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Robert Sorby Paring Chisels

A cabinet shop should have at minimum a set of bevel edge bench chisels and at least 3 paring chisels. A well fitted out cabinet shop should really have a full set of paring chisels as well as a set of out-cannel gouges and possibly some carving chisels. These long paring chisels were originally made for pattern makers, but they have become popular with all woodworkers. The Robert Sorby pattern maker's paring chisels offered on this page are among the only traditional paring chisels still in production. You won't be disappointed. Robert Sorby has been an important name in English tools for well over a Century.


Robert Sorby Paring Chisels
Originally a pattern maker's style, these Robert Sorby long paring chisels are a cabinetmaker's favorite. They are a must for things like cleaning out sliding dovetail joints.
Robert Sorby paring chisels have the longest, flattest, and thinnest blade available today.
Fitted with Robert Sorby's exquisite English Boxwood handles.
Overall length 15-16", blade length 9-3/4".
Robert Sorby Paring Chisel
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