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Explanation of Our Condition Grading System

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Number 5 Bailey Jack Plane

ST14041 Number 5 Bailey Jack Plane A particularly nice turn of the Century Stanley 5 with about 85% or the original 1892 pat. date logo blade remaining. About 97% japanning remains and the plane has a nice medium patina overall. The wood is also nice and it has the early style tote that is a bit wider at the base. This is a pre-War Stanley for somebody who appreciates using a fine antique tool. The blade is ground properly for a jack plane, which I would expect on such a well cared for early Stanley. G++ $109

Number A4 Bailey Smoothing Plane

ST140411 Number A4 Bailey Smoothing Plane A sweetheart marked Stanley Aluminum #4 smoothing plane with about 80% of its sweetheart marked blade remaining. Part ofthe original decal remains on the tote. The nickel is mostly gone from the lever cap. This plane appears to have had some cleaning by a collector, not all of it well done, but it still has patina and is overall a nice, but not great, example. I think that all but the most picky collectors would like it and the price is certainly not high. G+ Sold

Number 400 Picture Framer Number 400 Picture Framer

ST140417 Number 400 Picture Framer's Mitre Box This is a Stanley 400 that has been carefully fitted into a wooden tool chest, purpose made for it. It is complete and all the parts are carefully stored in the chest so that they will not move about when traveling. It even has the spacers for small stock that are very hard to find. I peronally use one of these and I am not aware of a better solution for picture framing. Using the rule and stop, you can get repeatable results ever time. I don't need to do any trimming on my frames when I use this tool, with one caveat. If you frame stock is not straight, then your mitres will be affected and require extra trimming. That is true for any solution. Straight frame stock is essential to good results in picture framing. If you are serious about making frames, this tool with save you hours and is a must have. I have not added to the price for the box, but somebody spent hours and hours making this box. If you son't want the box, let me know and I will keep it for my saw, and reduce yoru shipping charges accordingly. Fine- Sold

Number 12 Scraper Plane

ST140421 Number 12 Scraper Plane This is an as found Stanley 12 with the sweetheart logo on the blade locking screw. It would rate higher but the sides and sole have light surface rust. This will clean up using my scraping technique, outlined in the FAQs. The blade was lost when I got it, so we will include a brand new Hock blade with it. Good $79

Number 3C Bailey Smoothing Plane

ST140384 Number 3C Bailey Smoothing Plane This is a particularly nice corrugated Stanley number 3 smoothing plane in lovely untouched original condition. It has a medium patina overall and a nearly full original iron with the 1892 pat date logo. The plane would date to 1902-1905. It has the two patent dates cast into the bed, the later being the Aug. 19th, '02 date. It retains at least 95% of the original japanning and original varnish on the wood. The only thing that has been touched is the top of the front knob lug appears to have been hand polished a while back, presumably by the collector from who's estate we acquired the plane. All it needs is a light wipe down with wax and a white cleaning pad, as recommended in our FAQs G++ Sold

Number 18 Knucke Joint Block Plane

ST140388 Number 18 Knucke Joint Block Plane This is a nicely cared for Sweetheart marked plane that is as found, and has seen some use. The nickel is about 75%. A great user plane at a reasonable price. G+ $68

Number 9 1/4 Block Plane

ST140390 Number 9 1/4 Block Plane This is a late production US made 9 1/4, I am guessing from the 1970s. It is in crisp condition but it has some scattered surface staining on the bare surfaces. The box is tatty. For a tool that is not all that old, I thought that it should be graded a bit more harshly, which is why I only rated it G+ $48

Number 4 Bailey Smoothing Plane

ST140395 Number 4 Bailey Smoothing Plane This is a 1940s or early 50s Stanley Number 4 smoothing plane that will make a great user. It is little used with a medium patina overall and 99% of the japanning, all nice and bright. The blade is full and the nickel on the lever cap is nice as well. The front knob is a proper rosewood knob but the rear tote has been replaced, probably in the original period of use, with a 1960s period tote. For this reason, I priced it cheap. A great user for a very easy to take price. Still as good as any a new copy at 5 times the price. G+ Sold

Number 20 Compass Plane

ST1403101 Number 20 Compass Plane This is a relatively late Stanley 20, probably made around 1940. It is japanned and there is some peeling japanning on the left side. It still retains about 90%. It is in crisp as found condition but could use a light cleaning that should probably raise it above its current G+ $175

Bailey Number 8C Jointer

ST140338 Bailey Number 8C Jointer A nice clean as found Stanley corrugated #8 jointer with nice paitna on the bare metal surfaces. The blade is worn, but has about 40% remaining. Seeing as how the plane was made around 190-1905, there should be at least another 100 years left on the blade. It has 1892 patent date logo. The bed has the two 1902 patents, but does not have the frog adjustment screw, which is how I came by the date range provided. The rosewood is lovely and has most of its original finish, but the japanning has a lot of little nicks from being kept in the bottom of a tool box. The only flaw on this plane is a patch of light surface rust, that will clean right off, but will leave a stain, on the sole near the rear. It is about 2 1/2" by 1" and would not bother me. I think that this is a particularly nice example for a user and rate it a srong G+ Sold

Number 98 / 99 Side Rabbet Planes

ST140350 Number 98 / 99 Side Rabbet Planes This is a matched pair of Stanley side rabbets The 99 has more nickel left than the 98 but they both have about the same amout of the original irons left. These are the pre-depth stop models. They are as found and will make great users at a very modest price. G+ $139

Number 34 V Machinist

ST140364 Number 34 V Machinist's Level A very clean level in the original box, with the original insructions. I am guessing 1930s or 40s. It has the post-Sweetheart logo. The box has had corner taped with clear tape. Measures 4" long and has a V groove in the sole for use on a shaft. Fine Sold

Bailey Number 22 Smoothing Plane Bailey Number 22 Smoothing Plane

ST140373 Bailey Number 22 Smoothing Plane An as found example that needs a light cleaning but still has the original decal. It has a near full original sweetheart iron. It will make a good user for a give away price. G+ Sold

Bailey Number 4 Smoothing Plane

ST140376 Bailey Number 4 Smoothing Plane This is a little used 1920s Stanley smoothing plane with a near full original sweetheart iron. The wood is superb. It is a bit dirty. The japanning should pop out when cleaned with wax. The bare metal surfaces all have a medium dark patina. Somebody has gone over it lightly with steel wool, but only on the bare metal surfaces. It is not quite clean enough for a connoisseur, but will make a great user for a modest price. G+ Sold

Number 50 Combination Plane

ST140383 Number 50 Combination Plane This is a clean Number 50 in the original box, albeit a heavily taped up original box. It also has all of the original blades, 7 plow, 7 bead, and one T&G, but the lid to the blade box is missing. The plane retains about 98% of the original nickel, except on the bottoms of the depth stops, which have some light rust. Overall a superior example that will make a great user. G++ $169

Number 20 Compass Plane

ST140311 Number 20 Compass Plane A nice clean example with about 70% bright nickel remaining and about 50% of the original iron with the circa 1905-1910 logo. A used but well cared for example that rates a strong G+ $169

Number 4 Bailey Smoothing Plane

ST140317 Number 4 Bailey Smoothing Plane A pristine sweetheart marked Stanley 4 that does not appear to have ever been honed or used. This is a close as it is possible for a pre-War Stanley plane to be to mint. The box OK, with no torn corners, but it has stains and is far from perfect. I would rate the box G+ and the plane Fine+ Sold

Number 7 Bailey Jointer

ST140319 Number 7 Bailey Jointer This is a dirty as found 1950s Stanley 7 that still has rosewood. Under the dirty, this plane is actually quite nice, with good wood, about 95% original japanning, and just very light surface oxidation wthat will come right off. This one is meant to be a bargain. It should easily clean to G++, but as it stands I rate it Good Sold

Number 110 Block Plane

ST140324 Number 110 Block Plane This is a very clean example in the original box. The thumb nut that locks the blade has lost some of its japanning, but probably just from poor adhesion, not from use. Otherwise it would rate Fine. The box is pretty rough. It is a 1950s era plane. G++ $49

Number 18 Knucke Joint Block Plane

ST140328 Number 18 Knucke Joint Block Plane This is a sweetheart marked Stanley 18 that looks untouched except for the sides and sole. Not a pristine collector's tool but a very nice user and priced to reflect that. G+ Sold

Number 79 Side Rabbet

ST140331 Number 79 Side Rabbet A very little used example with full sweetheart irons. There is some minor nicke loss on the back side or it would rate higher. As a user it is a bargain. G+ $79

Number 65 Chamfer Shave

ST140333 Number 65 Chamfer Shave An early style Stanley chamfer shave. This is one of my personal favorite Stanley tools. This one does not have a lot of japanning left so I rated it low, but it is otherwise a nice tool and will be as goood a user as any. Pristine examples bring $50 more. Good $99

Bailey Number 31 Jointer

ST140336 Bailey Number 31 Jointer A crisp and little used example with a sweetheart iron and the original Stanley decal in the front. At 24" long, this is as good as a number 8 for a whole lot less money. These wood bottom planes make great users, but they don't command the prices of the all iron planes. G+ Sold

Number 25 6" bevel

ST140337 Number 25 6" bevel A very clean example with the original laquer on the brass and woodwork and the original bluing. There are some light tool box marks on the lacquer over the wood which accounted for the minus on the grading. Fine- Sold

Number 60 1/2 Low Angle Block Plane

ST140232 Number 60 1/2 Low Angle Block Plane A post-war example in as found condition with a dark patina and some loss to the japanning on the lever cap. Not a pristine plane by any means, but an excellent user. G+ $60

Number 5 1/2 Bailey Jack Plane

ST140237 Number 5 1/2 Bailey Jack Plane This is a prstine example that was apparently used just once. The blade has the original factory grind but you can see that it was used. There is a slight trace of white paint on the sole. They bought it, planed a door once, and put it away. This is as close to imint as it is possible for an old tool to be. Even the box is really nice, with no torn corners. It is a post-war plane, but the handles are still done in the pre-war style, nicely shaped and finished rosewood. This might be a 1930s plane in a post-war box. This is as good as it gets for the connoisseur. Fine+ $285

Number 6 Bailey Fore Plane

ST140238 Number 6 Bailey Fore Plane A little used sweetheart marked Stanley 6 from the 1920s with a near full original iron. this plane has a medium to dark smooth patina on the bare metal surfaces and 97% or so original japanning. The finish on the tote and knob show a bit of wear. I was really torn about the condition rating. In the end, I graded down, as I always do, but it is a very strong G+ and I would presonally be thrilled to own this plane. G+ $169

Number 4 Bailey Smoothing Plane

ST140247 Number 4 Bailey Smoothing Plane A nicely cleaned 1920 Stanley 4 witth the sweetheart logo. It has a medium patina overall and nice wood. The tote has great figure and is particularly nice. The front knob is darker wood with no visible figure. It has some white paint smeared on it, but nothing awful. A nice example that will make a great user at a modest price. If it was just slightly nicer it would be over $100. G+ Sold

Number 3 Bailey Smoothing Plane

ST140250 Number 3 Bailey Smoothing Plane This is a nice 1920s Stanley 3 with a sweetheart marked iron with about 60% remaining. The plane has a lovely medium patina overall and very nice rosewood. The kicker, and I didn't notice this when I bought it, the lever cap has been welded. It was clearly welded a long tiime ago, and the plane is still with us, so I would not be concerned that it will break. However, it halved the asking price. The wood alone is worth the price. It will make a great user and I am sure that the weld will still be fine in 100 years. G+ Sold

Number 4 Bailey Smoothing Plane

ST140253 Number 4 Bailey Smoothing Plane A lovely untouched late 19th Century Stanley 4. This plane has the 1892 patent date logo on the blade and no patent dates on the bed. It has a full original iron and nice medium patina overall. The wood is superb and retains the original finish, which still looks fresh over 100 years on. There is a tight shrinkage check in the front knob, which wasn't visible when I bought it but it is very dry in here right now with gas heating on. This is a nice untouched example that I would love to own. A strong G+ $98

Socket Chisel Set

CH121161 Socket Chisel Set A matched set of 6 socket chisels, sizes 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", & 1". I am not really sure which model these are, they are not numbered. They are marked "STANLEY, MADE IN USA." They look like 750s to me, but there were a number of similar chisels offered in the 1930s. Finding a complete original set like this is quite unusual. Four handles are fine, and 2 have minor battering to the leather tops. The 1" chisel has a rough edge from being abused, probably opening cans, so it will need to be ground. The chises are all about the same length, which is approximatley 12 1/2". Overall, this set is in great condition and is really a rare find. G+ - Fine Dramatically reduced to: $245

Number 144 Edge Rounding Plane Number 144 Edge Rounding Plane

ST140210 Number 144 Edge Rounding Plane This plane is missing a lot of its finish but is a nice as found plane that will make a great user without the huge collector's premium that these planes usually carry. I bought this one right and I am selling it what should be a very attractive price. It is the 3/8" size which is the most common, but also the most useful. G+ $159

Number 60 Spokeshave

ST140217 Number 60 Spokeshave A very clean and little used example with full sweetheart marked irons. There are a few small spots of paint splattered on the bright original japanning, which is why I gave it the minus. A very nice example and a handy tool, with both a straight and a radiused side. Fine- $59

Number 93 Cabinetmaker

ST140170 Number 93 Cabinetmaker's Rabbet Plane This is a bright clean English made Stanley shouler plane that has seen very little use. It has all of it is bright nickel but I graded it down because it has some scrattered light tool box marks. Not all that old, perhaps 1970s or so. G++ $109

Number 90 Bullnose Plane

ST140138 Number 90 Bullnose Plane A nice as found example with better than 95% of the original nickel remaining. The blade is about 80% or better remaining. A good US made example, probably from the 1950s. Could use some light cleaning. G+ $95

Number 4C Bailey Smoothing Planes

ST140152 Number 4C Bailey Smoothing Planes A nice as found corrugated 4 with a V trademark iron and a low knob. Has a dark as found patina but will clean up to much better than its current Good $79

604 Bedrock Smoothing Plane 604 Bedrock Smoothing Plane

ST140129 604 Bedrock Smoothing Plane This is a flat-sided Bedrock smoother for the user on a budget. It has a stained hardwood rear tote and the front knob has a chip at the base. The whole plane has been terribly overcleaned and the sole and sides have been lapped. There are hairline cracks at both sides of the mouth. These are old and stable, and I wouldn't worry about them. If you want a good user Bedrock for a song, this is it. Good $99

Number 220 Block Plane

ST131232 Number 220 Block Plane A crisp and hardly used example in the original box. The box is tatty but the plane is very nice and untouched. From the 50s or perhaps 60s. G++ $55

Catalog Reprint:  Stanley Tools Catalogue Number 120

ST131214 Catalog Reprint: Stanley Tools Catalogue Number 120 A pristine copy of the hardbound catalog reprint of the Stanley Sweetheart catalog from 1923. Produced by my friend Roger Smith, this is the single best Stanley catalog reprint ever done. Pristine condition. Fine+ $20

Number 81 Scraper

ST131222 Number 81 Scraper A classic Stanley rosewood soled scraper. Retains about 85% of the original nickel. The blade is a period replacement, marked E. C. Atkins, Silver Steel. These are very useful tools. G+ $68

Number 610 Egg Beater Hand Drill

ST131226 Number 610 Egg Beater Hand Drill Marked "100 Plus", which I guess was a mark from around the Stanley Centennial period in the 1950s. A nice small hand drill. I can say enough how useful these small hand drills are in the cabinet shop. Nothing else gives you the same amount of control for fine work. G+ $45

Number 12 Scraper

ST131147 Number 12 Scraper A particularly nice Stanley 12 with a full Stanley marked iron that is newer than the tool. All of the bare surfaces have a pleasing medium patina and the japanning is about 98% and very clean. The brass has not been polished. I really like this one. G++ Sold

Number 12 1/2 Scraper

ST131154 Number 12 1/2 Scraper A nice as found Stanley rosewood soled scraper. The sole is not significantly worn, although it has some scratches, as though it was not understood by its owner. The finish on the handle is a bit dull and needs waxing. The blade is missing, but we are selling this tool with a new Hock blade. A really great scaper to use. G+ $135

Number 112 Scraper Plane

ST1310121 Number 112 Scraper Plane A nice as found example with good medium dark patina, except on the sole, which has a blotch patina. The blade is not marked but looks original. Should clean to better than G+ $189

H1220B Hand Drill

ST131096 H1220B Hand Drill A very clean Stanley egg-beater drill in the original box. 7 original bits remain in the head, and all look new. I suspect that the missing bit was last the only time that this drill was ever used. There are to spots where the finish is abraided on the side of the head, which is what cost it a fine rating. A nice example and a handy tool. G++ $40

Number 12 Scraper Plane

ST131099 Number 12 Scraper Plane A good example with particularly nice wood. It would rate higher but for some staining on the sole and sides. Retains the full original Stanley marked blade. I find this to be one of Stanley's all time best designs, a most own tool. G+ Sold

Number 10 Rabbet Plane Number 10 Rabbet Plane

ST1303107 Number 10 Rabbet Plane An early example with the very thin sides and the logo, "STANLEY, RULE & LEVEL CO." in block letter on two lines. About 65% of the iron remains. The wood has great grain and retains most of its original finish. The bare surfaces look like they were carefully cleaned by a collector at some point, the rest is untouched. A very nice example. G++ Sold

Number 6 Hurwood Awl

ST131044 Number 6 Hurwood Awl A stanley awl, 5 4/3" overall. The ebonizing shows some wear on the handle. The metal work has a nice light patina. G++ Sold

Number 69 Hand Beader Number 69 Hand Beader

ST131011 Number 69 Hand Beader A lovely as found example that shows only light honest wear. The nickel is thinning on the sides and the sole. It was never thck to begin with. The wood is bright and clean with its original finish. It retains all 6 original blades. (Technically, it came with 7 blades, but the 7th was a blank with which you could cut your own profiles.) As nice an example as I have seen in some time and priced at the low end of boo value. G++ $385


ST130957 Shipwright's Bevel A double bladed rosewood and brass trimmed bevel with brass blades. I don't remember the number of this tool off hand, but most of them are unmarked and this one is no exception. As found with a nice patina. It just needs to be waxed with a soft cloth and it migh even rate a bit better than G+ $79

Number 923 Ratcheting Brace

ST130961 Number 923 Ratcheting Brace A bright and clean Stanley 10" brace. A later example with black plastic instead of rosewood, but just as good a user as the pre-War example. Fine- $85

Yankee Ratchet 30A

ST130871 Yankee Ratchet 30A A very clean example in the original box with the original bit envelope, with the three bits. The label says that North Brothers is a division of Stanley Tools. The box is only about Good or maybe G+, but the tool is Fine- $69

Number 94 Cabinetmaker

ST130842 Number 94 Cabinetmaker's Rabbet Plane A scarce #94 that is used but not abused. Missing the majority of its nickel, and the medallion that plugs the front casting. The blade retains a bit more than 50% of its original length. A great user without having to pay a collector's price. Good $169

Number 60 Spokeshave Number 60 Spokeshave

ST13085 Number 60 Spokeshave This is an early example of the famous Stanley double spokesave. It is not marked Stanley, only "Patent, June 19, 1866. It is as found and retains about 1/2 of the original finish. There is a crack, that I can't explain, on the sole. It doesn't impact its use in any way. I will point it out in a photo since it is hard to describe. Good $35

Number 803 Hand Drill

ST130616 Number 803 Hand Drill A nice as found Stanley England egg beater drill. This is a cast iron framed drill similar in size to a Millers Falls 5 but built a bit heavier duty. The finish on the wood is deteriorating, but the drill is really in nice condition and will make a great user. It is a quality made tool from the 1950s. G+ Sold

Bailey 5 1/2C Jack Plane Bailey 5 1/2C Jack Plane Bailey 5 1/2C Jack Plane

ST1305100 Bailey 5 1/2C Jack Plane A Stanley corrugated jumbo jack plane in the original box. This is a 1950s plane with the heavier casting. It does have a rosewood tote and knob. Ths plane looks like it was just used once or twice by somebody who did not know what they were doing. The blade is dull in the center, but looks like it was never ground, or even honed for that matter. There is light surface corrosion on the upper blade surface. This plane should clean to at least G++ $195

Number 9 1/2 Block Plane

ST130573 Number 9 1/2 Block Plane An early 20th Century example with the half moon logo on the blade. Used but well cared for, with about half of the nickel worn off of the lever cap. A nice working example. G+ $69

Number 55 Combination Plane Number 55 Combination Plane

ST130587 Number 55 Combination Plane A very clean as found Stanley 55 combination plane in the original box. This plane is complete but for one screw, the purpose of which I am not even sure. It is the screw on the back under the handle. The older ones did not even have this screw, as I just discovered now, when I tried to take one off of an old body I have on hand. Trust me, you will never care that this screw is missing. The plane is super clean and will make a great user. It has the style of nickers that are serated, so that you put them down one notch at a time. The instructions are a reprint. A great user for a discnerning user who does not want to pay a few hundred extra for collector's details. Fine- $599

Number 55 Combination Plane Number 55 Combination Plane Number 55 Combination Plane Number 55 Combination Plane

ST130463 Number 55 Combination Plane A nearly unused, sweetheart marked example, complete in the original box. There are two small spots of nickel loss on the top of the handle strap, but this plane is otherwise pristine. The box shows some normal wear but has no torn corners. This is the model that has the left and right bevel cutters. The label on the number 2 cutter box has some silverfish damage, as can be seen in the photo. It also has the original baby hurwood screwdriver. There is a set of period instructions with it, but these are copywrite 1940 and they might be later than the plane. I suspect that a collector put them in the box. It would be hard to improve upon this plane. Fine $785

Number 945 Brace

ST130391 Number 945 Brace An 8" brace in lightly used condition, but the ebonized finish is peeling off the hardwood head and the handle, thus detracting from the appearance. Still a great user and modestly priced. G+ $69

Number 90 Bullnose Plane

ST130352 Number 90 Bullnose Plane A V-trademark (1910s) example with about 90% or what is probably the original blade. A good sound plane, but the nickel is coming off. It looks like the nickel didn't adhere well when it was made and has more peeled off than worn off. It has about 40-50% of the original nickel left, but it is blotchy and would not appeal to a collector. Thus the user price for an early US made example of this most desirable of Stanley planes. G+ $98

Number 65 Nuckle Joint Block Plane

ST130355 Number 65 Knuckle Joint Block Plane A 1930s example in nice as found condition. It shows signs of moderate use but no abuse and should make a great user plane. About 90% of the nickel remains on the lever cap with just normal wear. A nice honest example. G+ $79

Number 8 Bailey Jointer - Prelateral

ST130360 Number 8 Bailey Jointer - Prelateral A nice as found Stanley jointer with 80-90% original japanning and a nice medium-dark patina. The original blade is well worn but still has 3/4" left to the hole. This is a wonderful honest example of a 19th Century Stanley jointer. Clearly a usable plane, but I would expect a collector to jump on this one. Reduced: G+ $245

Bailey Number 5 Jack Plane

ST130366 Bailey Number 5 Jack Plane This is a Made in Canada Stanley Jack plane in the original box. It is 1930s plane and thus has a pretty nice rosewood tote and knob. It looks to me like it was used once, but not successfully. The blade has a big chip in it where it hit something. There is also some light spots of surface rust. If you regrind the blade and clean off the rust, it should easily rate G++ Sold

Blades for Number 1 Plane in Box

ST130368 Blades for Number 1 Plane in Box A box of 3 new old stock blades in the original box. The box once held 6 blades according to the label. It is a steel reinforced corner box and the blades have the later Stanley logo. I am not sure when the are from but probably the 1940s or 50s. Untouched condition with some old dry grease on the blades, which would likely pass for mint if this grease is cleaned off. The box shows wear and rates G+. Fine $195

Stanley Number 140 Rabbetting Block Plane

ST130331 Stanley Number 140 Rabbetting Block Plane This is a scarce type 1 example with the lever adustment for depth and the 1894 patent date on the side. It is found and a bit dirty. The japanning is dull, but with wax should brighten up. The nickel is about 80% or better. The bare metal surfaces look like they were probably cleaned with fine steel wool at some point. Not pristine, but a nice honest example. Good $189

Number 9 1/2 Block Plane

ST130271 Number 9 1/2 Block Plane A crisp, clean example from the late 50s or 60s with the original hang tag from a "Orgill Bros. & Co," The blade looks to me like it has been honed, but is still the original factory grind. The bare metal surfaces have been cleaned, but respectfully done. Fine- $75

Number 79 SIde Rabbet Plane

ST13025 Number 79 SIde Rabbet Plane A sweetheart marked example that has seen honest use, but no abuse. About half of the original nickel remains. A classic Stanley design that is really a must own tool. G+ $89

Number 90 Bullnose & 92 Shoulder  Plane

130173 Number 90 Bullnose & 92 Shoulder Plane Both planes are neatly marked on the top and the bottom, "City School". They are English made examples with full original irons. They appear to have seen little use and have 99%+ original bright nickel. Probably 1950s vintage, the finish is better than on the later ones. Sadly, on close inspection I found two tiny hairline cracks on the 92 where it had been dropped. I don't think that it will affects its use in any way, but if you drop it again that might be the last straw. Sold as a pair, but I am putting very little value on the 92.. Fine- $149

Number 144 Edge Rounding Tool

ST130183 Number 144 Edge Rounding Tool A clean as found example in the scarce 1/2" size. Somebody has neatly pricked their initials into the japanning, "HLD". Honest wear but no neglect or abuse. G+ $259

Stanley & Fray Marked Brace

ST130143 Stanley & Fray Marked Brace This is a 14" ratchet brace that has the Stanley sweetheart logo on the chuck and is marked "FRAY No. 149" on the frame. I can't find a reference to this brace in the Walter's book. It is in honest, as found condition, with about 30% nickel remaining. A very rare piece for the escoteric Stanley collector. Our consignor has authorized me to cut the price on this brace dramatically! G+ Reduce from $245 to $149

Number 225-12 Double Bevel

ST121269 Number 225-12 Double Bevel A sweetheart marked Stanley boxwood stocked doublle bevel in lovely untouched condition. Still retains much of the original decal and most of the original bluing. A particularly nice example for the connoisseur. G++ $265

S18 Steel Block Plane

ST121124 S18 Steel Block Plane A bright and clean as found Stanley steel knuckle-joint block plane with some normal light scattered staining on the sides and sole. The nickel is bright like new, and the black paint (these were painted, not japanned) is about 99%. This is a scarce plane and this is a very nice honest example. G++ $159

Number 5 1/4C Bailey Small Jack Plane

ST121126 Number 5 1/4C Bailey Small Jack Plane A nice 1930s Stanley corrugated jack plane with particularly nice grain in the rear tote. This plane has been properly cleaned by a collector and is an example worthy of a serious collector or a connoisseur user. G++ $259

Book:  Boxwood and Ivory, Stanley Traditional Rules

ST12063 Book: Boxwood and Ivory, Stanley Traditional Rules This is Philip Stanley's book on Stanley rules, which is the accepted standard reference on the subject. The book is about fine, but the dust jacket is a bit tatty,so I gave it an overal rating of G++ $59

Number 98/99 Side Rabbets Number 98/99 Side Rabbets

ST120617 Number 98/99 Side Rabbets A pair with the depth stops. Both of them have significant wear to the nickel and are in somewhat dark as found condition. They came together but the 99 has a Sweetheart marked blade and he 98 has a "Made in USA" blade. A great user pair in the desirable depth stop version. G+ $175

Rosewood Marking/Morticing Gauge

ST120525 Number 171 Rosewood Marking/Morticing Gauge The same as a number 77 gauge, but it has the patent cast brass shoe for working curves. This option cost a whopping $1.50 extra in 1923, which would explain why we see so few with this feature. This one is quite a bit older than 1923, and is marked Stanley in the big block letters on the head. Untouched condition for a user or collector. Nice tall points. G+ $85

Antique Stanley Tool Antique Stanley Tool

ST110459 Number 94 Cabinetmaker's Rabbet Plane This is as good as it gets with these. It retains about 97% of its original bright nickel. The blade looks to be full, and has the logo with the 1897 and 1900 patents. The nickel is superb on the left side but has some wear and bubbling on the left side. The term wear is probably a misnomer, as the plane has seen little if any use and the lost nickel is the result of poor adhesion. This is the connoisseur's example of this scarce plane. Fine- $445

Antique Stanley Tool

ST100640 Number 93 Cabinetmaker's Rabbet Plane This is the early style with the cast iron adjustment, with 100% original bright nickel. This is as close to mint as it is possible for a 100 year old tool to be. This must be as find an example as exists in the world of this early style 93. For the true connoisseur. Fine+ $345

Antique Stanley Tool Antique Stanley Tool

ST90520 Stanley Tools 1927 S50 Catalog This is a small 55 page booklet style catalog. I am not an expert on these but I don't recall seeing this one before. It is marked on the back "Copyright 1927 S50" and has the sweetheart logo. The original owner put his name and the date on the cover with a pencil. Nice original condition. Fine- $99

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