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Hand-Forged Holdfast at The Best Things
Hand-Forged Holdfasts

A holdfast is a specialized clamp that is used to hold work tight to a workbench top or front. It works by becoming jammed in a hole in the workbench. The hole must be drilled just larger than the shaft of the holdfast, but still loose enough so that the holdfast will jam when the top is hit with a mallet. A holdfast will only work properly when the arm has enough spring in it to keep the work piece taught against the bench and keep the shaft jammed. Some cast iron holdfasts are sold, but these will never work optimally because they do not have the right amount of spring. After trying a few suppliers, we have settled on a new Blacksmith, and a new design. Our blacksmith is also a professor at a prestigious college of furniture making and is very familiar with using holdfasts, and understands just how important proper tempering is to proper functioning.

Hand-Forged Holdfasts
Hand-Forged Hold fast
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Overall height 10 inches, reach is approximately 4 3/8". All of our holdfasts are hand forged in the USA.
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Hand-Forged Holdfast
11/16" diameter. Requires a 3/4" hole in your workbench for optimal performance.

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