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The Horst Miebach Company is a premier quality maker of drill bits in Germany. Miebach manufactures a premium quality line of bits designed specifically for pen makers. These Miebach "Colt 5 Star" pen bits are optimized for drilling true holes into end grain. The tip of the Miebach "Colt 5 Star" pen bits have a unique design that is best suited to boring into end grain. The Miebach "Colt 5 Star" pen bits share the same patented land design as the Miebach "Colt 5 Star" brad point bits, which clears chips more effectively than conventional bits while running truer and cooler.

Horst Miebach "Colt 5 Star" Pen Bits (Made in Germany)
Miebach Colt 5 Star Pen Bit
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  • M2 high speed tool steel
  • Patented land design yields cleaner holes with less burning
  • Special tip design optimized for end grain
  • Drills faster & cleaner than most other bits

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Limited quantities available.

The Miebach "Colt 5 Star" pen bits are available in metric and U.S. sizes.

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14mm Miebach "Colt 5 Star" Pen Bit SALE!
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