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Loose Norton Bench Oil Stones

People who frequently use sharpening stones tend to prefer one of the Norton multistones because of convenient way that the Norton multistones contain the sharpening oil in a bath. However, if you are a home user with infrequent need for sharpening stones, then the Norton cased stones are very cost effective solution. Least expensive of all, but still quite effective, is just having one loose stone, like the ICS8 combination India stone which is at the bottom of this page. This Norton stone is more than adequate to handle the cutlery sharpening needs of most people. This is the same stone that comes with the IM-50, but without the case and sharpening oil.

For a more detailed discussion of sharpening techniques Click here!

Norton Hard-Translucent & Black Arkansas Stone
Norton offers two different 8" X 3" X 1/2" Hard Arkansas stones, the HTB83 Hard Translucent Arkansas stone and the HBB83 Hard Black Arkansas (surgical grade). Both Norton Arkansas stones come in a fitted plastic case that doubles as a stand for the stone when in use. We also sell the HR115 & BR115 Hard Arkansas stones for the IM313 separately (see the Norton Multi-Stone page), which are a good choice if you need a longer stone. arkansas stone

Model Description Price QtyBuy
HTB83 Norton Hard Tanslucent Arkansas Stone - as pictured above
8" X 3" X 1/2" (Comes in a fitted plastic storage box that doubles as a sharpening base.)
- N/A
HBB83 Norton Hard Black Arkansas Stone - not pictured
8" X 3" X 1/2" (Comes in a fitted plastic storage box that doubles as a sharpening base.)
- N/A

Norton Cased Combination Oil Stone IM2
A lower cost alternative to the Multi-Oilstone is a single combination grit stone. The stone we offer is 11 " by 2 ", by 1" thick. (Standard size 8" by 2" stones are not wide enough to accommodate many plane irons.) Crystolon Oil Stone
One side is a Coarse Crystolon stone, while the other face is a fine India stone. The stone comes in a two piece die-cast zinc box that keeps it clean and safe. Without an Arkansas stone you won't get the ultra fine edge needed to make a Norris plane sing, but for many woodworkers, this is as good a setup as any, and better than most.
DescriptionPrice QtyBuy
Norton Cased Combination Oil Stone$69.95
- N/A

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