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Karl Holtey Planes
Karl Holtey Cabinetmaking Planes

Karl Holtey is widely acknowledged as producing the finest woodworking planes made today, or at any time for that matter. Karl is a very special person, who is never satisfied, and is always striving to go that extra little bit to perfection. And when he finally appears to be there, he sets a new goal for himself. Thus, once Karl Holtey had safely established himself as the world's greatest plane maker, based on his line of world renowned traditional British infill planes, Karl chose to launch into a new line of planes, rather than to rest on his laurels. Today Karl Holtey produces two ranges of planes. The traditional infill planes in the tradition of Spiers and Norris, and a line of planes that are entirely of his own design and are intended to set a new standard for performance. These new Holtey planes differ significantly in appearance to the traditional Holtey infill planes, and incorporate many new innovations.

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