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Joseph Marples Marking, Morticing, Slitting, & Panel Gauges

Joseph Marples is one of the only remaining family owned Sheffield tool makers that can trace its lineage back to the 19th Century. Related to the same family of Marples that included William Marples and Robert Marples, this was a family that left a big mark on Sheffield tool making. No other company today is making tools that are as close to classic 19th Century style of Sheffield joiner's tools than Joseph Marples. Joseph Marples offers some tools in a few different grades. With the exception of marking gauges, where we offer some beech models, we only stock the highest grade if there is a choice.

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Limited quantities available.

Joseph Marples Gauges
We offer economical beech gauges from Joseph Marples as well as a Rosewood gauge with Brass Trim.

Joseph Marples Mortising Gauge
Stock # Description Price QtyBuy
T14 Rosewood Marking/Mortice Gauge SALE! $64.95
- N/A
7 Beech Marking/Mortice Gauge -
- N/A
1 Half Round Beech Marking Gauge SALE! $11.95
- N/A
1a Square Head Beech Marking Gauge -
- N/A
2 Half Round Plated Beech Marking Gauge SALE! $14.95
- N/A
3 Half Round Beech Slitting Gauge -
- N/A
3a Square Head Beech Slitting Gauge SALE! $11.95
- N/A

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