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Buying antique tools by mail can be fraught with risk, because of all of the hidden problems that tools might have. Even in person, these problems are sometimes missed, and even new tools sometimes have functionality issues. However, I donít believe that there is any type of tool that is more problematic to buy remotely than a saw. If a saw is kinked, it is really not worth picking up of the ground, and 9 out of ten saws that I see have a kink or other bend that makes them none-functional. Often, I see these same saws bought by colleagues, and then offered for sale as ďstraightĒ usable saws. I donít think that they are being dishonest, I just donít think that they do enough woodworking themselves to really know. If we say that a usable, you can be assured that it is. All of our saws will have straight, usable, blades, unless we state otherwise. Most of them will need at least a light sharpening. Rarely will they need setting. It takes a lot of sharpenings before you really need to set the saw teeth.

I believe that learning to sharpen your own saws is a basic skill that all woodworkers should possess, and we offer all of the files that you might need in our new tool department, as well as a DVD by Tom Law that explains it all very well. However, if you feel that you are not ready for this, or just donít want to bother, there are few places that will do a great job of sharpening a vintage saw. Do not, and I repeat, do not, take the saw to a local saw service. They will remove the handle and put the saw in a machine. Note that saws need to be sharpened regularly, so sending the saw out every time it gets dull is really not a practical solution. Sharpening a saw is not rocket science. Anyone can do it well with just a bit of practice and some patience.

Explanation of Our Condition Grading System

Frequently Asked Vintage Tool Questions


SA140416 Fulton A 10" 12PPI CC backsaw from the estate of Tom Law, and freshly sharpened by Tom. It is particularly nice clean condition, with the original finish on the handle and much of the original bluing on the back. The etching brags that it is "Hand made, hand filed, and hand set." as well as being "Extra Thin" and some other attributes. I've never seen so much detailed information in an etching before. A great chance to own a Tom Law sharpened saw in as good a condtion as old saws come. Fine- $119

Henry Disston & Sons, American Boy

SA140420 Henry Disston & Sons, American Boy A 20", 9PPI panel saw in superb as found condition. There is dried grease on the blade, but it is in super clean condition. Saws just don't get better. The etching is literally bright. This saw was only made from 1930 - 1932 and is a very scarce saw, especially in this condition. These small panel saws are my favorites to use. Fine- Sold

Tingle, Drabble, & Co.

SA140385 Tingle, Drabble, & Co. This is an early 19th Century saw that certainly could pass for 18tth Century in features. The blade is 12", 13PPI. It has a lovely open handle that is in remarkably good state of preservation. Some idiot has used a wire wheel on the brass back, giving it a nasty frosted surface texture. He then lacquered the back and the blade. This needs to be stripped off and the back needs to be resurfaced. The back is also pulled forward which makes it look like the blade is too short. That is easy to deal with. The back has a slight wave, but the act of push the back to rhe rear should probably cure that at the same time. I did not find reference to this exact maker, although I did find a reference to Tring, Drabble, & Sanderson. I have not seen his mark before. If you want a good early saw, this one has the potential to be superb and it would not be easy to find a better one. Good $129

Geo. H. Bishop & Co., Lawrenceburg, Ind

SA140341 Geo. H. Bishop & Co., Lawrenceburg, Ind This is a particularly nice as found 10" 15 PPI carcass saw. The applewood handle has a split that needs to be glued, but which held down the condition grading. It runs from the bottom right side into the slot for the blade. It can be glued up tight and will become invisible. The back retains some original bluing and it has a nice clear etch. I woud just clean this one with a white pad and wax and give it a light filing. This is a great saw that has never been attached with the heavy handed treatment that a lot of saws get. That is why so few have any bluing left on the backs. There also a lot of so called mint saws floating about now that have reblued backs. It is a cold blue that is used for guns and doesn't look right at all on saws, but so few correct examples remain that people don't know have a good reference point. G+ $145

Henry Disston

SA140345 Henry Disston An early Disston 28" rip saw, pre-dating the use of etching on the blade. This saw is marked Henry Disston, stamped on the blade, with the "inch worm" mark. That part of the mark is clear, the Philadelphia part is faint. It looks like it was just struck that way. Finding a good straight and clean panel saw from this early period is not common. The configuration is also unusual, being 8 PPI rip. The saw appears to have seen very little use, and perhaps it survived because it was an odd configuration. The handle has chips in the upper and lower spur and a shrinkage check right through the medialion. It is very dry in here now, this would close up considerably in the summer. The handle is beech. I think that this a #8. This is your chance to own a mid-19th Century Disston saw that is still in usable condition. It is sharp now, but not super sharp. Certainly usable as it is. G+ $289

Unmarked Boxwood Pad Saw

SA140347 Unmarked Boxwood Pad Saw This padsaw is a cut about the pack in quality, with bold turning where the nozzle attaches as a French polished finish on the boxwood. The blade is old, straight, and still sharp, but it has patches of rust on it. The brass has been polishe and the boxwood has some light tool box marks, so I could not in all fairness rate it higher, but this is a particularly nice example. G+ Sold

Henry Disston & Sons

SA140377 Henry Disston & Sons A Disston #9 26" panel saw with 8PPI. The blade is straight but has some patches of light pitting. It is sharp and after waxing should be ready to use as it is. The handle has no damage, which for a saw of this period is saying something. A scarce and desirable model. G+ $179

Sculptural Stair Saw

SA140382 Sculptural Stair Saw This is far more than a saw, it is a great example of tools as art. The craftsman who made this expressed himself artistically in a way that few of us ever can. The lines of this saw are truly sublime. Sadly, the handle has been broken off and reglued, but when a tool has this degree of elegance, that really becomes secondary. It has wonderful orginal surface and patina with a relatively clean, lightly patinated, blade. Truly a piece of folk art. The wood is beech. G+ $85

Masterpiece Saw Masterpiece Saw Masterpiece Saw Masterpiece Saw Masterpiece Saw Masterpiece Saw

SA14031 Masterpiece Saw This is a wrought iron framed hack saw with an ivory handle. It is a magnificent piece, and may be a true masterpiece. A masterpiece was a piece that proved that a craftsman was ready to be a full fledged member of the guild. Hence the term, master piece. These pieces were typically of extraordinary quality ane beauty, as is this saw. The one thing that might argue against this, is that this saw is signed, in three places, with a maker's mark. I don' tthink that a masterpiece would have been signed because the craftsman would not yet have had his own mark. The mark on this saw is a circle with a teardrop hanging from it. It is nearly marked in three places, but could easily be missed as the mark is tiny. I belive that this saw is French, and 18th Century, or perhaps a bit earlier. The detail and quality of execution are of the highest order. Even the handle is subtly sculpted in a way that sets it apart from the pack. The condition is also just what you would want, with a lovely uncleaned patina overall. This saw has always been appreciated and has never been neglected in a bad environment. The top rail shows some of the striatiion lines of wrought iron and has some bending and straightening that clearly date to the original period of use. This is a true museum quality piece and I would love to see it go to a museum. G++ $4495


SA140321 Jackson This is an open handled 12" back saw that has not been used since my friend, the late Tom Law. sharpened it. I only took off Tom's blue masking tape for the photo. It is filed CC, 13PPI. It has a medium patina overall. This will make a great carcass saw. G+ Sold

Kenyon Kenyon

SA140231 Kenyon This is an rare 18th Century English saw. It is an 18" backsaw that has an most unusal blade configuration. The blade curves up at the front to allow the saw to start blind holes. I can only assume that this is a modification, although it is done to a standard that makes it possible that it is in fact original The blade and back has been lightly "cleaned" with an orbital sander by a misguided collector. This is barely visible to the naked eye but obvious in the magnified photo of the mark. The handle is untouched with the classic early style rouned cheeks and just two rivets. The upper and lower spurs are both chipped, but they are largely inact and have no repairs on them. This is truly an extraordinary survivor. I don't recall ever seeing another 18" 18th Century backsaw. Usually, if an early saw does survive, it will be a small one like a dovetail saw. Good $365

E. C. Atkins & Co. E. C. Atkins & Co.

SA140235 E. C. Atkins & Co. This is a top-of-the-line Atkins panel saw, "The Four Hundred, Our Elite Saw, No. 401". It has a rosewood handle and a highly polished and tapered blade. This particular example is in a very scarce configuration, 20", 10 PPI. The has some old scratches from other saws in a chest, but has no chips or repairs. The right side of the blade rates fine, but the left side has a few spots of very light pitting, mainly out past the etching. The etching is totally clear. There is a slight bend in the blade, about 1/4" from the very end, like an idiot tried to open a paint can with it. This should be easy to straighten, but as a user you are never sawing out at the very end anyway. This is super saw for the connoisseur, a high-end saw in rarely found condition. G++ Sold

E.C. Atkins E.C. Atkins

SA140249 E.C. Atkins A 26", 6PPI Rip saw that is sharp and looks like it is about unused. This saw is so clean it makes me want to drool. The applewood handle has lovely color and no chips. The blade is bright and clean, with just traces of scattered staining. You would be hard pressed to improve upon this saw in condition, and as far as quality, nothing made today even comes close. For the connoisseur. Fine- Sold

Pennsylvania Saw Mfg Co

SA14022 Pennsylvania Saw Mfg Co A 12" 12PPI back saw with a maker's mark that I don't recognize. The handle certainly does not look like a Disston handle. It is a lovely applewood handle and is damage free. The blade is straight to sight down but there is a dent in the blade that would likely cause binding if it could not be smoothed out. This is more of a collector's saw anyway, but I imagine that the right person could make it usable. There is some pitting on the left side of the blade near the end but the etching is not affected and is clear. The etching indicated that this is a number 9. G+ $159

Buck & Ryan, Euston Rd. N. W.

SA14027 Buck & Ryan, Euston Rd. N. W. An 8" 14 PPI dovetal saw. This saw has been cleaned but it is a great user. It probably dates to the 30s or 40s. It is not super sharp, but it only needs a very light touch up to be ready to use. G+ Sold

Hernry Disston & Sons, Philadelphia

SA140228 Hernry Disston & Sons, Philadelphia A seemingly unused Disston D-23 rip saw, 26" and 5 1/2 PPI. The handle is applewood with wheat carving and retains its original polished finish. The saw is still sharp enough to use with its original factory sharpening, but it could use a very slight touch up soon. This is a relatively late Disston probably made between 1930 and the early 50s when the plant left Philadelphia. It is untouched, but as close to new in condition as you will find. Better than anything made today, no matter how fancy the handle is on the new one, they don't grind blades like this today. Fine Sold


SA140229 Disston An 8 PPI D-95 26" panel saw that appears to be unused and is still very sharp. This saw was made after the Disston plant was moved to Danville, Virginia, and is probably from the late 1950s or early 1960s. It has a stained beech handle with wheat carving. I would still bet on this saw over anything made today. Not for looks, but for performance. Fine Sold

Henry Disston & Sons

SA140181 Henry Disston & Sons A pristine Disston D-15 Lightweight Victory saw, 26", 9PPI. The blade is mostly bright and clean, and is sharp, ready to use. There is no finish on the rosewood, but it doesn't look like it was stripped off. It appears to have come this way, but there is no way to say for sure. The saw looks very untouched, like it just came out of an old tool chest. The etching is perfect. It has seen some use, as the blade is not as deep as it started out, but this is a Lightweight model, so it was never very deep. Make no mistake, this is a particularly nice example of a desirable saw. Fine- Sold

Jackson, U.S.A.

SA140189 Jackson, U.S.A. Jackson was a brand name of Disston. I don't recall seeing the U.S.A. marked under the Jackson name before. This is a 12" back saw with 13PPI. At the handle there are traces of that original blue that hint at how beautiful these saws were when new with there bright steel blades and blued backs. This will be a great user but it will need filing. It is dull now, but the teeth are very even and well set so it should be easy for beginner to file. G+ Sold

Henry Disston, Philada Henry Disston, Philada

SA140161 Henry Disston, Philada A very scarce Herny Disston 8" 16PPI dovetail saw. The blade is clean except for a few small spots of rust. It feels sharp enough to use as it is. The closed applewood handle has a chip out of the right side of the spur but is otherwise intact. The back has traces of original bluing but is mostly just lightly patinated. Disston saws made in the first 25 years of the company are not often found in good usable condition like this. G+ $198

Alex Mathieson & Son, Edinburgh and Glasgow Alex Mathieson & Son, Edinburgh and Glasgow

SA140179 Alex Mathieson & Son, Edinburgh and Glasgow This saw is rare on a few levels. It is only 16" long and filed 6 1/2PPI rip. Mathieson saws are also scarce. The saw is marked on the blade with a stamp, not an etching. It also has a Mathieson medalion. The handle is lovely. The blade has some rust on the left side just past the mark. The blade is otherwise patinated but still smooth. The not that goes behind the medallion is missing. Touchly untouched, a proper cleaning will do wonders for this saw, which belongs with a serious Mathieson collector. G+ $145

Disston Disston

SA131237 Disston A Disston Keystone K-3 Pace Maker, 5 1/2PPI, 26" rip saw. This saw may be unused. It looks like the teeth have never been filed. It does need a very light touch up, just a stroke on each tooth with a file. The blade needs cleaning with one of the green synthetic steel wool pads, that's the 000 coarsness. Always use the pads with wax on them so that they don't scratch. Once you do that, it should rate at least G++ $99

Wheatman & Smith, Russel Works, made for R. Fairclough

SA131219 Wheatman & Smith, Russel Works, made for R. Fairclough A very scarce rosewood handled dovetail saw by a scarce Sheffield maker. As found condition, with a dark patina to the back and blade, but no rust. The 9" blade is not kinked by has a slight curve to it and needs to be retensioned. 18PPI, which is very fine for an old saw. Cleary this was a real cabinetmaker's saw. The upper spur has been knocked off and glued back and pinned. This looks to me like a period repair, not something that a collector did. It is the original piece of wood put back. A special saw for the serious collector. G+ $195

Ross & Alexander, Bishopgate St. E.C.

SA131157 Ross & Alexander, Bishopgate St. E.C. A lovely 9" open-handled dovetail saw with 20PPI. Still sharp enough to use. It is not dead straight, but close enough. I think that it would be dead straight if it was retensioned. I was just taught how to do this by a master from Williamsburgh. You hold the end of the blade in a vice and tap the back to pull the blade tight. The back is crisp with a nice patina, althought it was lightly cleaned. The blade has been cleaned. I am not familiar with this mark, but it would be a retailer, as this is a London address that would not be a saw making location. Highly recommended. G++ $145

Wm Marples & Sons, Ltd,  Special Quality

SA131134 Wm Marples & Sons, Ltd, Special Quality An 8", 12 PPI brass-backed dovetail saw. The back has been polished, but this is really a user saw anyway and will make a great user. The teeth have been filed a bit unevenly. It is still relatively sharp, but could use a touch up. It is not what I would call perfectly straight, but it is pretty close. Somebody has placed an extra washer under the handle bolts, one on each side. Again, a great user at a very attractive price. G+ Sold

Henry Disston & Sons

SA131153 Henry Disston & Sons A coveted Disston #12 26" panel saw, with 9 PPI. The handle is damage free. The blade has a smooth surface, with no rust, but a medium patina and a few small spots of staining. The etching is clear, albeit under the patina. There is a small ding in the blade, about 2/3 of the way to the end, and 2/3 up from the edge. It is not big enough to bind the saw and won't matter. Overall a nice 12 that beats anything made today by a mile. G++ Sold

Tyzach Sons & Tuner Ltd Tyzach Sons & Tuner Ltd

SA1310104 Tyzach Sons & Tuner Ltd A 28", 6 PPI rip saw. Sharp and ready to use. The blade of this saw is marked under the handle, Patent 382745, Made Under License. The blade has to kinks at the end on the upper edge, but it is straight over the lenght that you would be using. It has the elephant etching on the blade. The patented handle is intriguing, but I priced it as a user. G+ $79

Sheffield Saw Works

SA130964 Sheffield Saw Works A scarce 16" 9 PPI panel saw in wonderful as found condition with a mostly bright clean blade and a damage free handle. The small saws are really handy, but scarce in any condition. This is about as good as it gets in old saws. My kind of condition. Anybody else's mint, but honestly rated at G++ $159

Keen Kutter Keen Kutter

SA130865 Keen Kutter A number 816 28" 5 1/2PPI rip saw. The etching has the Keen Kutter logo surrounded by furled banners. It looks like a Disston No. 16 to me, and most likely is. Nice as found condition with a nice medium patina. The etching is clear. The wheat carved applewood handle has an old chip to the lower edge of the upper spur, but this does not affect the overall profile of hte handle, which is a very nice handle. A very fine quality saw that is almost certainly a Disston 16. G+ $149

Keen Kutter No K500

SA130830 Keen Kutter No K500 A 26" 9PPI CC saw. I just love the etchings. Not only does it have the KK standard "The recollection of quality remains..." it also has "I recommend and fully warrant this saw to all mechanic as it is the best that money and human enginuity can produce" The etching side of the saw looks as it it was blued, but I think that it is just how it patinated. The handle also has a lovely dark patina, and no damage. The handle is not wheat carved, but is very sculptural. The blade has a bend at the very end, about 1/4" from the end, as if it was dropped on the end. That won't matter for use, but it should be easy to get rid of it you want. This will make a great user or a collector's grade saw. G++ $185

W. Tyzach, Sons & Turner Ltd

SA130696 W. Tyzach, Sons & Turner Ltd A 12" brass-backed, 14 PPI CC saw, with a deep 3 3/8" depth of cut. Post-war production, perhaps 50s or 60s. The blade rates a solid fine, but the handle has some finish wear and rates G++ $85

Henry Disston & Sons

SA1306101 Henry Disston & Sons This is a scarce Disston Acme 120 saw, 26" size. Somebody has recut the teeth and set them for 9ppi, CC. The blade has a dark smooth patina, but all of the etching is still totally legible. The handle has been "cleaned" with steel wool. There is a hang hole in the handle. And as if that was not enough, there is a slight bend to the blade, but it will still be fine to use. If you have always wanted a genuine Acme 120 and could not afford one, here is your chance. Good $165


SA130657 Unmarked An ebony handled pad saw. The screws that hold on the nozzle are missing. This should be easy to rectify. It has had some kind of finish spilled over part of it. Still, a quality tool, better than a new one for less money. Good Sold

The Buckeye S.V. Co.

SA13069 The Buckeye S.V. Co. A folding cast iron saw vice that is screwed to the side of a bench. It requires only one screw to hold it on. It is marked, "Pat. Nov 11, 02" This is a nice quality tool that should work as well as a conventional saw vice, it is just not as convenient if you need to take it on and off each time that you use it. It will of course take up much less room when you are not using it. G+ $48

Small Bow Saw

SA130627 Small Bow Saw A small bow saw in very nice as found condition. The blade measures 7 3/4" between pins. The saw is tensioned by an old, and probably original, turnbuckle. Wonderfully made and preserved, but sadly not signed. Fine- Sold

Henry Disston & Sons

SA1305109 Henry Disston & Sons An 8" Disston brass-backed dovetail saw. 15PPI. The applewood handle has a lovely glowing patina. The brass back has been lightly hand cleaned but still has a lovely patina. The blade is not perfectly straight, but it is good enough to use. It is not kinked, but has a gentle curve that I believe can be removed if the blade is retensioned; something that any saw person can do. This is the nicest Disston brass-backed dovetail saws that I have had in some time. G++ $185

Henry Disston & Sons

SA130557 Henry Disston & Sons A little used Disston Number 16 panel saw, 24" and 9 PPI. The blade has mostly a medium patina, but near the handle has more of a light patina. It is untouched, in just the kind of as found condition that I like. The handle has no damage, and a lovely color. I think that the handle is cherry rather than applewood. The etching is 100% legible, but you do need to hold it at the correct angle to read it. Nearly sharp, needs only a once over with a file. A partiiclarly nice example of a high-end Disston saw. G++ $235

Henry Disston & Sons

SA130513 Henry Disston & Sons A 10" brass-backed carcass or large dovetail saw with 15PPI. Like most old back saws, it is filed with a hybrid tooth that is a blend of cross-cut and rip. The idea of a saw that is totally one or the other is more of a beginner's concept. I never seen saws that were owned by old masters done to be a pure cross-cut. Pure rip yes, but not pure cross-cut. THis saw is one of the nicest brass-backed Disstons that I have had. The applewood handle has lovely patina, the back has lovely patina, and the blade has a medium dark and pleasing patina. A real gem for the connoisseur. G++ Sold

Blue Jacket Blue Jacket

SA130547 Blue Jacket This lovely 28" rip saw has a blued blade, with a perfect etching, that reads, "Blue Jacket, Made in USA, Warranted, Peftect Temper Superior Quality, Spring Steet". It is in nice as found condition needing only a gentle cleaning. It has 5 1/2 PPI. It is not sharp, but it needs only a light filing. This saw has seen very little use, since the bluing shows only modest wear. The beech handle has no damage and nice color. This is a wonderful saw from the famous Bill Phillips collection. G++ $145

Henry Disston & Sons

SA130376 Henry Disston & Sons A very scarce Disston D115 75th anniversary saw. This is the first Disston Diamond Jubilee saw that I have ever had. it is etched, 1840 to 1915 with a diamond radiating in the middle of the etching. Instead of calling it Diamond Jubiliee, the etching makes a word play with that and calls it Disston Jubilee. The handle is wheat carved rosewood and damage free with about 90% original finish. The blade is smooth and straight with light patina and some scattered staining overall. The etching is perfectly legible. It isa 26" saw with 8ppi. It is sharp and ready to use, with a bit of wax on the blade. From the collection of the late Bill Phillips, who had an amazing saw collection. A connoisseur's saw. G++ $345

C.R.R. of N.J.

SA130378 C.R.R. of N.J. This saw is clearly etched, C.R.R. of N.J., but nothing else. This stands for Cenral Rail Road of New Jersey, who would have special ordered it this way.. It is my belief that it is a Disston number 8 saw. The handle is crsip and in exceptional condition with only a few light storage scratches. The blade is clean with just minor dots of surface rust which should be carefully scraped off. I don't see too many saws in this condition. It is a 26" saw with 7PPI CC. This saw has seen very little use. It is from the personal collection of the late Tom Law, legendary saw specialist. I just say though that Tom has not sharpened this saw and it needs a light sharpening if you want to use it. Fine- $195

J. V. Hill late Howel

SA130385 J. V. Hill late Howel A 14", 11PPI rip brass-backed saw with a very heavy brass back, which is characteristic of this early 19th Century London maker who took over the business of Howel, an 18th Century London maker. Lovely original condition, having never been polished, except for a very light polishing of the back, but I stress very light, not what we normally call polished. The handle has no damage, just normal tool box wear. The blade has a medium dark patina with some scattered light surface rust which will clean off and not leave pitting. In short, this is a superb example of an early 19th Century English saw. It is dull and would need filing if you wanted to use it. G+ $175

Geo. H. Bishop & Co.

SA12129 Geo. H. Bishop & Co. A scarce 8" size of the famous Bishop's patent stair or dado saw. This is an early example, the handle is marked Pat. Applied for. Nice as found condition with a medium dark patina but a nice smooth blade and a nicely patinated applewood handle. There is a small chip out of the right hand side of the upper handle spur. These saws make great users and make doing sliding dovetails much easier. G+ Sold

Edward Preston

SA120646 Edward Preston A Preston Patent No. 566 Mitre box. The original label states that "no difficulty will be found in sawing a true mitre, especially suitable for amateurs, picture framing, &c. Will take any moulding up to 3 inches wide." Beech with cast iron adjustable guides. I suspect that the patent was for the guides. The wood shows wear but the guides should still keep the cut straight. Mounts to a bench with two screws. 9 1/2" wide. G+ Sold!


SA12059 Jeweler's Saw This is a frame saw for a very fine blade, like jeweler's use, but this one is probably too large to really be a jeweler's saw. It takes a 9 1/2" blade. It holds the blades with pins, like a woodworking frame saw. One pin is missing, but these are just cut off nails. The handle is rosewood with an elegantly turned steel fitting at the end of the ferule. Lovely untouched condition. A real quality tool. It has no blade with it. Fine $45

Wheeler, Madden, & Clemson

SA120352 Wheeler, Madden, & Clemson This is a rare 12" brass-backed saw. I don't recall ever seeing another brass-backed saw by this maker. The etching is perfect and the blade is clean. The handle has a crack on the left side on the cheeck, and the lower spur is complete, but needs to be clamped where it was dropped and the wood is separated. The blade almost perfectly straight, but it looks like somebody was working on it to straighten it. The blade has been lightly polished. I am selling this saw more as a rare example than as a user. G+ $119

Herny Disston and Son

SA120236 Herny Disston and Son A 28", 5TPI number 8 rip saw. The etching is perfectly clear on this saw, as well as the addittional etching of, "Made For Geo. M. Steinman & Co. Lancaster, PA." This blade as a medium patina but it still has its original polished finish. The applewood handle also has a lovely patina. There is a bit of red paint on the handle, which meant something to someone. The hande has just a small chip in the lower spur. The teeth are no particularly evenly filed. The Henry Disston & Son mark allows us to date this saw pretty narrowly to around 1868, give or take a few years. It is rare to see a clean, straight, Disston & Son rip or panel saw. The big saws tended to get neglected. This one could be waxed and put to use today. The teeth are sharp enough to use, but I would touch them up. G+ $245

Antique Saw

SA110129 W. Marples & Sons, Sheffield A small 9 1/2" blade bow saw with London pattern boxwood handles and an iron tightening bar. Probably from the 1920s or 30s. A nice untouched saw in a scarce smaller size. G++ $109

Antique Saw

SA101122 James Turner, Phila A brass backed carcass saw with a classic tapering blade. The bold applewood handle has lovely patina and no repairs. Engraved on the opposite side of the back from the maker's mark is "Wm M. Lee, 1871". It is also marked Made for Bowlby & Brenner. The blade has a med. patina with light surface rust overall. The teeth are very fine and very unevenly filed. There are some chipped teeth as well. Unlike most saws that we sell, this saw is not perfectly straight and we are not selling it as a user. This is a rare saw and there is no good reason to use it anyway. The brass has been hand polished. G+ $345

Antique Saw

SA100315 W. Cresson, Philada, Sping Steel A W. Cresson keyhole saw. Cresson saws are quite scarce, in fact I will go on a limb and say rare. This saw has it its original ornate handle, with great patina, and just one chip that is not obtrusive to my eye. The blade is nearly perfectly straight, and is still sharp. This was a well cared for saw that now has a nice patined look. This is a serious collector's grade tool. G+ $165

Antique Saw

SA100110 I. Colbeck A 14" backsaw. Erwin Schaffer's book list Colbeck as American, with no known information. Phil Baker concurs that he thinks Colbeck is American. I would have guessed that this was a very early English saw, although I did find it in the US. It certainly looks quite early. This one has a dark patina on the blade, which has a gentle wave to it. The handle hardware is all replaced at some later date. The handle has a great look, although the upper spur is shortened. I am selling this saw strictly as a collector, not a user. It is a rare early saw worthy of some respect despite its shortcomings. G- $85

Antique Saw

SA9091 W. Taylor An 11" carcass saw by a rare Philadelphia maker with the double eagle mark on a brass back. This is the first saw that I have had by this rare early American saw maker. The handle is applewood and has a very pronounced hook forward. The blade is dark with some pitting. The brass back has been wire brushed some time ago. One screw is missing and the handle spurs are chipped top and bottom. It never had a medallion, which is consistent with its age. This is a rare saw in need of restoration. Fair $165
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Antique Saw

SA90930 Geo. H. Bishop An important and rare brass-backed miniature dovetail saw. The blade is 8 inches, but it this is not a normal 8 inch saw. The tote is tiny. It is sharp and appears unused. I have owned it for 20 years and I have never seen another like it. I remember the day that I bought it a prominent dealer of that time offered me $1K for it, but even then when that was quite a lot of money, I could not bring my self ot part with it. Now I want somebody else to enjoy it. Fine $1195

Antique Saw

SA70354 Saw Set I love personalized antiques, be it ceramics, tools, or anything else that is named and dated. This tool is beatifully engraved, "Fred Harris, September, 1921". It is an English style saw set with a built in adjustable stop. It is more for panel and rip saws, not for fine toothed back saws. Great as found patina. This is a special tool. G+ $49

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