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Starrett Pin Vises
L.S. Starrett Pin Vises

Pin Vises are widely used by precision machinist's, watchmakers, and jewelers, but they also have an important role in fine woodworking. If you need to bore a very small hole, mounting the bit in a pin vise and twisting it between your fingers offers a very controlled way of precisely drilling fine holes. As an example, this is a technique that is often used when building model airplanes to drill the holes for the servo mounting, or motor mount holes on smaller aircraft.

L.S. Starrett is perhaps the oldest and most respected tool manufacturer left in America. No finer pin vises are available than these Starrett pin vises, which are made in USA.

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Starrett Pin Vises

Starrett Pin Vise
PN Description Price Qty Buy
162A Capacity .000 - .040 inch diameter. SALE!
162B Capacity .030 - .062 inch diameter. SALE!
162C Capacity .050 - .125 inch diameter. SALE!
162Set Set of All 3 SALE!