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Norton Diamond Stones at The Best Things
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Norton Diamond Sharpening Stones

Norton Diamond stones are among the best available today. Norton's diamond stone tests indicate that these stones can remove stock up to 10 times as fast as conventional stones. Since the diamond material is laid onto a steel plate, Norton diamond stones will never loose their flatness over time. The size we are offering is the largest size Norton makes, which incidentally fits the Norton IM313 multistones that we sell. Norton diamond stones will not break if dropped on a hard surface like a normal stone will.

Closeout Sale!
We are discontinuing Norton products and are closing out our remaining inventory.
Limited quantities available.

Norton Diamond Polishing Kit

This kit is designed to be used on chisels and plane blades. This kit is a more sophisticated alternative to old strop and jewlers rouge technique. Truthfully, whether having such a fine polish on your blades is beneficial is a matter of some controversy. You will have to decide that yourself. The kit includes 4 small syringes of diamond paste, in 3, 6, 15, & 30 micron grits, as well as 4 polishing substrates and a bottle of lubricant. Bear in mind that a little diamond paste should go a long way.
Price: SALE! $56.95


Norton Single Grit Norton Diamond Stones

Norton diamond stones are available in four grits, 220, 325, 600, and 1200. Each stone measures 11 1/2" by 2 1/2" by 3/8" thick. This size is perfect for most shop tools, especially plane irons. Norton Diamond Stone

DescriptionPrice QtyBuy
Norton 220 Grit Diamond Stone-
- N/A
Norton 325 Grit Diamond Stone-
- N/A
Norton 600 Grit Diamond Stone-
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Norton 1200 Grit Diamond Stone-
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