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Number 603C Bedrock Smoothing Plane

ST161064 Number 603C Bedrock Smoothing Plane A good original Stanley Bedrock smoothing plane of about 1900, give or take a bit. It has about 70% of the 1892 patent date blade remaining. A collector has very lightly, and properly, cleaned the sides and sole so that they havea light patina. The lever cap is untouched and has a medium-dark patina. The wood is nice, with its original finish. The color of the rosewood in the rear is rather light and this might be from sun induced fading or it might have just been a lightly colored piece of wood. The japanning is about 97%. A nice honest example. G+ $145

Number 66 3/4 Carpenter Number 66 3/4 Carpenter

ST161067 Number 66 3/4 Carpenter's Rule A fully bound 4 fold 24" boxwood rule. In my experience, this is a very scarce model. Unlike many longer rules, it exhibits no evidence of warping. The brass retains a pleasing patina. The original finish on the wood is about half left on the outside and mostly intact on the inside, as one would expect. This is a pre sweetheart rule. I like it a lot. G++ Sold

Number 148 Match Plane

ST161071 Number 148 Match Plane A 7/8" Stanley going and coming tongue and groove plane. The nickel shows honest wear and is around 70%. The blade has the sweetheart logo. A very handy user tool. G+ $95

Number 6 Fore Plane

ST161074 Number 6 Fore Plane A lovely Stanley Fore plane of about 1900, with the wider base tote. The bare metal surfaces all have a pleasing even medium patina. The blade is replaced, probably recently, with a NOS V trademark blade (about 15 years newer than the plane). The blade is right like new and doesn't match the patina of the rest of the plane. The rosewood is quite nice on this one and the japanning is about 97%. This is a particularly nice example that I priced cheaply because of the replaced blade. A bargain for a user. G++ $109

Number 5 1/2C Bedrock Jumo Jack Plane Number 5 1/2C Bedrock Jumo Jack Plane

ST161082 Number 5 1/2C Bedrock Jumo Jack Plane This is not a TBT grade tool, but it is a hard to find model and I priced it to move. The tote spur is knocked of f and missing. Other than this it has no damage, it is just not of the caliber that we specialize in. It came to me in a lot of tools. All of the bare metal surfaces have a dark patina. The japanning is about 80%. A bargain for somebody. Good Sold

Number 18 Six Inch Bevel

ST161036 Number 18 Six Inch Bevel This is the smallest size of the Patented Stanley bevels, the 6" size is very handy for cabinet work. This is an earler example with the patent date cast into one side. It is a very clean and crisp example, with better than 95% of the nickel remaining. G++ Sold

Number 18 Eight Inch Bevel

ST161037 Number 18 Eight Inch Bevel A mid-sized example of Stanley's ingenious patented bevel. This is a later example with "Made in USA" cast into the handle instead of the patent date. G+ Sold

Number 7 Bailey Jointer

ST161039 Number 7 Bailey Jointer A crisp and little used Stanley jointer from the 1930s with a full original iron. The rosewood is in outstanding condition, retaining all of its original finish, albeit wth some minor craquelure on the knob. The japanning is 95% plus and nice and bright. Needs a minor cleaning, but the blade needs only a light honing and it is ready to go. I can't believe that anyone buys the new knockoffs, when you can buy a better plane for less than half the price. I just don't get it. G++ Sold

Number 79 Double Side Rabbet Plane

ST161042 Number 79 Double Side Rabbet Plane An probably unused example from the 1950s in the original box. This is the desirable later style with a depth stop. The blades have never been honed and it has all of its nickel. There is a slight amount of surface corrosion on the blades but otherwise it is as new. The box has all for corners torn out on the lid. Fine Sold

Number 923 10" Brace

ST161051 Number 923 10" Brace A nice older example with genuine rosewood. Probably 1930s. Much of the original nickel is gone but it has a nice look about it and will make a great user. G+ $59

Number 90 Bullnose

ST161055 Number 90 Bullnose A bright and clean Stanley bullnose with a full original iron and 99% of its nickel. Judging from the higher quality quality of the maching, I think that it is pre-war, which would make it 1930s, but it could have been made after the war based on the style, which did not change. A super example for the discerning user. Fine $95

Number 12 1/2 Scraper Plane

ST161058 Number 12 1/2 Scraper Plane A good user example with a crisp sole and the original Stanley blade marked in block letters as used before 1920. The sides have been painted black, and it apears that the original japanning may also be painted over. I am not sure. It is nicely done, but the plane would have rated much higher. This was done a long time ago by an owner, not by a recoent collector tyring to restore it. It will make a great user. It is untouched. If the paint on the sides bothers you, it could easilty be stripped off. As a user, I wouldn't worry about it. G+ $129

Number 61 Marking Gauge

ST16102 Number 61 Marking Gauge A crisp Stanley beech marking that shows no wear but there is some white on the fence face as if it was rubbed on a painted surface. That is why it got the minus. It is as crisp as new. Fine- Sold

Number 4 Bailey Smoothing Plane

ST161027 Number 4 Bailey Smoothing Plane A sweetheart marked Stanley 4 that has a near full original iron. The tote still has the original decal but there is a tight hairline crack in the tote. These are caused by using the plane with the lug is loose. With the lug tigh the crack will stay tight. Never use the plane with a loose handle or you are liable to break the handle. The patina on this plane is not very attractive. A great user that I priced to move quickly. G+ Sold

Number 12 Scraper Plane

ST16107 Number 12 Scraper Plane A crisp and very nice as found example This is the condition that I like my own tools to be in when I find them. The rosewood has particularly nice grain as well. The brass pieces have nice patina with traces of original lacquer. The japanning is good except in one spot on the bed where the user's thumbs would have been pressing on the bed. This loss is clearly visible in the photo, centered around the 12 which is cast into the body. Sadly the blade was missing when I bought it. I am selling it with a new Hock iron from our new tool division. G++ $109

Number 3 Bailey Smoothing Plane

ST161011 Number 3 Bailey Smoothing Plane A sweetheart marked Stanley 3 with nice rosewood. The tote retains most of the orginal 1920s decal. The blade is near full. The cutting edge is rough and needs to be ground, but otherwise I can't fault this plane. It is quite a nice example from Stanley's golden age. G+ $99

Number 7C Bailey Jointer

ST161018 Number 7C Bailey Jointer A clean sweetheart marked Stanley corrugated jointer with a near full original iron. The japanning is still bright and about 95%. The sides and sole have a light patina. This is an attractive example and a better plane than any of the new copies. G++ Sold

Number 1 Bailey Smoothing Plane Number 1 Bailey Smoothing Plane Number 1 Bailey Smoothing Plane

ST160941 Number 1 Bailey Smoothing Plane The most iconic of all Stanley tools, and perhaps all collectable tools period, is the Stanley number 1. These are not rare planes, but they are very desirable. I see them quite often, but to me there is no point buying a number 1 if it isn't a great example. Everyone will look at your number 1 and if is mediocre, so will your entire collection be judged. This is lovely example, with a particularly nice handle, that has a streat of sapwood running through it that is striking. The handle retains is original varnish, but the varnish has craqueleur. The japanning is 100%. This is a 1920s plane with a sweetheart blade. It appears to be untouched except for the sole that seems to have been lightly cleaned with an abrasive. This is a number 1 that I would be very happy to keep. A real gem. Fine- Sold

Number 65 Marking Gauge

ST160937 Number 65 Marking Gauge A nice clean example. This is a later one that is made from maple and not boxwood, but is still a lovely tool that is ready to use. G+ Sold

Number 10 Inlaid Try Square

ST16092 Number 10 Inlaid Try Square A very scarce early Stanley #10 square with rosewood inlaid into the solid steel stock. It is the 6" size. The blade is marked Stanley in block letters, characteristic of the early Stanley marking. IT has been cleaned a bit but is still crisp with some light patina. I don't recall ever having one of these before. The quality is superb. G+ $195

Number 113 Compass Plane

ST160911 Number 113 Compass Plane A classic Stanley compass plane with the logo of about 1908-1910 or so. The bare surfaces have a medium to dark patina but no rust. The adjustment knob still retains most of its nickel and the blade is nearly full. Around half of the japanning remains. A very nice quality user grade example. G+ Sold

Number 18 Bevel Square

ST160918 Number 18 Bevel Square A nice clean example in the 10" size of this most useful of Stanley tools. Fine Sold

Number 5C Bailey Jack Plane

ST160924 Number 5C Bailey Jack Plane A good 1920s period Stanley jack plane that will be a great user. The lower edge of the cap iron has been modified somewhat on a grinder. I can't imagine why, but it shouldn't matter. G+ Sold

Number 66 Hand Beader

ST16085 Number 66 Hand Beader A complete 66 hand beader. The tool itself has nearly all its bright original nickel and rates fine. The blades and the curved fence are not as clean, and rate about G+. A very useful tool in better condition than most. G++ $119

Number 5 Bailey Jack Plane

ST160820 Number 5 Bailey Jack Plane A good circa 1910 Stanley jack plane with a near full original iron. The tote spur has a piece out of the right side. The body is marked in tiny letters, damaged. I presume that it was marked this way to be deassessioned by some institution. A real bargain for a good pre-war user Stanley. G+ Sold

Number 605C Bedrock Jack Plane

ST160657 Number 605C Bedrock Jack Plane An as found Bedrock jack plane that has a medium dark patina. The base of the handle is cracked, but it is fine to use just as it is. I haven't removed the handle but it seems to be solidly glued. Otherwise a nice plane and bargain priced. G+ $89

Number 60 Double Spokeshave

ST160645 Number 60 Double Spokeshave A nice as found example. Both blades are full length, but both of them need to be reground before you hone it for use. G++ $45

Number 18 1/4 Block Plane

ST160649 Number 18 1/4 Block Plane A nice as found example with a medium-dark patina on the bare metal surfaces. The sole does have some light pitting that won't hurt a thing but could be lapped out if it bothers you. A great user. G+ $45

Number 220 Block Plane

ST160566 Number 220 Block Plane A nice clean early 220 with the cast iron adjustment knob. This plane has been properly cleaned and waxed by a responsible collector. The full iron has the half moon logo. A really nice example. G++ $59

Number 113 Compass Plane

ST16055 Number 113 Compass Plane An earlier style 113 with the side wheel depth adjustment. The nickel is still bright and mostly intact, which gives this tool a striking appearance. The japanning is also bright and glossy, with some tool box rash on the sides. The steel sole needs a light cleaning, motly on the upper surface, the working suface being clean except for one small spot of light surface rust that will come right off. Rates a strong G+ $165

Number 921 8" Brace

ST160515 Number 921 8" Brace A good quality Stanley brace with genuine rosewood. The nickel is peeling around the chuck and it only retains about 60% of the nickel. A great user, but not the bright example with 99% nickel that most users love, which is why it is priced to sell. G+ $49

Number 60 Double Spokeshave

ST160529 Number 60 Double Spokeshave A nice clean as found example with sweetheart marked irons. Some toolbox wear to the finish, but still a much better than average example with full length original irons. G++ $49

Number 71 Double Beam Marking Gauge

ST160551 Number 71 Double Beam Marking Gauge As is usually the case with this model, it is not marked. The brass wear plates on the beams and in the head still have some lacquer left and are not polished. Nice as found condition. G+ Sold

Number 59 Doweling Jig

ST160477 Number 59 Doweling Jig This 1950s example is truly as new in the box. It has the depth stop as well as the six guides. It also has the instructions, a store display piece, and a small brochure for the 77 doweling machine. The paperwork is a bit oil stained. You won't find a better one. The box is nice and rates near fine, but the tool really is Mint $60

Number 60 Double Spokeshave

ST1603104 Number 60 Double Spokeshave A nice as found Sweetheart marked example with most of the original bright japanning (98%+) The blades appear to have never been honed, althought it has been used at least once, albeith without being sharpened first. There is white plastic or something like it clogging the mouth on the concave side. This tool needs a light cleaning, but should rate better than G++ $49

Number 5 1/2 Bailey Jumbo Jack

ST160393 Number 5 1/2 Bailey Jumbo Jack A lovely untouched Stanley from the 1930s with the scarce patent number logo, which bears the patent number for the kidney shaped lever cap. This plane was made after the blade width went to 2 3/8". Finding pre-war 5 1/2's with the wider blade is hard. This one has great wood, with all of the lacquer on the wood, greast bright clean japanning, and a nice light patina on the bear metal. The only thing that somebody might criticize is that when the machined the casting, they made the left side thicker than the right. That wouldn't bother me. This plane is a gem. Fine Sold

Number 101 1/2 Bullnose Block Plane Number 101 1/2 Bullnose Block Plane Number 101 1/2 Bullnose Block Plane

ST160396 Number 101 1/2 Bullnose Block Plane A scarce Stanley 101 1/2 with the footbal shaped logo. This plane has been used and is probably missing more than half of its original japanning. The sides and sole have been cleaned a bit by a collector and lack patina. I have seen quite a few of these faked, but genuine ones like this really are hard to find. G+ $369

Number 9 1/2 Block Plane

ST160352 Number 9 1/2 Block Plane An as found Stanley block plane from the 1950s. A bit dark and with some missing finish, but certainly a good user that you can sharpen up and start using. G+ $49

Number 6C Fore Plane Number 6C Fore Plane Number 6C Fore Plane

ST160311 Number 6C Fore Plane A very clean Stanley 6C in the original box. This plane has the scarce 1930s logo blade with the patent number under the logo. The box has as sweetheart logo, which is consistent as they were using up the old boxes in the 30s when things were moving slowly. The plane has been used, but probably only a few times. The only criticism that I can make is that the glossy varnish on the wood has some scatteed nicks and scratches which would not even be noticed if the plane was not otherwise so good. Rates a strong G++ $199

Number 5 1/2C Jumbo Jack Plane

ST160334 Number 5 1/2C Jumbo Jack Plane A nice as found sweetheart marked example with a near full original iron and nice light patina overall. There is a hard to expain notch in the front of the tote, that doesn't compromise its use. That is the only flaw worth mentioning. A nice example for a user or collector. G++ $169

Ball Pein Hammer

ST160343 Ball Pein Hammer This hammer looks unused although the decal on the handle is deteriorated and almost gone. It is not marked but seems to be a 5 ounce head. I am not sure of the age, but it is US made and certainly not recent production. The decal looks like 1950s or 60s to me. Fine $39

Number 5 1/4 Junior Jack Plane

ST1602112 Number 5 1/4 Junior Jack Plane A 1930s Stanley 5 1/4 in the original box. The box has two torn out corners but is a decent looking box. The plane is very clean with great wood and about 98% japanning. There are a few minor marks on the sole or I would have gone one notch higher on the condition. G++ $169

Number 7C Bailey Jointer Number 7C Bailey Jointer

ST1602117 Number 7C Bailey Jointer A nice as found Stanley 7 of about 1900. The wood on this plane is particularly nice, with a striking figure to the early style wide base tote. The iron body has a pleasing light patina. The japanning on this plane is peeling in spots and is not very good, otherwise the plane would have rated better than G+ $169

Number 49 Bit Gauge

ST160254 Number 49 Bit Gauge An apparently unused example in the original box. The bot has the textured surface of the 1950s although the label is clearly a left over pre-War label. The original price of $1 is written on the bottom. Fine $43

Number 45 Combination Plane Number 45 Combination Plane Number 45 Combination Plane

ST160280 Number 45 Combination Plane A super clean Stanley 45 from the 1950s in the original box. The nickel on this plane shines like new and I could find no evidence of any nickel loss. The only thing that I could find were a few very small marks in the finish on the rosewood. It has the origal instructions, the original envelope with extra spurs, and the original screwdriver. The one bad thing is that a fool has stropped the top of each blade with a power strop. Not just the bevel, the entire top. These should be redone properly with oil stones before you use them. A few of the blades have tiny spot of rust, but nothing that won't come right off. The box is intact but is not nearly as nice as the plane. These fiew little things keep this plane from being another $100. It is that good. For the connoisseur. Fine $359

Winterbottom Pat. Square

ST160234 Winterbottom Pat. Square A very clean and crisp 6" square with the Pat. 2-8-98 mark on the blade. The blade has some very light surface rust on the side that is marked (and pictures). The opposite sideis perfect. The wood still has the original laquer and the brass is crsip like new. A superb example. Fine- $59

Catalog:  Stanley Tools

ST160235 Catalog: Stanley Tools A 55 page pocket catalog, copywrite 1927. The cover is detached because the staples tore through, and a little soiled. The remainder is quite clean and still stapled securely. For 89 years old and meant to be a disposable item, it has done pretty well. G+ $39

Number 93 Butt & Rabbet Gauge

ST160167 Number 93 Butt & Rabbet Gauge A particularly nice as found tool with only light wear to the nickel on the fence. Marked with the sweetheart logo and the gothic script on the body. Rates a strong G++ $75

Number 6 Bailey Fore Plane

ST160193 Number 6 Bailey Fore Plane This is a nice as found Stanley 6 of about 1900. It has the older style tote that is a bit more flated out at the base. The tote was made from a particularly nice piece of Brazillian rosewood and has a nicer figure than most. The plane does need a light cleaning, but has a lovely medium dark patina and is a very attractive example. The blade has been ground with a curvature, which is appropriate for a fore plane, but there are two small nicks in the edge you will need to grind the bevel before you hone it. The japanning is more than half gone, and this is really what has held this plane down condition wise and price wise. It will make a great user for a veyr reasonable price. G+ $129

Number 20 Victor Compass Plane

ST160149 Number 20 Victor Compass Plane A nice honest as found Stanley compass plane with the 1892 patent date logo on the blade. There is some nickel loss, mainly on the left side, and a few stains on the sole, but this is a great user example that is not priced like a prstine example. G+ $179

Number 148 Match Plane

ST160110 Number 148 Match Plane A sweetheart marked example that is as found, and needs a light cleaning, but retains about all of the nicek and was clearly not used more than a few times. It comes with the original box, but the box is a wreck and I put no value on the box. A superb example Fine- $125

Number 278 Combination Fillester and Bullnose

ST151114 Number 278 Combination Fillester and Bullnose This scarce Stanley plane retains about 20% of the original japaning but is in nice original condition. It has been cleaned by a collector. This is an early example with the 1916 patent date on the blade. A good honest example for a reasonable price. G+ $265

Number 20 Victor Compass Plane

ST150910 Number 20 Victor Compass Plane A japanned version of Stanley's classic compass plane. This plane has clean bare metal surfaces, and has probably seen very little use, but the japanning has significant tool box wear and is around 85%. A great user example for a reasonable price. G+ $175

Number 6C Stanley Fore Plane

ST150849 Number 6C Stanley Fore Plane A nicer user Stanley corrugaged fore plane from the teens. It has the three patent dates on the bed. which retains about 98% of its original japanning in nice condition. The bare metal surfaces have a pleasing medium patina. This would be a more expensive plane but for two things. The rear tote has much tool box rash on it than it should for this plane, and was clearly taken from another plane. Also, the blade and cap iron have almost no patina, and are probably new old stock. The iron has the logo that was used before the V trademark, but I would think that this plane had a V trademark iron when new. So, these two minor things, which would bother a collector, make it a very affordable user for a plane in this nice condition. G+ $145

Number 12 Scraper

ST150870 Number 12 Scraper A good honest as found example. The blade is unmarked and is worn down a bit but has plenty of life left in it. Needs a good cleaning but will be a great user. Should clean to at least G+ $89

Number 90 Cabinetmaker

ST150872 Number 90 Cabinetmaker's Bullnose A nice as found plane that retains about 95% of the oginal nickel, but there is old dried grease, or something, discoloring it a bit. It retains about 25% of the original sweetheart marked iron. When the mark was struck on the iron it bounced so it has a double strike, which a collector might not like. A great user tool. G+ $79

Number 55 Combination Plane Number 55 Combination Plane Number 55 Combination Plane

150717 Number 55 Combination Plane A 1950s period Stanley 55 that is complete in the original box. The plane is pristine, a real gem. The little tag that states "The two holes in this gauge are..." is still attached to the depth stop, so I finally understand what this tag meant. I have seen these tags loose in the box many times and I never realized what they were talking about. It makes total sense now. The blades have had the ends of them buffed, probably with a buffing mop, but somebody who thought that he was honing them. They are usable as is, but I would touch up any blade that I was going to use with a proper Arkansas or similar slip stone. The box is coming apart and has the outer paper coming undone. If you want to save teh box, it will take some work. Other than the box, and the blades being buffed, I rate this plane a strong Fine Sold

Number 55 Combination Plane Number 55 Combination Plane Number 55 Combination Plane Number 55 Combination Plane

ST15073 Number 55 Combination Plane This Stanley 55 is from the 1910s and is the version that has serrated sides on the nickers, so the nickers can be lowered one serration at a time. It is in the tall cardboard box. The nickel is nearly complete rating conservatively at 98%. As is common, the finish on the handle deteriorating a bit. The blades boxes are all very clean with nice labels. Most of the blades look unused. There is is a nick in the edge of one of the fluting blades, not from use but from being dropped. This needs to be polished out if you want to use it. The box has a few minor stains, but is quite good and is not torn out. The instructions are reprints and the screwdriver is gone, but this is still an example worthy of a serious collector or a discerning user. Fine- Sold

Number 21 12 in. combination Square

ST150647 Number 21 12 in. combination Square A nice as found example from the 1930s. It has a few scattered stains but it should clean to about Fine- $55

Number 113 Compass Plane

ST150628 Number 113 Compass Plane A nice as found example. There is some old dried grease, or perhaps it is sap, on the sole, but the sole is rust free and will be nice and bright when this is cleaned off with some kind of solvent. The rest of the plane has a nice patina. The handle shows significant wear to the japanning, but elsewhere it is pretty good. Overall this is a really nice example of the early sidewheel adjuster style 113 that is not priced like a pristine example. G+ $179

Number 92 Butt & Rabbet Gauge

ST150543 Number 92 Butt & Rabbet Gauge This is a very early example of this tool, and is marked "STANLEY, Pat Pen'g". There is an old chip out of the head near the thumbscrew. Otherwise it is in nice as found condition. G+ $85

No. 30A Yankee Spiral Ratchet Screw Driver

ST150557 No. 30A Yankee Spiral Ratchet Screw Driver An apparenly unused example in the original box with the three original bits in an envelope. This is as good as it gets. The box is also bright and nice. Fine+ $65

Yankee No. 31A Sprital Ratchet Screw Driver

ST150466 Yankee No. 31A Sprital Ratchet Screw Driver A large Yankee screwdriver in the original box with the original three bits. The top is the metal reinforced version but the bottom has been taped at the corners. A nice lean tool that has seen very little use. G++ $55

Number 81 Scraper Plane

ST150460 Number 81 Scraper Plane A nice as found example with 95% plus of the original nickel remaining and a good rosewood sole. The blade has the etching of a Disston number 7 saw right in the middle of it, clearly having been carefully made from an old Disston saw. I am sure that this blade will work great, but we do sell replacement blades for this tool made by Ron Hock. One of my personal favorite Stanley designs. G+ $75

Number 59-200 1 1/4 pound Hatchet

ST150365 Number 59-200 1 1/4 pound Hatchet This hatchet has a worn sticker on it that reads "Jobmaster Axe" One can also make out "Made in USA" on the worn sticker. I would call this a hatchet but you could call it a hand axe. It is marked on the handle 1 1/4 pound, which seems to be the head weight. It is as found and not all that old. I would guess 1970s but you might know better. Certainly a good user that is still US made, i.e. quality. G++ $49

Book:  Boxwood & Ivory - Stanley Traditional Rules 1855...

ST150250 Book: Boxwood & Ivory - Stanley Traditional Rules 1855... The seminal work on the rule of the Stanley Rule and Level Company, wirtten by Philip Stanley and published in 1984. Printed in the US. 188 pages and hardboard. This is a new copy and even the dust jacket is still pristine. New $99

Number 12 Square

ST150263 Number 12 Square A 6" type 1 try square that has been nicely cleaned by a collector and retains about 90%+ of the original japanning. It is marked with the patent date but not marked Stanley, as is typical. There is a small kink in the lower edge of the blade around an inch out from the stock. It is usable as is but could probably be hammered out pretty easily. This early model is quite scarce in my experience. G+ $38

Catalog Reprint:  Stanley Tools Catalogue Number 120

ST131214 Catalog Reprint: Stanley Tools Catalogue Number 120 A pristine copy of the hardbound catalog reprint of the Stanley Sweetheart catalog from 1923. Produced by my friend Roger Smith, this is the single best Stanley catalog reprint ever done. Pristine condition. Fine+ Sold

Number 65 Chamfer Shave

ST150227 Number 65 Chamfer Shave A nice as found example of the earliest style Stanley chamfer shave. The blade has the Stanley Rule & Level with the patent date in a circle, which is the first style marking for this tool and is nice to find. This tool is from Tom Lamond's personal collection. Tom was the leading authority on American spokeshaves and wrote the definitive reference on the subject. Nice smooth patina on the bare metal surfaces, like a sophisticated collector likes to see. G++ $145

Number 12 Scraper Number 12 Scraper

ST150132 Number 12 Scraper This is an as found #12 that has a nice medium patina on the bare metal surfaces. You could clean it lightly but I really would not do much. Somebody has filed the Roman numberal 9 into one side. It will make a great user and we are selling it with a new Hock blade from our stock. G+ $99

Number 5C Bailey Jack Plane

ST160915 Number 5C Bailey Jack Plane A late 19th Century #5 with the fat base tote. The tote spur is gone and the entire lateral adjustment is broken off. I have seen this before and I don't see how it could happen accidentally. I wonder if old timers did it on purpose because the adjster frustrated them and they wanted to do it the old way, tapping the side of the blade. This plane has been neglected but it really insn't that bad and can make a great user. Free to the first person who spends $80 on old tools and orders this plane. G- Sold

Number 3 Trammel Points

ST141215 Number 3 Trammel Points A crisp pair of Stanley Trammels on the original beam. There is some very minor surface rust on one of the points, which is why I gave it the minus. They are probably unused with the original factory grind on the points. Fine- $149


ST141142 Traut's 1871 Patent Bevel A 10" cast iron bevel with walnut panels. Not marked but made by Stanley and quite scarce. Its been cleaned up by a collector, but not a bad job. It is not a pristine tool and it looks very good now for the condition that it is in, which is about average. I have seen these sell for up to $400 but our consignor told me to get it sold. G+ $195

Number 116 Mitre Box

ST14105 Number 116 Mitre Box A barely used, if at all, example, in the original box from the 1950s. There are nicks in the paint on the wood, but from the parts moving around in the box, not from use. Still has the original instructions in the box. The box is taped and is a bit tatty. Fine- $50

Number 45 Combination Plane

ST140922 Number 45 Combination Plane This is a remarkably complete 45 in the original box. These planes were original shipped with two pieces of wood, which held the plane in position in the box. This plane has both of those pieces, which are very scarce. It also has the original instructions, screwdriver, and the envelope with extra spurs. The worst news is that there is some light wear on the fence, including a sliver missing on the upper edge which kept me from going to a Fine- rating. The plane was clearly used, but carefully. The box is well work and pretty tatty. I would have priced it higher but for the state of the box. G++ Sold

Number 85 Scraper Plane Number 85 Scraper Plane

140936 Number 85 Scraper Plane A nice example that needs only a light cleaning. The hold down screw is sweetheart marked. There is a split in the hande at the front of the base, that is tight and is not an issue. Otherwise without complaint and a lovely example that should clean to better than G+ $585

Number 24 Shelley Pat. Square

ST140663 Number 24 Shelley's Pat. Square This is an early example of the square and bevel combination square and is marked "Stanley Rule & Level Co., Pat. April 5, 1864". As found condition with a dark patina on the blade. The mark was never strong and is hard to read. The brass thumbscrew wings are bent a little from being overtightened. The square is 6" by 9". This is not a pristine tool but is a nice example that you could use or collect. G+ $119

Number 90 Bullnose Plane

ST140138 Number 90 Bullnose Plane A nice as found example with better than 95% of the original nickel remaining. The blade is about 80% or better remaining. A good US made example, probably from the 1950s. Could use some light cleaning. G+ $95

Number 81 Scraper

ST131222 Number 81 Scraper A classic Stanley rosewood soled scraper. Retains about 85% of the original nickel. The blade is a period replacement, marked E. C. Atkins, Silver Steel. These are very useful tools. G+ $65

Yankee Ratchet 30A

ST130871 Yankee Ratchet 30A A very clean example in the original box with the original bit envelope, with the three bits. The label says that North Brothers is a division of Stanley Tools. The box is only about Good or maybe G+, but the tool is Fine- $59

Number 90 Bullnose Plane

ST130352 Number 90 Bullnose Plane A V-trademark (1910s) example with about 90% or what is probably the original blade. A good sound plane, but the nickel is coming off. It looks like the nickel didn't adhere well when it was made and has more peeled off than worn off. It has about 40-50% of the original nickel left, but it is blotchy and would not appeal to a collector. Thus the user price for an early US made example of this most desirable of Stanley planes. G+ $85

Blades for Number 1 Plane in Box

ST130368 Blades for Number 1 Plane in Box A box of 3 new old stock blades in the original box. The box once held 6 blades according to the label. It is a steel reinforced corner box and the blades have the later Stanley logo. I am not sure when the are from but probably the 1940s or 50s. Untouched condition with some old dry grease on the blades, which would likely pass for mint if this grease is cleaned off. The box shows wear and rates G+. Fine $165

Antique Stanley Tool Antique Stanley Tool

ST90520 Stanley Tools 1927 S50 Catalog This is a small 55 page booklet style catalog. I am not an expert on these but I don't recall seeing this one before. It is marked on the back "Copyright 1927 S50" and has the sweetheart logo. The original owner put his name and the date on the cover with a pencil. Nice original condition. Fine- $49

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