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Hand Cut French carvers rasps at The Best Things
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Hand-Cut French Carver's Rasps

These rasps are made for us in France by Logier, under our TBT Tools brand. It is our belief that Logier is the finest rasp maker left in the world. These hand-cut French carvers rasps are almost as small as jeweler's files, and are made for the most delicate work. Cabinetmakers use these small rasps for fine detailing and carvers use these hand-cut rasps in situations where trying to use a chisel is too risky and could result in catastrophic damage to the workpiece.

Hand-Cut French Carver's Rasps

Hand Cut French rifflers
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These TBT Tools hand-cut French rasps are exceptionally small rasps, similar in size to larger "Swiss Pattern" jeweler's files, and are intended for the most delicate work. These hand-cut rasps are made for us in France, and are branded with our house brand, TBT Tools. This type of rasp is commonly called a needle rasp, although technically that term only applies to the round rasp. These rasps are equally useful to the carver or to cabinetmakers for delicate work. These hand-cut French rasps are 7" overall, but the cutting surface is only 2 3/4". The Grain is G14, which is extra-Fine.
Stock # Description Price QtyBuy
NR_DEMI_TBT 180mm - 7" 7" TBT Tools Needle Rasp Demilune G14 (Extra-Fine)
Demilune Profile
- N/A
NR_FLT_AU 180mm - TBT Tools Needle Rasp Flat G14 (Extra-Fine)
Rectangular Profile
- N/A
NR_RND_TBT 180mm - 7" TBT Tools Needle Rasp Round G14 (Extra-Fine)
Round Profile
- N/A
NR_KNF_AU 180mm - 7" TBT Tools Needle Rasp Knife G14 (Extra-Fine)
Butter Knife Shape
- N/A

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