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After 22 years in business, we are ready to retire. We are now closing out all of our new product inventory.
We will continue to sell antiques & antique tools in retirement.
Universal Clamps by Dubuque Clampworks

For at least the last hundred years, cabinetmakers have relied on iron bar clamps. With the advent of aircraft grade aluminum clamps, we feel that those heavy iron bar clamps are obsolete. The aluminum bar clamps we offer here are made with the finest quality aircraft grade aluminum, making them extremely strong, without the cumbersome weight of iron clamps. If you need any more clamping force than these clamps can provide, which is about 1000 pounds, then you need to go back and fit your work better, or you will be setting up internal stresses in your work that will cause problems down the road. Universal Clamp Company was bought by Dubuque Clampworks and these clamps are now all made in Iowa along wth their famous hand-screw clamps. They were originally made in California, but that is now some years ago. The quality of all Dubuque Clampworks products is truly unparalleled. Trust us on this one, these are the best and most useful bar clamps that any cabinetmaker could own.

These clamps have been discontinued by us since we are closing down our business, not the manufacturer. They are excellent clamps and we highly recommend them.

UC 900 Adjustable Bar Clamp Series

- Each size can accomodate work up to the specified length (i.e. a 24" clamp will handle a 24" piece of work).
- All clamps have a moveable pad with spring action that lock in any of the punched slots that run the length of the bar.
- The clamps will sit upright so that work can be placed on the clamp.

Universal Aluminum Bar Clamp

24" - Set of 10 clamps $229.95
- N/A
36" - Set of 10 clamps $249.95
- N/A
48" - Set of 10 clamps $284.95
- N/A
60" - Set of 10 clamps $319.95
- N/A
72" - Set of 10 clamps $319.95
- N/A

UC-76 Series Wedge Grip Jaw Clamps

  • Compact & lightweight aluminum face framing clamps.
  • Patented jaw grips the work close to the joint preventing bowing of long rails.
  • Very light, thus allowing many clamps to be used and frame to be more easily moved from the work area.
  • Instantly released with a sharp tap on the U member.
  • Handles stock thicknesses from 3/4" - 13/16", or larger with the optional Medium or Large Size U members (see accessories)

UC-76 Aluminum Cabinet and Shelf Edge Clamp

Item Price Qty Buy
Set of 4 UC-76 SALE!
- N/A

UC-76A is a right-angled UC-76 clamp which can pull shelves into cabinet sides eliminating the need for end nailing and filling of nail holes. It will also clamp the four corners of a face frame. It includes the no scuff feature.
Right Angle UC-76A clamp

Item Price Qty Buy
Set of 4 UC-76A SALE!
- N/A

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