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Shinto rasps at The Best Things
Shinto Japanese Rasps

Shinto rasps are highly innovative rasps that are fabricated using bandsaw blade stock to create an extremely effective, yet cost effective rasp. The Shinto uniquely designed rasps will remove material extremely quickly, and with the open construction, the Shinto rasp will never clog. The surface left by the Shinto rasps is not as smooth as that left by our hand-cut French rasps, but it is not bad, and for the cost you sure can't beat the Shinto rasps. Besides being great for wood, Shinto Rasps can also be used on all kinds of materials, including many ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

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Shinto Rasps
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The rasp is coarse on one side and medium-fine on the other.
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Shinto SR-20 Shinto Rasp
Rasp measures 11 inches overall not counting the handle.
SALE! $24.95

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