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Robert Sorby
Sandmaster System

Robert Sorby Sandmaster

An extremely handy addition to any turner's armory, the Sandmaster is used in conjunction with a lathe to put a fine finish on turned pieces. It eliminates the unsightly lines often associated with traditional hand sanding. As the disc is spinning, it also reduces the clogging of the abrasive. The Sandmaster comes complete with a velcro covered 2" sponge pad which allows for the easy changing of abrasive discs. A variety of grits - from 60 - 400 - of aluminium oxide disc can then be quickly attached. The adjustable head which runs on a durable phospor bronze bushing lets the turner reach even the more inaccessable spots. As an option, a 3" head and discs can be fitted for greater efficiency. The Sandmaster becomes an even more versatile tool when the head is removed and replaced by a pigtail mandrel and goblet or bowl mop. Made of fine grade cotton these mops are an ideal medium for buffing waxes and other finishes.

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410Sandmaster System
Includes 2" head and 60, 120, 180, 240 and 400 grit discs
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