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Sanding Blocks at The Best Things
Preppin Weapon Sanding Blocks
Preppin' Weapon Sanding Blocks

Getting good results when sanding is as much a function of your sanding block as it is your sandpaper itself. A good sanding block should be padded on the bottom, but still quite firm to avoid rounding over edges by being too pliable. A good sanding block should also have an effective quick release to quickly change paper. The Preppin' Weapon from Time Shaver Tools is just such a tool. The Preppin' Weapon is the nicest sanding block that we have come across. Originally made for the auto body industry, the Preppin Weapon can be used wet or dry. And the neatest feature of all is that the Preppin' Weapon comes in four different colors, so that you can color code the grit of your sandpaper to the color of the sanding block.

Preppin' Weapon Color Coded Sanding Blocks
Preppin Weapon Sanding Block

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Base measures 2 3/4" by 7 3/4".

Keep organized, use a different color for each grit of sandpaper.
PriceQty Buy
Blue Sanding Block $19.00
- N/A
Green Sanding Block $19.00
- N/A
Red Sanding Block $19.00
- N/A
Yellow Sanding Block $19.00
- N/A

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