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Starrett Pin Vises
L.S. Starrett Precision Calipers &
"Yankee" Calipers & Dividers

Starrett's Yankee line of calipers have been a mainstay of machinists, patternmakers, turners, and woodworkers since the 19th Century. With their quick release action, Starrett "Yankee" calipers can be quickly and precisely set. Starrett "Yankee" calipers are mainly used for quickly transferring measurements and for checking dimensions in wood turning.

Starrett's dial and electronic calipers are precision measuring instruments, primarily for machinist's.

We believe that Starrett calipers are the finest of their kind made today. L.S. Starrett is perhaps the oldest and most respected tool manufacturer left in America. Made in USA.

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Starrett Dial Calipers - Made in USA
Starrett calipers
All Starret Calipers that we offer are US made and come in a fitted hard plastic case.
PN Description Picture Price Qty Buy
120A-6 Starrett Dial Calipers
US calibration, 0 - 6" range.
120AM-150 Starrett Dial Calipers
Metric calibration, 0 - 150mm range.

Starrett "Yankee" Calipers - Made in USA

Starrett Yankee Calipers
PN Description Price Qty Buy
79B-6 6" Calipers SALE!
79B-8 8" Calipers SALE!

Starrett "Yankee" Inside Calipers - Made in USA

Starrett Yankee Inside Calipers
PN Description Price Qty Buy
73B-6 6" Inside Calipers SALE!
73B-8 8" Inside Calipers SALE!

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