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Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company

If you are building painted furniture, either period or modern, traditional milk paint is a better choice than any modern synthetic paint. Not only does milk paint have a warmth about it that draws people to it, but as it wears, it can actually become more pleasing to the eye. Modern paints just look ratty when they start to wear with use. The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company of New England is producing traditional milk paint in a range of 16 period colors, all of which are offered here. There is no better or more authentic milk paint available today. Milk paint is offered in powdered form and will last indefinitely until you mix it, as long as you keep it dry.

The surface of milk paint can be left as is, but we have found that applying shellac over the milk paint surface can give an antiqued look, depending on what shellac is used, and will give an easier to clean surface.

When chosing colors, remember that your computer monitor might not display the color exactly as it might appear in real life. To view all of the colors, including dilutions with white, please check this page at the manufacturers website - Click here for Color Chart

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Limited quantities available.

Traditional Milk Paint, bags to mix 1 Quart
Description Price Qty Buy
Pumpkin Pumpkin Milk Paint $14.95
- N/A
Salmon Salmon Milk Paint $14.95
- N/A
Bayberry Green Bayberry Green Milk Paint $14.95
- N/A
Sea Green Sea Green Milk Paint $14.95
- N/A
Slate Slate Milk Paint $14.95
- N/A
Driftwood Driftwood Milk Paint $14.95
- N/A
Chocolate Brown Chocolate Brown Milk Paint $14.95
- N/A

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