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Blue Spruce Toolworks Mallets
Liquidation Sale
After 22 years in business, we are ready to retire. We are now closing out all of our new product inventory.
We will continue to sell antiques & antique tools in retirement.
Mallets by Blue Spruce Toolworks
Blue Spruce Toolworks Mallets

There are mallets, and then there are Blue Spruce Toolworks mallets. You use mallets, you drool on Blue Spruce Toolworks mallets. Of course you can use the Blue Spruce mallets as well, but we find ourselves so enamored with them, that once we pick one up, we forget what we were doing anyway, lost in the reverie of a tool so beautiful that you could fall in love with it.

On a more practical note, the Blue Spruce mallets are actually state-of-the-art tools, utilizing an acrylic infused head which is exceptionally durable, while maintaining the beauty of natural wood. These are truly the connoisseur's mallets.

Please see the chisel section for the Blue Spruce Toolworks dovetailing chisels.

Blue Spruce Carver's or Small Joiner's Mallets (Made in USA)
Blue Spruce Carver's or Small Joiner's Mallets
The Blue Spruce Toolworks mallets are designed to be very well balanced and durable to give a lifetime of service. The head of the mallet is made from beautiful curly maple that has been totally infused with an acrylic to fill every wood cell. This makes a very dense and durable head. The handle is turned from African Blackwood and attached to the mallet head with a stainless steel tenon. A small brass bead lends just a touch of elegance. These mallets will quickly become a favorite for all but your heaviest striking needs.
Blue Spruce Carver's Mallet
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Stock # Size Price QtyBuy
MLTRND2 2" Dia., 8" overall. 13 oz. SALE!
- N/A
MLTRND1 2 1/4" Dia., 8 3/4" overall. 16 oz. SALE!
- N/A

Blue Spruce Rectangular Joiner's Mallet (Made in USA)
Blue Spruce Joiner's Mallet
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Rectangular Joiner's Mallet
This 24 oz Joiner's mallet is perfect for driving mortise chisels or other heavy chopping needs. The head of this mallet is made from curly maple that has been infused with acrylic resin which adds weight and makes the wood incredibly tough and durable. It hits solidly and is not bouncy. One face is the bare, infused wood while the other side is faced with thick leather. The leather side is great for assembling joinery or hitting chisels where you want a slightly softer but highly controlled contact. The hickory handle is nicely shaped and the wide chamfers give a comfortable grip with maximum orientation feedback. The handle is designed for two gripping positions for both hard and softer hitting situations. It includes a leather lanyard.
Stock # Size Price QtyBuy
MLTJNR1 9 1/2" long handle, 5" head with 2 1/4" X 2 5/8" face. 24 oz. SALE!
MLTJNR2 8" long handle, 4" head with 2 1/4" X 2" face. 16oz. SALE!
MLTJNRSet Set of Both Blue Spruce Joiner's Mallets. SALE!

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