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Note: For carving tools, the numbering system used here is based on the "London Pattern" system laid out by the English carving tool makers in the 19th Century and still the generally accepted standard in the English speaking world for classifying carving chisels.

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Buck Brothers Buck Brothers

CH240414 Buck Brothers A superb set of 6 pattern-makers cranked paring gouges. The sizes are 1/4", 1/2", 3/4", 1" shallow sweep, and 1" medium sweep, and 1 1/4". All of the gouges are medium sweep except as mentioned. These gouges were bought out of a tool chest by a picker of mine a few weeks ago. They look like they were vacuum packed. You just don't see them in this condition. Fine+ Sold

John Caspar Halbach John Caspar Halbach John Caspar Halbach

CH230815 John Caspar Halbach This chisel is a bit of an mystery to me. It is a heavy carpenter's firming chisel and it appears to be quite early, with a flaired blade. I did some research online and I think that the maker is actually John and his sone Caspar Halbach. The EAIA Directory of American makers lists an edge tool maker of Halbach and Sons with no information. My speculation is that this is the same maker before the second son joined the business. If anyone knows more I would love hear it. The tool has a dark but pleasant patina. The handle has what looks like the orginal hoop, but has lost much of its length. Thankfully, it is still there and the socket hasn't been abused. The previous owner felt that it was an early Pennsylvania piece, but other than the Germanic name, I don't know upon what basis he drew this conclusion. A rare survivor. G+ $89

J. B. Addis & Sons, Sheffield, Eng. J. B. Addis & Sons, Sheffield, Eng.

CH23072 J. B. Addis & Sons, Sheffield, Eng. A long beveled paring chisel, 1/4" wide and 12 3/8" overall. This is the only beveled paring chisel by Addis that I have ever seen. The quality of the grinding is superb. It is super thin and delicate. The handle is an old Buck Brothers applewood handle. I think that this handle was installed when the chisel was new. English chisels were often imported unhandled for tarrif reasons. Nice untouched condition and quite sharp. G++ $89

Tasai Tasai Tasai

CH230718 Tasai A 1/4" mortising chisel with a Mokume pattern Damascus steel blade. I think that this chisel is about 10 - 15 years old. Mint $265

Beatty Beatty Beatty Beatty

CH22119 Beatty A nice 3" slick that measures 24 1/4" overall. The end of the handle looks like it was replaced, but the patina matches and it was probably done back in the day. A screw was also added to the socket so that the blade won't fall off and removed a toe. This has happened more often than you might imagine! The blade has a medium patina. A nice example for a collector or a user. G+ $195


CH211228 H&D An original set of 7 D-boring tools by Holtzapfel & Deyerlein. The sizes are 3/16", 5/16", 11/32", 3/8", 7/16", 15/32", & 1/2", Only 3 of the 7 have the sizes marked on them. Only one has a handle. There is a hole drilled in the handle, but I have seen this before and I think that it has a particular purpose in the use of these tools. They are of course more than 200 years old. G++ $179

Holtapffel & Deyerlien Holtapffel & Deyerlien Holtapffel & Deyerlien Holtapffel & Deyerlien Holtapffel & Deyerlien Holtapffel & Deyerlien

CH200227 Holtapffel & Deyerlien This is an H&D triptych of ornamental turning tools. It is the only known example made from what I believe is satinwood. They are normally mahogany. The tool handles are also atypical. They are not rosewood or African blackwood, which is standard. I am not sure what wood they are. It might be Purple Heart, but I am really not an expert on exotic woods. Hopefulle the chose up picture will be enough for an expert out there to confirm the wood for us. There are slots for 75 tools. Of these, 54 are occupied. I believe 52 of the tools in this triptych to be original to it. There are two that have handles that, while labeled correctly as "Drills", don't match the others. Each slot is labeled by function, and each tool is labeled on the handle. The tools are marked H&D. It is very unouched, with one old expception. The lock has been replaced, and however did it, filled the gap around the lock with wood filler, and then rubbed the wood filler into the joint beween the side and the front. The photo shows this clearly. No big deal. There are also to losses. The outsided is banded with ebony stringing. Some of that is missing. It never bothered me enough to fix it, but you can see from the photo what would be require. It is not difficult. The two front doors are sealed by a small astragal molding. The lowere part of that is missing. I have had this triptych for years. Before that it was with the same owner for most of the 20th Century. Because of the special order woods, and the untouched condition, I have always thought that it was the one to own. Fine- $2495

Riverside Tool Co. New York Riverside Tool Co. New York Riverside Tool Co. New York

CH21104 Riverside Tool Co. New York This is an original box of socket firming chisels, with two chisels left in the box. The box once held a set of 6 chisels, but now it contains only the 1/4" and the 5/8". Both of the chisels look nearly unused. One of the handles still has the original Riverside paper label on it. I have never seen that before. The label is about 95% intact. The end label on the box is also in nice condition and very attractive. These chisels are probably from about 1900 and are really a great find in this condition. Fine $119

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