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Yamazaki Micro-Bar Clamps

Yamazaki micro-bar clamps are precision metal bar clamps ideally suited for small work. These clamps will appeal to model makers, instrument makers, or any woodworkers dealing in smaller items. We have found them to be really handy when gluing up fuselages on RC aircraft models. Made in Japan.

Yamazaki Micro-Bar Clamps (Hatagne)
Yamazaki Micro-Bar Clamps

These Yamazaki clamps are perfect for small woodwork such as building models and musical instruments.
Stock # Description Picture Price QtyBuy
YM-SH-120_MY Yamazaki Brass Clamp
Jaw Opening 3 7/8"
Yamazaki Brass Clamp $11.95
YM-SH-120_S6_MY Set of 6 Brass Clamps NA $59.95
YM-CH-360_MY Yamazaki Steel Clamp
Jaw Opening 14 5/8"
Yamazaki Brass Clamp $23.95
YM-CH-360_S6_MY Set of 6 Steel Clamps NA $109.95

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