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Measuring Tools

Explanation of Our Condition Grading System

Frequently Asked Vintage Tool Questions

Extraordinary Calipers Extraordinary Calipers Extraordinary Calipers

ME16023 Extraordinary Calipers These are handwrought calipers that can be used for inside or outside measurements. This tool is truly a work of art. The legs terminate if feet, and by moving the legs past each other, you can change the tool from measuring insdie to outside. The hing is made from old copper coins, and you can read "United States of American" around one side of the hinge joint. The head is about 1 1/16" in diameter, so unless they reduced the size of the coins, that was their diameter. The overall height is about 12 1/8". The surface is fantastic, with the original dark color and surface that they would have left the forge with. These came from a good collection and are in wonderful condition. I am assuming that they are early to mid 19th Century. For the connoisseur. Fine $285

Early Coin Scale

ME16027 Early Coin Scale An apparently 18th century English coin scale in the original tin case. There is a label in the lid, but I susepct that it is a facsimile. The brass pans have been polished at some point. There are weights with it, I don't know enough to confirm that they are original to it or not, which is why I priced it so low. G+ $99

Craftsman Made

ME160212 Craftsman Made A steel marking gauge, similar to a Tightmark, but old and clearly made by a craftsman. Nice little details like the small keeper (bushing) that is between the thumbscrew and the shaft. This tool has a nice heft and feel to it. The shaft is nearly 8" long. G++ Sold

H. G. Fulton, Patd July 17-88

ME160217 H. G. Fulton, Patd July 17-88 A nice as found example of this scarce gauge. Somebody with the initials AEE has scratched them into the gauge in two spots. I have no other complains. A nice honest example. G+ $59

Schmalcalder, 82 Strand, London Schmalcalder, 82 Strand, London Schmalcalder, 82 Strand, London Schmalcalder, 82 Strand, London Schmalcalder, 82 Strand, London

ME160220 Schmalcalder, 82 Strand, London A circular protractor in its original fitted mahogany case. Inside the lid is written in fading ink, "1829, Joseph Cadman, xxxxxxxxxxx" with the xxxx signifying a word that I can't read, but is presumably the place where Joseph lived. Also in ink, but appearing to me more recent, is "H. J. DuPont". The tool has been lightly hand polished a long time ago, but the color has come back nicely. It still has areas of lacquer in protected areas. An idiot has put a serial number on the reverse side with an electric pencil. This is visible in the photo of the back side. This is a high-grade London made instrument in a fine case. G++ $795


ME160224 Unmarked This is a nice clean as found twin-stemmed, rosewood headed combination marking and morticing gauge, unmarked but I believe to have been made by Goodell Pratt. The left stem can retract flush into the head so that you can use it as a marking gauge without the second stem being in the way. This is a very nicely made tool, as are all Goodell Pratt tools. The nickel is worn on the stems but still intact on the thumb screws. A nice honest example. G+ Sold

St. Johnsbury Tool Co.

ME160229 St. Johnsbury Tool Co. This is the small sized St. Johnsbury patent bevel in the scarce all steel version. The blade is 5 7/8" Very nice clean untouched condition, just as it came from a tool chest. It is lightly owner marked, "R. J. Reynolds", an interesting name but surely just a coincidence. I personally use one of these, in this size, and it is my favorite bevel. I used it just last night to do a sliding dovetail. G+ $289

Number 32 1/2 Caliper Rule Number 32 1/2 Caliper Rule Number 32 1/2 Caliper Rule

ME160165 Number 32 1/2 Caliper Rule A particularly nice as found 12" 4 fold boxwood caliper rule. It is not maker marked, but it is probably by Stanley. I hesitate to say that definitively because other American makers sometimes used the same numbers. This tool still has some lacquer on the brass and most of it on the wood. The boxwood has a lovely patina. The brass is very crisp and still has all its original tool marks from manufacture. Could use a very light cleaning with wax. G++ $69

Star Patent Marking Gauge

ME160171 Star Patent Marking Gauge (A customer who collects marking gauges has sent this update to our description: The 1901 patent is actually a Caris patented gauge. The Star is an 1868 patent I believe. How both men received a patent for the same idea is a mystery. They also came from the same town in PA. Thought you would like to know.) A Star patent cam lock marking gauge in beech. Not maker marked, but marked with the patent date, "Pat. May 7, 1901", The gauge shows little sign of wear, but there is some kind of spilled paint on the head, coverying perhaps 15% of the head. I would leave it alone because if you remove it, the unpatinated wood will be much lighter underneath. A nice example. G++ $49

W. & L. E. Gurley, Troy, N.Y. W. & L. E. Gurley, Troy, N.Y.

ME160176 W. & L. E. Gurley, Troy, N.Y. A small portable surveyor's compass of the type that was often used by the US military .The base is 4" by 4". The mahogany box is 4 3/4" by 5 7/8". The tool is very clean and untouched, with most of its original lacquer. The only flaw that I see is that the knurled thumbscrew, on the shaft that attaches to a trypod, is bent. It still works, but it has a pronouced bend. It woud be risky to bend it back that it might snap off. Otherwise this tool is a solid fine and the box G++, so overall it is rated Fine- $189


ME160189 Starrett A harlequin pair (meaning that they did not start life together) of Starrett calipers, one 3" and one 4". Both are in clean condition as removed from an old chest. Both are probably pre-War, but the 3" is older with the fancier knurling on the adjuster. Fine- $59


ME160146 Unmarked A nice as found 6" (small size) bevel made by Disston and Morss but not signed. A great user or collector's grade piece. G+ $48

Wm Marples & Sons, Hibernia

ME160155 Wm Marples & Sons, Hibernia A standard 10" English mitre square with an ebony stock. Nice as found condition, with moderate tool box rash. The maker's mark is very faint and took me some time to find. Don't expect it to jump out on you. A nice example for a discering user. G+ $69

R.Kelly, Liverpool

ME160114 R.Kelly, Liverpool R. Kelly operated a large tool shop in Liverpool and these were clearly made for his shop. They are in lovely as found condition and retain the original dark color. They stand 5" high. I rarely see this style of dividers in such a diminutive size. Fine $89


ME160119 Unmarked A brass stemmed ebony head with brass face morticing gauge of the type that was made in quantity in Sheffield at one time. This one is just as it came from an old chest. The pins are still tall and it ready to use, although I would wax it and sharpen the pins a bit. These were real quality gauges that would be too expensive to make today. G+ $85

Lufkin HW223 50 ft Tape Measure

ME160124 Lufkin HW223 50 ft Tape Measure This is a barely used Lufkin tape meaure in the original box, with the original plastic box inside the cardboard box. I presume from the 40s or 50s. It would be hard to find a better one, and for relatively little money. Fine $20

Keuffel & Esser Co.

ME151220 Keuffel & Esser Co. A nearly unused K&E 50' steel tape measure in the original box. The actual tape is painted white so that it is super easy to read. The box calls it "Wyteface". The first foot of the tape shows minor wear, and the rest of it looks new. The box shows minor wear and some minor silverfish chew. I am guessing that this is from the 1950s. Fine- $30

Bushnell, Philada Bushnell, Philada

ME15117 Bushnell, Philada A rare Philadelphia morticing gauge in Ebony. This was a really top quality gauge when new with some very fine details, such as the fancy escutcheon around the locking screw. The pins are too worn down to be a good user and would need replacing. The entire gauge has been polished years ago by an antiques dealer. The gauge is so rare that I felt obliged to overlook this. G+ $135

I. Sorby, Sheffield

ME151082 I. Sorby, Sheffield A rosewood and brass level with original French polished finish on the rosewood and an untouched surface on the brass that includes traces of original lacquer. This level is a bit larger and heavier than most levels of this kind. It is 12" long and 1 3/8" high. It would rate higher but for light tool box rash on the French polish over the wood. It is a much better example than we usually see and is still a very nice level. G+ $79

Unmarked (Goodell Pratt)

ME151085 Unmarked (Goodell Pratt) A nice as found Goodell Pratt triple beam gauge with wheels. There is some nickel loss, primarily at the far end of the long beam, and the steel underneath has become darker. Not signed, as is typical. An excellent quality tool for a user or collector. G+ $79

H. York, Sheffield

ME151099 H. York, Sheffield A dark rosewood morticing gauge that could just about pass for ebony. The pins are are still tall, although one is worn more than the other and you will probably want to even them out. As found and needing a light cleaning. G+ $59

Wm. Marples & Sons, Hibernia

ME151038 Wm. Marples & Sons, Hibernia A classic English morticing gauge in dark rosewood with brass trim. The points are still very tall and sharp. Nicely cleaned by a collector, for the discerning user. G+ $55

Plumb Bob

ME151041 Plumb Bob An interesting and attractive plumb bob with a steel tip that screws off. The height is 2 3/4" and the diameter is 1 9/16". About 9 ounces. Nice original patina. G+ $69

Plumb Bob

ME151020 Plumb Bob A lovely as found plumb bob with a rich patina and an elegant form. It measures 3 7/8" and weighs 12 ounces. It does not have a steel tip. G++ $89

Comparator Calipers

ME150956 Comparator Caliper A delicate, late 18th or 19th Century caliper, that is graduated with three measuring systems, Sachsen (Saxon), Rheinl. (Rhineland), and Engl. The English scale runs to 3 1/2". This is presumably a hand made German tool of superb quality. It has been cleaned by a collector. Highly recommended. G+ $99

Plumb Bob

ME150963 Plumb Bob An 8 ounce brass plumb bob, with steel tip. It is marked "A.M, 1942", which is for Air Ministry. This plumb bob was likely used in the rapid building of hangars and barracks that took place in 1942 & 1943 as the RAF prepared for the massive buildup taking place. It has a lovely color with traces of original lacquer. It is also a very nicely made plumb bob. G+ $79

Brown & Sharpe MFG Co. Brown & Sharpe MFG Co.

ME150979 Brown & Sharpe MFG Co. A large caliper with micro adjust. Measures about 24" overall. Also marked "Tempered". I am not good at dating these but I certainly think that they are pre-war. They have an even light patina as one would expect on a well kept machinist's tool. The only complaint is that a former owner ground off another owner's name and stamped his in its place. Fine $99

Dancing Leg Calipers

ME15071 Dancing Leg Calipers This is a craftsman made double calipers, where the dancing legs are the inside calipers and the other end are outside calipers. They are 6" overall. They are totally made from brass, even the hinge, and it has taken on a medium patina. With dancing legs, the elegance of form of the legs is everything, and I only buy them if they are well done. These certainly meet that criteria, the legs have a lovely and realistic form that symbolizes well the natural beauty of the female form. G++ $159

Ornate Calipers

ME150661 Ornate Calipers These are the only calipers of their kind that I have ever seen, and certainly among the most ornate tools that I have handled. They are 6 3/4" high and are made to a very high standard of quality. I don't embrace the practice of assuming that anything with a modicum of style about it is undoubtably 18th Century, but I would not be surprised to learn that these were 18t Century. A cutter has been incorporated into the design, but I am assuming is for clipping off the ends of cigars. It may be a later modification but it looks like it was part of the design. A tool for the true connoisseur. G++ $745

E. Elliott E. Elliott

ME150550 E. Elliott An early blacksmith made set of dividers, boldly marked "E. Ellliott". They stand 11 1/2" high. They have medium pitting overall but with a pleasing patina. A scarce and desirable tool that warrants some research to discover who E. Elliott was. G+ $95

Johnson & Conway, Philada.

ME150469 Johnson & Conway, Philada. An 8" bevel square that has been lightly polished. The mark is both worn and faint and is not really legible. Only Conway is clearly readable. Thus the low price for a scarce Philadelphia tool. G+ $45

Brown and Flather

ME150429 Brown and Flather An 8" rosewood level with brass face that has never been polished. Given the British propensity to polish, this is lucky survivor. The screws show some oxidation and are no longer perfectly flush to the brass. The brass has a lovely color. Just a nice honest example for a reasonable price. G+ $65

E. Preston & Sons

ME150424 E. Preston & Sons A standard brass saddle template, 4 1/4" wide at the base. Lightly polished but not all buffed up. These are very handy working tools. G+ $45

J. Dobie, 205 Argyle St. Glasgow J. Dobie, 205 Argyle St. Glasgow

ME150212 J. Dobie, 205 Argyle St. Glasgow A very scarce brass framed morticing gauge in boxwood. These Ultimatum style gauges are nearly always in ebony, just like the braces. This one is in as found condition, never polished, with traces of original lacquer on the brass, which shine like traces of gilding against the patinated brass. The body has better than 80% of its original French polish, although there is significant surface rash. The pins are sharp and ready to use. This tool has been in my own collection for nearly 20 years. I found it in a rural antiques shop in New Hampshire. An important piece to the right person. G++ $245


ME150234 Smallwood A 4" saddle rule that is marked with the Air Ministry A.M and a crown, and dated 1937. Just think, this tool may well have played its small part saving the Western world in the Battle of Britain. It has a good surface, with a light patina, but there are a few scattered spots of deep pitting. Just a few, but enough to hold the condition grading way down in my eyes. This is one tool though that definitely looks better in person than in the photos. Good $49

Plumb Bob

ME150239 Plumb Bob A particulary elegant and attractive little plumb bob. It is marked 2, which I think is 2 ounce. It is just over 2" high. The screw top has lovely hand cut knurling and the form is really perfect. The brass has been polished and there is some old pitting on the point. A personal favorite. G+ $65

W. Cresson, Philada

ME15017 W. Cresson, Philada A 10" cabinetmaker's mitre square in the classic Philadelphia style with round brass washers on the rivets and a walnut or mahogany stock (I am not sure which.) The blade has a dark but pleasing patina. Nice honest condition for a very scarce tool. Very few of these survive and they should command higher prices than they do. G+ $245

E. Preston & Sons

ME141233 E. Preston & Sons A rosewood 12" level with a brass face and an iron sole. The top is engraved, "Tom Ratcliffe, New Mills". I love personalized pieces like this and can't resist them. This one has had the brass polished by an idiot (misguided sole in modern sensitive terminology), but it such a wonderful object that I bought it anyway. Good $119

Patented Bevel Square

ME141193 Patented Bevel Square A 9" bevel square that locks with a thumbscrew at the base simliar to a St. Johnsbury or a Stanley 18. It is only marked "Pat. Applied For" on the blade. I don't recall seeing one like this before and it really intrigues me. I showed it recently to my friends Clarence Blanchard and Patrick Leach. Patrick said that he had seen one before and that it was a very early example of the Sargent patented bevel square. Pat is not one ot BS so I accept that as being correct. It is a lovely tool with a rosewood stock and brass trim. It is absolutely untouched as it came out of an old tool chest. The stock is much thicker than one expects for a bevel square but this would allow it to register more decisively on the edge of a board. A rare and superb piece. G++ $345

E. Preston & Sons

ME141053 E. Preston & Sons An ebony and brass 10" level that was polished at one time and is staring to color again. G+ $69

Millers Falls

ME141068 Millers Falls A 9" torpedo level, number 590, in the original box. The level is very clean, with just some freckling to the plating on the level top. The box is OK but shows wear. The bottom of the level is marked "Rowland Tomkins & Son." A Google search reveals that this firm was a construction company that was indited for bribery by the government. I presume that they gave out these levels as a gift to customers, presumably before they went to more generous offerings. Fine- $48

Acorn Finial Plumb Bob with Reel

ME140961 Acorn Finial Plumb Bob with Reel A lovely 1 pound brass plumb bob with an acorn finial and the original string reel. The brass has been hand polished by a collector. An elegant from and a lovely example G+ $119


ME140675 Rich-Con. This is a new old stock handle for a carpenter's claw hammer with a rule built into the handle. It is graduated to 6 inches. I didn't rate it fine only because it is a bit dirty with a few stains. It would probably improve with a cleaning with my usual wax and rag. I have not seen one like this before. Measures 14" overall. G++ $35


ME140374 Unmarked This is a scarce brass-framed 9" bevel square in untouched condition. The wood insets are rosewood rather than the more common ebony. A nice user or collector's tool. Not pristine, but I have not seen many that were even this good and I have never seen a pristine one. G+ $98

Fisher Fisher

ME140122 Fisher's Patented Bevel Square W. T. Fisher, Patd June 23rd, 1868. An overcleaned example that has had the brass polished. The blade has a nice patina and is untouched. Priced to reflect having been polished. Good $379

L.S. Starrett, Pat. Jan. 6. 1885

ME131160 L.S. Starrett, Pat. Jan. 6. 1885 This is an early Starrett caliper, 12" high. It has a quick set adjustment feature, to allow you to return to the same spot consistently. One thumscrew locks the caliper in place, and the other locks it and also acts as a stop, to open it and then return to the same spot. This is invaluable for work where you must take a measurement and then remove the caliper over a thicker spot. Nice condition but clearly showing some use. G+ $58

Samuel Auxer, Lancaster, PA

ME131152 Samuel Auxer, Lancaster, PA A classic Carpenter style marking gauge, made by one of his apprentices. Nice as found condition. Graduated to 10 inches. G+ $119

J. T. Slocomb Co.

ME131027 J. T. Slocomb Co. A Slocomb 5" to 6" micrometer in the orignal box with the original instructions. The box has been taped with masking tape, which sometimes you can get off with a hair dryer. The tool is pristine. Fine $49

Brown & Sharpe Mfg Co Brown & Sharpe Mfg Co Brown & Sharpe Mfg Co

ME130937 Brown & Sharpe Mfg Co A magnificent 24" caliper with micro adust and pre-set. The pre-set feature allows you to open the calipers to remove then from a workpeice, and then close then again the set-thickness. This is a critical feature for measuring wall thicknesses that are thinner where yiou are measuring than where the caliper most cross over to be removed. Pre-War, connoisseur quality. Lovely untouched patina. The only minor complaint is that a previous owner's mark was ground off and Cox put has name over the ground spot. For the true connoisseur. G++ $98

Cook, Maker, London

ME130412 Cook, Maker, London A boxwood double slide rule, 9 1/4" by 2" body. Calibrated on both sides and the edges. I don't claim to understand the use of these slide rules, but this one is in lovely condition, and Cook is a good early London maker. G+ Sold

Boxwood Tailor

ME130426 Boxwood Tailor's Square This square is 18" on each leg. In my experience, tailor's squares are not usually symmetric. This one has lovely color and comes from a good collection. Fine- $79

Craftsman Made Panel Gauge

ME130239 Craftsman Made Panel Gauge A nice magohany cabinetmaker's panel gauge. Properly waxed by a collector and suitable for a collector or discerning user. G++ $75

Dancing Leg Calipers

ME13013 Dancing Leg Calipers A 3" high dancing leg calipers that are genuine antiques and nicely made. They are thinner stock than is typical, so they are quite light. Nice as found condition. G++ $95

Stratton Brothers, Greenfield, Mass

ME121263 Stratton Brothers, Greenfield, Mass A superb 6 1/2" fully-bound rosewood level. This level is untouched with perfect patina. If you want just one example of one of these levels, this would be a good choice. This is my kind of condition, and it is in a very desirable size. This is just a level, not a plumb and level. The plumb and level combination is more common in my experience. Highly recommended. Fine- $365

Mathieson, Glasgow

ME120931 Mathieson, Glasgow A 9" torpedo level in connoisseur condition. This level has the original lacquer on the brass trim and on the wood, with the original label on the wood as well. The label has some wear, but is still quite nice. The brass cover over the vial is slightly bent down at the center, on one side, but this is hardly noticable. This type of tool is normally found completely buggered up by British dealers. Finding one in this condition, and untouched, is a real find. G++ $95

Midland Saw & Tool Co Ltd Midland Saw & Tool Co Ltd

ME12092 Midland Saw & Tool Co Ltd A 15" rosewood level with brass top and bottom in superb as found condition. The French polish on the wood is intact and still bright. The brass has a lovely light patina. It has portholes on the side side for viewing from the sides. The only reason it got a minus was a few light scratches on the French polish. This piece is connoisseur grade and scarce in this size. Fine- $145

E. Preston & Sons

ME120756 E. Preston & Sons An as found 10" rosewood torpedo plumb and level. Finding one of these that is not all polished up is not easy. This was is fresh from a tool box. It has the initials HC carved on each side, small but not well executed. A nice G+ $69

Roofing Square Roofing Square

ME120746 Patented Roofing Square This tool is marked only "Pat. July 11, 1911". I assume that it is for making measurements in roofing. It is nickel plated and in nice as found condition. G++ $145

Early Square

ME120571 Early Square A lovely as found brass square with rosewood stock. This type of square is typically assumed to be 18th Century, but the anachronistic nature of British tools makes it dangerous to make that a firm assersion. I do think that this one is liely to be 18th Century. It has a lovely molded tip. lovely color, and good honest wear. One of the nicest of its type that I have seen. G+ $175

Edward Preston

ME120585 Edward Preston A lovely Preston brass machinist's level measuring just over 5" long. It looks like it was lightly cleaned with steel wool or something. It still has patina, but it doesn't have that untouched look that connoisseur's crave. G++ $99

Wm. Marples & Sons, Hibernia

ME120532 Wm. Marples & Sons, Hibernia A lovely unpolished mitre square in the scarce large size, 12". Rosewood stock rather than the more common ebony. The blade is patinated with some scarttered and very minor surface rust. A very nice example of a scarce tool. G+ $79

Book:  Starrett Tools, 50th Anniversary Catalog

ME120547 Book: Starrett Tools, 50th Anniversary Catalog Catalog number 25, from 1930. 380 pages. The cover is detached. An invaluable reference. It amazed me how much of this stuff is still made today. Good $35

S. T. Taylor 816 B S. T. Taylor 816 B

ME120518 S. T. Taylor 816 B'Way, New-York A 13" by 24" folding maple tailor's rule. There are 4 clips on the outer edges that I don't really understand the use of . They would be for holding fabric, but I don't see how they were used. Nice untouched condition. There is one sliver of wood missing from the outer edge of the longer leg at the hinge. A rare example in nice condition. G++ $99

Unmarked Unmarked

ME120519 Unmarked A very unusal 45" takedown rule. Maple and clearly American (based on the wood.) It has a center scale in fractions of a yard and I assume that this was for measuring out fabric. Lovely untouched condition. There are two spots where paint dripped onto it, as show with arrows. G++ $95

Figural Calipers Figural Calipers

ME120474 Figural Calipers This is an example of a tool truly transcending utility and reaching a high artistic artistic plain. The tool is a caliper, graduated to 8 inches, but who cares, the form is everything. There are two horse heads facing away from each other that form the top of the tool. The patina is lovely. There are two different owner's marks, but it looks like the original owner's mark was ground off on each side. This is patinated now and not noticable. A masterpiece tool that will be in the top tier of any collection. Provenance: Dr. Ronald Pearson collection. G++ $1695


ME120372 Driver's Rule Works, Manchester A 24" by 18" folding boxwood square. There is a bit of chipping where the alignment pin chewed a bit on the side of the rule by being pushed together out of alignment, but otherwise this is a very clean and nice example. G++ $98

Brown & Sharpe

ME120376 Brown & Sharpe A dial indicator in the original box. The intermal foam is deteriorating in the box. The tool has a serial number written on the side with an electric pen. Otherwise it would rate fine. The action is a bit sluggish because the oil has thickened from sitting around. It needs to be lubricated. The box has some of the surface torn off, probably where something was taped to the box. Priced to sell. G++ $35

Full Female Body Calipers

ME120129 Full Female Body Calipers A 5" pair of brass calipers, with the legs formed as a woman's body. Dancing leg calipers are far more common than this type, which captures the entire essence of the female form in profile. These have been cleaned a bit carelessly and the patina is a bit blotchy. They are dead genuine. Many of the ones I see are fakes. G+ $265

S. Tyzach & Co, 543,545 Old St. E.C

ME120117 S. Tyzach & Co, 543,545 Old St. E.C A lovely 9" cabinetmaker's square with the original lacquer on the stock and the bluing on the blade. There are a few marks on the stock, and a few spots on the blade, but this is about as good as they get. From my personal collection. G++ $75

Antique Tool

ME1112226 Winslow's Patent Face Gauge A used but well cared for example of this scarce patented morticing gauge. Only about 10% of the nickel remains, but the metal has a pleasing patina. No issues, just moderate use. Bargain priced compared to a pristine example. G+ $189

Antique Tool

ME111230 Engraved and Dated Level A 12" rosewood level with brass face, engraved, "B. Cook, 1869," The brass has been lighty hand polished but still has original patina. The wood shows some moderate tool box wear, but not like a level that was knocking about in the bottom for years. This is a nice piece, and hand engraved and dated tools are not common. G+ $198

Antique Tool Antique Tool

ME11098 Darling, Brown, & Sharpe, Providence R.I. A rare 3" caliper rule that was probably used in the Remington Arms Factory. The owner's initials are superbly engraved, "A C L". The last letter might be an S. I am not good with highly stylized engraving. Below that it is stamped Ilion N.Y. with a stamp that I believe was a stamp used by Remington to mark gun barrels. The engraved side rates fine, the opposite side is more like G+. The tools is nickel plated, and the nickel has an unven surface on the one side. I am not aware that DB&S nickel plated tools, but Remington certainly nickel plated guns. I wonder if the tool was plated at the Remington factory. $285

Antique Tool

ME110847 Masterpiece Surface Gauge This is a craftsman made surface gauge where the adjustable arm is in the form of a woman. I have never seen a machinists tool of any kind, portraying a woman's body, where the proportions and form were more accurately or elegantly executed. This tool was made by a man who really knew women, and was a true artist. In short a masterpiece example. The base and top are also wonderfully formed with a very elegantly molded base and an acorn finial. The very tip of the acorn is a bit rough and it is possible that the very tip of the acorn is damaged. The tool is nickel plated, with some light wear to the nickel from honest use. Stands 12 1/2" high. A true folk art masterpiece. Fine $1895

Antique Tool

ME110713 E. Preston & Sons A 24" boxwood shrink rule for iron and brass. NIce patina, but there is a big chip at one end, a lengthwise crack of about 8 inches, and some kind of varnish on it. Still an attractive piece. Good $25

Antique Tool Antique Tool

ME11055 William Slater, Bolton A complex boxwood rule that was made for engineers setting up spinning machinery. William Slater was the inventor and they were made by a few different manufacturers. This one is not maker marked. It is a 24", two fold rule with a brass slide-rule. A lovely example that has never been buffed or cleaned in any way with a great patina on both the brass and boxwood. G++ $265

Antique Tool

ME110468 Marsden Brothers, Bridge St. Works, Sheffield A 9" rosewood level with brass face. The rosewood is fine with all its original finish and nice grain. The brass top has been hand polished, which held the condition down a grade. If that doesn't bother you, this is a super piece. G++ $95

Antique Tool

ME110434 Starrett 50th Anniversary Catalogue 1930 384 pages of the finest American made machinist's tools. Printed on the back, Elizabeth Hardware Co, 137 New Brunswick Ave, Perth Amboy, N.J. Not stamped, but actually printed for this company. G++ $45

Antique Tool

ME110436 J. Watts, Boston A boxwood morticing gauge by a rare Boston maker. It has seen some use, and the brass has been polished. There is also a hang hole in the shaft. It is still usable with plenty of the pins left, but such a rare gauge belongs with a collector. Good $149

Antique Tool

ME110441 Craftsman Made Trammels A superb pair of cabinetmaker's trammels with a pencil holder, in untouched condtion on the original beam. The beam is marked J Gellan and the brass pencil holder is engraved J G. The beam is mahogany but I am not sure about the trammels and the wedges, maybe satinwood, but with the heavy patina I can't tell. The beam is 16 inches and the trammels are 2 5/8" high. These are connoisseur grade all the way. Fine- $195

Antique Tool

ME110449 P. L. Fox Pat. Oct 2, '88. This is a combination square and bevel. In my personal experience this is a rare tool. This one shows wear but no abuse. The blade has been cleaned and shows very light pitting overall, but the mark is still clearly legible. A good honest example. I saw a similar one sell recently at auction for much more. G+ $275

Antique Tool Antique Tool Antique Tool

ME110415 Young & Stoudinger, New York This is a precision measuring tool of a form that I have not seen before. It has been in my collection for 20 years waiting for me to find out more about it, but I haven't. It looks to be very well made, and probably mid-19th Century. I have found nothing out about the maker. The tool is a sort of combination protractor and depth gauge. The protractor only goes from 45 degrees to 90 degrees, with solid stops. The style of marking has a European look to it, but it is graduated in inches and was presumably made in New York. It is very finely made, to scientific instrument standards. Highly recommended. G+ $995

Antique Tool

ME101155 J. Stevens A & T Co, Chicopee Falls Mass USA A rare fine adjust inside calipers by the famous gun maker, which also made precision tools. They measure just over 3 inches in height. Superb quality consistent with fine New England arms making. Lovely original surface. G++ $95

Antique Tool

ME100830 Engraved and Dated Level A 12" rosewood stocked level that has been engraved "J. Reid, 1869" with floral decoration. Beautifully done. The level shows honest wear from use and the brass has been hand polished. Good $169

Antique Tool

ME100658 Wood's Pat. Level by Tower & Lyon This is a Wood's patent sighting level with the pop up sights, that retains its original label on the side. It is 26in size. It has some tool box marks but it is as found and unmolested. There can't be too many of these that still have the label on the side. G+ $189

Antique Tool

ME100540 Driver's Rule Works, Manchester An unusual 18" by 24" folding boxwood square by a maker that I have never heard of. There is one tiny chip around one of the pin holes where it was probably closed with the pin not being properly aligned. Other than that it would rate Fine. A lovely piece. G++ $159


ME160185 Calipers A 7" high calipers that have a very light coating of rust, but will be fine to use. They are marked, Made in Germany, and a maker's mark that I don't recognize and can't read clearly. A great user calipers. They adjuster has the quick release feature where it slides freely when canted to one side. Free to the first person who orders them along with two other vintage tools that total more than $75. Good $0

Antique Tool Antique Tool

ME100514 Winslow's Pat Adjustable Marking Gauge A clean honest example of this rare gauge in used but cared for condition. Totally as found, just like I like to get them. G+ $365

Antique Tool

ME100480 Sholl Pat Gauge This is a crisp as sound example of the 4 stem rosewood gauge. The brass trim still has much of the original lacquer on it. There is an old repair to the head, where it piece was chipped off and glued back on. Of of those "Oh S..." moments I am sure. Anyway, you will hardly notice this and the price is a steal. G+ $189

Antique Tool

ME100433 Rota-Meter Map Distance Measuring Tool I can't remember the proper name for this tool, a sign of my age. I am sure somebody will tell me. The dial is in feet and inches. It has a horn handle and measures 4 5/8" overall. English and presumably from around 1900. Perfect as found condition. Fine $149

Antique Tool Antique Tool Antique Tool

ME100218 Pocket Scales This is an 18th Century set of pocket scales, complete, in the original metal box. They are sa found, with nice patina on the brass, nice rust free patina on the scales. The case was fitted for two weights, both of which are still there. They are marked with a lion symbol. There is also a later Victorian weight in the box. The box retains the original coarse cloth on the botoom and paper in the lid. The exterior paint is about 70% with the remainder pleasantly patinated. One of the best examples that I have seen. G++ $229

Antique Tool

ME100151 D. M. Lyon & Clearman A nice untouched rosewood morticing gauge by a rare New Jersey partnership. In 25 years this is the first example of this maker that I have found and I must assume that it is quite scarce. One pin is a bit shorter than the other, but both are a decent length. Shows only moderate wear. G+ $165

Antique Tool

ME91149 American Patent Sighting Level This is a well known patented American sighting level, but it is not marked and I can't remember the maker. It is one that Don Rosebrook knows about and has cataloged. I priced it cheap to save me the hassle of looking it up. Nice clean as found condition, it still has the original price of $1.75 on the end, along with a price code. Great patina on the brass trim. The 12" long body is laminated cherry. A very nice example. G+ $145

Antique Tool Antique Tool

ME80835 Early Calipers This is superb early calipers. They have the large facetted head with a double leaf joint that is associated with 17th and 18th Century examples. These are not marked but they are in superb original condition and are as nice an example as one could want. The detailing is wonderful. They are brass with steel or iron tips keyed into the brass arms. They stand 6 1/8" high. Highly recommended. G++ $545

Antique Tool

ME71257 Dancing Leg Calipers This is a nicely made pair of dancing leg calipers that are neatly marked by the maker, F. Miller. Measuring just under 3 inches, this is a small but elegant set of dividers. G++ $179

Antique Tool

ME71240 C. Sholl This is the 4 stem rosewood version of this famous patented gauge. This one is in nice as found condition with only light tool box wear and only light wear from useage. If you want one nice example for your collection, this could be it. G+ $295

Antique Tool

ME70921 I&D Smallwood This is an advertising rule for the I&D Smallwood factory of Birmingham, one of the last makers of fine rules and levels in Britain to finally succumb to the march towards mediocrity that we are all on. This rule looks like it is mid 20th Century. A nice graphic piece of advertising and a functional 12" rule as well. Fine $85

Antique Tool

ME70343 Decorative Trammels I have never seen any trammels before quite like these. They have a very pronounced decorative chamfering. The beam is mahogany, but I am not sure about the heads. One point is broken off. They are as found and would benefit from a waxing. A superb example of the artistic expression of the workman as expressed in his own tools. Good $99

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