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Woood Turning at The Best Things
Liquidation Sale
After 22 years in business, we are ready to retire. We are now closing out all of our new product inventory.
We will continue to sell antiques & antique tools in retirement.

Replacment Blades for Woodworking Tools

At The Best Things we offer the full line of Hock blades for woodworking tools, as well as our own custom made blades. Some of these are custom made for us by Hock, and others are made by a high-end American supplier. Hock manufactures a full line of blades to fit the common Stanley style planes, scrapers, and spokeshaves. The custom made blades that Hock makes for us are to fit British infill type planes like Norris and Spiers. In addition, we have custom made blades to fit infill type bullnose and shoulder planes.

TBT Tools & Stanley Bullnose & Shoulder Plane Blades