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Grace USA Plane Adjusting Hammer

Grace USA is a US based tool manufacturer that specializes in gunsmithing tools. They have also done some custom work for us, such as our woodworker's screwdriver set and our saw screwdrivers. This hammer is one that they make for gunsmiths, but it occurred to us that it is also an ideal plane adjusting hammer. It has an 8 ounce brass head, but one face is covered with a disk of Delrin, a high tech material that will cushion the blow somewhat. You can use this for adjusting molding planes, but the Delrin will still mar a molding plane if you hit it too hard. Our Chester Toolworks plane adjusting hammers are a better solution, because they wooden face is even easier on a molding plane, but these are also considerably more expensive. The Grace hammer is still an excellent choice if you use it carefully, and at a great price point for a quality US made tool.

Grace Plane Adjusting Hammer (Made in USA) Grace USA Plane Hammer
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BH_8DT_GM 10 1/2" Handle. 2" Head $28.95
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Chester Toolworks Plane Adjusting Hammers

We have commissioned the Chester Toolworks in Chester, New Hampshire to make these hammers for us. Based on an existing Chester Toolworks design, these plane adjusting hammers incorporate all of the features that we have always wanted in a hammer designed to adjust molding planes and other traditional planes that do not have an adjustment mechanism. The replaceable wooden heads on these hammers are made from maple. Maple, while hard, is not so hard as to be likely to damage a molding plane when being tapped with reasonable force. Also, we have made the diameter of the head large enough to help distribute any blows on the rear of the plane. The brass face of the hammer can be used to gently nudge at an iron. Remember, when working with fine antique tools, use common sense and the greatest of care. We are not owners; we are caretakers for future generations.

Plane Adjusting Hammer (Made in USA) Chester Toolworks Plane Hammer
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Hammer-Bub-CT 12" Handle. 4 1/2" Head $59.95
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