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Cabinetmaking Saws at The Best Things

Possibly the hardest high quality tool to find today is the traditional hand saw, yet no tool is more important in the shop.

E.C.E. saws are made in the Continental style, which means that they are frame saws. This is in stark contrast to the Anglo-American tradition of saws. If you work in this style, and some of the greatest woodworkers, like Frank Klauz, do so, then E.C.E. saws are the ones to get.

Many people ask why a traditional woodworking store is selling bandsaw supplies. We also offer bandsaw blades and accessories because frankly, the bandsaw is the modern day equivalent of an apprentice.

Handsaws & Miter Boxes

Click here! for Dado & Frame Saws by E.C. Emmerich

Click here! for Traditional Japanese Saws by Hishika

Click here! for Superfine Japanese Saws by Hishika

Click here! for Traditional Japanese Saws by Nakaya

Click here! for Miter Saws by Nobex

Click here! for Hand Saws by Thomas Flinn PAX

Handsaw Accessories

Click here! for Saw Files by Nicholson

Click here!to view Tsubotama Japanese Saw Files

Bandsaw & Tablesaw Blades

Click here! for Band Saw Blades by L. S. Starrett