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Henry Taylor Carver's Punches

Carver's punches used to be a standard tool in every carver's kit. Today, carver's punches are quite hard to find. Luckily, Henry Taylor is still making traditional carver's punches. It is our feeling that any carver doing relief carving should have a set of Henry Taylor carving punches.

Henry Taylor Carver's Punches
Henry Taylor carving punches
London Pattern Style Size Price Qty Buy
Grounding Punch - 4X4 Pattern 1/4" by 1/4" $12
- N/A
Grounding Punch - 2X4 Pattern 1/8" by 1/4" $12
- N/A
Carver's Punch - Star 1/4" Diameter $12
- N/A
Set of 3 Carver's Punches
The two grounding punches and the star punch.
. $32
- N/A

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