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Explanation of Our Condition Grading System

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Number 7C Bailey Jointer

ST15084 Number 7C Bailey Jointer This is a turn of the Century Stanley corrugated 7 in as found condition, needing a light cleaning but with a nice medium patina. There are a few small spot of paint in the corrugations that don't hurt anything, but I would pick them out. The tote is marked "1910" and "S. Pancak" The plane is definitely a bit older than this. The tote his the earlier style with the wider base and great rosewood. The 1892 patent date iron is just below the top of the lateral adjust, which is about 90% of its original length. G+ $165

Number 5 1/2C Jumbo Jack Plane

ST15088 Number 5 1/2C Jumbo Jack Plane An as found example from the turn of the Century. Retains about 90% of the original 1892 patent date logo iron. It could use a light cleaning but will make a great user. There are a series of scratches in the left side of the tote as if a saw was rubbing on the tote in a tool box. These are old and smooth, so they won't bother you. A great user example for a moderate price. G+ Sold

Number 55 Combination Plane Number 55 Combination Plane Number 55 Combination Plane

150713 Number 55 Combination Plane This is a Stanley 55 of about 1900 in the original chestnut box. It does not have the screwdriver or the instructions, but it is otherwise complete. The blades boxes are all nice and the blade show litte use. The plane needs a light cleaning, but shows evidence of only very light use. The lid is glued and is missing part of its tongue (they always are) and the center rail has a patch of light surface rust on it, That is the only negatives I can say about this tool. Otherwise I think that it should clean to better than G+ $495

Number 48 Swing Fence Match Plane

ST150819 Number 48 Swing Fence Match Plane A classic Stanley tongue and groove plane with the famous Traut patent swinging fence. Most of the nickel is gone from the wear surfaces of the fence, but the rest of the nickel is good. The plane is dirty overally and will improve significantly after cleaning. These planes make great users. G+ $95

Number 55 Combination Plane Number 55 Combination Plane Number 55 Combination Plane

150717 Number 55 Combination Plane A 1950s period Stanley 55 that is complete in the original box. The plane is pristine, a real gem. The little tag that states "The two holes in this gauge are..." is still attached to the depth stop, so I finally understand what this tag meant. I have seen these tags loose in the box many times and I never realized what they were talking about. It makes total sense now. The blades have had the ends of them buffed, probably with a buffing mop, but somebody who thought that he was honing them. They are usable as is, but I would touch up any blade that I was going to use with a proper Arkansas or similar slip stone. The box is coming apart and has the outer paper coming undone. If you want to save teh box, it will take some work. Other than the box, and the blades being buffed, I rate this plane a strong Fine $675

Number 605 Bedrock Jack Plane Number 605 Bedrock Jack Plane

ST150822 Number 605 Bedrock Jack Plane A 1930s period Bedrock that somebody appears to have lapped the sides and sole. Why anyone would lap the sole of a jack plane is beyond my imagination. The upper surfaces are in nice original condition. A great user at a super low price. G+ $129

Number 9 1/2 Block Plane

ST150824 Number 9 1/2 Block Plane A nice early 20th Century Stanley that has been properly cleaned by a collector. It retains about 97% of the original nickel and has a pleasing patina on the bear surfaces. A superior example for the user or collector. G+ $65

Number 59 Dowel Jig

ST150826 Number 59 Dowel Jig A super clean 1950s example in the original box, with all 5 original cutters, but missing the original instruction sheet. Scans of this are available for free online. The box has some light wear and considerable staining on the top, but the tool itself rates Fine $49

Number 79 Side Rabbet Plane

ST150828 Number 79 Side Rabbet Plane This plane has a feature that I have never noticed before, which is an extra piece that goes above the fence and acts as a stop to keep the fence from going up all the way. It appears to be an original Stanley piece, but I have never seen it before, and I have owned quite a few of these. It is of course removable and was likely lost. I would love to hear from somebody who knows more than I about this. The plane has the initials L G marked on the side, but otherwise is very nice, if a bit dirty. I believe that it is from the 1950s. It should clean to better than G++ $85

Number 100 1/2 Patternmaker

ST150831 Number 100 1/2 Patternmaker's Block Plane A crisp example with very nice japanning. The bare metal surfaces have some very light oxidation, that should clean nicely but will leave light staining. Still a superior example. G++ $75

Number 200 Honing Guide

ST150843 Number 200 Honing Guide The classic Stanley honing guide. It is missing most of its nickel, but is otherwise a good example and will make a good user. It only has one thumbscrew to hold the blade to be honed. I think that these came with two. Priced to sell. Good $65

Number 98/99 Side Rabbets

ST150844 Number 98/99 Side Rabbets This pair of Stanley side rabbets is the style with the depth stops. The 99 is superb, with 99% original nickel. The blade has the V trademark. The 99 shows more wear, which is typical. It has a sweetheart marked iron, which made be a replacement, or it may mean that these are not an original pair. I suspect that they are and that the blade was replaced in the original period of use. It has more like 93% original nickel. G+ & Fine $229

Number 55 Combination Plane Number 55 Combination Plane Number 55 Combination Plane Number 55 Combination Plane

ST15073 Number 55 Combination Plane This Stanley 55 is from the 1910s and is the version that has serrated sides on the nickers, so the nickers can be lowered one serration at a time. It is in the tall cardboard box. The nickel is nearly complete rating conservatively at 98%. As is common, the finish on the handle deteriorating a bit. The blades boxes are all very clean with nice labels. Most of the blades look unused. There is is a nick in the edge of one of the fluting blades, not from use but from being dropped. This needs to be polished out if you want to use it. The box has a few minor stains, but is quite good and is not torn out. The instructions are reprints and the screwdriver is gone, but this is still an example worthy of a serious collector or a discerning user. Fine- $750

Number 7 Bailey Jointer

ST150720 Number 7 Bailey Jointer A turn of the century Stanley 7 that has a pleasing medium patina and a full original 1892 patent date logo iron. The japanning on this plane is quite deteriorated and is largely gone. The sole is mostly clean but with a few stains. This plane is in crisp condition, it just was stored in some way that caused the japanning to deteriorate. It will make a great user at a modest price. G+ Sold

Number 4C Bailey Smoothing Plane

ST150727 Number 4C Bailey Smoothing Plane A turn of the century Stanley 4C that has a near full original 1892 patent date blade and a particularly nicely figured rosewood tote. The sole is mostly clean but it does have one stain that is roughly 1" by 2". This is a nice as found plane. I would clean it with wax and you are ready to go with a great plane. G+ Sold

Number 6C Bailey Fore Plane

ST150733 Number 6C Bailey Fore Plane This is a 1950s Stanley 6C that has rosewood front and rear. The body has been cleaned and thus has a somewhat uneven patina. I wuold probably go ahead and clean it a bit more to even out the patina and let it repatinated naturally. A great user plane that has a full original iron and is priced right. G+ $109

Number 21 12 in. combination Square

ST150647 Number 21 12 in. combination Square A nice as found example from the 1930s. It has a few scattered stains but it should clean to about Fine- $55

Number 12 Scraper Plane

ST150662 Number 12 Scraper Plane A nice as found Stanley 12 with the original blade marked with the block letter logo. The brass is crisp and untouched. The body has a medium dark patina and is also in crisp condition. The handle is not as good as the rest of the tool. It has scratches in the finish, and might have an old extra coat of lacquer on it. The handle held the condition down to G+ Sold

6" Bevel

ST150663 6" Bevel This is an early example with the 1897 patent date on the blade. It is as found and the blade has light oxidation overall, but it should clean OK and make a great user. These small ones are very handy. G+ $22

#49 Bit Gauge

ST150613 #49 Bit Gauge A pre-war tool in the original box. the box label has a bit of loss. The only visible wear on the tool is some minor wear on the base where it touches the workpiece. Fine $39

Number 113 Compass Plane

ST150628 Number 113 Compass Plane A nice as found example. There is some old dried grease, or perhaps it is sap, on the sole, but the sole is rust free and will be nice and bright when this is cleaned off with some kind of solvent. The rest of the plane has a nice patina. The handle shows significant wear to the japanning, but elsewhere it is pretty good. Overall this is a really nice example of the early sidewheel adjuster style 113 that is not priced like a pristine example. G+ $179

Number 60 1/2 Low Angle Block Plane

ST150559 Number 60 1/2 Low Angle Block Plane A nice as found example from the 1950s with a pleasing medium patina. There is a bit of japanning missing on the upper edge of the lever cap , but the japanning still rates about 95%. The blade looks like it still has the factory grind. G+ $59

12-060 Block Plane

ST150578 12-060 Block Plane A new in the box Stanley English made block plane, the modern equivalent to a 60 1/2. The English plant is closed now, but I would guess that this plane is no older than 1980. The original price on it was $49.99. Fine+ $45

Everlasting Chisel Set

ST150588 Everlasting Chisel Set This is an original matched set of Everlast chisels. I am not sure what number they are, but they are not the common butt chisel size, and are more of a standard length. The sizes are 1/8", 3/8", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8", 1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2", & 2". They ranged in length from 9 3/4" for the 1/8" to 10 1/4" for the 2" size. The edges on these chisels are all abused and every one needs to be reground and sharpened. These came to us from a picker who bought them at an estate sale in Syracuse NY and they have never been in the hands of a collector. The handles all have a nice even patina. G+ $695

Number 4C Bailey Smoothing Plane

ST150526 Number 4C Bailey Smoothing Plane A little used 1950s Stanley corrugated smoothing plane in the original box. Like most homeowner planes, the edge looks like it was never honed, but it was used and there is a nick in the edge. If you don't own a grinder, it is not so bad that you can't hone it out. The plane has very light surface oxidation overall but should easily clean to at least G++ $89

Number 110 Block Plane

ST150540 Number 110 Block Plane A barely used Stanley 110 from the 1950s. the original box is falling apart and is pretty much worthless. The plane is untouched and very clean. The blade has never been sharpened, but clearly has been used, but very little. Fine $30

Number 92 Butt & Rabbet Gauge

ST150543 Number 92 Butt & Rabbet Gauge This is a very early example of this tool, and is marked "STANLEY, Pat Pen'g". There is an old chip out of the head near the thumbscrew. Otherwise it is in nice as found condition. G+ $85

Number 79 Side Rabbet Plane

ST150548 Number 79 Side Rabbet Plane An apparently unused English made example with the full width depth stop on the back side. Not all that old, probably made in the 70s or 80s. Essentially as new condition. Fine+ $75

Number 113 Iron Circular Plane

ST150552 Number 113 Iron Circular Plane A barly used example in the original box. I call this a compass plane, but the label on the box calls it an "Iron Circular Plane". The plane has some patches of very light surface oxidation from poor storage. This will clean right off, but will probably leave some staining behind. It is a sweetheart marked example. This is a tool that I don't see in the box too often. The box shows wear and all four corners have been torn out. Three corners have been taped with brown paper tape but it has torn out again in one and the other was never taped. G++ $275

No. 30A Yankee Spiral Ratchet Screw Driver

ST150557 No. 30A Yankee Spiral Ratchet Screw Driver An apparenly unused example in the original box with the three original bits in an envelope. This is as good as it gets. The box is also bright and nice. Fine+ $65

Yankee No. 31A Sprital Ratchet Screw Driver

ST150466 Yankee No. 31A Sprital Ratchet Screw Driver A large Yankee screwdriver in the original box with the original three bits. The top is the metal reinforced version but the bottom has been taped at the corners. A nice lean tool that has seen very little use. G++ $55

Number 45 Combination Plane Number 45 Combination Plane Number 45 Combination Plane

ST150498 Number 45 Combination Plane A complete Stanley sweetheart marked 45 in the original painted tin box with the folding lid. The original screwdriver is still with the plane, as are the extra spurs along with what is left of the envelope that carried them. The plane has seen very little use judging from the wear on the fence. The original instructions are all that I can see that is missing from how it was originally shipped. The blade box lid has one corner torn out but the blades are all very clean, as is the plane. Fine- Sold

Number 81 Scraper Plane

ST150460 Number 81 Scraper Plane A nice as found example with 95% plus of the original nickel remaining and a good rosewood sole. The blade has the etching of a Disston number 7 saw right in the middle of it, clearly having been carefully made from an old Disston saw. I am sure that this blade will work great, but we do sell replacement blades for this tool made by Ron Hock. One of my personal favorite Stanley designs. G+ $75

Bell System B

ST150383 Bell System B A nice clean 10" brace. I don't know which model brace this is but it is a higher-end quality model. It does have plastic handles and is probably from the 1950s. It is mostly as found, but somebody made a very lazy effort to clean the body with steel wool. This was only in one area and they gave up. It is not obtrusive. A great user brace. G+ $49

Number 9 1/4 Block Plane

ST150339 Number 9 1/4 Block Plane A crisp, used once, 1960s example in the origina box. I say with confidence, used once, because the blade has the original factory grind and has never been honed, but there is a shallow chip in the edge. This is the hallmark of a homeowner buying the plane and using it once. There is a price sticker still on the lever cap of $4.19 from S. Klein hardware. Needs a light dusting but could pass for new except for the cutting edge chip. The box has some wear but is still G++ except for an oil stain on the top of the lid. Fine $59

Number 59-200 1 1/4 pound Hatchet

ST150365 Number 59-200 1 1/4 pound Hatchet This hatchet has a worn sticker on it that reads "Jobmaster Axe" One can also make out "Made in USA" on the worn sticker. I would call this a hatchet but you could call it a hand axe. It is marked on the handle 1 1/4 pound, which seems to be the head weight. It is as found and not all that old. I would guess 1970s but you might know better. Certainly a good user that is still US made, i.e. quality. G++ $49

Book:  Boxwood & Ivory - Stanley Traditional Rules 1855...

ST150250 Book: Boxwood & Ivory - Stanley Traditional Rules 1855... The seminal work on the rule of the Stanley Rule and Level Company, wirtten by Philip Stanley and published in 1984. Printed in the US. 188 pages and hardboard. This is a new copy and even the dust jacket is still pristine. New $99

Number 12 Square

ST150263 Number 12 Square A 6" type 1 try square that has been nicely cleaned by a collector and retains about 90%+ of the original japanning. It is marked with the patent date but not marked Stanley, as is typical. There is a small kink in the lower edge of the blade around an inch out from the stock. It is usable as is but could probably be hammered out pretty easily. This early model is quite scarce in my experience. G+ $38

Number 220 Block Plane

ST150266 Number 220 Block Plane This is a 1950s plane in the box. The box is really shot. The plane has some white paint spattered on the cap, but if you can pick this off, the plane will rate fine. The blade has never been honed, but has nicks on the edge, the classic sign of a homeowner owned plane. It was probably used once. It just needs that blade to be reground. G++ $45

Catalog Reprint:  Stanley Tools Catalogue Number 120

ST131214 Catalog Reprint: Stanley Tools Catalogue Number 120 A pristine copy of the hardbound catalog reprint of the Stanley Sweetheart catalog from 1923. Produced by my friend Roger Smith, this is the single best Stanley catalog reprint ever done. Pristine condition. Fine+ $20

Number 65 Chamfer Shave

ST150227 Number 65 Chamfer Shave A nice as found example of the earliest style Stanley chamfer shave. The blade has the Stanley Rule & Level with the patent date in a circle, which is the first style marking for this tool and is nice to find. This tool is from Tom Lamond's personal collection. Tom was the leading authority on American spokeshaves and wrote the definitive reference on the subject. Nice smooth patina on the bare metal surfaces, like a sophisticated collector likes to see. G++ $145

Number 12 Scraper Number 12 Scraper

ST150132 Number 12 Scraper This is an as found #12 that has a nice medium patina on the bare metal surfaces. You could clean it lightly but I really would not do much. Somebody has filed the Roman numberal 9 into one side. It will make a great user and we are selling it with a new Hock blade from our stock. G+ $99

Number 29 Pre-Lateral Fore Plane

ST141268 Number 29 Pre-Lateral Fore Plane A 20" wood-bodied fore plane. I generally don't bother with the type studies of Stanley planes, but this one was early enough that I was intrigued. Anyway, according to the type study in PTAMPIA V1, this is a type 4 plane. This is from the early days of Stanley's plane making business. The plane is in untouched condition, with a near full iron and a sole that is not all worn out. There are scratched in the sole from misuse, but finding an untouched Stanely wood-bodied plane of this vintage is quite unusual. It is pretty dirty now but it should clean up to at least G+ $165

Number 79 Side Rabbet Plane

ST141274 Number 79 Side Rabbet Plane A sweetheart marked number 79 with about half the nickel gone. It looks like the nicke has been peeling rather than wearing off and the blades look to be about full original length. A great user grade example from the 1920s. G+ $75

Number 3 Trammel Points

ST141215 Number 3 Trammel Points A crisp pair of Stanley Trammels on the original beam. There is some very minor surface rust on one of the points, which is why I gave it the minus. They are probably unused with the original factory grind on the points. Fine- $149


ST141142 Traut's 1871 Patent Bevel A 10" cast iron bevel with walnut panels. Not marked but made by Stanley and quite scarce. Its been cleaned up by a collector, but not a bad job. It is not a pristine tool and it looks very good now for the condition that it is in, which is about average. I have seen these sell for up to $400 but our consignor told me to get it sold. G+ $195

Number 116 Mitre Box

ST14105 Number 116 Mitre Box A barely used, if at all, example, in the original box from the 1950s. There are nicks in the paint on the wood, but from the parts moving around in the box, not from use. Still has the original instructions in the box. The box is taped and is a bit tatty. Fine- $50

Number 45 Combination Plane

ST140922 Number 45 Combination Plane This is a remarkably complete 45 in the original box. These planes were original shipped with two pieces of wood, which held the plane in position in the box. This plane has both of those pieces, which are very scarce. It also has the original instructions, screwdriver, and the envelope with extra spurs. The worst news is that there is some light wear on the fence, including a sliver missing on the upper edge which kept me from going to a Fine- rating. The plane was clearly used, but carefully. The box is well work and pretty tatty. I would have priced it higher but for the state of the box. G++ $339

Number 85 Scraper Plane Number 85 Scraper Plane

140936 Number 85 Scraper Plane A nice example that needs only a light cleaning. The hold down screw is sweetheart marked. There is a split in the hande at the front of the base, that is tight and is not an issue. Otherwise without complaint and a lovely example that should clean to better than G+ $585

Number 24 Shelley Pat. Square

ST140663 Number 24 Shelley's Pat. Square This is an early example of the square and bevel combination square and is marked "Stanley Rule & Level Co., Pat. April 5, 1864". As found condition with a dark patina on the blade. The mark was never strong and is hard to read. The brass thumbscrew wings are bent a little from being overtightened. The square is 6" by 9". This is not a pristine tool but is a nice example that you could use or collect. G+ $119

Number 110 Block Plane

ST140324 Number 110 Block Plane This is a very clean example in the original box. The thumb nut that locks the blade has lost some of its japanning, but probably just from poor adhesion, not from use. Otherwise it would rate Fine. The box is pretty rough. It is a 1950s era plane. G++ Sold

Number 90 Bullnose Plane

ST140138 Number 90 Bullnose Plane A nice as found example with better than 95% of the original nickel remaining. The blade is about 80% or better remaining. A good US made example, probably from the 1950s. Could use some light cleaning. G+ $95

604 Bedrock Smoothing Plane 604 Bedrock Smoothing Plane

ST140129 604 Bedrock Smoothing Plane This is a flat-sided Bedrock smoother for the user on a budget. It has a stained hardwood rear tote and the front knob has a chip at the base. The whole plane has been terribly overcleaned and the sole and sides have been lapped. There are hairline cracks at both sides of the mouth. These are old and stable, and I wouldn't worry about them. If you want a good user Bedrock for a song, this is it. Good $99

Number 81 Scraper

ST131222 Number 81 Scraper A classic Stanley rosewood soled scraper. Retains about 85% of the original nickel. The blade is a period replacement, marked E. C. Atkins, Silver Steel. These are very useful tools. G+ $65

Yankee Ratchet 30A

ST130871 Yankee Ratchet 30A A very clean example in the original box with the original bit envelope, with the three bits. The label says that North Brothers is a division of Stanley Tools. The box is only about Good or maybe G+, but the tool is Fine- $59

Number 60 Spokeshave Number 60 Spokeshave

ST13085 Number 60 Spokeshave This is an early example of the famous Stanley double spokesave. It is not marked Stanley, only "Patent, June 19, 1866. It is as found and retains about 1/2 of the original finish. There is a crack, that I can't explain, on the sole. It doesn't impact its use in any way. I will point it out in a photo since it is hard to describe. Good $30

Number 90 Bullnose Plane

ST130352 Number 90 Bullnose Plane A V-trademark (1910s) example with about 90% or what is probably the original blade. A good sound plane, but the nickel is coming off. It looks like the nickel didn't adhere well when it was made and has more peeled off than worn off. It has about 40-50% of the original nickel left, but it is blotchy and would not appeal to a collector. Thus the user price for an early US made example of this most desirable of Stanley planes. G+ $85

Blades for Number 1 Plane in Box

ST130368 Blades for Number 1 Plane in Box A box of 3 new old stock blades in the original box. The box once held 6 blades according to the label. It is a steel reinforced corner box and the blades have the later Stanley logo. I am not sure when the are from but probably the 1940s or 50s. Untouched condition with some old dry grease on the blades, which would likely pass for mint if this grease is cleaned off. The box shows wear and rates G+. Fine $165

Antique Stanley Tool Antique Stanley Tool

ST90520 Stanley Tools 1927 S50 Catalog This is a small 55 page booklet style catalog. I am not an expert on these but I don't recall seeing this one before. It is marked on the back "Copyright 1927 S50" and has the sweetheart logo. The original owner put his name and the date on the cover with a pencil. Nice original condition. Fine- $49

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