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Hock Layout Knives

Using a real layout or marking knife, as opposed to a pencil, is a much more accurate way to measure. The knife is ground to get right up to the edge of your straight edge so you don't have to compensate for the thickness of a pencil. Plus, seeing old layout lines in hidden spots on a piece of furniture says "handmade" to those who know. It brings a certain warm feeling! Ron Hock's Layout knives are made in so that you can use them as is or make a handle for them.

Hock Layout (Marking) Knife

Hock layout knife
The Hock Layout Knife comes to a point in the center, but is bevelled on one side only, allowing it to draw lines in either direction, while held tight against a straight edge. Knives of this style, with wooden handles, were used by the old masters. Ron has left it to you to make a handle.
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MK075 - 3/4" x 7" $32.95
MK025 - 1/4" x 7" $29.95

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