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Japanese Damascus Hedge Shears at The Best Things

Japanese Damascus Steel Hedge Shears by Tanaka

Japanese Damascus Hedge Shears by Tanaka

Made by Mr. Tanaka in Japan, these are the last word in hedge shears. (This is not the same Mr. Tanaka who makes the Tanaka kitchen knives that we also offer.) They are made to a very high standard of quality that is very atypical of this kind of tool. There is nothing that you will see in a local garden center that will even remotely compare to Mr. Tanaka's hedge shears. The cutting edge is Hitachi yellow paper steel. The handles are white oak, polished smooth for comfort. If properly cared for, these hedge shears should become a family heirloom. Japan is one of the few places left in the world where there are still small edge tool factories doing work of this high standard for low production volume speciality products, and the number such workshops is declining every year as the old masters retire and the young people want to get office jobs.

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7" Cutting Edge, 30" Overall $139.95
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Japanese Damascus Hedge Shears
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