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The Best Things Ashley Iles Bench Chisels
Ashley Iles Bench Chisels

The term "Bench Chisels" is the traditional terminology for those chisels used by a joiner or cabinetmaker, either of whom would normally be working in front of a work bench. A good set of bevel edge chisels should be at the foundation of any cabinetmaker's tool kit. Ashley Iles is best known for their carving chisels, but they also offer a line of quality bevel edge chisels at very reasonable prices. In fact, the Ashley Iles bench chisels are probably the best value of any bench chisels made today. The Ashley Iles motto is "made in the old tradition." Each and every Ashley Iles chisel is hand ground by a skilled craftsman. This also means that, just like with old Sheffield chisels, the sizes will vary slightly. That is part of what it means to be hand made.

Ashley Iles Mark 2 Bench Chisels
"English Pattern" (Cabinetmaker's Chisels)
Ashley Iles Bevel Edge Chisels - Mark 2
Bubinga Handles. Overall length 9 3/8" to 13 1/2"

Ashley Iles Bench Chisel
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The first thing that strikes you about these chisels is that they are ground more like the old 19th Century Sheffield chisels, which were the best ever made, than any other factory made chisels, excepting the Robert Sorby Excelsior chisels. Most modern bench chisels are much thicker than the old chisels, presumably because today's manufacturers feel they need to compensate for potential misuse. When you are cutting dovetails, this difference will be quite apparent, as the sides of the Ashley Iles chisels will not get in the way of your work.

Note: While we believe that at this price point, there is no finer bench chisel made today, there is one minor recurrent issue with these chisels. The ferules on the handles will invariably become loose during dry times of the year. Because Buginga is not a compressible wood, and the ferules are not peined to hold them in place, they will fall off. Be prepared that when this happens, and it is when, not if, you will need to peen or glue the ferules to keep them on.

Stock # Size/Handle Price QtyBuy
BEC3-AI 1/8" $39.95
- N/A
BEC6-AI 1/4" $33.95
- N/A
BEC9-AI 3/8" $31.95
BEC12-AI 1/2" $32.95
- N/A
BEC19-AI 3/4" $39.95
- N/A
BEC25-AI 1" $37.95
BEC31-AI 1 1/4" $45.95
- N/A
BEC37-AI 1 1/2" $58.95
- N/A
BEC-S6-AI Set of 6
Comes in a denim tool roll
Sizes 1/8" 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1"