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Robert Sorby Hollowing Tools

Robert Sorby makes a full line of hollowing tools designed to make the task of turning hollow vessels easier. With the proper Robert Sorby hollowing tool, you can create thin walled hollow wooden vessels of the most elegant forms.

Robert Sorby Sovereign Ultima Hollowing System
The Sovereign Ultima Hollowing System is the latest product from the Robert Sorby factory in Sheffield.

It forms part of the Sovereign System but is also a stand-alone tool in its own right. Available in two sizes it enables woodturners to produce hollow forms up to 11" (275mm) with the small version and up to 16" (400mm) with the medium in both wet and dry woods. It has a cutter system that slices through the wood rather than scraping and the clever design allows the shavings to clear without clogging. It is equally effective on bowl grain work as well as end-grain projects. The cutter is able to make light or heavy cuts and the unique micro adjust feature enables the turner to set the cutter depth with ease.

Robert Sorby Sovereign Ultima Hollowing System

Stock # Description Price QtyBuy
SOV16S-ULTS Robert Sorby Sovereign Ultima Hollowing System
Medium - Handle Length 16"
SOV22S-ULTM Robert Sorby Sovereign Ultima Hollowing System
Long - Handle Length 22"
SOV-ULTCUTG Robert Sorby Excelsior Ultima Cutter
Fits the SOV16S-ULTS & SOV22S-ULTM

Robert Sorby High-Speed Steel Hollowing Tools
Robert Sorby HollowmasterRobert Sorby Hollowmaster
These tools allows you to create hollow vessels.
Also see the Texan line for an oversize version.
Stock # Description Price QtyBuy
850H Narrow Aperature 14" Hollowing Tool
851H Robert Sorby 14" Hollowing Tool
852H Robert Sorby Boring Tool
853H Robert Sorby Boring Depth Stop
854H Robert Sorby 14" Wall Thickness Gauge
855H Robert Sorby 20" Hollowing Tool
857H Robert Sorby 20" Wall Thickness Gauge $32.95
RS100KT Midi Multi-Tip Hollowing Tool
Robert Sorby Excelsior Tear Drop Scraper Blade
Fits the RS100KT
Robert Sorby Multi-Tip Hollowing Tool   
Robert Sorby Multi-Tip Hollowing Tool Video
Robert Sorby Tear drop Excelsior Cutter
Fits the RS200KT
Robert Sorby Excelsior Side/End Tip
Fits the RS200KT & RS230KT
Robert Sorby Excelsior Round End Swivel Tip
Fits the RS200KT & RS230KT
Hollowmaster Heavy Duty Hollowing Tool
Includes 2 tips and an allen wrench.
Robert Sorby Hollowmaster Video
Robert Sorby Excelsior Round Scraper Blade
Fits the RS230KT
RS234C Recessing & Dovetailing Cutter for Multi-Tip Hollowing Tool
RS238C 1/4" and 1/2" Cove Cutter for Multi-Tip Hollowing Tool
RS235C 3/8" and 5/8" Cove Cutter for Multi-Tip Hollowing Tool
RS239C 1/4" and 1/2" Bead Cutter for Multi-Tip Hollowing Tool
RS236C 3/8" and 5/8" Bead Cutter for Multi-Tip Hollowing Tool
8801H Robert Sorby 3/8" Probe
8802H Robert Sorby 1/2" Probe
8803H Robert Sorby Articulated Probe
Overall length 30"
34HS Set of 3 Hollowing Tools
Includes 850H Narrow Aperature Tool, 851H Standard Inside Tool, 852H Boring Bar, 853 depth stop, and 854 wall thickness gauge.

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