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Renaissance Conservation Grade Wax
Renaissance Wax

Renaissance wax is a museum grade conservation wax originally developed by the British Museum in the early 1950s. Commercialized in 1968, Renaissance wax has been the wax of choice ever since then for protecting the most precious objects. Unlike most other wax products, which are based on bees wax or carnuba wax, Renaissance wax is made from waxes created in the process of refining petroleum. These waxes have a finer molecular structure, known as a micro-cyrstalline structure, which does a better job of keeping out moisture. Also, it has been found that natural waxes may contain acids which over time my affect the objects that they are intended to be protecting. The petroleum based micro-crystalline wax used in Renaissance wax is totally acid free and can be safely used on a very wide range of objects.

Renaissance Micro-Crystalline Wax
Description Price Qty Buy
Renaissance Micro-Crystalline Wax
200ml can
Renaissance Micro-Crystalline Wax
5 X 200ml cans

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