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ECE Primus Planes
E. C. Emmerich Primus Planes
ECE Primus Planes

The Best Things carries planes and saws from E.C.Emmerich of Germany. The ECE 711 Primus smoothing plane is certainly the best possible manufactured smoothing plane available today. For fine work, the ECE 711 Primus plane will easily outperform Bailey type smoothing planes like the Lie-Nielsen. Only the best antique (or reproduction) British infill planes can match or sometines outperform these ECE Primus planes, and then only on the most difficult woods. The lignum vitae sole of the ECE Primus planes allows them to glide over the work in a way that a metal plane never could. The German tool steel used for the blades of these ECE planes has excellent edge retention properties. At the bare minimum, a ECE 711 Primus plane is a must for every serious cabinetmaker. We hope that you too will find these planes indespensible.

All new bench plane blades that are sold today, whether they be from Ron Hock, or with a new plane, will come ground straight across. This is not because a plane iron should be ground straight across. It is because that is how the machines used by the manufacturers grind blades. In reality, the way that a bench plane iron is ground depends on the type of plane that it is being used in, such as a smoothing plane, jack plane, or jointer. We have created the following graphic to show customers how plane blades should be ground.

Click here to see Plane Blade Grinding Guidlines

NOTE: We are currently not accepting orders of ECE planes.

711 - Improved Primus Smooth Plane

This is the ultimate in a fine finishing plane. It has a cherry body with lignum vitae sole. The throat opening is adjustable by means of a sliding section of the front sole, which is secured by a screw head on top of the plane body. Adjustable to take the finest of cuts, this is the creme de la creme of modern planes. 8-7/8" long body, 1-7/8" wide iron set at 50 degrees.

ECE 711 Smoothing Plane
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711 - Right-Handed $229.95
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711L - Left-Handed
This is the same exact plane as above, but the front horn is curved for a left handed user. This makes a big difference as these planes are very awkward to hold with you hands reversed from normal.
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703-P - Jack Plane

White hornbeam body 9-1/2 inches long with contrasting brown lignum vitae sole. The 1 7/8 inch wide blade is bedded at common pitch (45 degrees) for general work. A jack plane is the first plane that you reach for when planing a piece of rough stock, before going on to finer planes. Note: The picture shows this plane with different wood.


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ECE 703P Jack Plane
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701-P Primus Try Plane

This try plane (jointer) features a beechwood body with lignum vitae sole. Its 24" length makes it ideal for jointing even the longest edges, such as the boards of a dinner table.


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ECE 701-P Primus Try Plane
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710-P Rabbet Plane

Hornbeam body, Lignum Viate sole, 30mm iron


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ECE 710P Primus Rabbet Plane
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Specialty Planes

48-S Moving Fillester

Beechwood body 9-1/2 inches long with hornbeam sole. The 1-1/4-inch wide blade is bedded at 45. Plane has adjustable fence, depth stop, and a knicker to slice cross-grain fibers. Spur is in line with and in front of the blade. Use for rabbeting with or against grain.


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ECE 48S Moving Fillester
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108-S Toothing Plane

Beechwood body 8-5/8 inches long. Hornbeam sole. Blade 1-7/8 inches wide bedded at 70 angle. Use after jack or try to prepare groundwork for veneering or covering with plastic laminate. Blade has ridges or serrations that striate the surface to provide tooth or grip for glue. Plane with the grain. The blade is set at a high angle to minimize tear outs. Therefore, the plane may also be used to flatten or reduce the surface of burled or bird's-eye figured hardwood grain. Follow with scraper plane.


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ECE 108S Toothing Plane
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