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Robert Sorby Bench Chisels

The term "Bench Chisels" refers to a class of chisels used by a joiner or cabinetmaker, either of whom would normally be working at a bench. A number of different specific types of chisels, such as firming or paring, all fall under the general category of "bench chisels." A good set of bevel edge firming chisels for dovetailing should be at the foundation of any tool kit. We favor a traditional design of beveled chisel that is similar to what would have been ubiquitous in British cabinet shops around 1900. The Robert Sorby Excelsior set is as close to that ideal as any British chisels manufactured today. After that, as a tool kit expands, paring chisels and gouges are logical additions.

Robert Sorby Butt Chisels
The Robert Sorby Sheaf River Butt Chisels are made in Sheffield, England, and offer a Lifetime guarantee. They feature a traditional bolster and ferrule design and are fitted with ash handles from certified sustainable sources in the USA. The high carbon blades ensure outstanding hardness, toughness and edge retention. They also give an edge capable of being sharpened down to half a micron.

Overall length 8", blade length 4 1/4".

Robert Sorby Butt Chisel Set
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Robert Sorby Gilt Edge Chisels - Rosewood Handles
Discontinued Line - Closeout - Limited Quantities
The "Gilt Edge" series of Robert Sorby chisels has the same quality of blade as the standard 166 & 167 series beveled knives, but the bolster is carefully ground to match the curvature of the blade. This is strictly for aesthetics, but doing so requires great attention to the grinding of the bolster and thus raises the cost of the chisel. . Rosewood Handle.
520 Robert Sorby Chisel
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520-10 3/8" SALE!
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