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Robert Sorby Texturing Tools

Besides the conventional skew chisels and gouges used for wood turning, Robert Sorby produces an array of highly specialized turning chisels for the serious wood turner. The Robert Sorby turning tools on this page are all specialty turning tools for creating surfaces and effects.

Robert Sorby Chatter Tool

Robert Sorby Chatter Tool Intro Video Robert Sorby Chatter Tool Tutorial Video

This tool is designed to leave various patterns on your work. Can be very effective in decorating a piece. It comes with 3 different cutters.
Robert Sorby Chatter Tool
Stock # Description Price QtyBuy
RS215KT Robert Sorby Chatter Tool
Length 14", Handle Length 9"
RS222GC Robert Sorby Excelsior Tear Drop Scraper Blade $18.95

Robert Sorby 330H Spiraling System

This is an amazing tool that allows you to turn barley twists, spirals, and flutes with relative ease. Unleashes tremendous creative potential.

Robert Sorby

Robert Sorby
Stock # Description Price QtyBuy
Robert Sorby 330H Spiraling System
Includes tool rest and texturing cutter & 3 different spiral cutters (2mm, 4mm & 6mm pitch).
Robert Sorby Texturing & Spiraling Tool Intro Video Robert Sorby Texturing & Spiraling Tool Tutorial Video
Robert Sorby 310H Texturing Tool
Similar to the 330H tool above, but includes only the texturing cutter.
Robert Sorby Texturing Tool Video
350/05 Robert Sorby Cutter 5mm Pitch $38.95
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