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Explanation of Our Condition Grading System

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Number 25 6 Inch Bevel

ST180146 Number 25 6 Inch Bevel An exceptionally clean example with nice figured Brazillian rosewood for the stock. The blade retains pretty much all of its original bluing. There is some minor loss to the lacquer on the brass, but that is all that I see separating this tool from new. For the connoisseur. Fine $40

Bailey Number 6 Fore Plane

ST180147 Bailey Number 6 Fore Plane A crisp and little used Stanley 6 from the 1950s. It has the heavier casting of this period and the rosewood tote and knob have the heavier, glossier finish of this period. The planes of this period were some of the best that Stanley made. The steel in the irons is superb and the heavy castings appeal to many peope. I have an identical number 6 that I use more than other single plane in my tool kit. This one, while barely used, has had a neophyte attempt to grind the bevel and he has made a mess of it. Less than a minute with a Sorby ProEdge would put it right. It is usuable as it is, but if one of your friends saw it, the embarassment would be hard to live down. I have heard that one prominent dealer badmouths the 6. The Internet is full of strong opinions, mine being no exception, but I promise you that a 6 is a must own plane. Fine Sold

Number 4 1/2C Bailey Jumbo Smoothing Plane Number 4 1/2C Bailey Jumbo Smoothing Plane

ST180154 Number 4 1/2C Bailey Jumbo Smoothing Plane A Stanley 4 1/2 smoothing plane in nice original condition, carefully cleaned by a collector. It was probably made between 1902 and 1905. It has the wide base tote and the two 1902 patent dates in the base. It has a full original 1892 logo blade. The initiials FES are stamped on the tote and knob. The japanning is about 80%. There is the hint of a hairline crack on one side of the tote, half way up, but it is only on one side and will stay that way as long as you keep the lug tight when you use it. Letting this lug get loose is what cracks totes. This is a really nice example. $145

Number 45 Combination Plane Number 45 Combination Plane Number 45 Combination Plane

ST180117 Number 45 Combination Plane A complete in the orginal box sweetheart example that even has the orginal instructions, screwdriver, and the stepped piece of pine that was to hold the plane in the box when it was new. The plane rates about 98%+ of the nickel. There is some box where to the labels on the blade boxes. These two things are why I gave it a - on the fine. The cardboard box is worn and only rates about G+, but everything else is great. Fine- $329

Number 55 Combinatinon Plane Number 55 Combinatinon Plane Number 55 Combinatinon Plane Number 55 Combinatinon Plane

ST180130 Number 55 Combination Plane This is an early 55 in the tall careboard box, that is exceptionally complete and in great condition. It still has the original instructions, the extra instruction sheet for the cam stop, the hang tang about adding a shoe to the depth stop, and the screwdriver. The plow irons are honed and appear to have been used, the rest of the blades do not. There is light wear on the fences and a sliver missing from front edge of the shorter fence. That is what the minus is for. The box shows light wear, but has no torn corners and is really quite good for such an example that was made about 100 years ago. If you just want one great example, this one should satisfy that urge. Fine- Sold

Number 45 Combination Plane Number 45 Combination Plane Number 45 Combination Plane

ST160280 Number 45 Combination Plane A super clean Stanley 45 from the 1950s in the original box. The nickel on this plane shines like new and I could find no evidence of any nickel loss. The only thing that I could find were a few very small marks in the finish on the rosewood. It has the origal instructions, the original envelope with extra spurs, and the original screwdriver. The one bad thing is that a fool has stropped the top of each blade with a power strop. Not just the bevel, the entire top. These should be redone properly with oil stones before you use them. A few of the blades have tiny spot of rust, but nothing that won't come right off. The box is intact but is not nearly as nice as the plane. These fiew little things keep this plane from being another $100. It is that good. For the connoisseur. Fine $359

Number 66 Rosewood Marking Gauge

ME171225 Number 66 Rosewood Marking Gauge This is a 19th Century Stanley rosewood guage. As was common with these early Stanley gauges, it is only marked with the date for the Justus Traut patent , "Pat. Aug. 5th 1873", which was assigned for the split brass shoe that clamps the pin in place. It is a graduated gauge, graduated to 6 inches. The head has some great rosewood figure in it. The brass has been polished bright by an idiot but the wood is untouched. A great user for the craftsman who wants to use the best. The polished brass will tone down with use and then a collector would like it again too. G+ $75

Number 25 8 inch Bevel

ST17127 Number 25 8 inch Bevel A nice clean example with retains the original bluing on the blade and has about 90% of the lacquer remaining on the rosewood and brass. G++ $36

Number A5 Bailey Jack Plane Number A5 Bailey Jack Plane

ST171217 Number A5 Bailey Jack Plane A scarce Stanely aluminum jack plane. The body on this plane is much better than I normally see and is quite crisp. The wood is good as well. The lever cap has some peeling nickel and a tiny chip in the edge, as noted with the arrow. An idiot has wire brushed the top of the sweet heart blade. The front brass handle lug is also polished. If you are a serious collector, you can always swat the iron. What are people thinking when they do things like this? The important part, the body, is about as good as I have seen. The adjustment knob also retains its nickel plating. G+ $145

Number 605C Bedrock Jack Plane Number 605C Bedrock Jack Plane

ST171125 Number 605C Bedrock Jack Plane An early 20th Century Bedrock jack plane. This big down on this plane is that the japanning is about half gone. The sides of the plane, and other exposed metal surfaces, have a dark patina. The sole is much cleaner, having been protected by itself. The rosewood has nice figure and retains most of its original finish. A great user plane for a modest price for a Bedrock. G+ $129

Number 67 Universal Shave

ST171015 Number 67 Universal Shave A very clean sweetheart marked example with particularly nice figure in the rosewood handles. This is the style with reverse threads on one side so that the handle doesn't work loose when you use it, as was the case on the early ones. In the original box that is in nice condition with normal wear but no blown out corners. Fine+ $195

Number 3 Bailey Smoothing Plane Number 3 Bailey Smoothing Plane

ST17119 Number 3 Bailey Smoothing Plane A very attractive Stanley 3 that was carefully cleaned by a sophistcated collector. It has a lovely medium patina under a waxed surface. The blade retains about 60% of its original length. The rosewood is nice and the front knob has some great figure. Retains better than 95% original bright japanning. There is some rust staining on the sole. Made in 1910 or within a few years after that. G+ $95

Stanley Bailey #5 Jack Plane

ST171069 Stanley Bailey #5 Jack Plane A little used Stanley lack plane with a full original iron that still has the factory straight across grind. Thiese little used jack planes never have a proper curved edge because they were invariably bought by home owners. This plane was made either in the late 1930s or maybe just after the war. It still has nice pre-war rosewood. It also has the thick casting of this period that users often prefer. There is a patch of dried glue on the knob that needs to be carefully chipped off without ruining the finish. The body has been lightly gone over by an idiot with a wire wheel. It doesn't really hurt anything but I took off $20 and downgraded the condition for this fool's action. The sides and sole have that lightly frosted look that it leaves. G+ $95

Number 62 1/2 Carpenters Folding Rule Number 62 1/2 Carpenters Folding Rule

ST170945 Number 62 1/2 Carpenters Folding Rule This is a scarce rule in amazing condition. It is crisp and untouched, wiith sharp brass trim and a pleasing light patina on the boxwood. This is the first example of this rule that I have ever had, and I have handled hundreds of Number 62 rules. This one was well cared for and barely used. Fine- $119

Number 53 1/2 Architect Number 53 1/2 Architect

ST170921 Number 53 1/2 Architect's Rule A scarce Stanley boxwood architect's 4 fold 24" rule. It is as found and as expected it is much darker on the outside than the inside. It is a used but cared for rule, and not heavily used. There is still traces of lacquer on the brass on the inside. The first of this model that I have had. G+ $89

Number 39 Dado Plane Number 39 Dado Plane

ST170927 Number 39 Dado Plane A sweetheart marked 3/8" Stanley dado in nice as found condition, but missing the right side nicker and its screws and has does not have the proper thumbscrew holding the depth stop. If you feel like looking for them, or fabricating them, it is a bargain. It should clean to better than G++ $75

Number 100 Carpenter

ST170549 Number 100 Carpenter's Square A sweetheart marked tapered steel square that will make a great user. It is as found and has a dark patina and some light pitting overall. It is still perfectly legible and was a high-end square when it was new. Good $29

Cheese Board Cheese Board

MI170544 Cheese Board A commemorative cheese board made for the 150th anniversary of Stanley, 1843 - 1993. It is marked on the back as "Made by Stanley Tools Pittsfield VT Plant." Made from maple and very lightly used. G++ $26

Number 20 Compass Plane

ST170473 Number 20 Compass Plane A V trademark example from the 1910s. It has a good deal of honest nickel loss on both sides but is a nice honest example for a user. G+ $159

Number 15-032 Saw Set

SA170485 Number 15-032 Saw Set A new in the box saw set that is probably from the 1970s. It is made in Canada. I don't recall seeing that before. It looks like a Handyman but it is not marked that way. Fine+ $35

#102 Block Plane

ST170450 #102 Block Plane A very clean as found exmaple from the 1930s - 50s. Fine- $35

Number 6C Fore Plane

ST170457 Number 6C Fore Plane A 6C Fore Plane from about 1910 that is in as found condition, but with a pleasing patina and a full original iron. It has a few paint drops on it but it should clean up very nicely. I think that it is a steal. I have too many 6s now so they are priced to blow out. G+ $119

Number 38 Pocket Level

ST170427 Number 38 Pocket Level A bright orange Stanley cast iron 6" level. These were used by to level oil burners in old oil burning heating apparatus such as a furnace. It would rate fine but the nickel plating is a bit freckled. G++ $35

Number 65 Boxwood Marking Gauge

ST170433 Number 65 Boxwood Marking Gauge A crisp and little used example of the postwar style 65 that has the triangular stem. For reasons that I can't explain, The head is currently reversed. A very clean example for a discerning user. Fine- $49

6C Stanley Fore Plane

ST170389 6C Stanley Fore Plane A somewhat dark and dirty 6C that will still make a great user. The tote has been refiinished but has very attractive rosewood. The front knob has some cracks in the base. I believe that this plane was made in the early 1920s just before the sweetheart logo was adopted. A bargain for a user. G+ $109

Number 95 Butt Gauge

ST170264 Number 95 Butt Gauge Judging from the complete lack of wear on the cutters on this tool, I don't think that it was ever used, but it has some nickel loss and some rust spots from poor storage. It is in the original box, which is in decent condition. There is rust on the tip of one of the slitters, but that will polish off and this will be a great user. G+ $49

Number 12 Scraper Plane Number 12 Scraper Plane

ST170161 Number 12 Scraper Plane This scraper has an original Stanley toothing iron installed in it now. These irons are pretty scarce. It is sweetheart marked and is the 28 TPI verson. It has been sharpened at the opposite end as a scraper so that it could be used for scraping and toothing. The tool has a pleasing medium patina and about 90% of the original japanning. It is as found. The blade is probably original to the plane but there is no way to prove that. There is some tool box rash on the rosewood handle, but otherwise I woudl be tempted to add another plus to the condition on this one. G+ $119

Number 112 Scraper Plane

ST170151 Number 112 Scraper Plane A Stanley scraper plane with the original Stanley marked blade adn about 97% of the original japanning. The brass is crisp and untouched and the bare metal surfaces have a pleasing medium patina. It has been nicely cleaned by a collector. The rosewood retains its original finish and has no damage, but it does have the owner's inititials marked on the tote and the knob. A nice example. G++ $199

Number 299 Trimming Knife

ST1610120 Number 299 Trimming Knife A Stanley box knife in the original box. The box lists a slew of uses, but opening boxes is actually not on the list. I can still hear blades in the handle. The box is from the 1950s and is in nice condition. The tool is painted red and the red has some light wear and the initials F J scratched in. G+ $45

Number 148 Match Plane

ST161071 Number 148 Match Plane A 7/8" Stanley going and coming tongue and groove plane. The nickel shows honest wear and is around 70%. The blade has the sweetheart logo. A very handy user tool. G+ $95

Number 18 1/4 Block Plane

ST160649 Number 18 1/4 Block Plane A nice as found example with a medium-dark patina on the bare metal surfaces. The sole does have some light pitting that won't hurt a thing but could be lapped out if it bothers you. A great user. G+ $45

Number 101 1/2 Bullnose Block Plane Number 101 1/2 Bullnose Block Plane Number 101 1/2 Bullnose Block Plane

ST160396 Number 101 1/2 Bullnose Block Plane A scarce Stanley 101 1/2 with the football shaped logo. This plane has been used and is probably missing more than half of its original japanning. The sides and sole have been cleaned a bit by a collector and lack patina. I have seen quite a few of these faked, but genuine ones like this really are hard to find. G+ $349

Catalog:  Stanley Tools

ST160235 Catalog: Stanley Tools A 55 page pocket catalog, copywrite 1927. The cover is detached because the staples tore through, and a little soiled. The remainder is quite clean and still stapled securely. For 89 years old and meant to be a disposable item, it has done pretty well. G+ $39

Number 93 Butt & Rabbet Gauge

ST160167 Number 93 Butt & Rabbet Gauge A particularly nice as found tool with only light wear to the nickel on the fence. Marked with the sweetheart logo and the gothic script on the body. Rates a strong G++ $75

Number 278 Combination Fillester and Bullnose

ST151114 Number 278 Combination Fillester and Bullnose This scarce Stanley plane retains about 20% of the original japanning but is in nice original condition. It has been cleaned by a collector. This is an early example with the 1916 patent date on the blade. A good honest example for a reasonable price. G+ $245

Number 12 Scraper

ST150870 Number 12 Scraper A good honest as found example. The blade is unmarked and is worn down a bit but has plenty of life left in it. Needs a good cleaning but will be a great user. Should clean to at least G+ $79

Number 92 Butt & Rabbet Gauge

ST150543 Number 92 Butt & Rabbet Gauge This is a very early example of this tool, and is marked "STANLEY, Pat Pen'g". There is an old chip out of the head near the thumbscrew. Otherwise it is in nice as found condition. G+ $79

Yankee No. 31A Sprital Ratchet Screw Driver

ST150466 Yankee No. 31A Sprital Ratchet Screw Driver A large Yankee screwdriver in the original box with the original three bits. The top is the metal reinforced version but the bottom has been taped at the corners. A nice clean tool that has seen very little use. G++ $49

Number 81 Scraper Plane

ST150460 Number 81 Scraper Plane A nice as found example with 95% plus of the original nickel remaining and a good rosewood sole. The blade has the etching of a Disston number 7 saw right in the middle of it, clearly having been carefully made from an old Disston saw. I am sure that this blade will work great, but we do sell replacement blades for this tool made by Ron Hock. One of my personal favorite Stanley designs. G+ $75

Number 59-200 1 1/4 pound Hatchet

ST150365 Number 59-200 1 1/4 pound Hatchet This hatchet has a worn sticker on it that reads "Jobmaster Axe". One can also make out "Made in USA" on the worn sticker. I would call this a hatchet but you could call it a hand axe. It is marked on the handle 1 1/4 pound, which seems to be the head weight. It is as found and not all that old. I would guess 1970s but you might know better. Certainly a good user that is still US made, i.e. quality. G++ $45

Book:  Boxwood & Ivory - Stanley Traditional Rules 1855...

ST150250 Book: Boxwood & Ivory - Stanley Traditional Rules 1855... The seminal work on the rule of the Stanley Rule and Level Company, written by Philip Stanley and published in 1984. Printed in the US. 188 pages and hardcover. This is a new copy and even the dust jacket is still pristine. New $99


ST141142 Traut's 1871 Patent Bevel A 10" cast iron bevel with walnut panels. Not marked but made by Stanley and quite scarce. Its been cleaned up by a collector, but not a bad job. It is not a pristine tool and it looks very good now for the condition that it is in, which is about average. I have seen these sell for up to $400 but our consignor told me to get it sold. G+ $159

Number 85 Scraper Plane Number 85 Scraper Plane

140936 Number 85 Scraper Plane A nice example that needs only a light cleaning. The hold down screw is sweetheart marked. There is a split in the hande at the front of the base, that is tight and is not an issue. Otherwise without complaint and a lovely example that should clean to better than G+ $445

Blades for Number 1 Plane in Box

ST130368 Blades for Number 1 Plane in Box A box of 3 new old stock blades in the original box. The box once held 6 blades according to the label. It is a steel reinforced corner box and the blades have the later Stanley logo. I am not sure when the are from but probably the 1940s or 50s. Untouched condition with some old dry grease on the blades, which would likely pass for mint if this grease is cleaned off. The box shows wear and rates G+. Fine $145

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