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Robert Sorby Carving Tools

The classic London pattern book of carving chisels included hundreds of different chisels. Ashley Iles is the only British company still offering the full selection of the London pattern book. While we do offer the full selection of Ashley Iles carving chisels, for the beginning carver this selection can be overwhelming. Robert Sorby has made things a lot simpler by only offering the 24 most universally used chisels. A full set of Robert Sorby carving chisels will allow you to do most any work. Typically, from what we have seen, a well equipped Victorian carver would have had between 100 and 200 carving chisels in his kit, but only the most dedicated amateur could ever require so many carving chisels.

Robert Sorby Carving Chisel

Discontinued Line - Limited Quantities

Square & Skew Chisels
Stock # Description Size Profile (not to size) Price QtyBuy
6002-1 Skew Chisel 1/8" - 3mm $29.95
6002-2 Skew Chisel 3/8" - 10mm $33.95

Straight Gouges
Stock # Description Size Profile (not to size) Price QtyBuy
6005-1 Straight Gouge 1/8" - 3mm $29.95
6007-1 Straight Gouge 1/8" - 3mm $35.95

Sets of Carving Chisels
Stock # Description Price QtyBuy
606 Set of 6 carving tools
This set includes item numbers:
6002-2, 6004-2, 6005-2, 6007-1, 6016 & 6039-1
612A Set of 12 carving tools
This set includes item numbers:
6001, 6002-1, 6004-1, 6004-3, 6005-1, 6005-4, 6006-2, 6008, 6011-1, 6014, 6027 & 6039-2

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