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L.S. Starrett Measuring Tools

When it comes to machinist's tools, three companies stand out as legends in the field. Moore & Wright of Sheffield and Starrett and Brown & Sharpe of New England. All three of these companies produce superb quality tools. We represent Brown & Sharpe & Starrett, the two great American makers of precision machine tools. While Starrett tools are made for machinist's, as many woodworkers buy them as machinists. Woodworkers value the high precision of these tools, as well as the flexibility of the combination square design, which was one of the first products of the Starrett company in the 19th Century. All of the tools on this page are Made in USA, unless otherwise noted. Everybody should own at least one Starrett tool just to see how good American made quality can still be.

Limited quantities available.

Starrett Medium Size Combination Squares
Starrett Medium Size Combination Square
Pictured is the Starrett model C33MH-150, which is the metric version.

This Starrett square has a smaller frame and narrower rule than on the standard size Starrett combination square, but still has the integral spirt level and the scratch awl. We only offer these in the premium quality forged steel head version

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C33MH-150 Starrett Medium Size (150mm) Combination Square - Metric

Starrett Machinist's Levels
Starrett Machinist Level
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98-6 Starrett 6" Machinist Level with Perpendicular Vials for Level in both Axis.
Like all true machinist's level, the Starrett level has a groove on the sole for use when leveling shafts.

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