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Plano Systems AB of Sweden specialize in the manufacture of tools related to cutting angles. Nobex is most famous for their precision miter boxes, but they also offer folding squares and a highly flexible mitre measuring tool. The Nobex Quattro folding squares lock in with high precision at fixed angles of 45, 90 and 135 degrees, but fold up to carry in a pocket. The Nobex Multifix is a highly flexible angle measuring tool that allows you to easily transfer angles from an existing object directly to a hand miter box or electric miter saw.

Nobex Multifix Angle Gauge (Made in Sweden)
Nobex Multifix Mitre Gauge
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  • Measures internal or external angles from 70 - 180 degrees (mitre angle from 35 - 90 degrees)
  • Complete with a graduated scale for both corner and mitre angle
  • Surface treated aluminium, leg length 13"
Measures any corner and transfers the correct mitre angle directly to your mitre saw or cutting machine. Multifix will give you the exact angle for any corner internal or external and convert it to the precise cutting angle. With the Nobex Multifix you can set the precise angle on your hand mitre saw (with step- less locking), power mitre saw or cutting machine. You measure the angle and lock with the knob. When the angle is locked you can directly transfer the right cutting angle from the Multifix to your saw. It could not be more simple or accurate.
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33301 Nobex Multifix Miter Gauge $44.95
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Nobex Quattro Folding Squares (Made in Sweden)
Nobex Quattro Folding Squares
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  • Folds for easy transport.
  • Locks at 45, 90, and 135 degrees.
  • Guaranteed accurate to + or - .06 degrees, even after 12,000 cycles
  • Aluminum body with Stainless Steel blade.
The Nobex Quattro squares are super handy folding squares that are a carpenter's dream come true, but accurate enough for the finest cabinet work. These are high quality precision tools.
Stock # Description Price Qty Buy
111250B2 Nobex Quattro 300 Folding 10" Square
Nobex calls this an 12" square, but that is including the width of the stock.
- N/A

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