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Miebach Brad Point Drill Bits at The Best Things
Miebach COLT Brad Point Drill Bits
Horst Miebach Brad Point Wood Bits

The Horst Miebach Company is a premier quality maker of drill bits in Germany. We offer two lines of Miebach brad-point bits for woodworking, the "Colt 5 Star" line and the "TwinLand" line. The Miebach "Colt 5 Star" line are the top-of-the-line bits and offer some patented innovations, but the Miebach "TwinLand" bits are also high quality German made brad point bits with some innovative advantages related to the land design, which allows the bits to run truer even with hand-held drills.

The Miebach "Colt 5 Star" line is an innovation in brad-point drill bits featuring a patented land design which clears chips more effectively than conventional bits and a patented tip design that cuts through without creating significant tear-out like conventional brad point bits. With the Miebach "Colt 5 Star" bits, you can drill through without using a backing board and still get a clean exit hole. For drilling into wood, there is no better drill bit made than a Miebach "Colt 5 Star". The performance of these bits is dramatically better than the Asian made brad point bits that are commonly available on the market today and significantly better than even good quality Western made bits.

The Miebach "TwinLand" line of brad-point bits offer a high-quality, yet economical, alternative to the Miebach "Colt 5 Star" line. The "TwinLand" design of this Miebach line has two major advantages over conventional bits. The two closely spaced lands of the "TwinLand" bits clear chips more effectively, and thus prevents chip burn by eliminating the problem of chips clogging the lands and then generating enough friction to burn the hole. The second advantage of this Miebach design is that the two lands offer more support to the sides of the bit, which encourages the bit to run truer even with a hand-held drill. The Miebach "Colt 5 Star" line also uses a twin-land design, and offers these same advantages, but it is a different design which is geometrically more complex and thus more costly to manufacture.

Horst Miebach "Colt 5 Star" Brad-Point Wood Bits (Made in Germany)
Miebach Colt Brad Point Bit Set
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  • M2 high speed tool steel
  • Precise control at up to 25 degree entry angle
  • Cleaner holes with less burn
  • Cleaner exit holes with minimum tearout
  • Drills faster than most other bits
The "Colt 5 Star" brad-point bits by Miebach are available in Metric and US sizes. US set is in a fitted wooden box.
Size Description Price Qty Buy
Set Set of 7 US Size Miebach "Colt 5 Star" Bits in fitted wooden box.
1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 7/16", & 1/2" sizes
1/8" Miebach "Colt 5 Star" Bit $2.99
9/64" Miebach "Colt 5 Star" Bit $3.29
5/32" Miebach "Colt 5 Star" Bit $3.29
11/64" Miebach "Colt 5 Star" Bit $3.49
3/16" Miebach "Colt 5 Star" Bit $3.99
1/4" Miebach "Colt 5 Star" Bit $5.49
5/16" Miebach "Colt 5 Star" Bit $7.49
23/64" Miebach "Colt 5 Star" Bit $9.99
3/8" Miebach "Colt 5 Star" Bit $10.49
25/64" Miebach "Colt 5 Star" Bit $10.99
27/64" Miebach "Colt 5 Star" Bit $12.99
7/16" Miebach "Colt 5 Star" Bit $13.99
1/2" Miebach "Colt 5 Star" Bit $16.99
Set Set of 7 Metric Size Miebach "Colt 5 Star" Bits
4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 10mm & 12mm sizes
3mm Miebach "Colt 5 Star" Bit $3.29
4mm Miebach "Colt 5 Star" Bit $3.29
5mm Miebach "Colt 5 Star" Bit $3.99
6mm Miebach "Colt 5 Star" Bit $4.99
7mm Miebach "Colt 5 Star" Bit $5.99
8mm Miebach "Colt 5 Star" Bit $6.99
- N/A
9mm Miebach "Colt 5 Star" Bit $8.49
10mm Miebach "Colt 5 Star" Bit $9.99
11mm Miebach "Colt 5 Star" Bit $12.49
12mm Miebach "Colt 5 Star" Bit $13.99
13mm Miebach "Colt 5 Star" Bit $14.99
14mm Miebach "Colt 5 Star" Bit $16.99
15mm Miebach "Colt 5 Star" Bit $18.99
16mm Miebach "Colt 5 Star" Bit $21.99

Horst Miebach "TwinLand" Brad Point Wood Bits (Made in Germany)
Miebach TwinLand Brad Point Bit Set
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  • Precise control at up to 25 degree entry angle
  • Cleaner holes with less burn
  • Precisely ground with diamond wheels
  • Twin-Land design helps to steady bit and drill truer holes
The "TwinLand" bits by Miebach are available in metric and US sizes.
Closeout! - Limited Quantities
Size Description Price Qty Buy
1/8" Miebach "TwinLand" Bit $2.99
3/16" Miebach "TwinLand" Bit $2.99
- N/A
7/32" Miebach "TwinLand" Bit $2.99
- N/A
1/4" Miebach "TwinLand" Bit $2.99
- N/A
5/16" Miebach "TwinLand" Bit $3.49
- N/A
11/32" Miebach "TwinLand" Bit $3.99
- N/A
3/8" Miebach "TwinLand" Bit $3.99
7/16" Miebach "TwinLand" Bit $4.49
1/2" Miebach "TwinLand" Bit $6.99
7/8" Miebach "TwinLand" Bit $14.99
- N/A
1" Miebach "TwinLand" Bit $18.99
3mm Miebach "TwinLand" Bit $2.99
- N/A
4mm Miebach "TwinLand" Bit $2.99
6mm Miebach "TwinLand" Bit $3.99
7mm Miebach "TwinLand" Bit $3.99
- N/A
8mm Miebach "TwinLand" Bit $4.99
- N/A
9mm Miebach "TwinLand" Bit $4.99
10mm Miebach "TwinLand" Bit $4.99
11mm Miebach "TwinLand" Bit $5.99
12mm Miebach "TwinLand" Bit $6.99
13mm Miebach "TwinLand" Bit $6.99
14mm Miebach "TwinLand" Bit $6.99
- N/A
15mm Miebach "TwinLand" Bit $7.99
16mm Miebach "TwinLand" Bit $7.99
- N/A
17mm Miebach "TwinLand" Bit $11.99
- N/A
18mm Miebach "TwinLand" Bit $12.99
19mm Miebach "TwinLand" Bit $13.99
- N/A
20mm Miebach "TwinLand" Bit $14.99
- N/A
22mm Miebach "TwinLand" Bit $15.99
- N/A
24mm Miebach "TwinLand" Bit $16.99
- N/A
26mm Miebach "TwinLand" Bit $17.99
28mm Miebach "TwinLand" Bit $18.99
30mm Miebach "TwinLand" Bit $19.99

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