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Robert Sorby
Micro Carving Chisels

Robert Sorby micro-carving chisels are manufactured to the same exacting standards as the full-size chisels, they are simply sized smaller for finely detailed carving work.

Robert Sorby Micro Carving Chisels

512 - Set of 12 Robert Sorby Micro Woodcarving Chisels
The set consists of the following 12 chisels: Square Chisel 5mm, Skew Chisel 4mm, Dog Leg Chisel 5mm, Straight Gouges, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 5mm, Bent Gouges 3mm and 5mm, Veiner 2.5mm and V Parting Tool 3mm.


The Robert Sorby micro-carving tool set comes in a fitted masonite box. When not in use the tools are securely held for carrying. During use, the case makes a very useful free-standing tool cabinet. The provision of additional slots in each of the two brass hanging rails allows the tools to be safely suspended and easily accessible.

Robert Sorby Micro Carving Chisels

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