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Les Outils Cullen Tools Marking Tools
Marking and Mortising Gauges by Les Outils Cullen Tools

Les Outils Cullen Tools
Marking and Mortice Gauges

The Les Outils Cullen Tools are another of the boutique tool manfucturers that have come on the tool scene in the last ten years. It is the small makers like Cullen and Blue Spruce, for example, who are leading the industry for quality and innovation. Les Outils Cullen Tools are all made in Quebec Canada in a small shop where the ownder makes sure that every tool made is of the highest quality. There are some more expensive gauges on the market, but I am not aware of any better gauges. In form, the Cullen gauges take there design cues from traditional gauges, but with Cullen Tools own distinctive innovations. Rarely will we make such a sweeping claim, but in this case we feel that it is justified to say that these are the best marking, mortising, and slitting gauges made today. There are certainly more expensive gauges available, but none of them offer the same combination of quality and practical, elegant design.

All Les Outils Cullen Tools gauges are made from Dymondwood with brass trim. Dymondwood is a simulated rosewood made from domestic hardwood which glued up like plywood with very thin layers, all dyed to give the impression of rosewood. Dymondwood is not only more environmentally friendly than using rain forest wood, it is actually more stable. Dymond wood is extremely durable and totally stable. You really have to look twice to see that this is not Rosewood, and since it is real wood, it will patinate and wear nicely.

Les Outils Cullen Tools use a specially made large diameter thumbscrew which will not ident the shaft of the gauge like typcial marking gauge thumbscrew.

Please Note

Updated August 24, 2016. Cullen Gauges have not been available for some time because Francois Cullen has been completely revising the line. The new gauges were completed in June, with the exception of being laser marked with graduations and the Cullen logo. This process is outsourced. The entire first production run was mismarked. Francois Cullen was so upset that he put the guages aside for two months, but he is now working on them again. He needs to make new shafts and find a new sub-contractor to do the marking, having now fallen out with the existing engraver. He hopes to have this completed by the end of September but our past experience makes us somewhat skeptical of this goal being met. We are following progress closely and will post any updated information here.

Les Outils Cullen Tools
Marking and Mortice Gauges

Les Outils Cullen Marking Gauges
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All Les Outils Cullen Tools are all precision made in Canada from dymondwood & with brass trim.
Stock # Description Picture Price Qty Buy
10-CU Les Outils Cullen Tools Marking Gauge $49.95
- N/A
12-CU Les Outils Cullen Tools Slitting Gauge
Also sometimes called a cutting gauge.
13-CU Les Outils Cullen Tools Deluxe Gauge
Comes with three blades; a slitting cutter, a standard marking point, and a shaped marking point.
- N/A
17-CU Les Outils Cullen Tools Mortising Gauge
Uses a specially textured sliding brass stem to adjust.
- N/A
18-CU Les Outils Cullen Tools Curved Marking Gauge
Also sometimes called a cutting gauge.
- N/A

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