Disston & Sons

SA1306101 Henry Disston & Sons This is a scarce Disston Acme 120 saw, 26" size. Somebody has recut the teeth and set them for 9ppi, CC. The blade has a dark smooth patina, but all of the etching is still totally legible. The handle has been "cleaned" with steel wool. There is a hang hole in the handle. And as if that was not enough, there is a slight bend to the blade, but it will still be fine to use. If you have always wanted a genuine Acme 120 and could not afford one, here is your chance. Good $165

The Simmons Saw

SA150614 The Simmons Saw A run of the mill keyhole saw from the first half of the 20th Century. The blade has a bit of bending towards the end but is not too bad and is certainly usable, after you sharpen it. It is dull now. These saws are always bent near the end of the blade but you are not cutting that far out. A good working saw and free to the first person who orders it, and buys two other saws. G+ $0

Henry Disston & Sons

SA130557 Henry Disston & Sons A little used Disston Number 16 panel saw, 24" and 9 PPI. The blade has mostly a medium patina, but near the handle has more of a light patina. It is untouched, in just the kind of as found condition that I like. The handle has no damage, and a lovely color. I think that the handle is cherry rather than applewood. The etching is 100% legible, but you do need to hold it at the correct angle to read it. Nearly sharp, needs only a once over with a file. A partiiclarly nice example of a high-end Disston saw. G++ $219


SA12059 Jeweler's Saw This is a frame saw for a very fine blade, like jeweler's use, but this one is probably too large to really be a jeweler's saw. It takes a 9 1/2" blade. It holds the blades with pins, like a woodworking frame saw. One pin is missing, but these are just cut off nails. The handle is rosewood with an elegantly turned steel fitting at the end of the ferule. Lovely untouched condition. A real quality tool. It has no blade with it. Fine $45

Wheeler, Madden, & Clemson

SA120352 Wheeler, Madden, & Clemson This is a rare 12" brass-backed saw. I don't recall ever seeing another brass-backed saw by this maker. The etching is perfect and the blade is clean. The handle has a crack on the left side on the cheeck, and the lower spur is complete, but needs to be clamped where it was dropped and the wood is separated. The blade almost perfectly straight, but it looks like somebody was working on it to straighten it. The blade has been lightly polished. I am selling this saw more as a rare example than as a user. G+ $109

Antique Saw

SA101122 James Turner, Phila A brass backed carcass saw with a classic tapering blade. The bold applewood handle has lovely patina and no repairs. Engraved on the opposite side of the back from the maker's mark is "Wm M. Lee, 1871". It is also marked Made for Bowlby & Brenner. The blade has a med. patina with light surface rust overall. The teeth are very fine and very unevenly filed. There are some chipped teeth as well. Unlike most saws that we sell, this saw is not perfectly straight and we are not selling it as a user. This is a rare saw and there is no good reason to use it anyway. The brass has been hand polished. G+ $295

Antique Saw

SA100110 I. Colbeck A 14" backsaw. Erwin Schaffer's book list Colbeck as American, with no known information. Phil Baker concurs that he thinks Colbeck is American. I would have guessed that this was a very early English saw, although I did find it in the US. It certainly looks quite early. This one has a dark patina on the blade, which has a gentle wave to it. The handle hardware is all replaced at some later date. The handle has a great look, although the upper spur is shortened. I am selling this saw strictly as a collector, not a user. It is a rare early saw worthy of some respect despite its shortcomings. G- $85

Antique Saw

SA9091 W. Taylor An 11" carcass saw by a rare Philadelphia maker with the double eagle mark on a brass back. This is the first saw that I have had by this rare early American saw maker. The handle is applewood and has a very pronounced hook forward. The blade is dark with some pitting. The brass back has been wire brushed some time ago. One screw is missing and the handle spurs are chipped top and bottom. It never had a medallion, which is consistent with its age. This is a rare saw in need of restoration. Fair $145
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Antique Saw

SA90930 Geo. H. Bishop An important and rare brass-backed miniature dovetail saw. The blade is 8 inches, but it this is not a normal 8 inch saw. The tote is tiny. It is sharp and appears unused. I have owned it for 20 years and I have never seen another like it. I remember the day that I bought it a prominent dealer of that time offered me $1K for it, but even then when that was quite a lot of money, I could not bring my self ot part with it. Now I want somebody else to enjoy it. Fine $995

Antique Saw

SA70354 Saw Set I love personalized antiques, be it ceramics, tools, or anything else that is named and dated. This tool is beatifully engraved, "Fred Harris, September, 1921". It is an English style saw set with a built in adjustable stop. It is more for panel and rip saws, not for fine toothed back saws. Great as found patina. This is a special tool. G+ $49

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