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John Heinz Jeweler's Planishing Hammers
John Heinz Hammer Face

John Heinz is an artist, a tool collector, and a tool maker in Oregon. The combination of these three things has led John Heinz to make some of the most recognizable tools of our time. Many people will recognize his work from the tools that are commissioned by the Pacific Northwest Tool Collectors Association to be sold at their Best in the West tool collector's meetings. John is known for making highly functional tools that are works of art. Looking at one of John Heinz's creations are very reminiscent of the extraordinary artisan tools that were made in Europe from the Renaissance through the 18th Century. These were tools that were made to use, but also to be enjoyed and to enrich the users life. We hope that using tools made by John Heinz will enrich your life.

John's tools are modeled as Jeweler's planishing hammers, with a flat face on one side, and a ball peen on the other. Their usefulness however goes far beyond jewelers, to anyone who enjoys using fine tools and owning the best things life has to offer.

Planishing Hammer with Polished Steel Head and Bubinga Handle
Made in USA
John Heinz Jewelers Planishing Hammer
Stock # Description Size Price Qty Buy
OMPS-JH Old Man's Face 9" Handle. 1 3/16" Face
5 oz head, 7oz overall.
- N/A
CBPS-JH Cherub Face
Face is on both sides.
9" Handle. 1" Face
3 oz head, 5 1/2 oz overall.