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About a decade ago, Pete Taran started a renaissance in hand saw making with his Independence Saw Works. Pete only made a few models of back saws, but they were the first saws in a long time which could be reasonably compared 19th Century saws. Later Eddie Sirotich started making Adria saws, and raised the bar even higher. Making saws to this standard is technically challenging and labor intensive. Pete Taran sold out his business to Lie-Nielsen and returned to his engineering career. Eddie Sirotich is still making Adria saws, but in much smaller quantities as he once again pursues his engineering career full time. Thankfully, a new player has emerged to carry the torch. That player is Wenzloff and Sons, and the bar has been raised once again. As our customers know, we do not make wild claims about our products. We say with carefully measured words, that Wenzloff and Sons saws are the finest saws that have been manufactured in about 100 years. Wenzloff & Sons saws are truly the connoisseur's saws. Not only are Wenzloff & Sons making far and away the best saws available today, they also have a much broader range of sizes and styles than was ever offered by the other firms of the sawmaking renaissance. Wenzloff & Sons are the first of the new sawmaking firms to make panel and rip saws, and through a proprietary process, Wenzloff & Sons are able to taper grind their blades the way that fine 19th Century blades were ground.

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