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Nobex Mitre Boxes at The Best Things
Liquidation Sale
After 22 years in business, we are ready to retire. We are now closing out all of our new product inventory.
We will continue to sell antiques & antique tools in retirement.
Nobex Miter Saws
Nobex Miter Boxes & Saws, & Spare Blades

Plano Systems AB of Sweden manufacture the Nobex brand of high-precision mitre boxes for the discerning craftsman. In a world of chop-saws, it is reassuring to know that some people still value precision over speed. The Nobex mitre saws are finely made precision tools that will facilitate the most demanding mitre work. The Nobex Champion 180 is the largest model and is the best all around miter box for the cabinetmaker's and joiner's shop. The Nobex Promaster miter box with the picture framing attachment is the optimal system for picture framing work. With the Nobex Promaster, framers can achieve fast, first class results, without investing in expensive equipment. The Nobex Promaster is of course a good all around miter box as well, but its capacity is somewhat less than that of the Nobex Champion miter box. Nobex also offers a broad line of extra blades to cover just about every applications. At The Best Things, we stock the full line of Nobex blades for both the Proman and Champion miter boxes.

Please see the measuring tool section for the Nobex folding squares and Multifix Miter Gauge.

Click here! for an alternative saw extension table by FrameCo, that will work with the Champion or Proman models, please see the Picture Framing Tools by FrameCo.

Nobex Champion 180 Miter Box (Made in Sweden)
Nobex Champion 180 Mitre Saw
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  • Large capacity
  • High tension blade clamp for smooth straight cuts
  • Machined horizontal and vertical surfaces of base provide maximum support of workpiece
  • Length stop for easy measuring & duplication
  • Guaranteed accuracy to 0.08 degrees
  • Stepless locking at any angle as well as pre-set lock positions
  • Compound mitre facility
  • Saw frame suspension for easy positioning of workpiece
  • Parallel parking of the saw for easy transport & storage
  • Large steel feet for easy clamping to workbench
Blades length: 630mm
Max cutting height: 185mm
Max cutting width at 45 degrees: 125mm
Max cutting width at 90 degrees: 200mm
Max length to stop: 730mm

The Nobex Champion 180 is the largest Nobex miter box and offers the most versatility for general shop use. The Japanese blade by Ikeda is made from the finest Swedish steel, and offers the smoothest cuts while still cutting very aggresively. The standard blades cut quite smoothly, but not quite as smoothly as the Ikeda blade, and not nearly as aggressively.
Stock # Description Price Qty Buy
80805JP Nobex Champion 180 w/Ikeda Blade $189.95
- N/A
CH-12 Nobex 12TPI 630mm Blade SALE!
CH-18 Nobex 18TPI 630mm Blade SALE!
- N/A
CH-24 Nobex 24TPI 630mm Blade SALE!
- N/A
CH-32 Nobex 32TPI 630mm Blade SALE!
CH-16JP Nobex 16TPI 630mm Ikeda Blade SALE!
- N/A

Nobex Promaster Picture Framing Miter Box (Made in Sweden)
Nobex Promaster Mitre Saw
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  • The automatic locking device adjusts to give you the correct angle for a variety of different frames plus 90 degree cuts. Preset positions at 20, 25, 40, 50 and 55 degrees for compound mitres.
  • Latest design totally eliminates any play in mechanism
  • Special grooves in base support inclined workpiece to make compound cuts
  • Saw frame suspends for ease of positioning workpiece
  • Parallel parking of the saw frame for easy storage and transport
  • Measuring scale on base in both metric and imperial
  • Multi position material clamp
  • Includes Nobex strap clamp for small to medium size picture frames
Blades length: 565mm
Max cutting height: 110mm
Max cutting width at 45 degrees: 100mm
Max cutting width at 90 degrees: 170mm
Table length: 350mm
Table width: 65mm
Max length to stop: 750mm

The Nobex Proman 110, which is the foundation of the Promaster framing kit, is a medium size miter box. This miter box is large enough for to suit the needs of most general users, and the picture framing kit is a really convenient addition. It comes standard with an 18TPI blade.
Stock # Description Price Qty Buy
77710 Nobex Promaster Picture Framing Kit SALE!
- N/A
PRM110SBC Nobex Proman 110 SALE!
PRM11020 Nobex Extra Clamp 6mm, Complete
Proman Clamp
PRM-32 Nobex 32TPI 565mm Blade SALE!

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