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Woodworking pad saws by Crown Hand Tools
Crown Tools Pad Saws

Pad saws (sometimes called keyhole saw) are one of those tools that every British joiner and cabinetmaker owned, but never really caught on in the US. I have seen a few old examples made in Philadelphia & New York, but not too often. Today, pad saws are still a popular tool in Britain and Crown Tools still makes a traditional pad saw. We can understand this popularity, because they are so handy. A pad saw is used like a bow saw for cutting curves, but unlike a bow saw, you can cut in an enclosed hole with a pad saw without a lot of hassles. The pad saw is one of those tools that you don't need every day but when you come across a need for a pad saw, you really need it.

Crown Tools pad saw
Crown Tools Pad Saw
Beech handle with brass trim.
Stock # Size Price QtyBuy
197W 7 1/4" overall. Includes one 11" blade. $23.95
- N/A
24b-11 1 Blade, 11" $5.95
- N/A

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