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Star-M Bit Depth Stops
Star-M Bit Depth Stops

Star-M Bit Depth Stops

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The STAR-M bit depth stops are the most clever solution that I have seen to the age old problem of creating a bit depth stop that does not marr the surface of your work. The STAR-M bit depth stops have integral ball bearings, so that when the stop contacts your work surface, it immediately stops rotating. Typical depth stops continue to turn with the bit and leave a mark on the work surface. The STAR-M bit depth stops are the same depth stops that are supplied with the Miebach Zero Mark system, which is a special bit with integral counter sink for drill holes for countersunk screws that will be covered with plugs. The STAR-M Corporation in Miki (Japan), specializes in the production of high quality bits and accessories for boring holes in wood. All STAR-M products are actually manufactured in Japan to a very high standard of quality.


  • Stop rotates freely on ball bearings, will not marr work
  • Wide range of sizes available
  • Collar locks to bit with Allen set screw
  • The Star-M depth stops are sized for metric bits, but they can be used on US sizes. (Call us if you need help converting the sizes.)

Star-M Bit Depth Stops - Made in Japan.
Shown installed on a Miebach Colt brad point bit, not included.
Star-M Bit Depth Stops
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5005-135-MY 13 1/2mm SALE! $9.95
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5005-15-MY 15mm SALE! $9.95
- N/A
5005-16-MY 16mm SALE! $11.95
- N/A
5005-18-MY 18mm SALE! $11.95
- N/A
5005-21-MY 21mm SALE! $12.95
- N/A
5005-24-MY 24mm SALE! $12.95
- N/A
5005-27-MY 27mm SALE! $15.95
5005-30-MY 30mm SALE! $15.95

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