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Rimowa Inventory Liquidation!
We are getting out of the luggage business and liquidating all of our Rimowa inventory

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Rimowa Topas Aluminum Suitcase

Rimowa Topas Hardshell Aluminum Suitcases

Rimowa started developing Aluminum luggage in Germany in the 1930s. When travel began to shift from surface to air after the war, Rimowa pioneered the way with lightweight aluminum luggage designed for air travel. The original Rimowa Topas aluminum suitcases were made in 1950. Rimowa Topas aluminum suitcases have a positive rubber seal which makes them highly resistant to high humidity levels and extreme temperature fluctuations. Although Rimowa Topas suitcases are made from sturdy aluminium-magnesium shells which can take a lot of punishment, Rimowa Topas suitcases are among the lightest in the world. Offered with recessed handles, break resistant combination locks, Rimowa Topas cases come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Each Rimowa model stands out by its excellent functionality, exquisite German quality, and 5 year guarantee.

All Rimowa Topas Cases Feature:

  • Strong aluminum and magnesium shell
  • Built to withstand temperature extremes
  • Sealed Against Moisture
  • Tried and tested Rimowa aluminum telescopic handles
  • Large, smooth-running 3" Rimowa wheels
  • Interior cloth lining with securing straps
  • TSA Combination Rimowa locks
  • Rimowa 5 year guarantee

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Rimowa Inventory Liquidation!
We are getting out of the luggage business and liquidating all of our Rimowa inventory

Rimowa Topas Multiwheel Trolleys

Rimowa Topas Multiwheel Trolleys
The four casters on this line of Rimowa Jumbo Trolleys allow for additional mobility and manueverability. The Rimowa Topas suitcases are beautiful to the eye but rugged enough to withstand the rigors of modern travel with strength and style.

Topas Cabin Trolley Multiwheel - Domestic IATA Color Qty Price Buy
Size: 21.7"x15.7"x9.1" Weight: 10.6 lbs Silver

Topas Business Trolley Multiwheel Color Qty Price Buy
Size: 17.1"x 17.1"x 7.9" - Weight: 8.4 lbs Silver

Topas 32" Multiwheel Trolley Color Qty Price Buy
Size: 32.1"x21.5"x10.6" - Weight: 15 lbs Silver

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